Wisdom Snippets: Truth

Truth. Solipsism? 2 + 2 = 4. Relative and ultimate truths. Here’s some quotes and bits and pieces regarding truth (which doesn’t really need guarding): Truth is that which conforms to fact and reality. Truth is precise accordance with what is. Truth is the body of real things, actual events, genuine facts. Truth is theContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: Truth”

Wisdom Snippets: Belief (Downsides And Solutions)

From “The Unfoldment: The Organic Path to Clarity, Power, and Transformation” (p. 41-48). Career Press. Kindle Edition. By Neil Kramer. ‘Belief is often about comfort. It is reassuring to know that a thing will be the same today as it was yesterday. We set up all kinds of routines and habitual practices in our dailyContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: Belief (Downsides And Solutions)”

Dharma Questions: Intent

Intent How and why does intent work? Is retro-causal intention setting possible. If so, is doing so wise and skillful? Can intention be amplified and/or intensified‪? Is ignorance the same as unawareness? Do either ignorance or unawareness relate to amount or quality of consciousness? If there is no existence on an ultimate level, what changesContinue reading “Dharma Questions: Intent”

Wisdom Snippets: Hope

Most of us can obviously see the upside in the concept of hope. How about diving in a little deeper? Hope says, “Wow. Things are bad. May as well just smoke some Hopium & in the future maybe, somehow, there could be a chance of things getting better.” But you gotta keep smoking Hopium. HopeContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: Hope”