Dharmic Strategies For Empaths

This niche topic for empaths, or energetically sensitive beings, encapsulates years of note taking from experience, study and practice, provides nine categories of approach:

1) Gratitude for opportunities
2) Mindfulness (– especially of contact and vēdanā)
3) Hedonic Tone and the Three Characteristics of Existence
4) Self and identification
5) Equanimity and compassion
6) The Four Right Efforts and Five Hinderances
7) Energy
8) Non-attachment
9) Miscellaneous strategies

Irregular Inquires — Investigating The Term “Early Buddhist Texts”

Disclaimer: investigate these questions at the potential risk of wasting time and serenity. BTW, some of these are really more statements phrased as questions. How helpful and/or how detrimental is the term “Early Buddhist Texts”? Where/how did it originate? On one hand maybe it sets up a certain distinguishing category in a distilled type ofContinue reading “Irregular Inquires — Investigating The Term “Early Buddhist Texts””

Irregular Inquires — Questions For Investigating Energy

Currently, over 15 (groups of) questions for investigating energy, including:

What is energy? How do you know?

Where and how do you experience energy?

What kinds, or types of energy are there?

Why is energy important?

Where does energy come from? Where does it go?

Questions To Assess The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Assessment Report

I previously wrote about preparing the general public for mass disclosure, how such a thing may be gone about, and some of the questions, challenges and complications involved. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence recently released a report called, “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon [PDF]“ Unsurprisingly, the report’s tone comesContinue reading “Questions To Assess The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Assessment Report”

Irregular Inquires — Questions For Regular Contemplation: Ethics

If I ______ will it lead to (more) harm or non-harm? How will ______ harm or not harm and why? If I don’t ______ will it lead to more harm or non-harm? How and why? “Whenever you want to do [while you are doing, and having done] a bodily action [verbal action, mental action], youContinue reading “Irregular Inquires — Questions For Regular Contemplation: Ethics”

Dharma Questions: Miscellany — Part 1

This irregular “Dharma Questions” series deals with “dharma” meaning both the truth of the nature of reality and some Buddhist teachings. Amongst other things these questions can be:
• thought experiments
• borderline musings not meant to be answered
• from laziness of not contemplating or researching them yet

There’s 22 (groups of) questions. Here’s two:

Can merit be hijacked (and held ransom/hostage)?

Can too much emphasis on emptiness lead away from more life preserving and/or life promoting choices?

Breath: Questions for Contemplation; Perceptions and Practice Ideas

After jotting down intuitive information and collecting odds and ends of teachings on breath for quite some time, I’ve finally compiled the first part into a video (along with an MP3 audio version) and include a (tran)script below: Disclaimer: it may be wise to find a balance with this material for whatever it may bringContinue reading “Breath: Questions for Contemplation; Perceptions and Practice Ideas”

Anesthetic consciousness: “If everything is consciousness, what happens during anesthesia?”

I recently listened to a voicemail from a friend who called asking, “if everything is consciousness, what happens during anesthesia?” It’s a great question and the short answer is: I don’t know. And “if everything is consciousness” is only one perception of reality. After deferring to referring him to a few folks who may provideContinue reading “Anesthetic consciousness: “If everything is consciousness, what happens during anesthesia?””

Dharma Questions: Intent

Intent How and why does intent work? Is retro-causal intention setting possible. If so, is doing so wise and skillful? Can intention be amplified and/or intensified‪? Is ignorance the same as unawareness? Do either ignorance or unawareness relate to amount or quality of consciousness? If there is no existence on an ultimate level, what changesContinue reading “Dharma Questions: Intent”