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Who Are The “Aliens”? Why Are They Here & What Do They Want? In Conversation With Randi Green

In part one Randi and I touch ground with the general perception of the extra-terrestrial races and who they are as well as perspectives of reality and the races here. Also read the DE1 New Reality Challenge blog post for March 2023: Other important information to look into from the HAL Academy Material:…

Awakening: A Two Part Series With Randi Green And Alex Manning — (Part 1:) Definition, Purpose & Probability And (Part 2:) On Tools & Teachers

In February 2023, Randi Green and I were joined by Alex Manning to discuss awakening. In the first of this two part series we talk about the definition, purpose and probability of awakening as well as the processes, psychological maturing and some of the steps needed to begin the journey towards expanded perception and higher…

Podcast | Travel And Moving To Expand Perception And Awareness

The pitch for this minimally edited February 16, 2023 Insight Timer live event: I invite participants and expats to share travel wisdom while I share what I’ve noticed about Denmark so far comparing and contrasting with the United States where I’ve lived my whole life. Then using all this to explore how to leverage such…

Open Wisdom Wednesdays

[ Shortcut: ] . . . Replays of my (current,) brief, irregular Insight Timer Live series “Open Wisdom Wednesdays” where on some Wednesdays I ask (unplanned) general and specific questions for your wisdom and participants ask me. Meanwhile we share openly — likely from whatever is going on currently — to get at our…

Podcast | The Noble Truth Of Dukkha: Buddhism And Beyond With Randi Green (Part 2)

“Now this, monks, is the Noble Truth of dukkha: Birth is dukkha, aging is dukkha, death is dukkha; sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief, & despair are dukkha; association with the unbeloved is dukkha; separation from the loved is dukkha; not getting what is wanted is dukkha. In short, the five clinging-aggregates are dukkha.” — SN 56.11 In part one Randi and I talked about…

Love & Brahmaviharas | Feb 9, 2023 “Meditation Q & A With Wendy Nash” #05

In this fifth installment of the ongoing live series with Wendy Nash inquiring into meditation practice on and off the cushion we explored some of what can skillfully be conveyed about love, and/or more specifically, the four sublime expression of love aka the Brahmaviharas. It is after all February which is often associated with love (or…

Translations And Musings On The Last Words Of The Buddha

Not due to its prevalence of distortion, but due to the number of misattributed Buddha quotes (to name one reason in particular) it seems prudent to take a closer look at perhaps one of the most important utterances of the historical Buddha: the Tathāgata’s last words passed down in Pali as: “vayadhammā saṅkhārā appamādena sampādethā”…


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