Podcast | Vedic Astrology, Enneagram of Personality & Wheel of Totality with Indra Rinzler

Some of the topics Indra Rinzler and I address:

  • Who is Indra Rinzler, what he does and how he helps people
  • What is “self”/”Self”
  • (my unique laugh)
  • “So I’ve heard” and “Thus I’ve heard”
  • “positionality”
  • clinging to beliefs, views and ideas
  • insights, letting go, emptiness
  • changes
  • live as a mirror and Indra’s net
  • triggers
  • expansion
  • formlessness

Vedic Astrology

  • http://www.indrarinzler.com/astrology.html
  • “same same and different”
  • satiereal vs. tropical time
  • 24 degrees backwards
  • how Western and Vedic Astrology were once very similar and currently not as much
  • (my) experiences with astrology and (loose) parallels to learning math and navigating megalopolises
  • casting charts for time periods and places
  • origins and history
  • Mesopotamian tablets
  • omenology by the priest class and advisors regressing over time
  • dumbing down of society
  • Copernicus, Galileo, Potalamy
  • Greek 59 epicenters to explain how the sun circles the earth
  • popularity of some theories over others
  • Astrology to identify patterning in order to let them go
  • folks going to Astrologers when at their wits end
  • needing to know vs. not needing to know (the origins, or the why) for releasing, clearing, letting go [I didn’t mention that if the same thing repeatedly occurs after clearing again and again then perhaps look into the origins and why it keeps happening]


  • http://www.indrarinzler.com/enneagram.html
  • https://secretenergy.com/ennealogy
  • history with Gurdjieff
  • archetype/personality system added later by student
  • detects core story to be able to come back to the moment
  • THE sticky 9 Judeo-Christian archetypal/behavioral stories of last 2000-5000 years both visible and invisible
  • The story we tell about ourselves and its importance, non-importance, solidity, malleability, becoming its script-like nature, clinging and holding it loosely
  • Tarot as an archetypical system
  • distilling a session down to eight words with/as an affirmation
  • “I guess I gotta do it”
  • entering open vibrations for information
  • origin of Enneagram shrouded in mystery
  • cycles of rediscovery
  • “You and your cat both think ‘let’s go down and have a beer at the bar'”
  • anger, emotion and fear as core instincts
  • extroversion, introversion and mesoversion/ambiversion/neutral/”quality control” as responses or directions to/for incoming energy
  • Three instincts times three directions = nine Enneagramic vibrational signatures:
    • 1) perfectionist — anger inward making up the right way to cover for feelings of uselessness and inadequacy
    • 2) helper — outward selfless appearance to create codependency as love strategy
    • 3) producer — achievers (for social status)
    • 4) inward emotion/individualist — sensitive, artists, expressive
    • 5) observer — fear inward using information to protect feelings of inadequacy
    • 6) loyalist — fear neutral with anxiety and doubt learning courage and duty using faith, not mind to get out of story
    • 7) enthusiast — outward fear, lighthearted, partiers, storytellers, actually running away from feelings
    • 8) boss/challenger — strongest personality with all offense to cover up teddy bear in their heart
    • 9) peacemaker — neutral anger – disconnect from self to create harmony
  • one’s main enneagram number uses wings, or other numbers for coping strategies
  • taking on others by proximity and merging
  • coming to no-story by going through your story not the story of no-story
  • complexity of “Dissociative Identity Disorder” and empaths
  • multiplicity of fears
  • discerning fear from past traumas, past lives and this current life as priority
  • nothing is personal concordant with experiential nature of our lives
  • deja vu, unexplained knowing, and depth of present time
  • scientific studies of past lives

Wheel of Totality

  • Astrological houses containing awareness on the highest level
  • example: 10th house in mundane astrology is career while the higher version is love
  • houses without planets are blindspots
  • overlaying natal chart onto Wheel of Totality to see qualities and abilities both present and not
  • houses:
    • 1) who you are
    • 2) duality, judgementalism
    • 3) mind
    • 4) heart
    • 5) God/cosmic intelligence, acceptance
    • 6) practice, challenges
    • 7) (discerning) conditioning
    • 8) nonseperation, interconnection
    • 9) emptiness
    • 10) love
    • 11) realization, surrender, trust, progression, ultimately no one in control
    • 12) changes, transcendence, impermanence, vision
  • balancing and integrating the mundane, various modalities, groundedness, practicality, and practice with stages of galactic gasses, transcendence, and awakenings


Audio Version: Vedic Astrology, Enneagram of Personality & Wheel of Totality with Indra Rinzler

From the related blog post https://integratingpresence.com/2021/12/27/podcast-brief-astrology-addendum-for-indra-rinzler-podcast

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