Buddhadharma and Meditation Links

[While I don’t consider myself a Buddhist I have and continue to study mostly Theravada and Chinese/Chan/Zen Buddhism while practicing related meditations daily]


The Pathless Path – Short Guided Meditations


“Dharma is not palliative care

Luang Por Sucitto on how integrity establishes an “Integrated Presence” to strengthen the heart

“Just as in the great ocean there is but one taste — the taste of salt — so in this Doctrine and Discipline there is but one taste — the taste of freedom.”

Ud. 56 / A 8.20 / Vin ii 239 (Transl. Bhikkhu Bodhi)


    • Parts I – III: Primary Texts and Literature About Them or Their Authors:
      • Part I: Listed by authors’ dates
      • Part II (DU): Texts whose authors’ dates are unknown
      • Part III (ADU): Texts whose authors and dates are unknown
    • Part IV: Literature about the Philosophical Systems and Indian Philosophy in General:
      [AB] Abhidharma/Theravada [KS] Kashmir Saivism
      [Ac] Acintyabhedabheda Vedanta [MB] Madhyamaka
      [Aj] Ajivika [NV] Nyaya Vaisesika
      [AV] Advaita Vedanta [PM] Purva-Mimamsa
      [BD] Bhedabheda/Dvaitadvaita [S] Samkhya
      [BL] Buddhist Logic/Sautrantika [SS] Saiva Siddhanta
      [C] Carvaka or Lokayata [SUD] Suddhadvaita Vedanta
      [DV] Dvaita Vedanta [SV] Sarvastivada and Vaibhasika
      [G] Grammarian or Vyakarana [VS] Virasaivism
      [B] General Buddhism, especially Mahayana [VV] Visistadvaita Vedanta
      [GS] General Saivism [Y] Yoga
      [H] General Hinduism [YB] Yogacara or Vijñanavada
      [J] Jainism
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