Wisdom Snippets: Co-opting Co-V For Concord

Currently the wisest perceptions surrounding the CV thing encountered thus far:
• Honoring and respecting each and every free health care choice
• What is your intent for vaccination or non-vaccination?
• We do not know the long terms effects of getting vaccinated and not getting vaccinated
• Should guidelines, vaccines and pharmaceutical products be the only options? How can we make it all work together without tyranny or carelessness?

Dharmic Strategies For Empaths

This niche topic for empaths, or energetically sensitive beings, encapsulates years of note taking from experience, study and practice, provides nine categories of approach:

1) Gratitude for opportunities
2) Mindfulness (– especially of contact and vēdanā)
3) Hedonic Tone and the Three Characteristics of Existence
4) Self and identification
5) Equanimity and compassion
6) The Four Right Efforts and Five Hinderances
7) Energy
8) Non-attachment
9) Miscellaneous strategies

Questions To Assess The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Assessment Report

I previously wrote about preparing the general public for mass disclosure, how such a thing may be gone about, and some of the questions, challenges and complications involved. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently released a report called, “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon [PDF]“ Unsurprisingly, the report’s tone comesContinue reading “Questions To Assess The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Assessment Report”

The Buddha’s Images For The Five Clinging Aggregates

“What is your definition of self,” is often one of the first questions I ask someone once it is clear they are serious about seeking, and/or clear about their spiritual path, or even someone heavily seeped in philosophy. From what I innerstand, while the historical Buddha never simply denied that there’s a “self” directly andContinue reading “The Buddha’s Images For The Five Clinging Aggregates”

Breath: Questions for Contemplation; Perceptions and Practice Ideas

After jotting down intuitive information and collecting odds and ends of teachings on breath for quite some time, I’ve finally compiled the first part into a video (along with an MP3 audio version) and include a (tran)script below: Disclaimer: it may be wise to find a balance with this material for whatever it may bringContinue reading “Breath: Questions for Contemplation; Perceptions and Practice Ideas”

Addressing and Working with Pain On and Off the Cushion

Fortunately, as of now, I haven’t had to work with physical pain much. I’m currently dealing more with blockages, which may or may not be blocking pain. It’s hard to tell until unblocked. For several years, until my grandmother’s passing, she dealt with osteoporosis and the pain of her bones disintegrating with Fentanyl, a veryContinue reading “Addressing and Working with Pain On and Off the Cushion”