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Integrating Presence today looks like allowing for the process of embodying heart-centered awareness — balancing holistic wisdom with the love flavors of unimpeded friendliness; compassion; vicarious joy; and equanimity — leading naturally to true freedom while unfolding our innate courage as we align into wholeness upon our continuing progressive evolution into completing our full potentials and capacities. Or just to enjoy the beautiful side effects: greater focus, calm, memory, immunity, kindness, sleep, lessening of pain and addictions, and promoting emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.


With an unabashed personality blend of bizarreness and plainness Josh Dippold, since 2012, sits a daily formal practice; pursues self-study; and regularly attends retreats and trainings while currently facilitating mostly freely-offered, donation-based meditations such as:

  • Mindfulness of breathing
  • Qigong breathing exercises
  • Four foundations of mindfulness: body; hedonic tone; mind; mind-objects/phenomena
  • Awareness practices like Open monitoring/Open awareness
  • Heart practices like the 4 Brahma Viharas/Divine abodes: Loving-kindness; compassion; vicarious/sympathetic joy; and equanimity
  • Samatha/single – pointedness/concentration

Conversations and presentations also freely available on the popular Insight Timer site and app


6601 Devonshire
St Louis, MO 63109

Integrating Presence is currently possible only via the mutual spirit of generosity. Donate now: paypal.me/jdippold

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