Breath: Questions for Contemplation; Perceptions and Practice Ideas

After jotting down intuitive information and collecting odds and ends of teachings on breath for quite some time, I’ve finally compiled the first part into a video (along with an MP3 audio version) and include a (tran)script below:

Breath: Questions for Contemplation; Perceptions and Practice Ideas MP3 audio version [MP3 file download]

Disclaimer: it may be wise to find a balance with this material for whatever it may bring up: intrigue, fear, relief, breakthrough, novelty, overwhelm, overkill, irrelevancy, etc. One can pause the video at anytime for contemplation. 

Or instead of viewing as study and practice instructions just sit back and take this in as a display of possibilities — letting the material resonate with whatever strikes as vital. 

However you’re called to receive this presentation please take what is skillful, wise and useful/helpful and leave the rest. Also, this presentation could easily become outdated and/or refuted. 

For any questions posed in the material it is encouraged to engage each question the following four ways, both internally to yourself, and to me with any counter-questions for both of our benefit:

  • answer directly
  • answer with analysis (and elaboration after deconstructing)
  • answer by counter-question(s)
  • do not answer, or give no response

In addition to this public presentation the private portion may be given if working with me, or may be released later. Much of what’s public is aggregated from other public sources while the private includes material I’m unsure of what portion is public and what portion is not.

Both the public and private presentations primarily address the breath through approaches, observations, conjecture, perceptions, practice ideas, and inquiries ranging from simple, commonplace, practical, and broad overviews to the bizarre, obscure, esoteric, and minutia while sometimes these categories overlap.

Overall, a basic bare awareness of breath is primarily needed. Again, this presentation is not to overwhelm, for overthinking, for comparison, or judgement. Rather, to enhance the likelihood of maintaining and/or prolonging bare awareness of breath for/during breath practices.

Questions for Contemplation

  • What if this was the first time noticing breath? 
  • What is more important than breath in this moment?
  • What effects are the breath having right now (on any and all levels you have access to inside and outside)?
  • How is your relationship with your breath in this moment?
  • What is the relationship between light and breath?
  • Instead of us being mindful of the breath, what about the breath being mindful of us, and of mindfulness itself?
  • What is the difference between the experience I think I’m having and the experience my breath is having?
  • Can your breath be stopped?
  • How might a true, authentic admiration for breath help?
  • What if the breath was allowed, was permitted to consciously assist in and assist with anything and everything?
  • How might focusing on, and even seeking pleasure with(in) the breath, be helpful, wise and skillful?
  • Can you trust that simple bare awareness of breathing is sufficient and enough?
  • When waking up back to breath ask, “was what took me away pleasant or unpleasant?” And whatever is woken back up to, is it mental or physical?
  • Who/what controls the breath and how?
  • Can breath be seen, looked at, or focused upon as a tangible, visible object (in the mind’s eye)?
  • When conscious of the breath, what of the breath still remains unconscious (or subconscious)?
  • How does breath want to be known?


“Mindfulness of in-&-out breathing, when developed & pursued, is of great fruit, of great benefit.”

Advantages of breath as meditation object:
  1. Always available
  2. In the here and now
  3. Dynamic so it’s easier to focus on
  4. Minimal emotional charge helps the body and mind settle

If you want to go to point A to B, fully inhabit A — being fully here with experience. 

Breathing grounds and centers us in a relaxed yet alert continuity of attention in the present moment 

Instead of jumping out into the river of life to fight the rapids, or getting scared by the rapids, or getting swept away by them, let breathing be like being on a big stable boat in the river of life. 

Sometimes if feels good to damn up the natural flow of the river of life to give the thinking mind a kind of freedom to spill out over the land. 

This is dangerous though causing flooding while the river of life wants to keep flowing. 

This continuity of life experience — to be and stay in the present moment — can be experienced in various worldly ways like with a heightened sense of fear — like mountain climbing — or intense demand of attention like preforming surgery, playing tennis, and with books and movies.

Meditation doesn’t naturally engage fear, entertainment, and interest so we develop this capacity to stay with experience without relying on something external as impetus. 

Continuity of attention comes from:
  1. relaxation (a tense attention is exhausting) — tension can be fuel for wandering mind
  2. dedication — engaging our intensional faculty
  3. strength in mindfulness
  4. heightened awareness to know when the mind wanders off — initially takes a lot of effort but eventually this habit can allow the mind to be more at peace
  5. familiarity of what it feels like to be with the breathing so we know what it feels like when we wander off noticing a kind of loss of intimacy with parts of ourself
How Breath Can Cultivate Continuity of Attention:
  • Inviting body and breath to relax, especially in the belly allows greater observation of the breath’s variations 
  • Like petting a cat, not continuously, but stroking intermittently from head to tail until purring
  • Counting breath (initially to learn this technique, and if needed, then let go of counting)
  • Labeling the “in” and “out” breaths. “In” for the in-breath. “Out” for the out-breath.

“Frozen breathing or held breathing is kind of like glue for attachment”

Breath Psychology:

One Italian word for breathing: “respirare” gives us the words “breathing” and “spiritual”

We also have “respiration”, “inspiration”, gas company “Spire”, “conspiracy” which the roots of the word mean to breathe together [https://www.etymonline.com/word/conspiracy#etymonline_v_28701]

And in psychology, “psycho” is of the mind and another meaning for “psycho” is “breathing” [https://www.etymonline.com/word/psycho-]

With in the breath itself, notice changes, emotions, attitudes, and psychology. Notice where mind wanders off.

Maybe the end of in breath is boring due to lack of sensation so one starts thinking about stuff. 

Maybe there’s fear around the end of an out-breath not wanting to let go fully, and wanting control, wanting to get to the in-breath.

Maybe some don’t want to breathe out because of tendency to hold on to things, and not want to give things away. 

Maybe a reluctance to breathe in if the world feels oppressive, not wanting to take on any more burdens, oppression, or work. 

All this diminishes though with the continuity of courageously breathing through it all, and by doing so without interfering with the breath — thus resulting in a support for freedom

Mindfulness of breathing is like putting a stick in a stream that you can’t tell if it’s moving or not.

This then shows the ripples and currents of our lives, and how busy, and maybe how out of control the mind is

Not that it’s wrong, it just gives a reference point to see how strong the tendency is to be pulled into thinking, our concerns, emotions.

The challenge to stay with the breath is like a mirror for what’s going on with the mind that makes it so challenging.

The mirror of breath also allows us to see ourselves in the subtlety of what’s occurring (inside and out); like a gauge of our internal and external world

Mindfulness of breathing works even when it doesn’t work by showing you what’s taking attention away from the breath. 

[Much of the paraphrased perceptions above via https://www.audiodharma.org/teacher/1/ — 2020-08-24 to 2020-08-30]

Miscellaneous Perceptions:

What if each and every moment of each and every in breath and out breath was and is happening like your life depends on it? 

What if it was way more of an emergency situation than any ICU or any end-of-the-world event depicted in movies?

Because this is the way it is — miss one half breath and life ceases. But we’re often oblivious to this mostly continuously. 

  • Breathing in life-giving nourishment. Breathing out a relaxing release of that which is no longer needed. 
  • Breathing in is allowing. Breathing out is an offering
  • In life we must give (breath) to receive (breath) and vice versa
  • Each breath is different
  • Inhabit the breath; occupy the breath

“But whoever develops mindfulness of death, thinking, ‘O, that I might live for the interval that it takes to swallow having chewed up one morsel of food . . . [that I might live] for the interval that it takes to breathe out after breathing in, or [that I might live for the interval that it takes] to breathe in after breathing out . . . they are said to dwell heedfully.”

— Maranassati Sutta: Mindfulness of Death https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/an/an06/an06.019.than.html

‘The breath is centeredness itself and you are the breath remembering your true nature.

As you breathe, let the experience not be a person connecting to something called ‘breath’, but the breath being itself in momentary form. 

Eliminate any degree of labels suggesting something is connecting with something else called breath. 

Instead, just let it all be breath remembering and realizing itself.

When it’s all the breath appearing as the phenomenon of people, places, and things, there is no longer anyone who is or isn’t sleeping. 

Instead, there is the presence of eternal light where everything is already awake. This is the heart of true restfulness.’

~ Matt Kahn — 9/20/20 newsletter

Practice Ideas: Active, Passive and Otherwise

Established breath practices, including many types of Pranayama and breathing methods:

[Note: I have not practiced extensively. Initial assessment is they are very helpful with a more gross level awareness of the breath and can be both calming, energizing and exhausting.]

  • Buteyko method
  • Lion’s Breath
  • Breath of Fire
  • Three Part Breathing
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • Bellows Breath
  • Ujjayi Breath
  • 4-7-8 breathing
  • Roll breathing
  • Sama Vritti or “Equal Breathing”
  • Abdominal and Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Box Breathing
  • Pursed lip breathing
  • Humming bee breath

Shifu Jiru’s 5 Qigong breathing exercises:

These exercises, synced with breath, act as an aide to (increasing) breath awareness, particularly helpful before more extended, formal breath-centric mediation.

[What’s shown in the video version of this presentation is a very inaccurate representation. It’s been heavily edited, speed up, and is without sound or instructions.]

Fill the mind with the breath

Give (complete, entire, continuous,) full attention to breath

Invite thinking energy to soften. Tune into the pleasure of the body. Relax and let go into the breath.

What is more pleasurable and easy to connect with the in or out breath?

What small adjustments with the natural breath can be made for greater ease?

Coast and surf breath. Notice effect on the body around breath and invite other parts of the body to feel similar.

Point your boat towards breath and let all else wash up against the boat.

Notice the parts of the breath where awareness wanes — during the in-breath, out-breath or pauses — then hold steady.

Let go into the out breath pause.

Rest in the simple knowing of breath.

Five Dimensions of Breath via Akiñcano Marc Weber:
  1. Depth
  2. Resistance
  3. Rhythm
  4. Texture
  5. Energetic Tone
  1. Depth — how far throughout the body can breath be felt?
  2. Resistance — does it feel like I’m doing all the work, or does it feel like I’m being breathed, or somewhere in between?
  3. Rhythm — What’s the felt sense of duration and timing of the in and out breaths and pauses between?
  4. Texture — Does it feel silky, grainy, lumpy, feathery, etc?
  5. Energetic Tone — Is breath relaxing, energizing? Without thinking, what’s the energy like in the body? Radiating, frequencies, vibrational?

Investigate and research if occasional use of herbs acting on breath, like feverfew and mullein, are wise. 

This also goes for semi-precious air element stones like iolite and smokey quartz

Be kindly, continually, consciously, tenaciously, devoted and wholeheartedly dedicated to committing to an intimate, full awareness of breath.

Commit to each breath. And recommit after each breath. Tuning into, recalling and amplifying the intention to stay with each half breath and after straying: back to awareness of breath . . . and back to awareness of breath . . . etc. etc. with a balance of ease and effort [(and what if done so) at any cost?]

The breath bridging (in)to awareness practice [via Loch Kelly]:

Be aware of breath from(/as) breath. Are you resting as the awareness, or are you the awareness that is aware? 

And what is the relationship to what is moving? 

Is awareness aware of itself?

