Qigong and Daoyin | (1/26/2021 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” with Denny K Miu)

For this month’s regular open-audience, open-discussion “Ask Us Anything” — continuing discussions about meditation and related topics — Denny gives an in-depth presentation on Qi, Qigong and Daoyin (with presentation slides above) including the following mentions: Information silos Dr Jwing-Ming Yang What is the speed of time? Tao Te Ching Newtonian and Einsteinian physics BuddhistContinue reading “Qigong and Daoyin | (1/26/2021 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” with Denny K Miu)”

Introducing: ‘Ask Us Anything’ with Denny K Miu

Yesterday’s pilot ‘Ask Us Anything’ marks the start of a monthly, open-audience, open-discussion with co-host Denny K Miu mostly about meditation practices and related topics. Our format isn’t set in stone, but it may gel more over time. We may invite guests. Audience members may talk more. We may freestyle with zero preparation, or doContinue reading “Introducing: ‘Ask Us Anything’ with Denny K Miu”