Beyond Gender, Forgiveness And Progressive Relationships: In Conversation With Randi Green

Randi and I talk about how the movie “A Dangerous Method” inspired us to explore: Freud and Jung, anima and animus, feminism, certain kinds of sexual normalizations, gender, identity (politics), self-censorship, status, roles, gender confusion, transhumanism, law of gender/gender principle, racial grids, hive mind, genders in past lives, emotions, heart, forgiveness, belonging, biology, womb births, etc.

Audio: Being Human . . . Beyond Gender

In a follow up we explore the origin of forgiving, its meaning (and purpose) and how it can be turned into the art of letting go. What is the energetic significance of the art of letting go in relationships and in the building of the joint field of energy that all relationships (friends and partners) are built upon? We express ideas and impressions to begin the inner work of letting go including self-nurturing and reparenting to heal

The raw unedited YouTube transcription of video one Being Human . . . . Beyond Gender:

welcome this is Josh depold of Randy Green’s back with me again and we watched this

movie called A Dangerous Method from 2011 about Jung and Freud kind of based

on a true story supposedly but we don’t think it was actually quite realistic in many regards Karen Knightley plays their

Mutual female patient I would say yeah to begin with and later on they’re kind

of and then student and then later on one of the first female psycho an analogists that’s difficult to say that

we’re educated a Russian physician actually Sabina spice Spiel Ryan sorry about that

Sabina Spiel Ryan Russian but the surname of course indicates she’s Jewish

and a fraud was Jewish and conquest of young was Aryan as they say it in the

Protestant so and and then the whole interplay with her in the middle that

weird triangle between patient and two upcoming psychoan analysts that are

discussing how are they going to do this but that’s not the whole point the reason why I kind of we kind of bring

this into the conversation is um there’s one topic I always wanted to

touch ground with and that’s kind of some of the color ghost of young ideas because I work with young and psycho and

Analysis difficult to say I read most of his books his biography not that I completed his books because they’re a

heavy read and not that I am a young you know whatsoever but he plays he has some some pretty

um strong ideas about the feminine and the masculine and the masculine in the feminine which he calls when we talk

about the feminine in the masculine it’s called the anima it’s an archetype and

when it is the masculine and the feminine then it’s called the Animus and these are Latin words that actually

anime actually means spirit which is interesting so he alludes to

this into the collective subconscious where we have these gestalts or these

entities these archetypes that can inflate us that can give us ideas and concepts of who or what we are and the

first level of understanding that is part of the anima or the animals that we need to encounter and integrate to make

ourselves whole along with the Shadow and that’s also and the shadow in itself

as he writes in one of biographies is all about the um I say one of his because there are many different

versions of them through different Shadow Riders and what have you and I haven’t read all of them the one I read

were 20 years ago or something it’s not something I remember called specifically but he talks about the shadow

as being from irenaeus which is one of the church fathers and when we talk

about the masculine in the feminine and The Feminine the masculine or the masculine the woman and the the feminine

in the man we have already that in one of the upper krivia of the gospels the Maria Magdalena gospel where it said

that the way that females will will reach um Christiana the top level of

Christianity to become part of the Corpus of Christ which they didn’t work with at the time but that’s the idea was

if she would become like a man so there are also it goes far far back

and so I want to say it’s not just young that came up with it um it’s part of our cultures part of

this uh we also see it in Freemason and we also see it in Old Egyptian mythology

with the trinities we see it with the father mother child Trinity that we need to work with we are the child with the

son with the daughter we have the mother and the Father which is as I interpret

is why in some of the Gospels it said that we need to honor a mother and father both physically but also because

they have given us life but also because as I wipe but they’re part of a fetal pattern the energy from Mom and Dad were

integrated into our Energy System in our biofield is part of our biofuel as part of our energetic structure

well there’s lots of places to take this um I don’t know exactly where to take it

for now I just a few thoughts though you know in spiritual circles and a lot of

new age Distortion circles and Scott that you know these there we talked

earlier about trying with the masculine trying to connect with our inner

feminine and for the feminine connecting with their their inner masculine and drawing these things out and kind of

seeing the pros and cons to this too as well there’s something called a gender principle and I know gender in general

is a huge topic now in Academia and activist circles and things like this I

see so many distortions around gender now it is a really

um huge topic so without going off the rails too much here I’m trying to find a

focus but the shadow side I um I’m wondering about if this is also my

understanding of the Shadow or one of the ways I like to look at it is found helpful for me is that the ego is like

the the shadow right that hasn’t been addressed or or integrated to parts parts of the ego yeah

Shadow work that people talk about is a whole nother huge topic that I have we

both have different takes and Notions on this so yeah um where do you where do we want to dive in here well to to give a

little bit just to kind of put these some of these things in boxes so when we

talk about Tinder in in the old days it was a tie to biology and of course

social construction social ideas of this is how Society is supposed to be this it

was religiously politically culturally determining what agenda was

aside from penises and vaginas right the roles within the ones that had a penis

were supposed to operate that way the ones that had vagina were supposed to operate that way and of course we are

now entering to a completely new level of humanity where we can transform our

bodies we can we can change our Cycles sexual structure we can feel more like

males we can feel more like females or depending on it if we’re born with a penis or with a vagina and we can change

that so we now can have a vagina without a womb and and we can have a womb with a

penis sorry well that’s right you know it just sorry I’m not laughing I’m

taking this very seriously but it is it is very confusing for for for people

like me of the older generation you know but I am completely on board with it I am a psycho not a psychoanalyst but I’m

a psychotherapist and and these different concepts of gender and how I feel I remember when I was a teenager I

felt very masculine I felt as in kind of am I even attracted to males and I kind

of in a way not to do you frauds I had penis envy not at all but I was kind of as many females probably have felt why

am I deprived of of social status why am I deprived of all these capacities that

males have just because I don’t have a penis then I want a is not animals Envy I was just kind of in because I’m a

feminist I was kind of I want the same rise I want the same social structure just because I have a vagina put my foot

down why don’t I have the same possibility and I think a lot of this has been realized now instead of giving

you know addressing it that way it’s been turned into a gender issue now instead of a power Dynamic you know and

so now it’s just gone off the other end where I think it’s been all about gender now when when the core of it actually

means that yeah just because you have a vagina doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have more social status but now it’s

been flipped into all gender now I’ve got mixed feelings about this now when an individual sits in front of me and I

talk to them that’s how I like to address people to make these broad sweeping scales about other things it’s

not as important for me I mean I can weigh into it um yeah but it’s difficult because what

we’re dealing with here not listening down that path first because it’s it’s tied into it

um first and foremost it’s about the whole it’s a spectrum so we can’t say

it’s that box or that box or that box there’s a whole Spectrum there’s work within the spectrum of different on interpretation and understandings the

the whole when we when we talk about going into biology in in the early stages of the fetal uh the the fetal

pattern so to speak but the Imperial that’s that’s the DNA has not yet yet

evolved into either male or female that actually comes later so the chromosomes are technically identical in the early

stages of the embryo so we have that’s why men have nipples and technically and

scientifically the vagina is similar out of the same tissue that is building into

to the penis so so we have the building blocks are the same in males and females

so go that’s biology and then it diverts to the chromosomal features right so that’s that’s part of biology and I’m

not going to go into why that has happened and what’s the cause of that and how that was ringing needing to be

so but when we talk about current reality and things how they are now so to speak

we can say where I want to go with this when I was in Israel when I was 18 I was and my boyfriend was a Israeli and he

came originally from Yemen with his family coming from Yemen as well and in within Jewish belief system it is

that it is the female that it’s the mother that brings forth the genetic lineage not the father so when you are

an Aryan from the Northern Hemisphere white skin coming to Israel and become

her girlfriend of your very black-skinned Sun that is of Yemen lineage of African

lineage within the Jewish system then I was not particularly welcome so I felt this hostility towards me both as not

being Jewish religiously also coming from a different part of the world politically and culturally but also

having the wrong skin color which was a huge Learning lesson for me because I have felt this subconscious

and subliminal of not being accepted as a female in the world which is run by

males to a large degree whereas males because males have that prerogative of

being the leading Elite so whether they know of it or not there are many things

that males are not taking into consideration similarly as people of color when they are in the Northern

Hemisphere and are part of a society whether they’re born here or not they have other ways that they must tiptoe

around or if you come from the Middle East area and you come to a northern

country you have things you need to tip to around because there have been different classification that that type

of race goes with that type of trouble or problem and what have you to put it without going into Political discussion

so the way we interpret it depends on our experience and experiences of how well

are we integrated to society so if you’re very integrated into the social institutions you will not think about it

you just say this is just how it is of course what’s the problem duh whereas if you are On The Fringe because you are

not part of the group you’re not part of the ones that’s in the mix then you know

what it means to be different then you know this this makes me feel different this makes me feel

uneasy this this makes me question who I am as a human being do I have the same

right to be as the others have which I ask myself because I was a female and I

experienced how females were treated differently than males and because I didn’t have that female Gene that went

with the breeder program I’m kind of more what we call what you call Tom girl that kind of more boys track so I

already had the masculine in element in me but it was tied to as young would

have said probably more tired to which he also talked about that the Animus or

the animal can actually be tied to the shadow that means the the parts of us that we have suppressed because they

were not accepted and because they were suppressed into the subconscious then hiding there in the dark they become the

