Services / Offerings / Honorings

Holding space and pointing-outs to empower paths

heuristic (adjective)

heu·​ris·​tic | \ hyu̇-ˈri-stik

: involving or serving as an aid to learning, discovery, or problem-solving by experimental and especially trial-and-error methods

Meditation Training

Whether it’s awareness; four foundations of mindfulness; concentration; heart-based practices, or otherwise, I offer instruction and feedback with the option of practicing alongside each other, either meeting in real life in the greater St Louis Missouri area — residentially, at a public space, — or online with Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

Information Sharing

Share your knowledge, wisdom, stories and any information you’d like and I will reciprocate with the appropriate type and level of response. This is also the space to ask questions. For public examples, check out the Integrating Presence podcast, YouTube channel and the popular Insight Timer site and app hosts recorded conversations.

Pathwork Consultation & Breakthrough Facilitation

Whether your path is primarily meditation, or otherwise, I offer insights and feedback — drawing from years of daily practice, study and application — for the benefit, upliftment and advancement of your journey and purpose.

Spiritual & Conscious Business Consulting

Working on launching a spiritually focused business, or want to hone an established business with insights? I give assessments and suggestions based on your instructions or from intuition. Or both. For a vague idea about alignment of business philosophies, please see my current thoughts on money and over 50 business/product/service ideas.

Expansive Intuitive Inquiry Readings

You state your intent for a reading with me. If I agree, I give my intent for the reading. We’ll then also determine the kind of donation and/or exchange for the reading. Again, this can be done in real life — residentially, at a public space, — or online with Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.

Spiritual/Progression Path Friendship Facilitator

Since it’s been noted that good friendship is the entirety of the path please reach out for possible recommendations amongst various teachers, friends, networks and contacts

Invite the integration of ideal presence

Via Zoom, phone, online or in the flesh. By donation.

“Presence is the degree to which you are contributing to the moment”

Matt Kahn

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