Gender (Confusion?)

[Image: from the March 2018 newsletter ‘Law of Gender’ by Lisa Renee (creative commons 3.0 BY-SA)] Why and how has the topic of gender become so prevalent, pervasive and taken such precedence — appearing on forms, social media bios, etc., often with no opt-out, or room for comment — seemingly overnight, perhaps in aContinue reading “Gender (Confusion?)”

Is Reading This Blog Post Worth $10,000 An Hour?

Is this life activity, what ever it may be, worth $10,000 an hour? This seemingly outlandish question — at least at first anyway — came across my ears recently from a podcast with a former college who recommends continually asking this question. While our paths have mostly diverted — in very valid and beneficial waysContinue reading “Is Reading This Blog Post Worth $10,000 An Hour?”

Wisdom Snippets: Truth

Truth. Solipsism? 2 + 2 = 4. Relative and ultimate truths. Here’s some quotes and bits and pieces regarding truth (which doesn’t really need guarding): Truth is that which conforms to fact and reality. Truth is precise accordance with what is. Truth is the body of real things, actual events, genuine facts. Truth is theContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: Truth”