Shadow or Gestalt that wants to be seen it wants to it makes a lot of trouble because it wants to be heard it wants to

be seen it wants to be acknowledged so in a way it’s tied to the if we do work

with the idea of animal and animals and say we do have the inner male and the inner female as part of a female fetal

pattern as part of our biology then what are the traits of that so for me it’s

about it’s not just about the psycho sexual orientation because that’s the least of it that’s kind of the biology

that drives us in a specific way that makes us be attracted to to people in a

different manner whereas the rest is what we call psychosocial

um or social sexual orientation where we identify ourselves with our sexuality

and Freud and young are very highly into the whole sexuality and if we go back to

that movie I just want to throw it in here in in my the way I saw that movie

as a as a critical psychotherapist I would say they were off completely after

being a spell Ryan Spiel Ryan to a large degree the interpretation of that the

way they portrayed her in the movie I think the the ones that made the movie were more interesting actually make it

slightly pornography as a pornography thank you including when we talk about

incestors Tendencies and early masochistic 10cities in a four-year-old giving that four-year-old a sexual

pattern that was four-year-olds do not have vaginal fluids they do not have

sexual desires as we know of it from Grown Up So for me I was actually a little bit ah

very deep grounds and when we talk about sexual abuse which the one that made the movie had no insight into whatsoever so

so for me it’s not a movie I would recommend unless people wants to get a completely distorted version of some of

the Tendencies and some of the issues that were yeah that was one that threw a big red flag for both of us because to

me it seems like it could possibly be normalizing that type of thing right

um and then there’s darker agendas around things that won’t talk too much about it but there’s possibly and I’m

just wondering if that was some of the intent behind you know saying that because you looked up the the Wikipedia

article there was really no mention of anything like that or even hint of it like that and we’ve heard about all the

different things that go on in Hollywood and not not that I’m making an accusation but I wonder is what I’m saying here and well we could we could

say I thought that we have to go into these details but sabina’s speline was she was heavily abused violently abused

by both Imam and her dad and in my work as a psychotherapist and some of the ones I have come across where her father

was where the father could be very violent there was often this sexual undertone because the whole kind of

pulling pants down and wiping in the in the bottom often unfortunately also could lead to

other stuff then there was said in the movie that they made um her kisses hand after he spanked her

right and then this turned into kind of a fetish later on in the movie too so it

was really kind of dark and you know very um Darkly psychological too and of

course we know Freud right and we then we got into talking about Freud and how um I say he gets understated a lot and

you know usually it’s they give lip service to him these days say yeah he was a big Pioneer but basically he was

all about sex and I would agree with that um in my short stint and uh therapy one

of the things I thought was interesting is looking at people through the three different personality types Freudian

personality types of neurotic I mean it’s a huge known to go in modern psychology to say somebody’s neurotic

but for me I see it in the neuroticism and most people and if most people aren’t neurotic then there’s something

wrong with them they have to have some kind of light the other personality sites I think were psychotic and um uh

the um pervert perverse so so the ones that are looked down on today I think if

I’m getting this right I don’t know enough about Freudian but if you have a perverse uh or a psychotic personality

type that’s deviant compared to neurotic which is kind of more socially

acceptable most people I would say would if they had to be classified in that so I I saw that seeing people through that

filter was helpful for me at some point but I can’t just stick them in those three boxes either you know it’s just

this other little lens that was helpful and then we have the later fraud in the personality types of introvert and

extrovert and all of these classification I think the takeaway here is that we should be aware of

classifications including what what is is in the movie as in kind of the sabines portrait as a masochist but

she’s not she she is she’s a grown-up woman that suffers from trauma from childhood abuse so she’s she’s acting

that up she needs to act it out because because she’s not being met and she by that gets trauma effects what we can say

she suffers from a very strong type of PTSD because of the beating and because of trying to avoid that and if there was

sexual abuse in that trying to live that out because it was not addressed because it was suppressed so these are some of

the things when we have very violent childhoods we come up with what we could call neurotic Behavior to to let this

steam out so we get balanced in all the stuff that’s built up so when we talk

about classification including classifying her as a masochist is to go with that one I feel that’s off as well

because if she had this issue she is not she’s trying to cope and I think that’s important to

understand this one not that I am identifying myself with her but I feel in this when we have two males that are

so focused on one is as we know a Freud was had huge issues with his father who

was also what he would call a despot and with the Tyrant yes there are these these ideas of

behind not the Jews like that again classification we must be so careful because we’re talking about individual

people that are interpreting their childhood in different ways that are born into different cultural settings

different religious settings and different um possibilities whereas young he was

married to a wealthy woman so he had a lot of possibilities and he he had the

right skin color he had the right religion and he was on the right side of

the um what we call the fence so to speak during Second World War and whereas both

Bill Ryan she she died 41 and young died later off of cancer

and what have you so again so we have I think what I want to go with this aside

from the process and the discussion of some of these things where we are seeing something in movie we’re getting the

classification and we’re trying to interpret reality via classification and that’s why I want to go in when we talk

about the feminine the masculine and the masculine and The Feminine whether we’re talking gender and biology or we’re

talking social psychological and social sexual orientation or whatever we’re

doing are these classification Dynamics is it when we identify ourselves with a

specific classification I’m extrovert I’m introvert I’m this I’m that I’m neurotic I’m this or whatever then or

the Enneagram or whatever we come up with or astrology no matter what we come up with then we begin to put in a

narrative around that word around that concept and then we begin to identify ourselves with it and then perhaps

actually take away our true activation potential absolutely and this just goes with labels too I want to Circle back

around to a lot of the things you said here though but by neurotic I met mostly meant today people micromanaging things

right everything has to be exactly the way it is and uh you know that’s what I meant more by neurotic today but not not

in the pathological sense of what it used to be meant right now you talked

about the different groups and stuff I agree it makes sense to give honor and respect to the different groups however

today at least coming from America I see sometimes some people almost self-censor

in order to not offend people or kind of walk on eggshells worrying they’re going

to say the wrong thing in a fin somebody or get perceived as you know the the

racist card is played so often so many people might say you’re racist just by even even if it’s not just just to say

that for certain things you know so it’s it’s it’s this fine line of overdoing it self-censoring and then not you know not

being respectful and so that’s why like when I’m I’m face to face with someone talking they can tell right away right

if that if there’s the intent to do that or not right yeah um I would say

collectively that we are in that process of we have gone from a process where so much but not addressed it was put under

the carpet as we said in Danish it was it was put on the Rock and we didn’t not taboo but we did talk about it it was

just this is just how it this is who you are this is how it is and in that freedom process as we see with

psychodynamics as well if you have had something that’s suppressed the first thing that happens when it comes up to

the surface is that it’s almost violently yelling you in the face and it goes completely into the opposition

where it is complete out of whack and it just ruins everything and needs to break down all constructions and all indeed

what you call it all Contours and everything that can come in with that and in that period people that have that

psychodynamic Awakening often are a little bit difficult to be around because they have not learned to balance

it anywhere they actually begin to say okay this did not work on the left side where everything was completely

suppressed but it doesn’t work where everything’s let in the loose so how do I begin to navigate in this spectrum

between who I am and being authentic as who I am and stand by my emotions and my

feelings and my and there’s a difference between emotions and feelings by my natural electrochemical responses and

how I interpret that that’s the feelings my belief systems and my my cognizant structure of how I want to express

myself in the world and I see that’s the process that we’re in when we’re talking about the the different smaller

communities that are now right are being coming into the surface around lesbian gay transgender and you know there’s

nothing against those communities it just seems like they’re being hijacked too because of what you’re just talking

about it’s now open and right for those communities to come in and have more say and power people to come in and

experiment with those type of things and so of course there’s going to be you know factual attention hijack that too

that want to control that yeah you know um now there this again this brings up a

lot of different topics that you mentioned earlier the the one that we hear about big in the States now is identity politics we talked you talked a

little bit about what are we identifying with right and um yeah so at the the the important thing about

this for me is labels so it might be helpful to say I’m an uncle in certain situations right I’m around other people

who have niece and nephews it might be appropriate then to say you know I’m an uncle too I have a niece and a nephew

one only one niece and nephew but now if I go to you know I don’t know to the grocery store and say oh I’m Uncle Josh

you know uh you know it’s so it’s not as relevant there right I don’t have I don’t have my niece and nephew with me

so you know it all depends so it’s it’s like when is it helpful to pick up these labels and when is it helpful to put

them down but we could say why even half the labels the label is so we can identify yourself in the group yes so

that’s technically what is so it’s this is group dynamic so when we’re going to a group we figure out what’s what is

this group about and then we find the correct label the correct cap we take on

the correct role so we will not be ostracized from the group so these are some of the Dynamics that play in as

well when we create a narrative around a label or an identification marker as an

I am this I am that so thereby I fit into that level of the hierarchy I fit into that level in the group and by that

I get a position by that I’m secure I’m safe I have somewhere where I can be part of this is this is exactly to this

point of belonging because we all have to have a sense of belonging right to be seen and heard this is really important

for everybody it just seems like this whole thing around gender within the past even just 10 years I think has just

accelerated tremendously uh well where 30 years ago you know it was um you know

it was kind of in the shadows and frowned upon but now it’s like gone the opposite way like if you’re if you

haven’t experimented with these type of Lifestyles and there’s probably something wrong with you you know it’s done a complete 180 almost at one point

and I don’t think it’s either good or bad no but it is sure yes absolutely

deserve into interrupting you um because that’s that ties into again when we talk about young and Freud they

they’ve found it especially for the whole personality structure on sexuality he’s seated that in who you are depends

on your sexuality if you’re perverted if you’re neurotic or whatever you are it all ties down to your anus and your

vagina or your penis and your mouth and and that’s that’s sort of being a little bit discerned here but that it

ties into that one so no wonder that when then we had the hippie move and everybody was free and I could do

whatever I wanted to do and all of these kind of things and we have had different situations in the Victorian times where

everything was shut down and onward and so forth so we have had just in in my time the whole that it’s so important

that our sexual lives work well that we have good sex with each other that everything we are almost defined by how

good sex you have if you have bad sex in your relationship well what’s wrong with you guys or whatever then it’s a problem

you need to go see a therapist you have these sex therapists that teach you how to have correct sex you do Tantra

together or whatever it is as if that is the foundation of the relationship as that’s the foundation of who we are as

humans yeah and this is where I think that very the biggest mutual agreement that we

have on this obviously is yeah I mean that’s such a small part of who we are or what we should be even paying

