Integrating Presence

Synthesizing into wholeness all qualities of each moment

Somewhat Advanced (Yet Mostly Mundane) Practices

This article is a hodgepodge collection of various ideas and approaches to particular challenges in various areas of experience. It collects prior Integrating Presence blog posts along with new material. Challenges: Family, Ex-partners, difficult folks and their social media Are you a cyber stalker? Do you check in on what your ex is posting on…

Bodhinaut: (Traditional) Zen For The Meme Generation

Recently got this ping from Dharma friend Kyle Shive whom I’ve enjoyed very much studying, practicing and talking deep dhamma with in real life and online: I started my Zen channel today! Like and subscribe. I’m gonna start doing a video once a day. Taking old Zen stories and giving them a little modern twist:…

Grandiose Thought Experiments To Show Up Like Never Before

This isn’t for those with huge egos. Nor for those subject to delusions of grandeur. It’s for those who belittle themselves. And for those who’ve been belittled. Who think and feel, “why bother; my day to day life is insignificant and greatness is only for a select few.” Imagine showing up for every interaction like…

Monasteries, Retreats, Traveling And Being Offline Abroad

Due to travel and practice plans starting off in England in mid April I may be offline for awhile, especially during living at monasteries and on retreat. In the meantime there’s some scheduled blog posts auto-publishing as well as any new material if and when time and connectivity allows. Wendy and I still plan to…

Activation Processes And Inner Work

In keywords some of what Randi Green and I talk about: activations advising barriers backlash ceilings cellular memory change clearing work consciousness crisis lack of cultural support death moment dimensions fear hindrances importance inner work integration meditation power preferences progression readiness recordings repercussions self-responsibility support “the children” transmissions urgency value victim victimization victimizer wisdom

Beyond Gender, Forgiveness And Progressive Relationships: In Conversation With Randi Green

Randi and I talk about how the movie “A Dangerous Method” inspired us to explore: Freud and Jung, anima and animus, feminism, certain kinds of sexual normalizations, gender, identity (politics), self-censorship, status, roles, gender confusion, transhumanism, law of gender/gender principle, racial grids, hive mind, genders in past lives, emotions, heart, forgiveness, belonging, biology, womb births,…

A Better Future For Humanity? In Conversation with Randi Green

In this sit-down, Randi Green and I talk about some of the implications of the future timelines. It all seems like Sci-fi and some of the topics have been covered by the movie industry. However, things are as always far more complex and the sciences are far beyond what we know of yet. Some of…


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