An Integrating Presence Full Moon Meditative Experience At Fat Cat Longevity Wednesday October 20, 2021

When opening to this month’s regular meditation at Fat Cat Longevity I quickly realized I’m often not as enthusiastic about significant moon days as other meditators and practitioners seem to be. May this be to our advantage though and stoke beneficial, balancing momentum for facilitating my first full moon sitting with the intentions to set asideContinue reading “An Integrating Presence Full Moon Meditative Experience At Fat Cat Longevity Wednesday October 20, 2021”

Brief Guided Meditation: Discernment of Meditation Object

Very brief instruction, technique and practice period to help discern when attention is on or off the meditation object. Practice this solo, without external guidance. Experiment — if need be — by altering, adjusting, and adding just enough so it works best for you. Stick with this training wheels technique at least for a fewContinue reading “Brief Guided Meditation: Discernment of Meditation Object”

An Integrating Presence (Three Minute) Meditation And Reality (Characteristics) Contemplation

Meditation: Meditate continuously for three minutes on an object Contemplation: Able to keep attention on the object the entire time? If not, why is that? If yes, did the quality and degree of attention change? Why can’t we lock a consistent, unchanging attention to something without it wavering, or changing, or without distraction? Perhaps thenContinue reading “An Integrating Presence (Three Minute) Meditation And Reality (Characteristics) Contemplation”

Dharmic Strategies For Empaths

This niche topic for empaths, or energetically sensitive beings, encapsulates years of note taking from experience, study and practice, provides nine categories of approach:

1) Gratitude for opportunities
2) Mindfulness (– especially of contact and vēdanā)
3) Hedonic Tone and the Three Characteristics of Existence
4) Self and identification
5) Equanimity and compassion
6) The Four Right Efforts and Five Hinderances
7) Energy
8) Non-attachment
9) Miscellaneous strategies

An Integrating Presence Meditation Circle at Fat Cat Longevity Wednesday September 22, 2021

After joining several meditation circles I now wish to facilitate one. We’ll each bring our meditation experiences to interacting with one another and can then apply beneficial circling takeaways to deepen and enrich our meditation practices.

Join in at Fat Cat Longevity in St Charles on Wednesday, September 22th 2021 from 6:00pm – 6:45pm. (Details in the full blog post)

An Integrating Presence Meditation at Fat Cat Longevity Wednesday August 25, 2021

Join meditation 6:00-6:45pm tonight, Wednesday, August 25th at Fat Cat Longevity [] downstairs next to Peace Love Coffee at Mary’s House of Healing, on Main St in St Charles, MO. Similar to past meditations, we plan to start with brief instructions along with a discussion before and after. Our semi-formal meditation possibilities include — but are not limited to —Continue reading “An Integrating Presence Meditation at Fat Cat Longevity Wednesday August 25, 2021”

Inclusive Compassion Practice (as not to neglect the other Bhramaviharas, or Sublime Abidings)

This blog post provides a more experimental approach involving mostly perception, reflection and contemplation. If not calling to you, or remain unmoved, please pass on it for the time being. Furthermore, any and all constructive critical responses are welcome — especially why this ought to be abandoned and/or any improvement suggestions.

The intent: how to continually practice karuṇā — compassion — at least in the background, even if/when life calls more for the other Bhramaviharas.

Insights And Takeaways From “Love As The Breath Of Life” — Online Retreat with Ajahn Sucitto and Willa Thaniya Reid

The recent online Ajahn Sucitto and Willa Thaniya Reid retreat “Love as the Breath of Life” brought forth such a plethora of insight amidst (minor) domestic challenges such as establishing and maintaining one’s retreat space amidst everyday home life. I liken much of the notes below to a game of telephone where one can seemContinue reading “Insights And Takeaways From “Love As The Breath Of Life” — Online Retreat with Ajahn Sucitto and Willa Thaniya Reid”

An Integrating Presence Meditation: Deeply Sensing Body Areas — Wednesday July 28, 2021 At Fat Cat Longevity

This meditation (recorded live) aims to strengthen and deepen the 32 Parts of the Body portion of Body Contemplation in the Four Foundations of Mindfulness — not meant as regular practice or substitute. Partial inspiration comes from this Four Foundations of Mindfulness visual:

“Just as if there were a double-mouthed provision bag full of various kinds of grain such as hill paddy, paddy, green gram, cow-peas, sesamum, and husked rice, and a man with sound eyes, having opened that bag, were to take stock of the contents thus: “This is hill paddy, this is paddy, this is green gram, this is cow-pea, this is sesamum, this is husked rice.” Just so, monks, a monk reflects on this very body enveloped by the skin and full of manifold impurity, from the soles up, and from the top of the head-hairs down, thinking thus: “There are in this body hair of the head, hair of the body, nails, teeth, skin, flesh, sinews, bones, marrow, kidney, heart, liver, midriff, spleen, lungs, intestines, mesentery, gorge, feces, bile, phlegm, pus, blood, sweat, fat, tears, grease, saliva, nasal mucus, synovial fluid, urine.” ~The Foundations of Mindfulness — Satipatthana Sutta