August 2022 Insight Timer Live Events: Non-harm Training; Quashing Gossip; (Discerning) Deception

*The Beautiful Training (Precept) Of Non-harming*
What does it mean to engage in non-harming? How does one practice this and why? Beautiful? Yes! How? — Fri Aug 5 – 12:00 pm Central —

*Quashing Gossip*
Pretty much all considering joining this already know they’d like to gossip less so let’s dig into some teachings to really drive home the importance of quashing our gossip as we interactively share questions, feedback, contemplate, reflect and explore solutions — Wed Aug 17 – 02:00 pm Central —

*(Discerning) Deception*
Not so much specifics on how to directly discern deception but looking at the importance of doing so then going deeper and broader than the surface manifestations of deception along with a blast of categories and techniques to illustrate ubiquity while providing reference points for further study — Mon Aug 29 – 07:00 pm Central —