As awareness, are you aware of the rising movement, and thought, and feeling? 

And is [awareness] separate? What is it made of? 

When there’s tendency to control breathing bring awareness to that which is controlling breath and investigate the process of controlling breath and observe subtle movements of ribs and spine.


Unless there is significant challenge during breath-based meditation where anything here can help, it is best to just drop everything from this presentation and experience breath according to however you’ve decided to do breath meditation.

A kind of blaring omission is the instructions in the Ānāpānassatisutta, often translated as Mindfulness of Breathing. Translations below by Bhikkhu Bodhi and Bhikkhu Sujato (including the original Pali):

“Here a bhikkhu, gone to the forest or to the root of a tree or to an empty hut, sits down; having folded his legs crosswise, set his body erect, and established mindfulness in front of him, ever mindful he breathes in, mindful he breathes out.

“Breathing in long, he understands: ‘I breathe in long’; or breathing out long, he understands: ‘I breathe out long.’ Breathing in short, he understands: ‘I breathe in short’; or breathing out short, he understands: ‘I breathe out short.’ He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in experiencing the whole body of breath’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out experiencing the whole body of breath.’ He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in tranquillising the bodily formation’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out tranquillising the bodily formation.’

“He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in experiencing rapture’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out experiencing rapture.’ He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in experiencing pleasure’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out experiencing pleasure.’ He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in experiencing the mental formation’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out experiencing the mental formation. ’ He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in tranquillising the mental formation’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out tranquillising the mental formation.’

“He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in experiencing the mind’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out experiencing the mind.’ He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in gladdening the mind’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out gladdening the mind.’ He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in concentrating the mind’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out concentrating the mind.’ He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in liberating the mind’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out liberating the mind.’

“He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in contemplating impermanence’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out contemplating impermanence. ’ He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in contemplating fading away’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out contemplating fading away.’ He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in contemplating cessation’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out contemplating cessation.’ He trains thus: ‘I shall breathe in contemplating relinquishment’; he trains thus: ‘I shall breathe out contemplating relinquishment. ’

“Bhikkhus, that is how mindfulness of breathing is developed and cultivated, so that it is of great fruit and great benefit.

Translation by Bhikkhu Bodhi

Bhikkhu Sujato’s translation:

It’s when a mendicant has gone to a wilderness, or to the root of a tree, or to an empty hut. They sit down cross-legged, with their body straight, and establish mindfulness right there.

Idha, bhikkhave, bhikkhu araññagato vā rukkhamūlagato vā suññāgāragato vā nisīdati pallaṅkaṃ ābhujitvā ujuṃ kāyaṃ paṇidhāya parimukhaṃ satiṃ upaṭṭhapetvā.

Just mindful, they breathe in. Mindful, they breathe out.

So satova assasati satova passasati.

When breathing in heavily they know: ‘I’m breathing in heavily.’ When breathing out heavily they know: ‘I’m breathing out heavily.’

Dīghaṃ vā assasanto ‘dīghaṃ assasāmī’ti pajānāti, dīghaṃ vā passasanto ‘dīghaṃ passasāmī’ti pajānāti;

When breathing in lightly they know: ‘I’m breathing in lightly.’ When breathing out lightly they know: ‘I’m breathing out lightly.’

rassaṃ vā assasanto ‘rassaṃ assasāmī’ti pajānāti, rassaṃ vā passasanto ‘rassaṃ passasāmī’ti pajānāti;

They practice breathing in experiencing the whole body. They practice breathing out experiencing the whole body.

‘sabbakāyapaṭisaṃvedī assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘sabbakāyapaṭisaṃvedī passasissāmī’ti sikkhati;

They practice breathing in stilling the body’s motion. They practice breathing out stilling the body’s motion.

‘passambhayaṃ kāyasaṅkhāraṃ assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘passambhayaṃ kāyasaṅkhāraṃ passasissāmī’ti sikkhati. (1)

They practice breathing in experiencing rapture. They practice breathing out experiencing rapture.

‘Pītipaṭisaṃvedī assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘pītipaṭisaṃvedī passasissāmī’ti sikkhati;

They practice breathing in experiencing bliss. They practice breathing out experiencing bliss.

‘sukhapaṭisaṃvedī assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘sukhapaṭisaṃvedī passasissāmī’ti sikkhati;

They practice breathing in experiencing these emotions. They practice breathing out experiencing these emotions.

‘cittasaṅkhārapaṭisaṃvedī assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘cittasaṅkhārapaṭisaṃvedī passasissāmī’ti sikkhati;

They practice breathing in stilling these emotions. They practice breathing out stilling these emotions.

‘passambhayaṃ cittasaṅkhāraṃ assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘passambhayaṃ cittasaṅkhāraṃ passasissāmī’ti sikkhati. (2)

They practice breathing in experiencing the mind. They practice breathing out experiencing the mind.

‘Cittapaṭisaṃvedī assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘cittapaṭisaṃvedī passasissāmī’ti sikkhati;

They practice breathing in gladdening the mind. They practice breathing out gladdening the mind.

‘abhippamodayaṃ cittaṃ assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘abhippamodayaṃ cittaṃ passasissāmī’ti sikkhati;

They practice breathing in immersing the mind in samādhi. They practice breathing out immersing the mind in samādhi.

‘samādahaṃ cittaṃ assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘samādahaṃ cittaṃ passasissāmī’ti sikkhati;

They practice breathing in freeing the mind. They practice breathing out freeing the mind.

‘vimocayaṃ cittaṃ assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘vimocayaṃ cittaṃ passasissāmī’ti sikkhati. (3)

They practice breathing in observing impermanence. They practice breathing out observing impermanence.

‘Aniccānupassī assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘aniccānupassī passasissāmī’ti sikkhati;They practice breathing in observing fading away. They practice breathing out observing fading away.

‘virāgānupassī assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘virāgānupassī passasissāmī’ti sikkhati;

They practice breathing in observing cessation. They practice breathing out observing cessation.

‘nirodhānupassī assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘nirodhānupassī passasissāmī’ti sikkhati;

They practice breathing in observing letting go. They practice breathing out observing letting go.

‘paṭinissaggānupassī assasissāmī’ti sikkhati, ‘paṭinissaggānupassī passasissāmī’ti sikkhati.

Mindfulness of breathing, when developed and cultivated in this way, is very fruitful and beneficial.

Evaṃ bhāvitā kho, bhikkhave, ānāpānassati evaṃ bahulīkatā mahapphalā hoti mahānisaṃsā. (4)

Translation by Bhikkhu Sujato

Corona-19, Hypertension and Qi | (2/23/2021 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” with Denny K Miu)

Just the slides ma’am

For this month’s regular open-audience, open-discussion “Ask Us Anything” — continuing discussions about meditation and related topics — Denny and I address present day popular topics of interest related to, and expanding upon, last month’s AUA on Qigong and Daoyin.

First and foremost, as our presentation states, this is not medical advice. We share information and knowledge from our own study, practice and experiences. Please consult a health care professional while considering any new treatments and/or changing your current professional medical care.

Denny starts by sharing statistics on CV and some of the correlations with high blood pressure. We then move into approaching hypertension from various angles, including the power of the mind, but most notably, the importance and interrelationship of high blood pressure with Qi from a place of common sense as well as some of the intricacies. We wrap up by quickly listing my follow up questions to our previous presentation on Qi (since we ran out of time.)

Here are our original notes not in linear order to how our talk unfolded:

(From Josh)

  • Lots of information and suggestions here. Can always go back and listen again. Don’t take my word for this, use it as a starting point for your own research.
  • Western medicine can be divided into two: Allopathic and Naturopathic. It’s said with Allopathy folks often die from the cure while with Naturopathy folks die from the ailment.
  • Western medicine is not an enemy. For immediate stuff like broken bones, accidents and heart attacks ER medicine is highly effective. It would be daunting to go up against trillions of dollars in doctors, pills, treatments, biotech and the power to lock down the planet pretty much overnight. Fighting something rarely helps change it. As the fifth verse of the Dhammapadda says, “Hatred is, indeed, never appeased by hatred in this world. It is appeased only by loving-kindness. This is an ancient law.” I won’t advocate nor discourage lawsuits and protests but recommend other options, mostly from an individual level, especially starting off:
  • Must do your own research to be prepared if/when interacting with healthcare professionals. Without doing so it is perhaps like walking around telling everybody you can find out all kinds of stuff because you have access to a search engine, but you’d rather talk about this instead of actually using it for research. Research can lead to encouragement, empowerment and self-responsibility too.
  • Can then respectfully ask questions and present what you’ve learned to health care professionals and from a place of care and not concern. Care comes from thoughtfulness. Concern is derived from fear. It is possible to care without being concerned. And our attitude determines our attitude. Doctors are unlikely to be receptive if approached with a lack of respect and an agenda to denigrate and invalidate their industry and profession.
  • Other suggestions:
    • Western medicine is perhaps seeing the writing on the wall and increasingly adopting the idea of holistic medicine. Even if this is just lip service, if they have it in writing, even if it is vague, and you are informed about true holistic healthcare, you can hold them to it.
    • What we focus on we give energy to. So more time and focus on preventive care. And once issues are  known, direct more time and energy on positive treatments and solutions without expectations and attachments to particular outcomes.
    • Five daily reflections — sickness, old-age, death, separation and self-responsibility —  not as a bummer, but to align with the truth of how things are in reality currently. Aligning with truth supports happiness. Also help realize the value and preciousness of every moment.

1. I am of the nature to grow old.

2. I am of the nature to have ill health.

3. I am of the nature to die.

4. All that is dear to me and everyone I love are of nature to change. There is no way to escape being separated from them.

5. My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. Actions are the womb from which I have sprung.

  • Misc mentions:
    • An advanced microcosmic orbit may be to have the attention following up and down at the same time starting from both the head and the bottom instead of just one point going up and going down again. And even more advanced have this same thing going at the same time but in the opposite direction.
    • High blood pressure also from some pharmaceuticals and the White Coat Syndrome. Placebo and Nocebo Effects can maybe also play a role.
    • There’s also the central nervous system which I guess is more like the headquarters and there’s the peripheral nervous system which I’ve heard can sometimes be involved in sensing (more subtle) energies

Follow up questions we ran out of time for:

  • How do the mind, exercises, therapy, substances, cosmic energy and original essences interrelate?
  • Did any of the spiritual qigong teachings survive in texts, traditions, and/or societies?
  • Does experimental vs. experiential have to be a dialectic or dichotomy?
  • How exactly did Shifu Ji Ru develop the five breathing exercises?
  • Are there any (mythological) stories surrounding how various knowledges about Qi were discovered?