attention to and here we are amplifying the whole kind of thing in a way but it’s just like is this really an

important people would the way I look at when I see this stuff people think that is the most important thing in their

life is how they identify gender wise you know and then it’s turned into personal pronoun preferences

you know and then people are afraid that they’re they’ll address someone by the wrong pronoun and I just feel this is

going a little bit overboard that I can get if someone’s being hostile and disrespectful and things like this but

to to lead with this and make this a requirement on forms and things now you

know um to me it uh it really I wonder about the transhumanist uh aspect of

this right because transhumanist the the folks who would like to merge uh man and machine

um they really don’t have any need for you know any kind of sexuality or gender

or are the the more I think um traits that are um skillful is like there’s you could

say there’s some masculine historically more masculine traits and

historically more feminine traits this also goes into biology too we were talking a little bit about earlier but

there are certain things once we have our assigned gender or whatever we want to call it right the the physical the

penises the vaginas like a male is not going to lactate naturally to be able to

raise a child this ties into more things like care the way men care are different than the way

um women care we can say masculine and feminine right it doesn’t mean they they care less or maybe they do but it’s it’s

different traditionally right I mean no no a man can step in and take on the roles of a mom too but I feel that maybe

the healthiest way is to have um this kind of mutual understanding

about what each one is going to bring to the church I can’t really speak because I don’t have anything what about we take

completely out of the psychodynamics there are new studies that shows that yes men can’t lactate but if the man if

we have two men that decide to have a child together and we are talking about males without wounds so we have

biologically two males that are defined genetically as males they’re

electrochemical composition is male and they decide to have a child together because they love each other so they

they get a female to produce it for them somehow that’s not the discussion point being in this is that typically one of

these males that have the larger connection to the child will begin to

create um oxytocin and oxytocin is the chemical

that’s the neurotransmitter that’s the I forgot the word love drug is what they call it yeah yes that that creates

connection that creates caretaking that creates that that for instance we we have this stereotype that the female the

mother typically in in what we call a gender or a relationship where we have a

female with a womb and a vagina and a male with a penis and no womb that that they have a child together then it’s

often the female that takes on the role wakes up during night time because she produces naturally more oxytocin that

makes her more alert which is in a biological imperative trained within the

female programming for decades and centuries and eons and what have you so that she could protect The Offspring

whereas the male has a more tendency to be a little bit more loose and not as much sleeping deeper and these kind of

things but the new studies show that if we have two males that do the same setup in a family setup and they bring up a

child together one of the males will naturally develop more oxytocin and take the role the biological role of the

caretaker that sleeps easier that wears a little bit more that has the softer spot and the other male will take the

little bit more discipline a little bit strong a little bit I’ll show you how to conquer the world Tendencies which goes

with a different type of chemicals sorry I forgot the word hormone that’s the word I was going for

it that that goes into more the testosterone the more in the adrenaline the kick the survival mode these kind of

things that matches up the Olympic system so we have a father and a mother no matter what gender we have no matter

what bodies we have we have some of the same dynamics that goes into survival inside the world and that’s why I want

to poke a little bit of hole in when we talk about the anime and the Animals As in about a part of um

when males go to therapy or when males are around they’re females or the other

one they choose to be partner up with however the construction is but if we go in traditional relationships between a

woman with a vagina and a woman a man without a womb but with a penis then the typical setup is that yes and he needs

to be in better contact with his emotions he needs to be more feminine he needs to get in contact with the feminine side and I would actually say

no he actually needs to learn to produce oxytocin I I would agree because there’s

a ready of the predominant feminine in that relationship as far as the the as

far as the the gay couple you know I’m not to blow it off or disrespect it I just don’t have any experience in that I

I don’t really have any interest of diving in that uh it’s like what you’re saying I I you know it seems like it but

it’s I guess I’m not qualified to comment on that um in terms of having a child that’s

what I mean right yeah right I don’t have a gay partner and nor with a child I have no you know yes but this is the

understanding of when we when we touch ground with the understand the psychodynamics and we think it’s

psychological science is now telling us actually it’s not it’s biological

so it’s not psychological it’s biological what about uh breastfeeding the the child then I guess yeah you can

do it by a bottle well yeah and then that goes into a whole nother thing and see I’m not qualified to talk about this

because I don’t have to produce it what is it that produces the oxytocin is actually skin contact it’s about this

sleeping together which animals do as well it’s about the nurturing it’s the caretaking it’s about touching the child

or your partner it’s about the touching it and it’s not about sexuality it’s nothing to do with sexuality but

oxytocin is created during the sexual act mostly in females interestingly enough that’s why females are more

affected by the sexual act than males are so what gives the oxytocin in males that is that they learn to be more

sensual that they learn to be more intimate that they allow themselves to be more intimate and is that connected

to the feminine side I don’t think so because I can see many caring males that have it naturally sure and I I get that

part what I’m wondering about is the lactating you know so you can buy bottle but then there’s these studies that say

well with breastfeeding you know the child is more connected and it seems more natural and if for whatever reason

I think there was a formally formula formula shortages in the States for one

time so I don’t want to get off in the Weeds on that but what I want to do is pick up on the um I would I would say

though because I think it’s important to put it in here the connection to the child is not tied to lactating it is

tied to the nurturing it’s tied to the psychosocial sociological contact the

eye contact The Voice contact the hand contact how the child feels when you coddled a child how much you are around

and in contact talking looking into the eyes of the child and you can do all of that while you are bottle feeding you

don’t have to be breastfeeding because that’s also a myth that you have to breastfeed what is in the breast milk is

that there are some chemicals that are helping to boost the immune system of

the child but many of these formulas today are getting better and better especially if you live in countries that

are interested in continuing their human population and you know the sub current of that one and and we also know that

even within breast milk of mothers we see more and more pollution mycoplast units we have a lot of stuff that goes

into the breast milk as well so it’s not about that this is the only way to go around this is also for me an

institution that is tied to make women breastfeed and and to in my opinion

making them slightly more animalistic because they are they are flashing their boobs all over the place and it’s okay

it should be so I live in Denmark it’s completely okay in Denmark I know it’s not other places but it is primitive

especially from a person like me that is not in the breeder program I look at it

from the outside and all you can say that’s enormously beautiful but I didn’t feel like that when I was pregnant I

felt like I was part of alien versus Weaver I felt like I had some weird stuff inside my stomach they shouldn’t

be there and this goes into a whole other Dynamic with your work you know about how this is actually in a way

parasitical right I mean the child you know it has to sub substitute off the

the female right it’s literally brewed out of my body so I had to make that

mental flip whenever I began thinking like that because I knew that would affect my my chemical level that would

affect the child and I couldn’t have my child being being grown out of that feeling that she was an alien right so

so I had to modify my thought form that were then connected to the bio DNA because the child literally grows out of

the mother completely out of her cells out of her tissue out of everything the mother produces that in when I go

outside and go into my extra systemic mindset I’m just looking at that thinking I cannot find anything that

compares to that with anywhere where I have been so this must be unique for this system and that’s a weird thing

it’s so bizarre this wound birth you know you know on the other hand I totally see that on the other hand I see

the the trouble of oh it’s the most beautiful thing in the world you know childbirth is such a beautiful thing I

see that is totally inbound in Balance way to look at it 100 too you know maybe

it is for some people but overall though and then how would you how would they address you know the fact that it is

substinating you know on another life and it’s completely dependent for the longest time on the mother completely

helpless and but what ties into the bigger picture of um okay well let’s say you know without

those options then the human race would die out though right so that or what we’re calling human this what this form

that we have now without that type of birth unless you get into totally artificial means and and then that goes

into this gray um you know uh transhumanist agenda too or they just want to control everything

technologically and you have to get approved to be a parent you know you know and go through which I think it

would be better if some people did parenting courses too but you know to to have to go to through a government

organization to have birth it seems a little extreme for me now also you know we uh talk about the racial grid so too

in this if there’s we talk you talked a little bit earlier about the this this type of belonging in certain racial

groups but how does this go into like the racial grids and lineages and two because if uh if all the different

lineages and different racial groups died out well then it would be like a hive mind right everybody would have

kind of the same skin color there would there be more of a um an opportunity for

everybody to be like this blob gray hive mind if there’s no kind of um well

culture as part of it but also just like skin color not that that means anything on its own let’s just say that all would

die out and everybody had like um you know say eons down the road everything

would be so inner bred I don’t know if that would be possible or not that they would all but everybody would basically

have the same skin color the same culture you know would that ever be possible you know um because if it but

if there were no you know races or lineage like that it seems like that would happen but maybe maybe you’re

saying that’s it would never be possible well again depends on past present and future right um skin color let’s start

with that one the reason why we have different types of of high and lower levels of

um melanin I was going to say melatonin but that’s the one you’re sleeping yeah melanin the one that you’re having that

colors your skin depends on your exposure of the Sun so the more sun you are the if you live in a in a

jurisdiction or an area on the planet that has more sun your body will naturally protect yourself by creating

more melanin that creates the darker skin tone so you can over Generations too right yes it’s not like me just

traveling exactly yeah so that has according to a theory has happened over generations of course but when we talk

about the extra systemic or the extraterrestrials that are living in other planetary systems similar to ours

because there are similar to ours not as the enclosure prohibiting enslavement technology system we have but in

different variations of what we call the human or human art species they have also got different skin color but their

skin tone is defined by their star so our because our sun is a star so it

depends on what type of style you’re living under are you living on the blue star or living on the green star or

white star or cold star or hot star or hotstar is one that has kinetic processes like ours is a typical fourth

dimensional but if you’re going The Fifth Dimension it’s a co-star and there you begin to have skin color gray or

blue or if you the sun completely turns into what we call a dark Sun then you’ll

get black skin completely black skin as the orions have but they also have white skin because they have different

variations within that system so this it depends on the star you live under so

that’s the skin color so if we all if the if the universal structure becomes the same and is one star system and

that’s the only thing that we have got left well then yes we will have all have the same skin color but and in the

future of our solar system when our sun is that out then we will become very palish and very similar to The Grace

because they come from systems where their star is has died out so thereby they no longer produce what we call a

color of their skin which is a signature defining the genetic composition and the

dimension that these races come from it’s fascinating uh I’d probably like to

go more into that maybe later but I want to pick up on a few other things here too this um it’s called I think it’s

called a gender principle or the law of gender how things in real some people say this I haven’t really explored this

but um things have either a masculine and a feminine they’re saying things

that are if I’m getting this right do you know what I’m talking about like things that are manifest in this reality

they have a gender principle either kind of a feminine or a masculine side or

both this type of thing you know trying to give examples life forms are are pretty obvious right even the ones that

are um have both sexes or change Sexes right um uh I I guess what like on magnetism too

there’s a positive and a negative saying no I don’t know if that would be more polarity or not um there is as far as replication

