(Somewhat) Recent Integrating Presence Interviews And Talks On YouTube: Creativity, Communication & Heartful Presences

I somewhat recently started recording chats with folks online again and recording them, but for the time being, much of them just for my YouTube channel. I may or may not go back and add them to my traditional podcast feed later

Amrit Singh and I talk about spiritual practices, Kundalini Yoga, service work, working with anger, India, Sikhism, lost dogs, coaching, and his upcoming teachings on Kundalini Yoga. [Note: I was mistaken on what the temple was I visited in Chicago; it’s actually the Baháʼí House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois]

Christian de la Huerta [please excuse my lack of pronunciation] a spiritual teacher, personal transformation coach and leading voice in the breathwork community and I discuss how to go about systematically teaching and even just speaking about presence and embodied heart-centered consciousness

Tim went from a Certified Public Accountant to an Ordained Minister to a Master of Multiple Ancient Arts & Sacred Sciences (Meditation, Reiki, T’ai Chi, Yoga & Qigong) and to being the most prolific author of children’s books alive today. We chat a little about this as well as creativity, challenges, some life stories and plenty more

Zane Landin and I talk about internal communications, writing, PR, National Geographic, the link between self-love and mental health, moving, logic and emotion elevating into a balance of wisdom and love, respect, worthiness, bridging generational divides, importance of dialog, fear, labels, diversity, division, intersectionality, finding purpose, and more

Artist Michaell Magrutsche and I talk about his work and approach to the art world, the techniques of popular artists like Banksy and Jeff Koons, system-based methods and approaches, how creativity works and how to tap into it more, awareness, nature and the like

The Meditation Conversation podcast host Kara Goodwin and I talk about how to use the heart(-mind) to amplify the lightbody and how to use loving-kindness to amplify the heart. We also talk heart openings, heart “pain”, light and dark, stress, compassion, worthiness, humility, gurus, seeing and knowing for oneself, open inquiry, investigation, discernment, standing in the power of one’s light, forgiveness, spiritual codependency, shame, blame, guilt, beginners mind, etc.

See also the recent and ongoing talks I’ve done with Randi Green:

As well as the Open Wisdom Wednesdays I hold live from time to time on Insight Timer:

A kind of rambling Wisdom App chat addressing the WSJ.com article “ChatGPT Heralds an Intellectual Revolution” but now I feel even more reassured about our human wisdom after getting this ChatGPT answer to “Why is our experience inextricably linked to our body and its place in the world?”:

ChatGPT DALL-E Bot, [Mar 4, 2023 at 11:28:41 AM]:

Our experience is inextricably linked to our body and its place in the world because our body is the primary means through which we interact with the world around us. Our senses, such as touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing, allow us to perceive and interpret the environment we are in. Our physical body also plays a crucial role in shaping our experiences. For example, our height, weight, and physical abilities can affect how we navigate through space and interact with others.

Furthermore, our experiences are shaped by cultural and societal norms that are often tied to our physical bodies. For instance, gender roles and expectations are often based on biological sex differences. Similarly, racial and ethnic identities can influence how we are perceived by others and how we navigate social spaces.

In summary, our experience is closely tied to our body because it is through our physical form that we engage with the world around us and navigate social structures that shape our lives.

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One thought on “(Somewhat) Recent Integrating Presence Interviews And Talks On YouTube: Creativity, Communication & Heartful Presences

  1. Josh thanks so much for your amazing post awhile back about all the Metatronic Death Harness, etc. etc. Which is how I found you. My God that was generous of you to compile and share. May the Guardians bless you with an early Ascension 😉 In service to the one,Katie 


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