(From Denny)

  • FACT: lots of people died from COVID-19
    • As of February, about 498,000 deaths in United States (1.5% of total population, currently 3rd most likely cause of death after heart attacks and cancer)
  • FACT: not everyone who tested positive had a severe reaction to COVID
    • About 27.8M infected so far (about 8.5% of total population)
    • About 1 in 6 becomes seriously ill (i.e., 17% of infected has to be hospitalized)
    • Death rate is about 1.8% of total infected or about 10% of the hospitalized
  • FACT: those who became seriously ill and even death had a history of high blood pressure and related heart diseases
    • Report on data from China and US shows 30 to 50% of patients who had died from COVID have high BP
    • another report from Europe shows 76%
    • yet another report shows 99% have at least one of these conditions (high BP or heart-related, cancer, diabetes, or lung disease)
  • FACT: In the United States, we have reasonably good health systems, but one-third of our population (more than 100 million) have high BP. Most of those with high BP are seniors which are covered under Medicare so they are sufficiently medicated such that their BP is typically under control (but not cured!!!!)
  • Commonly known causes for high blood pressure 
    • High salt intake
    • Low ambient temperature
    • Smoker
    • High stress
      • “Flight or Fight”
      • Sympathetic autonomic nerve system activated
      • Cortisol in blood stream increasing heart rate
      • Adrenaline fatigue 
    • Not sufficient circulation, i.e., lack of blood and oxygen supply to vital organs causing heart rate to increase in order to compensate
  • FACT: western medicine often fix symptoms but not disease
  • Qi is Blood & Qi 血氣, blood is oxygen, Qi 氣 which is 气 + 米, i.e., air and rice, so what we call Qi is in fact the vitality of our 12 major organs, which are divided into three groupings. 
    • Above the diaphragm: including our heart and lung which are responsible for supplying blood and oxygen through the entire body
    • Between the diaphragm and our belly button: including stomach+spleen and liver+gallbladder, which are responsible for digestion, nutrients extraction and storage, and detoxification of our blood stream
    • Below the belly button: including our small and large intestines and kidney+bladder, responsible for digestion (fermentation), waste management and hormonal activation 
  • High blood pressure is not a sickness but a warning signal of deeper physical and mental problems (blockage of Qi means one or two of our vital organs are crying for help)
  • Treating high BP by eliminating only the symptoms is akin to manslaughter by dereliction of duty 
    • In the United States, our “Health Care” system is in fact “Sick Care”. 
  • More on Qi and the practice of Qi (addressing the addendum)
    • The 12 meridians corresponding to the 12 vital organs 
      • 6 originating in the fingers and 6 in the toes
      • Out of each set of 6, 3 are yin (receptive or the moon) and 3 are yang (active or the sun)
    • Two of the eight extraordinary meridians
      • The Conception vessel which is related to the 6 yin organs (pre natal)
      • The Governing vessel which is related to the 6 yang organs (post natal)
    • Science behind microcosmic orbit and abdominal breathing
    • Science between “patting” of meridians 

Watch other Ask Us Anythings and join us live on the last Tuesdays at Noon Central time

Join Denny live Saturdays online for mindful joint, stretching, breathing and qigong exercises 8:00am and 6:00pm PST via:

Full list of links at DennyKMiu.com

Orgonite-like Resonance Art To Support Mastery Of The Four Elements

I commissioned David Hults of Alternative Life Guide to create four custom orgonite-like “Resonance Art” pieces with the intention “to support ideal mastery of earth, water, wind and fire, for the wellbeing and awakening of all, as allowed by the highest spiritual law.”

Please call out this project if there are any traces of unwholesomeness, unskillfulness and/or anything at all unwise.

Each piece corresponds to one of the great four elements. And each contains four minerals associated with that element, plus copper, and each with one quartz crystal I found in Arkansas for activation, amplification and stabilization.

Fun creational fact: the fire one actually broke the mold!

By the way, creating and/or listing meditations and resources for the four great elements are on the Integrating Presence to-do list.

David charges $25 plus supplies and time/labor for custom pieces. If you’d like to actualize a four elements set like this, and/or something of your own design, reach out via David’s site Alternative Life Guide.

And if so inclined, check out our previous two posts and videos:


Confluence Zen Center: Introduction to ZEN MEDITATION

Recently wrapped up a multi-week study with Confluence Zen Center on Instructions for the Cook (Tenzo kyôkun) by Dôgen Zenji. A classic line from the text:

Wash [the dishes] so that they are completely pure and clean, placing up high those that belong in high places and putting down low those that belong in low places. “High places are high and level; low places are low and level.”

And another striking selection:

When Xuefeng resided at Dongshan [monastery], he served as cook. One day when he was sifting rice [master] Dongshan asked him, “Are you sifting the sand and removing the rice, or sifting the rice and removing the sand?” Xuefeng said, “Sand and rice are simultaneously removed.” Dongshan asked, “What will the great assembly eat?” Xuefeng overturned the bowl. Dongshan said, “In the future you will go and be scrutinized by someone else.”

As previously mentioned, before we studied Instructions for the Cook we studied ‘A Blueprint of Enlightenment: A Contemporary Commentary on Dōgen Zenji’s “Gokudō Yōjinshū” (Guidelines for Studying the Way)’ by Gien Inoue. Both groups facilitated and led by Soto Zen priest Rev. Daigaku Rumme´.

And again now, the forthcoming 2021 class series an Introduction to ZEN MEDITATION the evenings of 2/25, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18 and 3/25 at Confluence Zen Center in Maplewood, Missouri.

Classes include zazen meditation beginning with 10 minutes and working up to 30 minutes, as well as learning walking meditation. To register call 314-669-4465 or email confluencezen@gmail.com with name and contact information.

Gender (Confusion?)

[Image: from the March 2018 energeticsynthesis.com newsletter ‘Law of Gender’ by Lisa Renee (creative commons 3.0 BY-SA)]

Why and how has the topic of gender become so prevalent, pervasive and taken such precedence — appearing on forms, social media bios, etc., often with no opt-out, or room for comment — seemingly overnight, perhaps in a manner similar to The Corona?

What are the origins, and who are the major supporters of this phenomena? What are the ramifications of all those whom frame gender the way it is now being framed, and ramifications for those who base requirements around this, and for those who promote, use and consent to such frameworks, as well as ramifications for those who denigrate, decry, fight and opt-out?

Is the amplified (purported) importance of gender helpful, not helpful, good, bad, ugly, or otherwise?

And as for appearing on IntegratingPresence.com, what is the relevance of gender (confusion and politics) to meditation? I’m not really sure. The historical Buddha, when asked “who are you” often replied with the “Tathāgata” instead of using the pronouns meI or myself. “Tathāgata” means something like, “I am thus” or “I’m like this” or “this is how I am” or “one who has thus gone” or “one who has thus come”, or sometimes “one who has thus not gone.” Perhaps uttered to indicate the having gone beyond the human condition, and beyond the otherwise endless cycle of rebirth and death, beyond dukkha (aka stress and unsatisfactoriness). Because with ultimate reality, gender does not apply:

Amongst the ultimately non-existent, amongst women, men, it [ignorance] hurries on; amongst the existent, however, amongst the aggregates, etc., it does not hurry on….

What does this mean? It means that ignorance (delusion) sees only conventional truth(sammuti∙sacca): women and men, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, daughters and sons, dogs, cats, pigs, and chickens, etc. These things do not exist according to reality(yathā∙bhūta).

The things that do exist according to reality, however, are the aggregates(khandha), the elements(dhātu), the bases(āyatana), mentality-materiality(nāma∙rūpa), dependent origination(paṭicca∙samuppāda), the workings of kamma, the three characteristics, etc.: in brief, the Four Noble Truths. These things, which are ultimate truth(paramattha∙sacca), ignorance does not see. And as we also explained in connection with the ‘Gaddula∙Baddha’ sutta, that is why beings run on from life to life. This ignorance is the delusion associated with unwholesome consciousnesses.

Greed, hatred, and delusion make a consciousness unwholesome, which means the volition is unwholesome: unwholesome kamma. The Buddha calls it also evil (pāpa), and demerit(apuñña). And the accomplishment of unwholesome kamma, He calls also bad conduct(du∙ccarita), and demeritorious formation(apuññ∙ābhisaṅ- khāra). If that kamma produces its result, it will be an unwished for, undesired and disagreeable result, and will lead to continued production of kamma.

— from p.47 of The Workings of Karma by meditation master the Most Venerable Pa-Auk Tawya Sayadaw

It seems though, the majority of beings still find themselves within relative, or conventional reality.

I don’t really have any answers, or opinions, nor currently any impetus for involvement with another topic seemingly readymade for divisiveness, or even desire to study this much.

However, the information below I class as significantly relevant and missing from the everyday thinking and increasingly status quo narrative on gender, and have already shared it privately with several folks. Firstly, some of the most pertinent information via the Ascension Glossary article Gender Confusion Pain followed by a full newsletter dedicated to the Law of Gender.

Gender Confusion Pain:

Psychological and emotional pain in regard to gender confusion, sensations of gender-mix up, feeling ostracized and bullied for feeling different in this way is a source of real psychological-spiritual trauma that may start in early childhood. Unfortunately our society is not equipped to support children and adults that may suffer greatly with inner gender reversals and related gender confusion as a result of spiritual or sexual trauma. The point of this information is to be aware that there is a specific Mind Control agenda to spread transhumanism through surgically and medically induced transgenderism in order to reverse the inner gender principle, which destroys the human lightbody. We have to know we have a Lightbody and how it works in male and female principle, before we can accurately assess ourselves and our environment about who we really are as a human being. How can a human being that has been subjected to psychological warfare and Social Engineering targeting his or her gender and sexual beliefs throughout their lifetime, make a sound and healthy decision that impacts the state of their gender biology and sexual preferences? They simply cannot and are radically impaired.

Thus, as human beings we must make some effort to educate ourselves about the pitfalls of the current events happening in the Ascension Cycle, like transhumanism’s alliance with transgenderism and be willing to address the layers of spiritual trauma that damages gender. Sadly, religions tend to demonize others suffering with gender trauma and it’s important to recognize the true humanity, the heart and soul that is traumatized by such spiritually abusive behaviors. Compassion and Empathy for the suffering of human beings that undergo gender trauma is very much needed, as well as being better informed about such matters. As awake and informed parents, before allowing children to make decisions like taking hormone therapy, plastic surgery or sex change surgery, openly discussing gender issues and where permanent effects on the biology can potentially produce even more spiritual harm to the consciousness body is suggested.

Gender Biology

During the ascension cycle there is a lot of confusion about gender as people do not take into consideration that humans inherently have both male and female characteristics and operate in Gender Principle. The human body is designed as a gender biology that works in alignment to the Law of Gender and Law of Polarity. There is a necessity of being willing to do the inner emotional work to support our male and female to be expressed in the most energetically balanced way possible. If a male feels his feminine attributes and feminine right brain characteristics being activated in the Ascension Cycle, this does not mean he is transgender or he is a biological woman. If a school girl feels more masculine and wants to wear what society labels as male clothes, this does not necessarily mean she is transgender. Adults and children are incredibly confused about the forces they are being exposed to now. The problems with society placing demands on people to act in accordance to rigidly expected gender roles, shuts down their ability to explore gender issues openly without backlash. This sets up the problem of persecution and integration into a society that is not tolerant of flexible gender roles, which only increases desperation and suffering for all involved. People that feel desperate and are suffering with gender issues rarely make good decisions.