Dynamics too right you know help help me out here and how this ties into either

distortions around gender or what is considered kind of a healthy thing maybe what’s an outdated thing

um you know what’s the ideal version several things come to mind first thing

that comes to mind is that if we do know that I am in anyways from religious but those of you listen to me quite a lot of

times you know I got a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and we have in the first creational myth we have the Elohim that

are the Supreme powers that generates the female and the male in their image

then you have the second creational myth where you have yave Adam Chris Adam

Adama and that’s the yave Elohim that is the Lesser God that is within the Realms

of what we could call creation so the Supreme powers of Beyond creation and the yave Elohim is within creation and

that male creates what we understand is an Adam and Eve where where or a Dharma

taken from the soil and and blown or Spirit into his nostrils from where he

comes to life and from that Golem in Beautiful Life comes that’s a clay a

mutt body it comes off of the soil comes a pulls from the side not necessarily

the rib it’s just pulled from the side or half of it is is cut into you could

put that as well is that the female version created so in that way as it’s played upon in in the the unification

idea of marriage is that the half man and the half woman will become one again

when they reunite in marriage before God and before you have a ill of him and then fulfill the creation that he began

and split into two parts which we also know the colonic Sciences have talked a bit about these different Gamers yeah so

that’s that’s kind of the the unification of the male and female in in where the male and female in ourselves

kind of when we look at is the left side that is female or the left side there’s masculine or whatever what have we I can

say my personal experiences that my left side was Cyborg and I’ve seen many who

actually has that experience that their left side is transhuman and their right side is actually the original

Progressive Human Side so but all depending on where we come from so it’s not necessarily male and female actually

I say my left side is also the past whereas my right side is the future so I don’t see my body as gender-based in

that manner it’s biologically a female with a womb but it’s not energy and in

my energy system has nothing to do with gender but I can say that when when I look into

for instance if if I get a new computer which happens rarely but when I do I

know it’s a male or a female if I go into a car not because it has been driven by someone it has a personality

this is the type of thing I’m talking about yes it does it’s kind of yeah this is a female this or a bicycle about

years ago to my daughter and it was from the day one from the get-go is just breaking down it was no use I called it

a Karma bike because it was not working well and then then I bought her a

bicycle that was kind of a male a little bit more puffed up a little bit more mountain bike-ish and it that has it

that’s still going strong because it had a completely different energetic signature to it before I began putting

in my energy it was kind of already engineered that way yes there are what

we call Consciousness structures that in our mind resembles masculine and

feminine there are energy units that in our mind resume temples masculine and feminine and third cycle energy units

are what we typically identify as humanoid or masculine four cycle energy

units are typically what we identify as kerately taking or feminine and there’s

even right where you’re saying is in higher Realms there’s there’s still distinction between masculine and

feminine but there’s no physical gender there’s no penises it’s about the Cycles

it’s all about because what is masculine in the in terms of the cycle is is the Conquering of space it is spatial and

it’s known to master spatial energies learn to master what we call cubes and and Foams and geometry and all

the things we also see mechanics and how things work in space so that’s you and your reality field

you’re learning that one whereas in the fourth cycle we learn between the interpersonal interaction between other

living life forms and their learn to connect via the heart field so that’s a different type of Consciousness

structure so so that’s kind of the fourth cycle and the third cycle and when we talk about the fifth cycle Races

they will develop a new type of chromosome that I call the pentagram chromosome the penta chromosome instead

of the X and the Y the Y is the third cycle the x is the fourth cycle so the

next one will be a pentagram or a pentagram where these two things are united so it’s not about the male and

female it’s about uniting the understanding working with technology and space and conquering space and not

necessarily invading space that’s the Distortion of it but alongside with activation of the heart field and

learning to work with other living beings that exist in these spaces and how do we learn to work as a team so

fifth cycle is all about teamwork and so that it actually the chromosome looks kind of like our body does with

five points right I had two arms and a leg and um yeah this this goes into

um also past lives too because who knows I don’t I can’t say I within any

certainty that I’ve recalled many past lives but it seems from the reports I hear

gender isn’t stuck the same all the way through either so that’s another point to make I guess um now there’s also

gender Wars but I won’t go into that you know this is this kind of came around the feminist side and they’re still men

and women are still having challenges every day right I mean that kind of goes without saying too I would I would

actually say that it’s kind of a replication or a mirror or a Remnant or a shadow of the original Galactic Wars

between the human art races and the humans the true humans which began at the fourth cycle with the heart field

and the progressive humans whereas the third cycle the humanoids disconference base and technology and we’re still in

the middle of that war and that’s replicated into the quote-unquote male and females of our system so that males

and females are at all with each other because females are so emotional and male soological and it’s all about males

are conquering space penetrating everything and showing their strengths by feelings oh I’m so sensitive and and

I’m sorry I’m being a little bitter no no this is days are very enlightening actually because they they came from

somewhere right more than likely um so so for me just to tie that one up then then that means that that not that

females are saying well then I need to be a full cycled human and I got the prerogatives and I I am a full cycle

human and whereas males you’re not because males only got one version of their chromosomes they got the X Y right

so they are third cycle fourth cycle still learning to crawl into the fourth cycle whereas females oh yeah we’re so

good we are xx and we are further ahead than the rest of you and it’s interesting too because I heard uh

from a friend of mine who’s um mRNA was he studied you know and he I

didn’t study this so I have to look at it but I’m the X Y chromosome if I’m getting this right he said the uh it’s

only the the the y That’s activated or something or no wait what was it um so

there’s an XX and so yeah okay so both genders according to science have X

activated but the feminine don’t doesn’t have the other X activated but the the

male has both the X and the Y activated so I thought that was really interesting to hear that so they would say the exact

opposite I guess of what you’re saying I mean no because what I’m actually saying is because that’s where the females need

to be very very observant is that they have the artificial full cycle activated

but they haven’t got the original full cycle activated so we are also behind we need to activate the original full cycle

whereas males have got the original third cycle activated but they have got the Atif and and the artificial full

cycle so so it’s a big cluster all around there’s a lot of work to be done to get

into the fifth cycle so so point being with this why I wanted to talk about the male and the the female the female and

the male is that we need to look at the chromosomes we need to look at the cycles and we need to learn to to look

into Consciousness potentials and understand what is it that we need to develop to activate our original

Consciousness units and let’s run to get into next kind of the solutions and what should we do for both for both genders I

know in my experience uh and probably can stress this to males in general is

the heart field right working on the heart feel I know for me it was starting to wake up I did not even see how far

off I was how how disconnected I was for my heart it’s basically like a defense mechanism of either denial or you know

I’m I’m I’m in the right you know nobody can tell me that I’m wrong or if I was wrong I didn’t care I could just act out

and you know um I I was entitled to do so because you know everything was so

shitty why can’t I be shitty or kind of get in mind this is how far off and distorted I was at one point you know

and what really was a big um opener for me is sitting there and

just weeping you know um and then this the physical ache in

the heart that happened when I first started doing inner work I mean it just physically ached and ached these

memories came up of how I was treating myself how I was treating other people and I couldn’t see it at the time you

know it wasn’t until I kind of hit rock bottom and I had to look inside uh and then I started seeing all this stuff

having these regrets to begin with trying to make amends you know forgiving myself asking for forgiveness from

others having others uh you know forgiving others too and it that couldn’t be forced that was the right

time to do it it just happened you know because I couldn’t have done it before then you know and not everything

deserves forgiveness either or you know something we might not be able to forgive anybody or certain things the

entire life the main thing is with forgiveness too I found for me it’s a unnecessary burden on carrying around

but that has to be um leveled with the actions that were done were not right

and they need to be things put in place to prevent those from ever happening

again that’s why I’m not about forgiving and forgetting forgiving yes remembering

though so we know how that cannot happen again because that just ends up more

harm upon harm upon harm so when the starting working on developing the heart field basically clearing out the ship

that was there excuse my French here um but it’s almost like once that stuff gets cleared out then aren’t natural

um more natural self or being or qualities can shine through it’s just like the soot or this clog that’s there

these distortions that are on top that that that uh cover how we the natural

way we can be right I mean I don’t know I so I would stress this is

a huge thing for males in general you know to work on that and you know like what are the benefits of that well

there’s a lot more Connection in our everyday life too but I I would throw it back to Randy here to leave her with her

advice and think uh what she wants to say about this I’m definitely there there are more levels to work on here

first and foremost the whole thing about forgiveness because that in itself is ill that’s a huge topic which is

important when we do do self-work and inner work and my take on it is that

um for me forgiveness is mostly forgiving ourselves as the most important thing but not to ride away our

responsibility not that we can’t stand responsible for our actions and as Josh also said as you said is it’s it’s all

about when we discover that that our actions has not been in alignment with

how we actually want to be so we kind of need to figure out how do I want to be so we have something to compare with and

and once we kind of seeing whether we look at Role Models or we are looking deep inside ourselves first we begin

with Role Models later on we begin to remember who and what we actually are and then that’s the level We compare

