Gender (Confusion?)

[Image: from the March 2018 newsletter ‘Law of Gender’ by Lisa Renee (creative commons 3.0 BY-SA)] Why and how has the topic of gender become so prevalent, pervasive and taken such precedence — appearing on forms, social media bios, etc., often with no opt-out, or room for comment — seemingly overnight, perhaps in aContinue reading “Gender (Confusion?)”

Addressing and Working with Pain On and Off the Cushion

Fortunately, as of now, I haven’t had to work with physical pain much. I’m currently dealing more with blockages, which may or may not be blocking pain. It’s hard to tell until unblocked. For several years, until my grandmother’s passing, she dealt with osteoporosis and the pain of her bones disintegrating with Fentanyl, a veryContinue reading “Addressing and Working with Pain On and Off the Cushion”