To better understand why Transgender people and gender reversals are radically increasing in the Death Culture requires reexamining the fundamentals of who we are as human beings and what makes us men or women. Also we must acknowledge that gender principles and the gender concept is currently being greatly expanded upon in human beings during the ascension cycle. As a part of spiritual evolution we have to inquire deeply inside and take a hard look at ourselves, to give some thought to how the death culture has defined gender and places expectations on males and females in different ways. Before we can truly understand how someone can have a different gender than their assigned gender biology, we have to understand the Law of Gender and how gender actually translates into our body and Consciousness. We must explore how the concept of gender was built into the NAA mind control programs, how it was used as a weapon against us and how the gender split has affected us all. This goes way beyond just accepting others and allowing them to be themselves, and takes us into the deeper examination of who we really are and what we are becoming.[1]

Gender Wounds

Some of the most traumatizing events are those painful memories from distortions existing between men and women being forced to abuse each other, over and over. These Gender Principle distortions have been used to propagate some of the deepest levels of spiritual abuse, Sexual Misery and personal torture that could occur to a race of beings. Many people feel this pain as Soul crushing and there are reasons for that which is warranted from the cellular memories of hidden human history. True spiritual marriage as a part of natural biological spiritual Ascension was stolen from humanity through the NAA alien invasion, and the pain of that theft and emotional abuse has damaged many people’s hearts. The heart damage, both physical and energetic, has blocked the soul’s center of communication with the entire body. For this reason there is a unconscious terror in accessing the heart center because the soul wound is so painful for so many on the earth.

Law of Gender

Dear Ascending Family,

With the shifts into the next Harmonic Universe there are some changes happening in the light body, which are affecting merkaba mechanics and how the gender fins of the light body operate.  With these changes come new opportunities to uncover and heal any gender distortions we may be carrying.  These changes also deepen our understanding of how Gender Principles are part of the Natural Laws, and how unifying gender principles manifests as the diamond sun Krystallah orb body. With the Paliadorian Activations there are new mathematical proportions of the diamond sun 12 Tree Grid pattern being embodied, including the reclamation of Adamic lines. In contrast there is an aggressive form of gender confusion being amplified, which is linked with the Transhumanist agenda. We observe what is happening in the promotion of gender reassignment surgeries and discuss some of the impacts Transgenderism may have on the soul and lightbody. 

All things exist within the Gender Principle of Creation, everything has its masculine and feminine principle, which produce metaphysical forces. These forces arrange within the spiritual blueprints that translate into the gender principle that manifests itself upon all dimensional planes.  There is not one aspect of life, consciousness and creation where the masculine and feminine principles remain non-existent or absent, it is an absolute truth that the Law of Gender is manifested within everything. It is impossible for creation to take place without this Universal Law in action at some level, even when the gender principles have been replicated, reversed, or manipulated through artificial technology. Whether organic or inorganic the Law of Gender will always apply to what has been manifested. Gender principle is intrinsic to every form in existence including the human body, which is designed in a gender principle biology.  It is important to be aware that the Law of Gender is intentionally violated, damaged and distorted by the NAA upon the earth, as they learned that through splitting the gender principle into grotesque mutations, it further served their enslavement agenda.  

Although the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity are intimately intertwined, it is important to realize that either gender contains both polarities simultaneously, with the circuitry flowing in magnetic north to magnetic south, which moves in different or opposing directions in a male and female body. The male and female body on the physical plane mirror each other through vibrational correspondence that occurs during interaction between the positive and negative polarity that runs through what could be referred to as magnetic north to magnetic south pole positions. The main circuitry of the magnetic pole positions are held in the horizontal plane of the lightbody architecture in the heart complex and sacral complex, which governs the consciousness-energy movement throughout the lightbody, via the meridians, axiatonal lines, dimensional spheres and chakra centers. However, once we unify the horizontal and vertical planes of polarity within the gender principle of our lightbody, we develop the neutral point in all energy centers, merging gender principles, which manifests as the eternal life body or diamond sun Krystallah orb body.

To begin to unify the masculine and feminine within, we must understand that whether a man or woman we hold both gender principles, as well as positive and negative poles inside our body and consciousness. There is no way to change the Law of Gender inside a human body, although it can be distorted through misinterpretation and harmful behaviors, such as believing gender is to be equated with the common understanding of sexuality and sexual preferences. Every male has the components of female energy within his body and specific feminine principles in his lightbody, and every female has the components of male energy in her body with specific male principles in her lightbody. No matter how small the element in creation, from the microscopic levels of subatomic particles moving up the scale all the way to the planets, stars and solar systems, everything is created from the Law of Gender.

As we bring energetic synthesis between the gender principles, we also synthesize the forces of polarity present into neutral or zero point, and this is the evolutionary journey of the ascension process that merges our physical self with our spiritual bodies and ultimately, God source.  In order to achieve self-mastery in our life, it is necessary to understand the Law of Gender that exists within all things, and seek the natural energetic balance that exists between these pairs of opposites. When we live in harmony with the Law of Gender, it catalyzes profound spiritual healing that neutralizes karmic burdens and miasmatic patterns, allowing us to be unified and live in increasing harmony with the forces in the external world. Esoterically, to truly comprehend the Law of Gender is to perceive it far beyond the physical classifications and biological limitations to know that the highest nature of the gender principle is Unity consciousness.  Unity consciousness is intrinsically integrated with the Cosmic Sovereign Law of God, or the Law of One and Unity consciousness is the first practice of the Law. This informs us that in order to be in harmony with the Law of One and experience unity consciousness, we must seek to understand the principles of gender in our personal consciousness, and intend to unify all of its aspects and the archetypal forces that operate in our gender based identity.

Healing Separation in Gender

In order to evolve and manifest our spiritual purpose, we must study the masculine and feminine principles that exist within our being, in order to heal their separation from each other that reveals through the inner relationship we have with ourselves. Once we recognize that we are both inherently male and female and that this fact is unchangeable, we can experience how our relationship to our inner male and female influences every external relationship that we experience in the world. Many times the answers we are seeking about resolving recurring patterns or conflicts that we have in our life and personal relationships go back to the causal seed of how we feel about our Mother and Father. The quality of our relationships, whether they are healthy and balanced or unhealthy and abusive, will always return to the links in the Parent-Child bond, in this life and other lifetimes.

This gender pattern will reflect outwardly to others how we unconsciously feel about ourselves, until we become aware of the influence these archetypes have upon us, and we do the inner work to transcend and heal these painful patterns. Taking care to build a strong inner core self, always includes an emotional and spiritual exploration into the nature of gender separation, reviewing our beliefs that formed our conscious identity surrounding the masculine and feminine.

If we give more value to one gender over the other, subconsciously or consciously, and this is reflected in how we treat others, we increase division, disharmony and power conflicts in all of our outer manifestations. If we hold levels of contempt or think one gender is more important, smarter or superior, we set up failure in our life and personal relationships by projecting this disdain upon the same gender principle that exists inside ourselves. Men that project harm or hatred towards women, destroy their inner female. Women that project harm or hatred towards men, destroy their inner male. As a result, both men and women descend into sexual misery programing as a result of inner gender separation. In this example, the very thing each person needs to find wholeness, fulfillment and completion within themselves, is being destroyed by their own unconscious actions through the choices they make on the external to further separate gender.

During the ascension process, we start returning to our memories in childhood to observe how that experience formed into our belief systems in adulthood, so that we can unravel our deeper feelings and perceptions surrounding the male and female archetypes within. Many times this means we will need to address places where we hold painful conflict or emotional trauma, that has been recorded in the physical body. Once we are aware of the archetypal influences that surround our lifetime of experiences and beliefs that were gathered around the male-female, then we can begin to decode the painful gender patterns in our own behaviors that we had buried and begin to change them. We uncover these gender patterns and attitudes by paying attention to what shows up in our relationships with others, especially any destructive patterns that surface in emotionally intimate and sexual relationships.

If we pay attention to what these gender patterns mean to us as value systems and we choose to free ourselves of dogma and static roles by letting them go, we can experience profound spiritual healing. One important constant is to know that any relationship that comes together based upon deception, is being played out by the false identity or mind controlled gender roles, will never be based in a healthy foundation that builds trust. Without unconditional love, honesty, full disclosure and trust earned between the people involved in any kind of interpersonal relationship, that relationship is doomed to fail through the destructive patterns that started it. We can choose to develop deeply meaningful connections with others or become an actor with a face on a stick, for the people that only care about us when we show up in the archetype that makes them feel the most comfortable. In western society, the False King of Tyranny or the Emasculated Male matches the polarity with the Dark Mother, Princess Code or Femme Fatale, and as long as people play out these superficial victimizer archetypes with each other, never bothering to truly look within, the karmic situation that connects them is built on shifting sands with a house of cards.

Gender does not have inherently fixed roles or sexual expectations, all of this can be decided upon as what is most healthy and balanced for supporting our inner male and female! This revolutionary action of becoming more consciously authentic, can radically shift all outer relationships we have into much greater harmony, by changing the relationship we have with the gender principle that exists inside us. When living in harmony with the Law of Gender, life becomes simpler, easier, and flows more harmoniously, allowing healthy and balanced relationships with each gender to further blossom and develop into deeply meaningful connections. Superficiality falls by the wayside when we decide to love ourselves unconditionally and give ourselves permission to live as authentically as possible, even when our choices are judged or criticized by others.

Damaging the Parent-Child Bond

However, there are destructive gender patterns that we have inherited in the 3D world that were socially engineered by the controller system. Thus, we all have a responsibility to our body, mind and spirit to commit to do the inner emotional work, in order to move out of the confusion and return to clarity about gender. The mind control set up by the NAA is to damage the Parent-Child relationship in order to destroy the potential of the male-female sacred marriage later in adulthood, which has been described as the distortion of the False Parent archetype in victim-victimizer programming. Thus, this is another key to comprehending the Law of Gender, knowing that we unlock unity consciousness within us as a result of healing our inner gender patterns that are connected to our Mother and Father.

The False Parent is the set up for interfering with the spiritual bond made between Mother and child at birth, and then destroying the spiritual bond made between the Father and Child. This harmful pattern many times results in disconnecting the physical body from the soul connection and spiritual parents, the real Mother and Father Principle we call God Source. This is the set up to deeply reject our inner spiritual parent, and to set up abusive conditioning as acceptable behaviors in the Mother-Father archetypal patterns played out in society. Mother and Father archetypes tend to unconsciously play out in the authoritative roles in our psyche, so the programming intends to equate government, religion and military authority roles to usurp our bond to our parents. Honor the False Parent by not questioning their authority credo, applies to all Controller Pillars of Society.  The patriarchal domination set up in the NAA death culture was intended to run subconscious and conscious mind programming directing male and female self-hatred along with broad cultural misogyny, which radically harms both men and women through the promotion of these spiritually abusive behaviors. This is a strategy to split gender by distorting and reversing the Mother and Father archetypes in our society.

The False Parent is what sets up the sexual misery program later in adulthood, attracting couples with the extreme opposing polarities of shared karmic burdens that continue to split the gender principle between them apart. If we do not know how to heal or unify our inner gender principle, the chasm of belief between the male and female roles in the outer world continues to widen, increasing the feelings of separation and other distortions. With a disconnected and unhappy ego, this also makes for unhappy marriages and promiscuous sex, when the personality believes the grass is always greener somewhere else, through the missing pieces of their own internal gender split.