with that’s the opposition where we begin to play ping pong with everything I have become in something I don’t want

to be that’s called the Persona in Union Psychotherapy as well where you kind of say I identify myself with a false

version that I have made so it matches others and their Dynamics and whatever’s going on so in a way we completely fake

so the idea of being authentic is to okay who am I that’s the first part of that process the the acceptance of I

have become something I cannot align myself with I become something that I do not see as who I actually am and then

the investigation is then who am I and that’s that’s where we begin to work with our chipped off parts of the Shadow

or whatever we want to call it all these different aspects of self we have cut away that we have stored away that are

immature that are not developed that has not been looked at that were tipped away in different levels of our personality

structure in the different stages and ages we have had so we could match everybody else what they wanted from us

so the first step is to say what do I want from myself who do I want to be who

if I look at at the best version of a human eye can be how do I want to be and

then we begin to put that down Envision that and then when she shoot I’m so far

from that and then the word really begin to say okay then how do I get there what are the what do I need to do to get

there not by punishing ourselves not by being harsh on ourselves but actually through kindness and nurturing the first

step in this work is to learn to love yourself and we’ve heard that so many times so new 80 right but it goes with

producing oxytocin begin producing oxytocin so your body can relax so you

can get back into your body you can get back into I am okay and not only that

the consciousness potentials won’t even can’t even be there because it’s it’s that’s blocking until that’s there it’s

really hard to do that or you get or you or whoever gets so cold right I like to

look at it as um identifying core values too so uh yeah so then I can if I’m in

alignment with those core values every single moment of my life when I’m working towards those are living from

those then there can be more satisfaction too instead of a necessarily goal after goal after goal I

mean we still have to have goals too but yeah basically the same thing is who do I want to be you know what do I really

find important what makes life worth with living what qualities and then be

in alignment I can be in alignment with those qualities right and be that as a purpose yeah one of the ways yes instead

of identifying with or without penis with or without womb with about sexuality because they’re also asexual

people yeah all the all the time that that most of my life long periods where

I’ve not been in a relationship or anything I haven’t had any sexuality at all it’s just complete it goes dormant

because it’s not really a natural part of my body but it can be ignited like everything else because it’s energy and

if you’re responsive to energy then we will respond to whatever energy that’s in our vicinity and there we also need

to say okay who am I compared to that energy do I want to participate in that energy or do I not so it’s Mastery of

energy also so so mice not solution but my advice or what I would recommend or

what I would like to happen out there is that the whole labeling within the base program and who and what we are for me

would be much more flirtatious if people would say what kind of human do I want

to be no matter what biological section I have no matter what my psychological

sexual structure is no matter what my Tendencies are no matter what I’m attracted to what kind of human do I

want to be when I’m in relationship with my gay partner when I’m in relationship on my lesbian partner or my Heathrow

partner or my transgender partner or whatever we are who do we want to be when we’re together instead of leading

with whatever sexual preferences we have or gender um

viewpoints we have yeah what kind of human do I want to be and even in

non-relationships with with things that aren’t a being like how am I in relationship with how I feel my emotions

my thoughts you know my memories my plans you know how do I want to be in relationship to everything else in my

life that doesn’t even involve beings you know including our machines and our plots and our cars and our bicycles

we’re talking about so so yes but there are there are so many more takes on this

one this is just an opening where but my point is that yes we are on a spectrum

but for me the end goal of all of these processes of left and right and in

between and explore exploration and ex explosion and and new things and who are

and what are we is to go into what kind of human do I want to be because what’s the greatest

um what we call armor or Panzer or protection mechanism we have towards

transhumanism that is what type of human do I want to be how do I want to be around other living beings how do I want

to treat myself and others and what do I want this world to turn into how do I do

I want to be a machine world as they did in the third cycles that was was the war was about then we have been there done

that already let’s work with the interconnectedness the relationships we

have how we are around each other but not just as selfish Purpose Driven I

mean this because I need you to to make me feel good that’s a whole other podcast as well but go in and say this

this is I’m in this relationship because from this I can develop and progress from this my partner can develop in

progress and how do we work as a team to develop and progress each other as a

progression couple no matter what a gender is no matter what our biology has

determined for us because I remember being males in previous lifetimes and I remember how it felt to have a dig that

thing between your legs I’m I’m quite happy I don’t have that well now I just instead of a breasted it in a way right

but so the whole biology for me is a weird thing to be in but the experience

of mastering this body no matter what gender it has it that should be in the Forefront how

do I actually learn to master this body how do I learn to transform the energies no matter what gender it has to its

Highest Potential to its highest progression rate of what it actually can become and how do I liberate this body

from the enslavement and the programs that are running our reality no matter what gender I have the key word here

um human yes and when we start to work on the body in mastering the body it

doesn’t have to start with our bits and pieces or private bits and pieces right that’s uh that that’s almost that’s a

lot of the physical body yes it starts with the heart it always starts with the heart and then it goes into the mind and

then it goes into the body actually the body is the first level that we learn to nurture and take good care of so we have

a vessel to exist within so we make that work well in our surroundings and then

we go to the heart but the heart of the body are actually interconnected and then the mind is the last thing so

people who are doing this thinking the mind is the first thing to explore is actually from my perspective from a

fourth cycle perspective yeah you did that in the third cycle get into your heart get into the interconnectedness

and understand that we are part of a reality and we’re not Islands we are interconnected and Care comes to mind

here too which might be different on different stages of where we are who we are too but you know how can this care

be be applied to to self to others to everyone to the reality field where it

needs to be what are the distortions and care what is the true authentic care what does that mean to me and each other

yeah which means I would love to do a sequel on this one because we’re kind of hitting the years the minutes so thank

you all for listening and uh take good care of each other and yourself and into

the heart and all kinds of optimal humanness

The raw unedited YouTube transcription of video two The Art of Letting Go and Starting Anew with Self-Nurture:

hi there Randy green here and welcome to another podcast where just depold and I

are going to discuss some important topics and this time to continue a little bit

from our previous podcast of um Beyond gender of Being Human

um and being human Beyond gender we talked about forgiveness and self-nurturing and as promised we’re

going to have a little bit of talk about what is forgiveness most people know what forgiveness is we know it from

religious context and we also know it within the psycho or therapeutic context

within different um what should we call it branches or niches of how to do Psychotherapy all

depending on how the psycho therapists prefer to work and how people conceive

that means the client or the the patient it’s not a patient the client and the

petitioner of psychotherapy decides or feel this is the right method or

approach to let go of what we call Old energy patterns once we have worked our

way through them is it then the right way to go around this is forgiveness then the tool that should be played in

or is forgiveness more related to what we could see a religious context and

these are some of the basic ideas about forgiveness the two branches that we can

work with but there are also more to it as in self-forgiveness forgiveness as others forgiveness of society forgiving

Society for whatever it has done to us forgiving it could be many different levels so

Josh what are your ideas on this one and also asking for forgiveness from others for what we’ve done or I’ve done

um this is a really important topic forgiveness has been a huge thing on my

journey I think we ought to start maybe with the etymology of it I just learned this recently it has to do with the

context of debt forgiveness yeah forgiving debt and that just says a lot

about our society in general or a religious term is tied into debt and

money and monetary systems I don’t know the whole thing around this I think

um another show co-host told me about this so I haven’t memorized exactly how

that plays out but I think that’s an interesting place to start perhaps forgiveness in in terms of debt

more goes into what we could call the original sin that goes with the ancient

devotion of Christianity as it was in his Jewish form as part of the Hebrew

Bible or the Hebrew Torah they are sacred text as in the original sin is

it ties into many different levels in a way we could see who was the first one to actually create a scenario where God

was discontent and that was Cain Cain was the first one there were these two

brothers and it didn’t take long no it didn’t take long and Kane slaughtered

his brother Abel or Hubble as it said in Hebrew and there we kind of have the

first situation where jave Elohim the Creator God was in trouble with his

first creation let’s put it their way because we Cain and Abel were born by Adam and Eve and as she says Cain is

technically and when we talk about the understanding of in the Hebrew language technically means that she had begotten

this son with the help of God so that’s technically what his name means more or less paraphrasing here and then there

are more new answers to it but if we go the root of the word that’s technically how it often translated into because

apparently she couldn’t get even though she was cursed I call it the curse of

Eve as well as the curse of Adam where Adam has to because of the aid of the

fruit of the tree of knowledge in the in know the Garden of

Eden she was cursed with and I call it a curse because she was punished with what

we could see the ability to give childbirth or to give birth in labor and

the male was to also have labor but with his backbend and his head looking to the

ground while he was sweating in agony working with the soil so another way

instead of being prosperous in the in the Garden of Eden then they became what

we could call cursed into working with the soil as well as the female giving birth from her her womb or her her body

itself and the first two children she got was I think there was sad and Keenan and and Abel and these kind of things I

can’t this is something I did not go further into but the understanding of Kane that that slaughtered his brother

where we could see aside from Adam and Eve that that’s the original sin they

went against the law of God they went against they had been told that they were not allowed to eat of the tree both

of the Tree of Life as well as the tree of knowledge and they did even they did that

no matter what sorry about that my mind is going to the thousand places right now so that’s why I’m a little bit uh in

concise here and I’m also questioning myself is that the correct information or am I remember that takes wrong so

that’s why I’m jamming a little bit here as well guys some thoughts I had on this for quite a

while don’t really want to open a can of worms but since it seems relevant now

Kane then went on to be banished right and it said he went to these towns but

if Adam and Eve were the first individuals then with um

Cain and Abel where did they go to where did these cities come from I thought they were the only humans on Earth

um the word play around Kane it’s interesting uh cocaine sugar cane

there’s a Cane’s Chicken Outlet in the United States so it’s uh Kane from Kung

Fu Abel were able to do something this is like the positive version and Cain uh

so yeah interesting interplay now the whole original sin this once I started

waking up this really didn’t set well with me um when started really looking into it

and gonna mainly just put this on a shelf continue other than just to say

the psychological baggage that comes with original sin is just off the charts for

me basically proven guilt um assumed guilty and still until proven

innocent here what kind of Burden does that lay on us yeah yeah what are some of the Eastern

religions say you know it doesn’t fall into one way or the

other there’s no original Purity or defilement it’s based on one’s actions

so by one’s actions is how it’s perceived whether and then I like the

term is it helpful am I acting wisely and skillfully

instead of I’m damned from the very beginning uh what a trip to lay on somebody yeah

you know yeah um then people can be kind of more under control because if they’re taught and

believe that there’s something wrong with them from the get-go no that’s not to say that they’re a perfect angel

either but delay that burden on someone to begin with it’s uh it’s quite a trip

it’s actually a good angle because um a lot of thoughts come in when you when you play that angle in here for the

first level I thought I’m I’m still a bit stuck in the cane store which I need to complete but I’m also thinking about

we also have a Luther with the one that also work with the the original sin and

being born in sin and how do we then redeem ourselves because Redemption is tied to the original sin how grace of

