Podcast | You Teach Me

This June 23 Insight Timer live event was described thus:

A (brief) experiment where (you) the audience teach me anything you’d like. It could be from the spiritual journey, inner work, everyday life, work, play, groups, family, friends, enemies, frenemies, relationships, etc. I may fill in gaps with how to approach teachers and others for information, wisdom, knowledge, teachings, etc.

“When the student is ready the teacher/master will appear. When the student is really ready the teacher/master will disappear.”

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Listen to the full unedited version of this talk with or without the Wisdom Apphttps://join.wisdom.audio/oxBs

My pre-event notes:

  • Mostly teachers in buddhist groups
  • Intent? Genuine, sincere interest (not (just) to look smart, gain merit, etc)
  • Audience and time allotted/involved
  • clear and concise (pre-formulated or not)
  • Appropriate honor and respect: not too much or too little
  • prioritize questions and requests for maximum benefit for all
  • relatable antidotes necessary and helpful and appropriate?
  • current perceptions of Eastern/Buddhist lay audiences as Westerner:
    • Pros (some also in western:)
      • respect
      • honor
      • appreciation
      • inspiring
      • valuable
      • humility
      • order
      • cohesiveness
      • harmony
      • functionality
      • community
    • Cons:
      • “I didn’t know how to act.” “Me either.”
      • Am I being perceived as opposite of aforementioned qualities (and also disruptive)? Why would this be important?
      • I shy away if strange/foreign formalities so importance of training
      • Assimilation/hive mind?
      • How is hierarchy different?
      • Compare and contrast Eastern and Western perceptions of less than, greater than, equal to
  • Ask others, friends and teachers for recommendations based on interests and intent/goals
  • If it’s not apparent and someone’s body of work is large and you just discovered them ask where/what of theirs to start with
  • How does one’s informal methods differ from formal and how could you find out?
  • How about with mentoring?
  • Depending on their workload it’s a good sign if you seek them out and they ask to take you on (without you asking first)
  • How do you approach folks to gather information? Is it like:
    • CIA/FBI
    • asking for directions
    • mafia
    • buying something
    • handout
    • from a friend
    • from family
    • need help
    • want to help
    • via small talk (starters)
    • mutual interests/connections

I somehow did not mention that the greatest teacher is the inner teacher

Audio: You Teach Me

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