Open Wisdom Wednesdays

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Replays of my (current,) brief, irregular Insight Timer Live series “Open Wisdom Wednesdays” where on some Wednesdays I ask (unplanned) general and specific questions for your wisdom and participants ask me. Meanwhile we share openly — likely from whatever is going on currently — to get at our wisdom

Quashing Gossip: Audio And Notes From The Insight Timer Live Event

Listen to the full unedited version of Quashing Gossip with or without the Wisdom App: The description to this August 17th, 2022 Insight Timer live event and subsequent notes: Pretty much all considering joining this already know they’d like to gossip less so let’s dig into some teachings to really drive home the importance of quashing our gossipContinue reading “Quashing Gossip: Audio And Notes From The Insight Timer Live Event”