As we study our motivations, perceptions and belief systems about the masculine and feminine, and all of the gender roles imposed upon us, we can choose to unite their qualities when noticing how their aspects are expressing themselves. As we intend to unify and harmonize our inner masculine and feminine, we synthesize the polarities of these forces back into neutral or unity. This process unleashes the highest spiritual potential of our Krystic being fulfilling our divine purpose of completion, which multiplies its sustainable source of eternal living light, within and without.

Law of Polarity or Pair of Opposites

The natural Law of Polarity, also referred to as the Pair of Opposites is intertwined with the Law of Gender but is not to be confused as the same thing. Essentially, it means that things that may appear as opposites are actually varying degrees of positive and negative poles or one of the two sides of the same thing. There are two sides of polarity that exists within everything. Everything is dual; everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites, and the opposites are identical in nature but exist in different degrees. When we can see both sides of these polarities operating in the world, we can elevate above the opposing energies and the issues they may generate, by observing them from the neutral state. We can transform our thoughts and transform the situation by simply raising our vibration from out of the polarized state, by holding neutral or compassionate witnessing.

One will notice the same repeated polarity patterns appearing in some configuration that is in absolutely every energetic force or matter form and that this pattern repeats itself throughout multiple dimensional layers. As an example, all dimensional layers in the Harmonic Universes have interconnected building blocks of matter and anti-matter that are created from positive charge, negative charge, and neutral or zero point energy potential.

To create circuits of feedback loops for multiplying open source energy supply, or for directing the finite energy supply to something or somewhere, these charges must attract, link and bond together. The positive or negative charge in the energies are inherent in the forces that are governed by the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity, and this is the architecture which everything is created from in this Universe. Through the Law of Polarity, there are many soul formation groups on evolution journeys that are primarily weighted in the negative or positive polarity, which can also describe the Service to Self and Service to Others orientation in a specific group consciousness.  Let’s look at how the Law of Polarity is working in the building blocks of matter.

The main three layers of the building blocks of all matter in the Universe include:

  1. Electron, Proton and Neutron as positive, negative or neutral charged consciousness units.
  2. Math, as the language of code for setting blueprints and architecture.
  3. Forces and Energy which include spectrums of color frequency, oscillation and vibration.

The atom is a basic unit of particle matter that consists of a dense central nucleus, surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. Here, the protons have a positive electric charge, the electrons have a negative electric charge, and the neutrons have no electric charge. An atom containing an equal number of protons and electrons is electrically neutral. Atoms are extremely small and every solid, liquid, gas, and plasma is composed of neutral or ionized atoms, which describes the gain or loss of electrons that happens in an atom. So even in an atom, the Law of Polarity and the Law of Gender are at work. It is wise to consider that if our biology is made of atoms that obey the natural laws of gender, and we decide to ignore that truth, we will greatly increase the disconnection between our physical perception and higher spiritual consciousness. When we make choices that violate the laws of nature, we disconnect from our spirit and thus, we suffer. 

To better understand the model being used below to describe the positive and negative charge in the Law of Polarity, we consider both the particle and anti-particle building blocks of matter. Our primary focus is within the blueprint of the instruction set made in the electromagnetic field, thus our model will tend to use the anti-particle setting which is the counterpart to particle mass. To better clarify, as a result the information below will be opposite to the current mainstream scientific consensus for assigning positive or negative charge to electrons and protons, in relationship to the atomic theory of matter.

Particle Matter Building Blocks – Electron (negative or -ve), Proton (positive or +ve) and Neutron 0.

Anti-Particle Matter Building Blocks – Electron (positive or +ve), Proton (negative or –ve) and Neutron 0.

So taking in this information every person, place or thing will have an energetic polarity in particle matter and its double in anti-particle matter, and that combination is balanced or weighted in one form of energetic polarity or its opposite. Ultimately our spiritual goal is to unify and link up the particle matter and anti-particle matter of our consciousness and body via the process of polarity integration. Polarity integration is identifying and locating that consciousness content we have which may be unable to link and bond together, and then intending to unify them through the witness in the neutral point. This is also represented within our physical gender bodies, which express as a polarity in matter form, when incarnated in a male or female body. While our physical body may appear to exist in one polarity form in matter, our internal and external energies exist in both male and female principles simultaneously. As an example on the vertical plane, bring to mind a physical human body from top to bottom, the male and female human body is divided into a right side male and a left side female by the central vertical channel. There are many natural characteristics of the male and female principle that we all share in the human species, yet we must identify that which is unnatural and alien to our male and female, and cast it out of our consciousness.

The right side of our human body is the male gender pattern, which is the active force principle with internal circuitry that works as the electrical transmitter of positive charged electrons. The male spin in this configuration in the 3D architecture tends to spiral current in a clockwise rotation. When moving to another location in the harmonic universe, the male spin may reverse its position to counterclockwise rotation.

The left side of our human body is the female gender pattern, which is the passive force principle with internal circuitry that works as the magnetic receiver of negative charged protons. The female spin in this configuration in the 3D architecture tends to spiral current in a counter-clockwise rotation. When moving to another location in the harmonic universe, the female spin may reverse its position to a clockwise rotation.

Therefore in the anti-particle setting, considering that our male principle electrons are positively charged which interact with the female principle proton which are negatively charged, and that interaction will default its spin in the male clockwise motion. In considering the counterpart female, also in the anti-particle setting, considering that our female principle protons are negatively charged which interact with the male principle electrons, and that interaction will default its spin in the female counter clockwise motion. These two male and female principles in the energetic forces come together to create the ranges of electromagnetism and other forces that we experience on the planet. At a certain rotation of spin, as the male and female come into unification, the negative and positive cancel out and go into the neutral charge, which is the zero point or open source energy supply.

According to the Guardian system, to break free of the bi-wave structure which forces a closed loop energetic supply and perpetuates reversal current and dead light energy, we can alter the anti-particle blueprint layers with our higher consciousness to activate the electrically neutral state, which allows the neutral forces to emit feedback loops of natural living light. This principle applies to the structure of the soul anatomy in the human lightbody, as well as the planetary systems in the search for free and renewable energy. The same energy potential is related to the concept of free energy systems that are open sourced and self-sustaining, however this has been hidden from humanity to prevent access to it. When we understand how access to self-sustaining source light as open source energy is available to us all, this is essentially activating the higher spiritual knowledge to obey the Law of Polarity. Once the masses can understand this Law and the reasons the Controllers have chosen to violate the laws of nature, to amplify the gender splitting and reversals in the forces of polarity, we can finally evolve to a future that opens access to free open source energy for all inhabitants.

In order to be energetically balanced, harmonized and peaceful with ourselves, we must acknowledge the inner and outer polarity. By acknowledging the value and necessity of how the Law of Polarity and the Law of Gender rules our life, we can truly know thyself.

State of Merkaba Fields

More earth inhabitants are entering the state of merkaba building as a result of the ascension cycle and the shift to the next harmonic universe, that activates the fourth DNA layer frequencies. This means that the planetary body and the physical body is transmuting into less dense states of light by shifting the angle on which the particles have been rotating. Merkaba fields are pairs of electromagnetic fields based on the Law of Gender, which are male electrical spirals and female magnetic spirals that are counter rotating to each other and fully interwoven together. The counter rotating spirals of the merkaba fields act as the natural energy circulation system between the particle and anti-particle layers that exist within all of the timeline, and parallel universes in the entire time matrix, all the way to the Godhead. Merkaba fields are actual consciousness traveling vehicles through which frequencies of electromagnetic current, such as kundalini life force waves, circulate all of the energies and thus move in and out of dimensionalized manifestation.

Every single person has a merkaba field running male and female energies that is connected into their biology, which is critical for the expansion of consciousness and for circulating life force in the bodies so that they are energetically balanced and healthy. Through the merge of the male and female principles during spiritual ascension and the result of progressive activation of the merkaba vehicle, the biology has the ability to enter the state of building the counter rotating spirals of the merkaba field. Building the merkaba vehicle allows for time travel or to skip forward into higher dimensions, and the first stages of experience for most ascending people will happen during their dreamscapes in sleep state. The ability to enter the state of merkaba is dependent on the relative balance between the male and female principle the person has achieved in their consciousness, informing us that the merkaba field and ascension travel vehicle is also fully governed by the Law of Gender.   

The diamond sun body has 12 strand DNA which allows for multiple dimensional merkaba fields to activate in the biology, which changes the birth transduction record to be able to replenish the energy supply for the body. This means that as the merkaba spirals activate, the timeline of the birth record in the current identity actually shifts into a future timeline. The timeline in which an ascending consciousness identity was born in the third dimensional timelines, is actually shifting to another location. The diamond sun body has four large counter rotating spiral merkaba fields that connect into the biology that together form into a perfect elliptical sphere of light, which rearranges the core manifestation body into an eternal light grid.

Krystallah Merkaba Fields

The base twelve Universal Androgynous Merkaba fields of Christ-Sophia are called Krystallah and they make up the instruction set for all merkaba fields within all the timelines and densities throughout the Universes. The twelfth dimensional merkaba field spiral is the Krystallah male principle that is generated on the outer fields by the internal Krystallah female principle spiral that is generated from the Aquamarine Holy Mother Arc principle in the 13th Gateway. The 13th Gateway is the Aqua Portal which opens the neutron window that leads into the Seven Higher Heavens through Andromeda.  The Krystallah merkaba fields have a gender fin alignment that instructs the direction of the starting position for the rotational spin of the top and bottom merkaba spirals, for the male and female that build the ascension vehicle. 

The twelve dimensional Avatar Christos intelligence sets the gender fin orientation of the Krystallah merkaba spiral and determines the alignment for the gender polarity spirals in every dimension. Think of the gender fin as the bottom and top tetrahedron that make up the six pointed merkaba star. There is a male principle gender fin (tetrahedron) and female principle gender fin (tetrahedron) that regulates the starting spin points of our merkaba spirals, and then starts to merge and unify them into sacred union or Hieros Gamos. When we communicate with our Avatar Christos-Sophia intelligence and build our 12D shield, eventually we rebuild the mini merkaba spirals which start to align how our male and female internal energies will start to spin to help unify and build our merkaba vehicle. By uniting our inner male and female, undergoing the process of sacred marriage or hierogamic union and obeying the Law of Gender, the natural process of communication links with Christ Consciousness begin to build the merkaba fields.

The gender fin is the point where the vertical energy currents of the merkaba spiral conduct into a node within the lightbody shield that distributes the frequency current throughout the horizontal clock shield. Again bring to mind the gender fin as the bottom and top triangle that make up the six pointed merkaba star.

To visualize the female spin point and the male spin point starting positions in the Krystallah merkaba spiral, first think of the two triangles merged together, the triangle pointing down is the female, and the triangle pointing up is the male principle. Now bring to mind the face of a clock with only the time on the clock in the position of 6 and 12.

For the starting point of the spin for the female merkaba spiral, place the bottom triangle point aligned with the clock face at the 6 o’ clock position. This starting position is the negative polarity magnetic female principle spin, which is considered the Female Gender Fin Front 6 bottom orientation.

