Beyond Gender, Forgiveness And Progressive Relationships: In Conversation With Randi Green

Randi and I talk about how the movie “A Dangerous Method” inspired us to explore: Freud and Jung, anima and animus, feminism, certain kinds of sexual normalizations, gender, identity (politics), self-censorship, status, roles, gender confusion, transhumanism, law of gender/gender principle, racial grids, hive mind, genders in past lives, emotions, heart, forgiveness, belonging, biology, womb births,Continue reading “Beyond Gender, Forgiveness And Progressive Relationships: In Conversation With Randi Green”

Superluminosity, Sacred Geometry Cities Energy Harvesting Upkeep & Founder Beings: “Adventures Into Reality” With Andrew Bartzis 6/2/2022 Call-in

I’ve spoke with the Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis a few times before on his live call-in show Adventures Into Reality. But on June 2nd we chatted for quite awhile about these topics plus more: Andrew’s website: Andrew’s book on Amazon: “The Galactic Historian: The World According to Andrew Bartzis“ Our other chats: Audio: “AdventuresContinue reading “Superluminosity, Sacred Geometry Cities Energy Harvesting Upkeep & Founder Beings: “Adventures Into Reality” With Andrew Bartzis 6/2/2022 Call-in”

Death Contemplation And Meditation

The description for the April 14th “Death Contemplation & Meditation” Insight Timer live event: Unwise, unskillful choices can come from an unconscious fear of death. The most profound contemplations and meditations on death protect us and help us appreciate every moment Some revised notes: Benefits of Death Contemplation And Meditation: In/for (formal) meditation practice: ‘…canContinue reading “Death Contemplation And Meditation”

Don’t Associate With Fools

On April Fools Day I did an Insight Timer live talk with the above title and the description, “A brief chat about associating with the wise while setting aside fools (and that which comes with it)” a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person dictionary definition for “fool” Some notes for this talk:Continue reading “Don’t Associate With Fools”

Vedic Astrology, Enneagram of Personality & Wheel of Totality with Indra Rinzler

Some of the topics Indra Rinzler and I address: Vedic Astrology Enneagram Wheel of Totality

Towards Cognitive Dissonance Resolution

Today I held a 15 minute event concurrently on Insight Timer Live and the Wisdom app called “Towards Cognitive Dissonance Resolution” with the description: One way to address cognitive dissonance is to simultaneously hold unpleasant, confusing, chaotic oppositions equanimously in awareness with kind intent to transmute into calmness and clarity for the liberation of allContinue reading “Towards Cognitive Dissonance Resolution”

Wisdom Snippets: Core Contemplations

What’s here now when there’s no problem to solve? Wouldn’t it make sense — and be universally beneficial — to reflect and contemplate (more) on what’s really, truly important in (your) life? If yes, here’s perhaps a few: What is important? What stops me right now from complete happiness? What does this depend on? WhatContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: Core Contemplations”