Practicing in the Desire Realm | (5/25/2021 — AUA Live | Joshua Dippold and Denny K Miu)

For this month’s regular open-audience, open-discussion “Ask Us Anything” — continuing discussions about meditation and related topics — (despite some technical snafus) Denny and I pick one topic each we’ve yet to discuss much publicly — the Eight “Touches”, and wholesome sexuality(/sexual energy), respectively. (Amended) show notes are as follows: (From Josh) What is KusalaContinue reading “Practicing in the Desire Realm | (5/25/2021 — AUA Live | Joshua Dippold and Denny K Miu)”

Wisdom Snippets: Truth

Truth. Solipsism? 2 + 2 = 4. Relative and ultimate truths. Here’s some quotes and bits and pieces regarding truth (which doesn’t really need guarding): Truth is that which conforms to fact and reality. Truth is precise accordance with what is. Truth is the body of real things, actual events, genuine facts. Truth is theContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: Truth”

Buddha as Badass

The historical Buddha is regularly portrayed as primarily full of love and light in popular culture. While this is just one aspect, another angle this post intends to explore is the Buddha’s decisiveness, diligence, determination, and immense courage in the face of pretty much anything and everything without shying away from squeamishness. It’s also kindContinue reading “Buddha as Badass”

Reducing Informational Warfare: Skillful Guidelines For Wholesome Internet Intake

Just like anywhere else, the abominable censoring of Internet speech never helps. Since responsibility of consuming online information clearly rests with the consumer it seems high time for some helpful guidance surrounding conduct, information gathering and exposure when online. While Intel agencies gather copious amounts of raw (mis/dis)information then apply various methods of discernment toContinue reading “Reducing Informational Warfare: Skillful Guidelines For Wholesome Internet Intake”