Dharma Questions: Miscellany — Part 4

If no longer operating much with — and out of — habit patterns, ought intention be let go of? What kinds of intentions are skillful, wholesome, helpful and wise, and when — and when not — are (these) intentions skillful, wholesome, helpful and wise? Does aging and death on the 12 links of Dependent OriginationContinue reading “Dharma Questions: Miscellany — Part 4”

Dharma Questions: Miscellany — Part 3

If all compounded things are not self, how and why is there a sense of agency? And how and why does our experience seem to be associated with body? Are there intents of/behind/to samsara? If not, why not? If so, how do these intents operate and how are they established, maintained and abolished? How doContinue reading “Dharma Questions: Miscellany — Part 3”