Types Of Samadhi (From Early Buddhist Texts)

Here and there I’ve come across different types — or names of — various versions of Samadhi while consuming material where such things crop up. Such flavors of Samadhi usually seem to be in Sanskrit or Pali, and because of the tricky spelling (at least for me) sometimes a (duckduckgo.com) search turns them up, sometimesContinue reading “Types Of Samadhi (From Early Buddhist Texts)”

McMindfulness and The Mindfulness Industrial Complex | (12/29/2020 — “Ask Us Anything” with Denny K Miu)

For this month’s open-audience, open-discussion “Ask Us Anything” — continuing discussions about meditation and related topics — Denny and I address the “McMindfulness” phenomena mostly by exploring the translation of the original Pali word “sati” — often translated as “mindfulness” — by offering up “remembering” as a more original translation. We also touch on some classic sati relatedContinue reading “McMindfulness and The Mindfulness Industrial Complex | (12/29/2020 — “Ask Us Anything” with Denny K Miu)”

Historical Trees of Enlightenment

While Christmas trees represent generosity and giving, these days they could also be associated with materialism and consumerism. Perhaps somewhat in contrast, Bodhirukka, or tree of enlightenment, is a certain tree associated with the awakening of each of the 29 Buddhas named in the Buddhavamsa, the Chronicle of Buddhas. The gallery of trees below shows bestContinue reading “Historical Trees of Enlightenment”