Perceiving And Responding To “Intelligent” Machine Unknowns

As also seen from the embed above, my actions and responses to recent Instagram opportunities:

12/24/1919 is obviously not my real birthday. With zero notification or options given to export my account and exit, blackmail and extortion by a human-less IG leaves zero recourse for this my choice for momentary misrepresentation. I’m open to consider meeting with any organic lifeforms (from Instagram or otherwise) to determine trust whether to divulge DOB. My phone number and many modes of contact are on my website. Furthermore, direct messaging from my other @dippold IG account says “Sorry, this page isn’t available” while it recently worked before this. Nor where multiple images for one post allowed. I choose not to speculate as to causes and conditions (here, now).

This raises many questions I’d rather not inform the Artificial Intelligences perhaps involved in this scenario prior to this, now, and/or in the future but I feel this is the virtual time and place to do so. When machines, algorithms, AI, (quantum) computer systems, etc. — and (possibly) their creators, those behind them, and/or responsible for them — test us, cut us off, glitch out deliberately (or not), provoke, prod, study, run operations, execute various commands pushing into the organic world, behave in ways (currently) unbeknownst to us, are unreachable, unaffected, agendas unknown, irrelevant, with little to no reference points, and/or nearly being beyond any kind of comprehension like a sick alien from a yet to be conceived sci-fi movie . . . how do we (hypothetical or not) view something like this? What’s the relationship to this and to ourselves? How ought relevant responses be skillful, helpful, wise and wholesome leading to the long term well-being, happiness and the true heart’s release for all beings everywhere?

[As of 1:00am 12/25/2021 my @dippold direct messages work again so I’ve deleted the two previous posts there as the point of their content is now included on @integratingpresence]

Somewhat related:

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