Meditation Q & A With Wendy Nash

Regular, current and past visitors to Integrating Presence may recall the monthly series “Ask Us Anything” I did with Denny K Miu from August 2020 until January 2022 — partially including and continuing on with Lydia Grace as co-host for awhile until March 2022.

For a few months thereafter I did various Insight Timer live events exploring potential new directions and/or a continuation of the Ask Us Anything format while weaving in other related teachings to these events.

Then, after chats with meditation coach Wendy Nash, it became clear to start a new collaboration similar to “Ask Us Anything” simply and clearly called “Meditation Q & A” especially due to the original intent of the Ask Us Anythings being “discussions about meditation and related topics.”

*This is an open call for meditation (related) questions for our first Q & A (scheduled for) September 29th at 7pm Central either by the various social media means listed; integratingpresence[at] or just showing up on Insight Timer live or Wisdom App to type/ask live.*

To calendar add and join live directly: or join via downloading the free Wisdom app in your app store or:

[Also likely released here later as a podcast and as unedited audio at:]

Past chat with Wendy:

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