Dharma Questions: Miscellany — Part 4

If no longer operating much with — and out of — habit patterns, ought intention be let go of? What kinds of intentions are skillful, wholesome, helpful and wise, and when — and when not — are (these) intentions skillful, wholesome, helpful and wise? Does aging and death on the 12 links of Dependent OriginationContinue reading “Dharma Questions: Miscellany — Part 4”

Dharma Questions: Miscellany — Part 2

How does merely maintaining continuous awareness of the meditation object result in the various wondrous benefits from doing so? Does Citta (heart-mind) exist beyond/outside/apart from the five aggregates? Why or why not? If practicing open/”choiceless” awareness, what determines how attention becomes fixed on a particular object over another? Could/Does using the term “choiceless” affect theContinue reading “Dharma Questions: Miscellany — Part 2”

Karma Knows | (9/29/2020 — “Ask Us Anything” with Denny K Miu)

This month’s, open-audience, open-discussion “Ask Us Anything” — discussions about meditation and related topics — with co-host Denny K Miu primarily address the term “Hīnayāna” and misunderstandings about karma. My original questions for the talk (followed by Denny’s response): Karma seems to be the People’s Magazine (perhaps an outdated reference) of dharma. Karma seems both fundamentalContinue reading “Karma Knows | (9/29/2020 — “Ask Us Anything” with Denny K Miu)”