For the starting point of the spin for the male merkaba spiral, place the top triangle point aligned with the clock face at the 12 o’clock position. This starting position is the positive polarity electrical male principle spin, which is considered the Male Gender Fin Rear 12 top orientation.

For most earth humans the female principle base magnetic charge would spin in counterclockwise position and the male principle base electrical charge would spin in clockwise position. However, as we move into the next harmonic during the ascension cycle, this may flip into the reverse starting spin.

As we are shifting on the earth, and there are many possible configurations that may occur within the polarity and spin orientation of the male and female merkaba spirals, it is suggested to communicate directly with your Avatar Christ-Sophia intelligence to orientate to the highest expression of clockwise and counterclockwise spin that is possible now. The point of this information is to know the reality of the male and female merkaba spirals that make up the Universal Androgynous Merkaba fields of Christ-Sophia, and to better comprehend the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity that is inherent in our spiritual biology and governing our highest consciousness. Obeying the natural laws through the science of right living, discerning the difference between negative ego distortions and its perception of negative and positive polarities, is what gives us the clarity to align with our Personal Christ.

Diamond Sun Paliadorian Activation

In the process of shifting into the next harmonic universe, many in the Krystic family have been enduring an embodiment phase for the new mathematical proportions of the diamond sun 12 Tree Grid pattern for the fifth dimensional octave. Additionally, many reclamation of identities and body parts from the parallels have been taking place, such as a return of the Adamic lines back to the rightful owner to support their current phase of embodiment. In this small group, all particle chakras have been dissolved. Many people on the earth still have lower chakras, and so they will still need the support based upon the transmutation of these lower density nets and energies as they shift. The lower subconscious fragments are problematic in generating chaotic static net fields with the AI transmission, and this has amplified symptoms of the shadow and pain body in the masses that have not cleared out these trauma aspects.

In this activation for higher embodiment, the resonance points for the main energy centers in the physical body have shifted higher, slightly changing their position and adding more lightbody architecture to the skull, head and crown. The changes to the skull and crown have resulted in cranial and sinus pressure, aches and pains in the entire bone matrix with particular emphasis on the skull, foramen magnum and sphenoid bone. The bone marrow relays intelligent information to the blood stream and throughout the central nervous system to the brain, and thus the entire bone matrix has been potentially over active with several sequential lightbody transmissions.

The third dimensional layers of the 1D and 2D frequency wave spectrums, the reversal nets and their energy centers, such as the 2D-4D split shadow body are completely dissolved and membranes gone, leaving a solar sacrum and higher position for the still point and conscious identity above the navel. With the diamond sun body activation for the eternal light body in 5D, all separated electromagnetic fields in the lightbody release their polarization membranes and electromagnetic barriers, merging the male-female counter rotation spirals into a large orb of light surrounding the body. There are three main orb bodies nested within each other that are built on a trinity of triangles that align in the central vertical channel as the new position for the 3rd Sphere, 6th Sphere, 9th Sphere, and then the Personal Christ at the 12th Sphere. These main energy spheres are located on the central column and are merged into a tri-wave neutral charge, or non-polarized energy centers.

Each of the 3-6-9-12 positions connect to a trinity in one built for the Conscious Identity, Soul Triad, Oversoul Triad and the Personal Christ respectively. The base tones and the overtones that make up the left hand female side and the right hand male side of the eternal tree of life, also exist, but the main areas of the eternal light orb body are primarily directed in the male-female merge that occurs in the central vertical channel. It appears that the Personal Christ may choose to run many different rainbow ray assortments through the main vertical channel into the Orb body, but the current observation has been connected to transmissions sourcing from the Aqualasha diamond heart rays from Andromeda. 

Also, the lightbody is no longer connected to the earth core in the same way, and hovers upon the base shield built underneath the feet. The base shield connects into the feedback loop of the 360 degrees of the zero point field or Godhead that runs from within the internal diamond pillar. This current runs from the top of the crown to under the feet, returning back to the zero point feedback loop made through the 12th Sphere Personal Christ consciousness. The 12:12 Electrical Christ pattern runs the zero point into a feedback loop between the top position of the 12th Sphere from the Paliadorian Cell, down through the central vertical channel into the base shield under the feet.

On either side of the capstone of the Personal Christ, is the Cosmic Mother Aquamarine Ray on the left and the Cosmic Father Emerald Ray on the right, uniting a trinity of triangles that surrounds the body with a shower of oceanic waves of aquamarine and emerald rays. Many loving waves of celebration for our Krystallah families for achieving their new embodiment configuration during the Paliadorian activation for the diamond sun body in the second harmonic universe. This lightbody configuration is ongoing. It allows more of the human earth family to reclaim their Personal Christ, to build their eternal diamond sun orb body and to continue to have this choice available to them in the future.

1D 2D-4D Blockages in 3D timeline

If a being on the earth cannot activate into the fourth dimensional frequencies, which include transmission of the fourth DNA layer, it blocks the ability to replenish the body with the higher frequencies or increased life force energies. If the spiritual biology cannot receive the higher frequencies being circulated, which is being transmitted during planetary ascension, this locks down the 3D station of identity into the timeline in which that person was born. If that person remains in the same time vector in which they were born, even though the planet has shifted into higher timelines, that person will not be able to self-regenerate and will require another physical body in which to continue their evolution towards self-mastery and ascension.

When a biology is locked down in 3D timelines, the body is incapable of generating the activating sequences that allow for gender merge and changes in particle spin, which are what expand the consciousness bodies. As a result of the limitations of energy loss that is suffered in a biology that is locked down in the 3D timeline, some will choose to drop their current body to continue evolving without technological mind control, while others are choosing the transhumanist methods in the AI timelines in order to achieve temporary immortality.

Currently, the 1D and 2D fragmentation that produces the pain body and subconscious trauma from the Victim-Victimizer, Sexual Misery and Armageddon software programs are generating an electrical static net field that can be sensed as energetic whiplash or crackling static fields for the sensitive empath. This can keep people stuck in the 3D timelines as the NAA are attacking these areas aggressively with technological mind control.

Six Pointed Merkaba Star

Because many earth inhabitants have reached a stage of merkaba building without understanding that is what is happening to them, the NAA are using countermeasures to prevent and disturb this natural embodiment process. Transmissions of reversal coded six pointed merkaba stars, distortions of the six pointed star that represents the unity between the male and female merkaba spiral are especially heightened now.

This geometry is connected to the Law of Gender and means unity, unity of the polarity coming into oneness with God. In the earlier stages of building the divine Krystic 12D Shield, the Merkaba Star or Star of David is the symbol code called upon to support the path of energetic synthesis, to bring unity within the lightbody. The Star of David means unity between male and female, the geometry directs energetic balance between the masculine and feminine energies that exist within every human being, whether in a male or female form. All humans are intrinsically made up of gender principle energies, masculine and feminine, which are designed to come into Sacred Union in order to communicate with the highest self, the inner Christos-Sophia light.

For every lightworker, it is critical to discern the quality of force that is behind the use of symbols, codes or geometries, as the intent infused into the symbol is energized with the quality of force that the person is applying into that symbol, as well as for what purpose they use that symbol or code. On the earth, the NAA have done everything possible to associate creation symbols, symbols that are pure consciousness energy and distort and debase that energy into reversals, in order to destroy creation and destroy life. The Imposter Spirit has purposely usurped many holy symbols and sacred geometry for the main purpose of creating confusion and fear in the average mind, and to associate negative qualities with creation symbols and holy presence.

The main purpose of the Satanist or Luciferian is to destroy the original intent of creation codes, such as Sacred Geometry so that the human being will be so filled with fear and confusion around sacred symbolism, they will develop spiritual terror and run away from them so as to not “offend god”. This is the ruse of the satanic forces who want to steal creation and life force away from humanity, and thus steal the inherent knowledge of humanities own consciousness bodies away from them. Hence, the Star of David is abused in Black Magic by people that have been taught to defile its true meaning in occult rituals by the Imposter Spirit and NAA. This is to prevent the true meaning of its use to inspire unity in human beings.

Transhumanism for Transgenderism

The fundamental basis of the Transhumanism concept is that the AI downloaded into the scientific human mind sourcing from the psychopathic Negative Aliens and Satanic Forces, serves their quest to survive and achieve immortality by hijacking human consciousness and ultimately possessing the human host body. Transhumanism is a school of thought that seeks to guide us towards a posthuman condition, which literally means to guide humanity to exist in a state beyond what is considered a human. Transhumanism enthusiasts are told they can be anything they want to be, through means technological, surgical or medical. Transhumanism and Transgenderism are used to further promote the death culture’s intended agenda to destroy the heart and soul, the compassionate and empathic divine human being, through the intended annihilation of the true essence of both the Masculine and Feminine. Essentially, this is ultimately about creating artificially intelligent hybrids or cyborgs to replace the organic spiritual consciousness of humans, by those people that remain totally unaware about the reality of the NAA, soul anatomy, and multidimensional orientation.

Transgender people say they were assigned a sex that isn’t true to who they are and this is based on their internal feelings, experiences and the state of their consciousness body. Of course this is very real for them. Assigning someone’s sex is based on their gender biology which includes chromosomes, anatomy, and hormones. But a person’s gender identity, the inner sense of being male, female, or both doesn’t always match their biology. As a result of spiritual-lightbody problems and alien machinery that are impacting the inner gender principle in human beings, the phenomena of gender reversal has been steadily increasing over the last hundred years.  Recently we can see an accelerated AI technology being used to create gender identity shifts almost overnight in targeted people, many of whom are public figures.

In order to disrupt or destroy the unifying potential of the androgynous lightbody in the DNA of the human being, the first directive would be to attack the inner and outer gender principle in all ways possible. To fully attack and confuse all matters in regards to the Law of Gender and Law of Polarity which governs natural creation, the NAA would need to promote counterfeit creations through inciting confusion in the death process, obliterate the knowledge of the lightbody and soul, spin confusion in sexual conduct and concepts of marriage and children, instill gender confusion in expected roles, and then start to blend human bodies with animals and machines. Now that everyone is made miserable through the dire problems they have created for us, they can steer our reaction into the solution they have prettily packaged and labeled liberation. Transhumanism and Transgenderism is not liberation, it is the deliberate destruction of everything that makes us a real human being, they want to annihilate our potential for multidimensional awareness and crush that which develops and expands human consciousness.

For many years now, it is evident that animal DNA has been mixed with human body parts and injected into our children’s bloodstream through vaccinations, to intentionally dilute and control human genetics to be guided into the guard rails of the transhumanism movement. Injecting animal DNA into human bodies is also the result of many mutations in current human behavior digressing into a hive mind mentality, which is the type of mental body that the animal kingdom has. The next stage is to merge the human biology with machinery, which has been primed with the spraying of etheric levels of frequency based alien implants and chemtrails that control thoughts and perceptions of the outer environment.

This is a difficult topic, but we all need to take a hard look at it in order to be informed and awake to the current agendas. As we consider more about the issues of transgenderism leading groups towards transhumanism, let’s review the spiritual problems that most commonly impact gender on the earth plane.

