Confluence Zen Center: Introduction to ZEN MEDITATION

Recently wrapped up a multi-week study with Confluence Zen Center on Instructions for the Cook (Tenzo kyôkun) by Dôgen Zenji. A classic line from the text: Wash [the dishes] so that they are completely pure and clean, placing up high those that belong in high places and putting down low those that belong in lowContinue reading “Confluence Zen Center: Introduction to ZEN MEDITATION”

(Mostly Regular/Daily) Virtual Meditation Groups

As previously stated, fortunately or unfortunately, or both, or neither, Zoom services, studies groups, retreats and shorter practice periods are part of meditation practice for folks at this time. There are benefits to both solo meditation and practicing with a group. In a way, we all basically both arrive on earth alone and leave alone,Continue reading “(Mostly Regular/Daily) Virtual Meditation Groups”

Immigrant Buddhism | (11/24/2020 — “Ask Us Anything” with Denny K Miu)

For this month’s open-audience, open-discussion “Ask Us Anything” — continuing discussions about meditation and related topics — Denny and I sum up the themes of our last two conversations on Mahayana and Theravada while adding in the 3rd Buddhist Council. We then wrap-up the developmental history of Buddhism in China, South East Asia and Tibet.  Finally weContinue reading “Immigrant Buddhism | (11/24/2020 — “Ask Us Anything” with Denny K Miu)”

Hokyoji Zen Practice Community’s Zoom Rohatsu Sesshin (Retreat) 11/30/20 – 12/06/20

Rohatsu is Japanese for “eighth day of the twelfth month” when Japanese Zen Buddhists observe the enlightenment of the historical Buddha. Below is a dharma talk from the Jewel Mirror Sesshin with Hokyoji Zen Practice Community I partially attended in August via Zoom. Fortunately or unfortunately, or both, or neither, Zoom retreats are part of meditationContinue reading “Hokyoji Zen Practice Community’s Zoom Rohatsu Sesshin (Retreat) 11/30/20 – 12/06/20”

(My) art for (“alternative”) zen (school) students from “The Gateless Gate”

The words in this “art” are a mishmash of mostly these two translations of “Nansen Cuts the Cat in Two” from The Gateless Gate: The Gateless Gate by Ekai, called Mumon [PDF from] Nansen Cuts the Cat in Two Nansen saw the monks of the eastern and western halls fighting over a cat. HeContinue reading “(My) art for (“alternative”) zen (school) students from “The Gateless Gate””