God with Luther though yes yes he gave it another twist it depends on

if you’re Lutheran or or you are from Catholic orientation so just so

people can look that up say that’s different that should be known that there’s a different understanding of the

original sin sure but if we go back to the earliest Christianity and the understanding of redention which

actually means to be bought loose that goes into debt so I’m not saying it’s necessary it is a

debt but it’s not a debt to money because money as such yes there were means of trade but the debt is the debt

to the Lord of being born but also the original sin of having transgressed

against the original version of um knowledge the law of the god and what

we were given to be prosperous as well as being being alive and being in this

how is it with the the buying loose it goes with being the the Saint Paul

Saint Paul plays upon the idea of being enslaved in Christ instead of being

enslaved into society so so that’s where he plays with that upon the Redemption the Greek word of it which I can’t

remember but it goes into that is that instead of being slave of society we then become slaves within Christ and

that’s our Redemption that’s where we bought loose and the way that we get rid of the original sin is by our religious

actions in prayer in meditation or whatever meditation prayer we could say

they could Loosely be be aligned say they’re more or less the same aside the

meditation is a practice within a different type of thought system whereas prayer is within a religious belief

system so there are nuances there that are different but the idea is that we

get forgiveness from God from the original sin when we are practicing the

law of God in the right manner and then we can be bought loose from the original sin through Redemption this is a really

interesting context here but to me at the end of the day it still boils down

to slavery you’re enslaved and no I want to be freed you know I want to be

liberated from slavery it doesn’t matter who I’m enslaved under usually it’s our own minds right from the lack of our own

mind training so when one trains the mind that’s what’s different about most

of the religions are clear and they’re very helpful I don’t want to be against them per se out of the box making sweet

sweeping statements because they do teach people ethics and morality for

their own good The Knowing good and bad or whatever are things that are can help

society and be of benefit and things that won’t right the the yeah the missing thing is the

Mind training so yes and then Luther was instrumental in

um seen through the indulgences I guess at the Catholic Church basically buying your way into heaven so that’s another

money thing look at on the American dollar bill and God we trust you know

why why is that on on money you know so yes it’s definitely been tied into the fire the Catholic Church absolutely no

doubt the Vatican bank is one of the most hugest financial institutions on the face of the Earth too or was it one

time yeah and then I tried to crawl back into the whole okay let’s talk about it

without the money here but the where I want to go and also when we talk about

the forgiveness is in the Catholic Church you go you go to what you call it and when you confession thank you and

and there you sit there and then then the priest says and I’m sorry guys I’m going to be a little bit harsh here but

just you do five Ava Maria’s and then God will will forgive you right so then it’s it’s the priest that ordains the

forgiveness if people follows the rights and if they they do the prayer and they do the the the insides the contemplation

on what they have done wrong and where did that want to come from that’s why I want to twist it back to pain first

because when Cain had killed his brother uh the Lord as it said in the in the

Bible comes in and and and looks at Cain and say why did you do that why did you

follow the the the traits of sin and here’s not mentioned as Sin but it’s

actually doing wrong as it were coiled up in front of your door as a snake so

here again we have the whole snake witch in my um when I’ve been doing clearing work as

well as in healing work I see a lot of these what I call ill mindedness of third cycle energies that are from a

previous cycle where we where the ones that existed there when Norms is selfish as well as we saw the fall of Atlanta

this and these star code systems actually look like a snake so so that’s

the interesting and it can produce if it has enough energy can actually produce a

dark snake so that’s very interesting when we talk about well will if we’re

here talking about third cycle energies that comes in and makes people ill minded it leads them into the deception

of it’s okay to do this I’m of this fine I can just do whatever I want to do

righteousness the bad sense of the word and this goes into your teachings on the seven D’s too yeah the negative seven

the negative seven the cube technology that runs the dark code sequences and make people go into certain but this is

not just then if we say that that alludes to that then then it’s all the depression and denial and these kind of

things I’m not necessarily saying that depression is a kind of a sin but these are just the negative energy units and

the code systems that gives that effect in our mind but if we go back to forgiveness

if we’re now I’m really gonna play hot ball here because if we are saying that

when we are under the influence of the third cycle negative dark energy that

leads to dark coding of our Energy System and by that do service yourself or to go into some in whatever form that

where we do things we know that’s wrong but we do it anyways because we’re not really in control of

ourselves is it that then the right approach to ask for forgiveness

because the very key question seminal questions and I don’t even know the

exact meaning of that word so right so the authenticity is huge

here right it can’t be lip service it can’t be a thing to get out of jail free

card there needs to be a commitment for Change and ethical things around it

right we see this in Partnerships all the time I’m sorry you know please forgive me

in one sense the words can be very helpful and we’ll get into this in another sense it could just be like

routine uh parroting right where it means nothing anymore yeah so what is

the energetic effect behind this you know what kind of commitment to change

and resolve is being made to not happen again the easiest way for me to look at

this is forgiveness is great uh well there’s a few things but at the end of

the day um forgiveness has to come from the heart it has to be authentic and it ha it

can’t be forced it has to be the right time the biggest thing though is it does

not excuse the harm done yeah the energetic residual of it

if we go into this if I’m in front it’s it’s unfortunately mainly males that

have this this temporarity or by some of the the dark coding that I often refer

to as a snake if we’re doing statistic wise yeah it comes in and look at you and

literally like type of try to say but it does it anyway and then

afterwards say please forgive me and then in in that situation I would say

technically there’s nothing to forgive but we got another problem here bro and that problem is that that you have

responded positively to a dark coding like Kane did and and God kindnesses and

or the Avail of him there says well you responded to it you let it in you open the door to the snake you open similar

as Adam and Eve they let the snake convince them that it was okay to do or

to go against the law so if we say that the snake is not an actual snake but actually it’s a code that goes will

service to self and Ill mindedness then the challenge will be in this when we talk about okay I’ve done something I

knew was wrong we have got the old version of the the demon and the angel on the sword shoulders right and people

they know it’s wrong so why do they do it and if they then afterwards say oh I

know it is wrong please forgive me then then I am not so eager to do the

energetic letting go because that’s also where you can look at forgiveness as a letting go of the incident because it’s

much deeper than that it’s a personality trait to do things when you’re wrong and

then we try to to worm our way out of it to use that pun intended worm our way

out of it instead of looking at why do I actually do things I know that’s wrong

why do I fall back into that mental trap where I

give myself the allowance to actually have actions and behavior that I know

deep down that especially if we have a heart feel that kicks in or we have the slightest amount of compassion or the

slightest feeling of loving kindness we know already when we do it why not snap

out of the trends why not look into let me stop this right away and not continue

here let me close my mouth and sit in contemplation and find that snake find

that code and do that clearing work because in that moment that whatever pops up shows us hey you got something

you need to clear we’ve got a code here that’s dysfunctional it links up to one of the dark cubes that makes you believe

and give you thought forms that allows you to do what you know is wrong yeah and the key word here is trance so when

we’re in trance we don’t know we’re in a trance because we’re in a trance it’s not until we wake up out of the trance

do we realize kind of what’s done now this doesn’t excuse behavior for that we

have to take self-responsibility because nobody else can tell us what to do there has to be a drive

um an accountability and one needs to see the benefit of this for themselves right

so only when we can wake up out of that trance is it possible so with this

setting aside the you know the war against men and women in the the pointing and the blame like in the Bible

oh well Eve made him do it right that would that kind of BS let’s just set that aside for now and say Adam was

wanting to say no there we go so see how this pits men and women against each

other all the time so what is the feminine’s role in this when they see their their um their partner are the

masculine I’m thinking of a cartoon now where they have these swirls in their eyes and they’re completely in this

hypnotic trance and these things take over right so what is the feminine role to to support here of this is say hey

wake up don’t you see what you’re doing it in a way that doesn’t inflame it even more right but at the same time isn’t

like an emotional doormat just to let it run rampant and that depends on how

awake the female is because females as men have we have as part of our fetal

pattern we have some of the gene codes from our dads and how our relationship has been with our dads so that plays in

when these things happen and when these things replay as an emotional pattern

so if if the female has worked through her own issues with her own dad or whatever that relation was if even if

it’s loving and caring there are oh that’s you know Josh that’s a difficult

that’s actually a humongously difficult easy peasy fix she needs to do that

because not only do we have the Rel the the relationship with her father we have

the code systems of our father and some of his dark coding that’s in our field as well

and it goes to also ties into what we call generations of suppression of females but also men have also been

suppressed because you are under when I call the curse of Adam you are under this whole work ethics quote-unquote

ethics you are under the spell of work work work and money earn money work work

work frustration not feeling uh good enough not feeling living up to the

requirements of society not being good enough dad not being good not father not getting honor and respectful for what

we’re doing yes either so so that also produces some kind of negative that’s

part of the curse of Adam that with the back bend to energetically understand to

look to the ground to be oriented towards matter and naturalism in a

materialistic thought forms and production instead of looking up to the sky and begin what able Technica was

supposed to do because the able one will go into the root of that name means to contain it means The Emptiness of that

was probably if we go with the full idea of that Kane was the materialistic one and Abel was the one that was the

spiritual one then you can see how metrolism actually killed Abel so we

perhaps we’re not actually talking about physical beings perhaps we’re talking about Dynamics here that the Dynamics

that are con that are focused on towards materialism has a tendency to be attacked by the the third cycle very old

spatial type of energies whereas Abel that was Perhaps Perhaps false cycle

just to put my ideas into it the spirituality going with the heart field well he was easily killed off right

because materialism is a stalker because it gets easier and infected by the

subcycle energies of the snake configuration well in some sense however if there is rebirth then it doesn’t

matter because it’ll come back in the things that still need to be worked on will be repeated then another key thing