Spiritual Problems that Impact Gender

  • NAA broadcasts psychological warfare content for perpetuating sexual misery in humans at varying degrees, including gender polarity reversal, gender splitting, misogyny, sadistic sexual preferences, and sex with children. The worldwide epidemic of sex with children at the causal level is the sexual misery program targeting mind control for pedophilia into the masses. Unhealed sexual trauma in all its forms radically disturbs inner gender balance.
  • Alien abductees that are inducted into hybrid breeding programs, or endure genetic experimentation, mismatched body parts, forced intercourse or harvesting of their sexual fluids, can experience severe sexual trauma and gender polarity reversal, resulting in severe confusion about their identity, gender and sexuality. Some people are forced in the astral to have sex with an alien entity, and are emotionally devastated and confused as a result.
  • Targeted individuals can be attacked by anti-hierogamic technology to distort gender balance through manipulation of their sexual encounters or relationships. AI Clone bodies holding information of genetic equals are inserted in selected individuals, to put targeted people on false timelines or unite them in incompatible marriages, engineered on the astral plane, such as in the alien love bite scenario.
  • Public individuals that bring unapproved topics or esoteric information to the public, are targeted intentionally to distort their gender through mutations in order to discredit them or defame their character in any way possible. Many of these people are unaware their sudden desire to be transgender, or have a sex change is caused from targeted AI technology directed to them.
  • Transhumanism leaders are directly targeted to be involved in spreading and marketing transgenderism and will continue to form alliances, in order to promote these both as the coolest, trendy and most progressive alternative lifestyle for the upwardly mobile.
  • Generally the soul is the female principle, and the monad is the male. When either of these spiritual body parts are fragmented, reversed or traumatized in another timeline, this can impact the physical body in current time with sensations of gender mix-up or feeling stuck in the wrong gender body. Many times the spiritual body is not connected properly in the physical, and needs to be centered and grounded in the core of the physical body to heal gender balance.
  • If a person has had strong emotional connections or trauma in another lifetime as another gender, these memories can transfer into the current incarnation into another gender body from the unresolved conflicts generated from other lifetimes.
  • Spiritual attachments, entities and oppressions can also impact gender feelings and sexual preferences in an unaware human, in which the spirit attachment uses the host for experiencing certain sexual fetishes or gender preferences.
  • Many religious organizations are filled with alien mind control transmissions that are designed to radically distort the gender principle, and have concealed all information that the Christ is a male and female, androgynous god human. Androgyny has been purposely corrupted and is severely misunderstood. As a result, religious programming has severe consequences in harming inner gender balance, while promoting unhealthy sexual attitudes and intolerance.
  • Earth has problems with soul fragmentation from instantaneous traumatic deaths caused by assorted weaponry, from nuclear bombs to machine guns. When a person dies suddenly and tragically, and they have not been prepared for the afterlife, they can fragment and quickly attach to another incarnating baby body suddenly, without life review or conscious awareness. This has contributed to the spiritual problems that impact gender polarity in the biology at this time on ascending earth.

Psychological and emotional pain in regard to gender confusion, sensations of gender-mix up, feeling ostracized and bullied for feeling different in this way is a source of real psychological-spiritual trauma that may start in early childhood. Unfortunately our society is not equipped to support children and adults that may suffer greatly with inner gender reversals and related gender confusion as a result of spiritual or sexual trauma. The point of this information is to be aware that there is a specific mind control agenda to spread transhumanism through surgically and medically induced transgenderism in order to reverse the inner gender principle, which destroys the human lightbody. We have to know we have a lightbody and how it works in male and female principle, before we can accurately assess ourselves and our environment about who we really are as a human being. How can a human being that has been subjected to psychological warfare and social engineering targeting his or her gender and sexual beliefs throughout their lifetime, make a sound and healthy decision that impacts the state of their gender biology and sexual preferences? They simply cannot and are radically impaired.

Thus, as human beings we must make some effort to educate ourselves about the pitfalls of the current events happening in the ascension cycle, like transhumanism’s alliance with transgenderism and be willing to address the layers of spiritual trauma that damages gender. Sadly, religions tend to demonize others suffering with gender trauma and it’s important to recognize the true humanity, the heart and soul that is traumatized by such spiritually abusive behaviors. Compassion and empathy for the suffering of human beings that undergo gender trauma is very much needed, as well as being better informed about such matters.  As awake and informed parents, before allowing children to make decisions like taking hormone therapy, plastic surgery or sex change surgery, openly discussing gender issues and where permanent effects on the biology can potentially produce even more spiritual harm to the consciousness body is suggested.  

During the ascension cycle there is a lot of confusion about gender as people do not take into consideration that humans inherently have both male and female characteristics and operate in gender principle. The human body is designed as a gender biology that works in alignment to the Law of Gender and Law of Polarity. There is a necessity of being willing to do the inner emotional work to support our male and female to be expressed in the most energetically balanced way possible. If a male feels his feminine attributes and feminine right brain characteristics being activated in the ascension cycle, this does not mean he is transgender or he is a biological woman. If a school girl feels more masculine and wants to wear what society labels as male clothes, this does not necessarily mean she is transgender. Adults and children are incredibly confused about the forces they are being exposed to now. The problems with society placing demands on people to act in accordance to rigidly expected gender roles, shuts down their ability to explore gender issues openly without backlash. This sets up the problem of persecution and integration into a society that is not tolerant of flexible gender roles, which only increases desperation and suffering for all involved. People that feel desperate and are suffering with gender issues rarely make good decisions.

To better understand why transgender people and gender reversals are radically increasing in the death culture requires reexamining the fundamentals of who we are as human beings and what makes us men or women. Also we must acknowledge that gender principles and the gender concept is currently being greatly expanded upon in human beings during the ascension cycle. As a part of spiritual evolution we have to inquire deeply inside and take a hard look at ourselves, to give some thought to how the death culture has defined gender and places expectations on males and females in different ways. Before we can truly understand how someone can have a different gender than their assigned gender biology, we have to understand the Law of Gender and how gender actually translates into our body and consciousness. We must explore how the concept of gender was built into the NAA mind control programs, how it was used as a weapon against us and how the gender split has affected us all. This goes way beyond just accepting others and allowing them to be themselves, and takes us into the deeper examination of who we really are and what we are becoming.

When we are informed and aware about what we are facing on the earth, we automatically have the personal power of choice and consent, which allows us to return back to align with the natural laws.

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest. Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a truth seeker. I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, 


By Lisa Renee of energeticsynthesis.com (creative commons 3.0 BY-SA)

UPDATE 2/16/2021: I remembered a selection of a relevant retreat talk by Ajahn Sucitto addressing gender:

And what is this? Essentially, deep meditation is a big part of that because on this we begin to experience directly in ourselves, in our chittas [heart-mind], in our hearts, in our awareness, in our eminent present experience, we begin to experience this very experience of form.

Which seems so irresolutely ‘I am a male body with two legs, two arms, a head and ears and stuff like that.’ [With] meditation all that stuff dissolve. Not really . . . definitely male doesn’t last very long.

Then as you cultivate the mindfulness of breathing and the somatic field — body, arms and legs doesn’t really pertain anymore, there just a sense of a field of embodied presence. Well what happened to that?

Was it through aversion to having a body, or being a male, or desperately trying to make sure you were both kind of male & female & neither so you’ve got all the options covered? No, it came through directly apprehending the unifying quality within this separative, diversive form

The nature of form, which is, crudely speaking… male/female, this height, so forth. But then everybody’s different so this is where the differentiations occur and the comparisons, and the better, superior, worse, so forth. There cannot be a harmonious abiding in such an entity.

You cannot be a harmonious abiding as a male or a female or mixed gender or undecided. You can not have a harmonious abiding in that.

The nature of form is not harmonious abiding because it always finds differences with other forms and therefore there’s going to be comparison and contrast and all that. And proliferation. But without denying that aspect of form we’ll go to the unifying principal of it.

There is breathing. There is rising, passing of breathing, there is energy streaming through. Why don’t I focus on this which is comfortable? It doesn’t need to be chosen, selected, affirmed or denied.

It speaks for itself and it’s the most important feature of being a body is having this stuff, otherwise: end game. Focus on this and it’s pleasant. Why don’t I abide in this? Relinquish. The differentiations are no longer needed. . . Wow. . . Nice, yeah?

Now you may think this is kind of an interesting party trick — low and behold you’re not here anymore. [Laughs] And yes it can be very pleasant and restful.

But of course we have to return again to this appearance of differentiation with a mind that doesn’t adhere to that saying, ‘This is differentiation.’ So it doesn’t really want to identify with it. Compare it. Wish others were like it or wish they weren’t like it or say anything.

It’s just this is differentiation. Differentiation is the norm. So one sees form with dispassion, is not fascinated, is not repelled, is not making an issue around, sees it with dispassion & recognizes that all chittas benefit from respect & kindness & need to find themselves.

— Ajahn Sucitto from the 2019-05-20 talk Relationship – The Core of Our Practice  — partial transcription at https://twitter.com/JJDippold/status/1179233319562760192

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There are benefits to both solo meditation and practicing with a group. In a way, we all basically both arrive on earth alone and leave alone, being separated from all we hold dear. Solo practice can allow not only coming to terms with this but also cultivating a contentedness informing skillful thought, speech and action while we’re here. Group practice allows for teachers, community, friends, honorings, external validation (if still helpful), and support for meditation practice and all associated with it and beyond.

A sort of twist to this, as a teacher once told me, just as you can tap into the benefits of being and practicing outdoors simply by tuning in to what that’s like while indoors, one can practice solo meditation as if they were in a group setting and vice versa.

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Is Reading This Blog Post Worth $10,000 An Hour?

Is this life activity, what ever it may be, worth $10,000 an hour? This seemingly outlandish question — at least at first anyway — came across my ears recently from a podcast with a former college who recommends continually asking this question. While our paths have mostly diverted — in very valid and beneficial ways for both — this question strikes strong in its power and its command of prioritization.

I too have yet to find anything to qualify. Besides being able to speak with fellow human beings in real life (something we still take for granted), meditation is the only thing coming close for me.

This $10,000 question, in a very common way most modern people easily innerstand, slaps us with the immediacy, fleeting nature and importance of each and every moment, never to return again in the same way.

As for meditation being the closest thing worth $10,000 an hour, imagine actually paying that amount then meditating. Do you think your mind would wander off as much?

If you’re already around the ages of 30 or 40 are there really many experiences left on your bucket list significantly different from what you’ve already known and/or watched and heard many countless others do?

This is not to discredit external reality, it is more to draw attention to our inner worlds which remain primarily unexplored by the masses with access not currently as limited as the external world in extent and ease of accessibility. Not to mention the primary reasons for meditation.

Whatever the answer, or lack of answer to this question is — using a $10,000 monetary price point as a mirror to represent real non-monetary value — do you humbly value your time, and more importantly, yourself in such a way?

Meditation Object Detractors

The extent of shaming and shameless proliferation in the meditating mind can sometimes be staggering. (Perhaps drawing inspiration from the hand sketched characters within the artwork from the Beastie Boy’s Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 record) what’s listed below are various forms of mental activity that can arise and fade away during meditation reformulated into a personality, character or title.

The wide ranging advice and instructions on how to address and deal with these characters won’t be gone into here other than the self-inquiry prompts of: what do you do, or would you do, or not do with these guys while on the cushion? What kind of character considers such a question? What kind of relationships are involved? Should I just delete this blog post?

