Mass Disclosure Preparation

The recent series of talks “How Much Can People Cope With” by Randi Green prompts this post exploring the kind of planning requirements coming along with a significant mass scale societal disclosure from the reams and reams of (now mostly) classified information — topics with potential to destroy the worlds the vast majority of peopleContinue reading “Mass Disclosure Preparation”

Reducing Informational Warfare: Skillful Guidelines For Wholesome Internet Intake

Just like anywhere else, the abominable censoring of Internet speech never helps. Since responsibility of consuming online information clearly rests with the consumer it seems high time for some helpful guidance surrounding conduct, information gathering and exposure when online. While Intel agencies gather copious amounts of raw (mis/dis)information then apply various methods of discernment toContinue reading “Reducing Informational Warfare: Skillful Guidelines For Wholesome Internet Intake”