I find around this is it doesn’t seem as helpful to to assign blame to anyone or

anything however taking responsibility for this seeing

the importance of it has to be there right it doesn’t matter whose fault it is as much as

um as you know doing our own part of that to to make a

difference around this now the energetic effect of this is um quite uh for

forgiveness when it comes to the actual practice of this I think it’s and I did a talk

um you know more than likely link this in the show notes about this already when I talk to people even spiritual

practitioners a lot of them are very reluctant to even consider forgiveness you know there are some things that have

been done to people that are unforgivable they say and so this starts with allowing non-forgiveness saying I

might not be able to forgive that person for the rest of my life and being okay with that too at the same time

considering the benefit of this and it’s not for the other person so much it is

an unnecessary burden at least at some part now there has to be a long time

sometimes before it gets there and it seems to happen on its own when it’s ready to happen like I said earlier

this is a burden that I’m carrying around that I don’t need to because I

hold a grudge for someone for what they did 20 30 years ago it’s not harming them anymore they could care less

I’m carrying this around on my shoulders when I don’t need to it’s like why would

I carry this extra weight when I when I don’t need to at the same time I can’t force this I can’t make this be

authentic when it’s not it has to be the right time and be sincere I need to put something in here because first and

foremost it might sound as if I’m kind of thumbs up with forgiveness I’m not [Music]

I’m not because first and foremost for me it’s a religious term

so it needs to be let go of the incident let it go because we know humans do

stupid stuff we know we mess up sometimes we know yeah I this one up so for me it’s quite simple in in the

situation where we have a situation where one we care about do something that we kind they know it’s stupid we

know it’s stupid and I don’t I don’t care what you call it a grunge I don’t care around the negativity about it

because in that situation what good would come of that if the other person that’s in that incident said I’m sorry I

up yeah that was so stupid of me I’m good fine Edward because then we have what’s called

self-adjusting then the other one takes responsibility for his or her actions

saying oh yeah I I was not really observant there or I was mindlessly just

doing something odd on an older pattern which I’ve been working with but they’re asleep I fell back in into one of my

older childhood trauma patterns or because we’ve been stressed out or frustrated and we take it out on the

other one we all know that this has happened so the first step is there to say okay the one that’s done it says I’m

sorry I up and I said it’s okay I don’t need to say I forgive you because I’m not I’m not a priest this is what

I’m talking about so that’s what I mean by forgiveness I agree I don’t like the term just because it’s so religiously

loaded yeah no but it is tied to religion yeah absolutely so we must use the words the right place the point is

here okay I’ll let go of it yeah but let us work at first and foremost the solution for then what’s the Learning

lesson here from me and for you since we had that incident what is the learning lesson for the what led to to the the

foreigns right what happened there and then take that sometimes which we know

which I know males are not always you who let’s do the long process on this one where females a little bit more

let’s target over figure out what’s going on but the talk has to be oriented towards evaluation process of

understanding and solutions so that it can be avoided again because as my

father actually taught me when you do it’s okay to up one time because everybody does that we go into new

situations we we are new to each other we’re new in a relationship we knew it at what place or whatever and we mess up

that’s not that it’s okay to do because we’re humans but we do but the the whole

thing what he used to say is it’s okay to up once if you up twice it

shows signs of you’re not really paying attention and you should pay more attention because you’re repeating your

mistake that can be let go of as well but if you do it a third time then

either you completely disrespectful for the other person or you’re just stupid

and normally I say when people repeat something and say oh I’m sorry I messed

up and if it just becomes like a parrot and then they repeat exactly what they’ve done then I lose respect for

that person sure this is really important you said avoid so we can avoid that again totally agree I think a level

above that though is when I say I avoid something that means it’s still there I’m just stepping

around it so ideally it would be a complete elimination or you know

I’m not mean but sometimes we need to because something is so dangerous that

and it’s still there that it hasn’t gone away yet and it’s in our best interest

both best interests to sidestep it we know it’s still there but we’re not picking it up so this is a really

important thing too yes ideally now some of these things though come out of habit right there can be a really deeply

ingrained habit that it just can’t be Rewritten some things in three times you

know some things can other things take extra time and then this is where

patience comes in right it can be so frustrating for both parties right because it can both can or one can

clearly see it the other one just gets so frustrated they can’t change fast enough it comes down to sincere effort

though how much are they committed to changing to resolving to really committing to doing this I think it’s a

big thing but then trust has to be regained right uh it’s not like this is where they have to come up with a track

record okay show me you say it but we come from the show me state Missouri that’s the state motto show me you know

I I don’t want to just hear about it you have to show me this so regain trust get a track record down that it’s really

happening and not just you know flowerly flowerly words yeah and it’s good you

put it that way because as a psychotherapist I keep forgetting that um other people think about these things

in a different way than I do because I’m so trained and everything is a process so for me it’s completely logical that

when I say change of ways I know it’s a process I know it can take years depending on how solidified is that

pattern emotional pattern in your neural network for instance if we what what our brain is built up in layers so early

childhoods are the deepest layers and then it builds up to different level was where we have different epidural

patterns that have been literally cemented into a neural network and if it’s a very old pattern there’s of

course it takes longer time to change it if we have done something for 10 years it might actually take us five years to

change it but as as a psychotherapist as well as as a person that really cares

about other people as I do for me it’s not about oh yeah change completely from Orange to red or whatever it’s the

little things it’s that when as a as a person like me that’s hugely interested

in how people change you can see the little differences you can see it’s a little bit different every time it’s not

the same thing so what I’m talking about is that if you do the same thing the exact same way in this exact same

disrespectful manner even though it has been addressed and you have learned that this is the wrongful way to do it then I

know either I’m dealing with enormously habitual or deep coded pattern that then

needs some deep cycle therapy to be cleared out figure out what is that pattern about what’s the subconscious

material here because clearly it cannot be seen and acknowledged as part of the

daily awareness it just comes in and is in a kind of a trend subconsciously being let out

or are we actually talking about that the other person literally doesn’t care about me enough to want to change it and

that’s also important when we have relationships that we go in whether it’s friends or it’s it’s a partner or a

spouse we go in and look and say okay we are in this joint field together and we

are literally interested in in developing ourselves in this joint field whether it’s just boyfriends and

girlfriends as normal friends I know in in America say boyfriends and girlfriends but for me that’s actually a

partner that’s one you love with so for me it’s just a friend as we said in Danish so if if it’s a friend that

really matters to me then then the in the investment in that relationship must

be through a deeper understanding of each other where we want to meet each other where we actually want to throw in

some effort to make that relationship work and that’s both communication but it’s also when we

when we sleep or when we fail or when we do something that we could have done better and the other one gets hurt then

if the joint interest is I want this relationship to work then we find the solution it’s not just about oh yeah I

up forgive me okay I forgive you and then it’s off the table it needs to be because I’m a psychotherapist and for

me and and a woman it needs to be looked at it needs to be especially if not if

it happens one time but if it repeats itself then it must be looked at what’s going on here how do we work with this

because clearly it hurts you not you but the person is doing it without knowing

what’s actually going on and it’s hurting me and I need to verbalize that it hurts me because if I don’t verbalize

that it hurts me then I’m not authentic and I’m not honest about who I want I am about

myself and I don’t take good care of myself so and it’s not about blaming the

other but it’s about saying we have this joint field and we do care about each other so how do we fix this so we

maintain friends so we progress our relationship where we get a deeper understanding and by that actually

allows the hot energy and kindness towards each other to grow instead of the anger and the resentment and the

hurt for me one of the challenges is like a righteous indignation I deserve to do

whatever I want the way I want to do it and then sometimes in relationships it turns into a power struggle it can and

um even if it’s just kind of a soft power the other thing though that overrides

all this for me is non-harming so when there’s harm involved that’s like a huge

red flag and course correction has to come in there and so if we don’t value or if I don’t value non-harm high enough

well then we can come up with all kinds of justifications for our Behavior

or lack of concern for the other another Dynamic to throw in here too is our

intent in the outcome we’ve talked about this I’ve talked about this on past things with other people the best thing

that I see now it’s my intent is a hundred percent my responsibility now the outcome is shared because I have a

part in that in how it’s received by another they have a part in that too I can’t control the entire outcome that

happens right at the same time I can’t give away all

responsibility and say well I didn’t intend to that to happen you know that’s not on me anymore so it’s this delicate

balance there too again though I can’t stress enough

non-harming when it comes to this type of thing yeah and you can say it’s not just about not harming the other person

it’s always about the joint feel that we’re creating together in the relationship as a person like I am the

looks a lot into energy and energy connection and what energy does and energy doesn’t do and the harm of the

energy then we can see the the the the the anger and the resentment and the

negative emotions that can come in from time to time it’s not about us being happy toddlers walking around not doing

anything wrong because we’re grown-ups with our patterns and our history and who we are and that leads to clashes

sometimes that leads to crashes as I also said in terms of relationship but

it is the communication and and this is the practice is females are good at talking about

