Grandiose Thought Experiments To Show Up Like Never Before

This isn’t for those with huge egos. Nor for those subject to delusions of grandeur. It’s for those who belittle themselves. And for those who’ve been belittled. Who think and feel, “why bother; my day to day life is insignificant and greatness is only for a select few.”

Imagine showing up for every interaction like you were:

  1. delivering life altering news like doctors do everyday; birth, cancer, loved ones dead after surgery, etc.
  2. on the level of the president, or world leader announcing a nationwide disaster or war
  3. part of one of the biggest pranks or hoaxes of all time
  4. contributing to many listeners most vivid and lasting memories
  5. meeting the architect of the matrix (movies) where depending on how it goes the entire reality itself hangs in the balance
  6. granted significant fame soon after, guaranteed
  7. assured to fall into ill-repute and infamy soon thereafter
  8. experiencing the airing of War of the Worlds radio drama in reverse where instead of hearing an announcement beforehand that this was just a make-believe drama, where most people missed this key point, and took it to be real, you actually interact as if this was just another fancy production to be consumed and forgotten about but found out later no, it was just as important as an alien invasion
  9. were tipped off that somebody’s goons were waiting to take you out afterwards; how would you then show up to your last interaction under such circumstances?

Now it’s time to eat my own dog food. How can I and my guests also bring such gravitas to the interviews, podcasts and chats I put out publicly without being cringingly over the top corny, cheesy or eye-rolling?

There’s obviously bigger implications too. Due to the boredom starting to surround information overload, and instantaneous communication tech everywhere all the time, it’s more important than ever to cut through all this noise, regularity, and the mundaneness of I’ve-seen-and-heard-it-all-before.

How can we show up better right now, in this moment, even in the very instance of reading this? And what of this can we take forward to apply again and again to build upon the betterment each moment offers of opportunities?

Published by josh dippold

2 thoughts on “Grandiose Thought Experiments To Show Up Like Never Before

  1. What matters are religious leaders religions or faith? Including this mental economy diatribe where do we start from mourning from hope or from truth? Thanks good job.


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