Also, feel free to sketch these.

There’s the:

  • inquirer
  • master planner
  • helper
  • humanitarian
  • reminiscer
  • instructor
  • conversationalist
  • alarmist
  • fascinater
  • baiter
  • day dreamer
  • fantasizer
  • the space out
  • lostling
  • authoritarian
  • (false) expert
  • distractor
  • escapist
  • infantilist
  • royalist
  • analyser
  • doubter
  • freak(out)
  • proliferationist
  • urger
  • advocate
  • brainiac
  • (false) genius
  • trickster
  • dice(wo)man
  • deliverer
  • messenger
  • calmist
  • doer
  • (play-by-play sports) commentator
  • comedian
  • fixer
  • validator
  • admirer
  • person of valor
  • assessor
  • judge, jury and executioner
  • reveler
  • revelator
  • marketer and promoter
  • manager
  • thought/people pleaser
  • commiserater
  • follower
  • guru
  • entitlement demander
  • negotiator
  • justifier
  • astonisher

Wisdom Snippets: Truth

Truth. Solipsism? 2 + 2 = 4. Relative and ultimate truths. Here’s some quotes and bits and pieces regarding truth (which doesn’t really need guarding):

Truth is that which conforms to fact and reality. Truth is precise accordance with what is. Truth is the body of real things, actual events, genuine facts. Truth is the authentic nature and condition of something.

Neil Kramer

Truth is not a reward for good behavior nor a prize for passing some tests. It cannot be brought about. It is the primary, the unborn, the ancient source of all that is. You are eligible because you are. You need not merit truth. It is your own..

~Nisargadatta Maharaj

“…people are prepared to transcend all moral boundaries to sustain their view and to fixate upon it beyond all reason. Beyond investigation. Investigation is considered a conspiracy. To actually try to find truth is considered a deviant occupation…”

~Ajahn Sucitto

“Bright, loud and mobile is the false. Subtle and indistinct is the true.”

Master Hsuan Hua in a dream via https://www.abhayagiri.org/talks/7049-spiritual-friends-and-coming-out-of-delusion at 1:20:30

How can there be the experience of truth — it is prior to the beingness? Knowingly you cannot go into that beyond time.

~Nisargadatta Maharaj

Does truth have meaning? If so, is that meaning inherent, assigned, both, or otherwise? If not, does truth need or benefit from meaning?

Belief is the enemy of knowing


Man is least himself when he talks in his own person; give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.

~Oscar Wilde

Truth defends itself.

Truth destroys the world you used to live in.

Truth can never be destroyed.

You can’t change the truth.

The truth is all there is.

There are higher truths as well as lower truths wherein each lower truth acts as a step on a staircase helping you ascend into higher altitudes of perspective.

~Matt Kahn

Two truths teaching in Buddhism — “conventional” or “provisional” (saṁvṛti) truth, and the “ultimate” (paramārtha) truth.

When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.

~Thomas Sowell

There are higher truths as well as lower truths wherein each lower truth acts as a step on a staircase helping you ascend into higher altitudes of perspective.

Matt Kahn

Conviction is a person’s highest wealth…. Truth is the highest of tastes. Living with discernment, one’s life is called best.

Alavaka Sutta

The Gift Of Truth Excels All Other Gifts

translation of the Pali ‘Sabba Danam Dhamma Danam Jinati’
Truth is reality. Reality is not on screen. Reality is what’s right in front of you

Qigong and Daoyin | (1/26/2021 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” with Denny K Miu)

For this month’s regular open-audience, open-discussion “Ask Us Anything” — continuing discussions about meditation and related topics — Denny gives an in-depth presentation on Qi, Qigong and Daoyin (with presentation slides above) including the following mentions:

Don’t go by reports, by legends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought, “This contemplative is our teacher.” When you know for yourselves that, “These qualities are skillful; these qualities are blameless; these qualities are praised by the wise; these qualities, when adopted & carried out, lead to welfare & to happiness” — then you should enter & remain in them.

from the Kalama Sutta

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What Happens To Your Mind When You Meditate? | (1/14/2021 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” with Denny K Miu)

Repost from Denny K Miu’s Patreon with my (pre-)show notes below:

As you all know, Josh and I have done a few AUA (Ask Us Anything) sessions.  This Thursday (1/14/2021) we are doing our first AUA Live, in response to a simple but profound question asked by our friend and a new student of our Saturday morning exercise/meditation practice …

What Happens to your Mind when you Meditate?

The two formats (AUA versus AUA Live) are slightly different in that the regular AUA is pre-schduled for every last Tuesday of the month with a pre-selected topic, whereas the LIVE version is more like ER where a question was asked and we find it necessary to answer ASAP.  The Live format is going to be less formal.

Please accept our invitation to join us this Thursday.  If you want to be in front of the camera, please send us an email [at integratingpresence [AT] protonmail [DOT] com or denny k miu [AT] gmail [DOT] com (without spaces)] so we can send you a link.  Or you can watch and provide live comments with the following:

http://dennykmiu.com/Facebook (this one works 100%) [UPDATE: 1/14/21 11:23am Central Time from Denny: “For some reason, I am not able to do live streaming on Facebook today and all my previous videos and posts that had to do with live streaming are deleted. We will go back to Zoom and live stream with Youtube.”]

http://dennykmiu.com/Youtube (this one works 10% of the time but we will follow up with an upload)

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday (1/14/2021) at 10:00 am PST.

Denny & Josh

(Pre)show notes from Josh:

  • I usually feel introducing us — with self-deprecating humor — as “The Dumb and Dumber of Buddhadharma” can only thin the ego down so far getting minimal laughs, but today it seems way more appropriate for two guys attempting to master the human mind in an hour. [Note: I mistakenly say Bodhidharma instead of Buddhadharma in the video]
  • As always, we encourage everybody viewing or listening to use what is presented here as points of reference in their own research and check everything in their own (meditative) experience. What you hear today may even lead astray from better innerstanding the mind.
  • For better or worse, my lack of a Western Philosophical background which most people in the US addressing this topic are well versed in. My interest actually deals more with fringe topics that we won’t go into today other than to say they have potential to expand, give new perspectives and deeper comprehension with the risk of getting lost in the weeds and being unable to relate any insights to alleviate stress and suffering.
  • Define mind and provide distinction between similar terms of brain, attention, mindfulness, awareness, consciousness, thought/thinking, “thoughting” (thoughts happening without knowing why or willing them), and contents of mind/(mental) phenomena
  • Some cultures when asked where the mind is point to chest, others point to the head
  • Thinking seems to either be primarily in language, or primarily in image
  • Thinking exercise: OK, do not think of a pink elephant
  • Awareness exercise: OK, I want you to stop being aware, just cut it out.
  • [recently, from arrowriver.ca, heard definition of] Saṅkhāra as broadly defined as (compounded) formations/fabrications >> more narrowly can be defined as >> mental formations >> and yet more narrowly can be defined as >> volitional formations
  • Insights into Namarupa / Body and Mind 
  • Some say because mind can’t be detected with senses there’s no such thing as mind.
  • Two other potentially relevant science-based sites:
    • heartmath.org — “HMI has developed reliable, scientifically validated tools since 1991 helping people reduce and avoid stress while experiencing increased peace, satisfaction and enjoyment. Research at the HeartMath Institute shows that, adding heart to our daily activities and connections produces measurable benefits to our own and others’ well-being. We are at the dawn of recognizing Love as the new transformational intelligence.”
    • noetic.org — Institute of Noetic Sciences: Inspired by Science, Transformed by Experience. The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) is a research center and direct-experience lab specializing in the intersection of science and profound human experience.
  • Relevant dharma quotes:

All experience is preceded by mind,

Led by mind,

Made by mind.

Speak or act with a corrupted mind,

And suffering follows

As the wagon wheel follows the hoof of the ox.

All experience is preceded by mind,

Led by mind, Made by mind.

Speak or act with a peaceful mind,

And happiness follows

Like a never-departing shadow.

(Gil Fronsdal) https://newbuddhist.com/discussion/25283/the-first-lines-of-the-dhammapada

Bhikkhus, whatever a bhikkhu frequently thinks and ponders upon, that will become the inclination of his mind. If he frequently thinks and ponders upon thoughts of sensual desire, … upon thoughts of ill will, … upon thoughts of cruelty, he has abandoned the thought of non-cruelty to cultivate the thought of cruelty, and then his mind inclines to thoughts of cruelty.

Dvedhavitakka Sutta MN19 https://newbuddhist.com/discussion/25577/the-inclination-of-the-mind

The mind’s nature is vivid as a flawless piece of crystal. Intrinsically empty, naturally radiant, ceaselessly responsive.

–Shabkar https://commongroundmeditation.org/reflection/sue-cochranes-four-favorite-dharma-quotes

Addressing (Energetic) Blockages

I’ve previously mentioned being fortunate enough to not really have been bogged down by physical pain, yet how to work with pain in meditation is a seemingly common request. Instead, for a while now, I’ve faced (energetic) blockages; or worse, ignoring them to continued and often increased detriment. I trust most of the following considerations may be helpful if experiencing blockages, especially when in meditation and contemplation:

  • Assessment: What’s being blocked, from where, how and why?
  • What is the origin, causes and root condition?
  • Is there an associated organ, energy meridian, and/or area of the body?
  • Can the heart of the blockage be located?
  • What is the essence of the blockage?
  • Can the blockage(s) be used as meditation object and/or how can it be incorporated into meditation?
  • Explore any and all correlation of the blockage(s) with cessation
  • Feel into the truth of the blockage
  • What can be noticed of the breath in and around the blockage?
  • What are any associated and related emotions?
  • When/how do different aspects of the blockage change?
  • How could this blockage be trying to help?
  • What does it need? Perhaps ironically, how can you serve it?
  • As a practice suggestion: invite ideal energy to, from, circulating through, in, out and around in all directions, boundless. If requiring more specific energy, the sublime abidings of the Brahama Viharas may be helpful.

‘Feeling blocked does not mean anything is in your way. That’s just an old way of interpreting the mysterious complexities of life while confusing self-criticism and blame for new forms of insight. Quite literally, feeling blocked means you are in such a state of expectation that you are innocently blocked from seeing the circumstances of this very moment as evidence of what’s already on its way. The reason you may live in drastic states of anticipation is because you are an intuitive being who is so excited about what the future holds, you can’t help but do everything in your power to rush towards it.

The opposite of feeling blocked is being in the flow.

Quite literally, being in the flow means you are advancing towards the future in a more balanced, heart-centered, and grounded way — so much so, you are able to clearly see each moment as auspicious evidence of what is already flowing in your direction. The notion that you have to fix your blocks and ‘do everything you can to stay in the flow is an old paradigm way of unknowingly blocking the awareness of life’s inherent flow. It is simply the case of life planting seeds of possibility, only to refine the process as individual and collective consciousness ripens in maturity.’

~Matt Kahn

Only if yet to achieve mastery with the aforementioned do I recommend considering the following, somewhat fringe, more metaphysical approaches that I’m not responsible for what does or does not happen so proceed only with full self-responsibility and with caution: