Dharma Questions: Arhatship, Bodhisattvas and Buddhahood

The following questions explore Arhatship, the way of Bodhisattvas and Buddhahood from a limited innerstanding in order to gain clear, right, true knowledge for the highest good and well-being of all, without preferences. Even if based on proper premises some of these questions may be unanswerable and/or may be better left unanswered for now. PleaseContinue reading “Dharma Questions: Arhatship, Bodhisattvas and Buddhahood”

Buddha as Badass

The historical Buddha is regularly portrayed as primarily full of love and light in popular culture. While this is just one aspect, another angle this post intends to explore is the Buddha’s decisiveness, diligence, determination, and immense courage in the face of pretty much anything and everything without shying away from squeamishness. It’s also kindContinue reading “Buddha as Badass”

Historical Trees of Enlightenment

While Christmas trees represent generosity and giving, these days they could also be associated with materialism and consumerism. Perhaps somewhat in contrast, Bodhirukka, or tree of enlightenment, is a certain tree associated with the awakening of each of the 29 Buddhas named in the Buddhavamsa, the Chronicle of Buddhas. The gallery of trees below shows bestContinue reading “Historical Trees of Enlightenment”

Chinese, South and Southeast Asian Art at Minneapolis Institute of Art

I recently visited and pursued the Chinese, South and Southeast Asian Art collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Like most modern day museums, it’s browsable online for higher quality photos and descriptions. Singling out a collection piece for deeper investigation, the ‘Standing Bodhisattva’ by an unknown artist is particularly interesting. The Mia describes thisContinue reading “Chinese, South and Southeast Asian Art at Minneapolis Institute of Art”


Where, or in what do you take refuge now? What provides a sense of comfort, safety and stability? Shopping? Sex? Social media? Food? Gaming? TV? Money? Chasing approval and fame? Drugs and/or alcohol? Or perhaps it’s more positive things like friends, family, nature, heath, spiritual practices, values. Or a mix of positive and negative. WhileContinue reading “Refuge”