emotion but not always solution oriented not always going into the mode of okay

um what where what’s this evaluation actually about is it just about blaming

our partner or is it just to to kind of uh I feel victimized by what you did or

what’s going on here so so for me as females there need to be this at least

that’s a hot spot for me get the orientation of okay this is an evaluation because I want to try create

a better situation next time not avoiding it as in kind of oh I’m afraid of it I don’t want it to happen again

but what I mean with avoidance is that I weed it out of my behavioral vocabulary

so I go in and say I look at this Behavior I don’t like this Behavior I don’t like the behavior in myself let’s

work with myself first I don’t like that behavior myself so I look in and I find what’s the emotional pattern behind I’ve

as a therapist and before I even became a therapist even as a young girl I was

contemplating upon how do I actually want to be who do I want to be as a human so look into again look into who

do I want to be how do I how do other people view me not as in oh I’m modifying myself so everybody find me

likable because I know nobody is of course when I was younger that perhaps was the goal who isn’t but later on it

also became as if I am expressing my authenticity this is who I am

then I also need to understand that I must find ways where I can express who I

am in a manner that is not harmful in a manner that does not threat on others

and blast them to Pieces because that’s not the point of me showing who I am as

a functional human being that actually respects other people and and wants to

have relationships that are deep and giving and caring and nurturing each other and not have some kind of screwed

up relationship because in my mind it’s like well why even have a relationship if they’re not nurturing and giving and

kind and caring I also like the people of relationships or friendships or whatever where people are mean to each

other I’m kind of why they even in that weird with Dynamic I understand as a therapist

but why waste time being in that well and that’s how some people at least when I was coming up they showed kindness to

each other by making fun of each other yeah it’s just so bad backwards to me you know I don’t know how that that’s

more of a male kind of thing too but it’s just like that is so backwards you

have to go up and like hug your bro all the time right and just say oh I love you bro all the time that’s I don’t know

I’m not saying that’s the solution either it’s just yeah I found it so bizarre so this for me is all about

um four-fold uprooting what’s not helpful eliminating it from the root

then preventing it from coming back making effort for it so it doesn’t pop

up again yeah or making it less in stages yes yeah you’re right this

doesn’t happen overnight sometimes it can’t sometimes we’re ripe to where we can do this much power right away other

times it’s a long process multi-step process then it’s um generating things

that are helpful putting constant energy into coming up with new things that are helpful and then it’s also putting f

effort into maintaining what’s already there that’s working so those four ways of approaching yeah and then as females

are learning that these were adapts are good sum up Josh as in females are learning to be more evaluation process

and solution based in these conversations that we are not that we’re blast right to it because they need to

be the processes of emotion acknowledgment of emotions but also understand it’s not about just wallowing

around in the emotions because that’s where most guys they just kind of yeah enough of all of that in five minutes

like and then I’m load it up I can’t take any more cut could we please not all of these emotions so males need to

learn to be more in the emotional process and find that okay and I completely understand for at least my

generation I know it’s different from the younger Generations but my Generations I’m born in the 60s so for

my generation it is that that that was not except aside from not the sake but

aside from the hippie movement it has not been worked in many times and males

will allowed to have emotions they have not been trained in their emotionality like females are kind of yeah you’re so

emotional it’s almost being used as a kind of a negative um understanding of of emotions female

have overload of and almost negatively making them less of a human so to speak and then the males were kind of I don’t

have any emotions at all I’m always mental processes and that kind of makes me a better man or what have you but

when we talk about that might be actually on on work that might be a good thing but when we talk relationships it

over emotionality and under emotionality makes it difficult to have a fruitful

relationship so they need to be the right amount of emotion and the right amount of mental

processes totally agree and I’ll Circle back around this but communication is

like the ground and the entire thing around this because if there can’t be communication around this none of this

stuff can even happen to begin with um with emotions me being fairly energetically sensitive I approach this

maybe a different way that when I get into a hugely emotional process and it’s

I I sometimes forget that it’s unpleasant so if I go in there with the mindfulness

that I knowing this isn’t going to be pleasant the entire time and not being afraid of that then it’s not a big a

deal but when I forget that this can be unpleasant then it just doesn’t feel

good in my body like why would I want to engage in an extended emotional process

when it just feels so horrible and at the same time when I reflect on it

the only way out is through so these emotions do need to go into and at the

same time how much of these are really necessary how much do I need to wallow in them

um doesn’t need to go to such extremes of uh

unpleasantness and on the other end extreme pleasantness you know where is

this helpful and where is it not so I think the dynamic between men and women this is this is kind of the push and

pull where I feel maybe the women in general if I can make a generalization

here give more value to emotions and emotional process they also get a lot of

more benefit from going through these and mastering them while men maybe not so much so you know what kind of

um where can we meet each other in the middle of these things as well and I know one huge area for improvement for

men in general is Mr Fix It Right I want to jump in there and I want to fix

things all the time when the best thing for me to do a lot of times is just be president listen while this process goes

through while this process in hearing it out doesn’t need a solution a lot of things don’t need a solution and at the

same time some things do so but for the overall for men in general I would say the advice is more to be present and

just listen be there yeah you’re out exactly because the whole the whole when when if I have some kind of emotional

outburst and and life is a little bit too tough if it’s my liking and and I’m kind of which

I can’t speak on bearheart the whole female so I will only speak on behalf of me and as as one that’s worked with my

own emotions for for since actually since I was 22 because I was overwhelmed by the emotionality I had in this

physical form and being one that that has always worked with energy and has

previous lives of working with energy and in that one in a way being born a little bit Clairvoyant and already

Awakening by that addressing life very different from most people asking questions most people didn’t ask at

least in in in in the stages of my life let’s put it that way so so for me

having that orientation understanding why do I have this over emotionality because that’s not who I am but learning

later on is kind of the the pattern from my mother who was over emotional and learning that working through some of

the things I worked through were actually her own resolved business I was completing in my energy system so that’s

also part of the clearing work to understand sometimes we act out what we got from our parents so that’s part of

the clearing process as well and that’s also why we sometimes in relationships respond in that trance not only just

because of that coding but also because we’re literally playing out the patterns of our parents so we’re playing out the

Dynamics between our parents and our relationship so that needs to be on top of as well and cleared out

but for me after having worked psychologically and in clearing work in a meditation and an inner work and in

healing work and and clairvoyantly and all the levels that we can come up with over 20 years so this is not just

something oh yeah I did it for two minutes and then I got I nailed it down but all all of the energies I’m working

with the encounters I have all the different Realms I’m working in the releasing work I’m participating in I am

so used to enormous amount of suffering and an enormous amount of pain both of

my clients but also from the entities I’m working with when I release them whether they’re actual or mental or

other dimensional or from parallel systems or Grays or whatever they are

when we come to that encounter where we sense the other being as part of our Energy System what they hold will then

be felt completely and that’s where the ability to still be sound and

um whole and kind but also also saying know

and have that strong empowerment while still feeling that enormous amount of suffering has made me kind of yeah

that’s just emotions that’s just a chemical Rush why flee away from it it’s just the body that responds to a

specific type of energy we are kind of saying oh yeah like the orgasm that’s I like that chemical rush but the sadness

or the pain or the the existential pain or something that really breaks down

your heart field That’s Just Energy as well that can it’s our thought forms

around it is how we perceive it as something oh this is too difficult I can’t handle this so I must run away

from it instead of just this is just the body responding to a specific type of energy so investigate it and say okay

what’s going on here why why do why is that energy there and sometimes as a

female which is one of the good things we female allowed to do a good cry is all that’s needed just literally kept

houses crying where you literally stopping and like that just giving it a

good go and exercise the heart muscle to release these chemicals whereas males

are not allowed to do that they are in meditation though when nobody else is around and for me it’s

not sobbing and crying it’s weeping yeah uh and I did that for you know like years when I first started but it was

socially acceptable because I was by myself what comes to mind here what what’s brought up around this is you

know what part of this are we running away from and too afraid to face

headlong which I would just give a rallying cry for men to face their pain any even women too because we do so many

different coping strategies we have they’re helpful at certain times when it gets too overwhelming but how much can

we actually go into this in order to address it and deal with it that we’ve been putting off I know I did for years

and years and I didn’t even know I was doing it until it was almost too late and I had to face it I was forced to now

and then how much are we uh not going into our pain but then how much are we actually adding psychological suffering

on top of the pain that’s already there you know we’re gonna have pain throughout entire life the other Dynamic

I’m wondering about is boundaries especially when all these things come in

getting uh this thrown at us from all different levels excuse my French

again um where do we put boundaries how thick do

we make them even more important how do we communicate those boundaries to

people that may not understand what we’re going through you know who may say well that’s just a little too extreme

for me you know that’s a little bit too much but then or the opposite where we

don’t have enough boundaries just people let in anything all the time yeah yeah and the good one of the questions I

always again we need to look at what level are we talking about here are we talking about psychological boundaries between two people within the base

program doing normal human emotionality then we are talking about a different

type of boundaries then it won’t talk about energy and then when we talk about boundaries of energy for I have in in my

work with both clients as a Healer and the way I work because I can hold it I

have a very unique Energy System that transforms things so for me I don’t need but I don’t need the wide sphere of

protection and these kind of things I know never that’s not a thing not even when I began doing energy what was that

something that was on my mind for me it was just about this needs to be looked at this needs to be transformed this

needs to be released I just knew that was how I could do it and I can I have that enormously strong Energy System

that can break down and build itself back up whereas others that have a weaker Energy System might feel the need

to protect themselves and sometimes when I say to people which has been misunderstood as if I

have fear of these encounters no but sometimes I get tired of it sometimes I feel worn out sometimes I feel yeah not

today dude I would like not to get stopped today because I’m in the rebuilding process but that does not

mean that I have fear of it I do have things I feel that is so unpleasant I would like to not encounter it again and

by that since I know what leads to that encounter I find it wise not to amplify

what leads to that encounter but that does doesn’t mean I have fear of it but when we talk about normal people and

interesting enough I can actually be more afraid of people that kind of energetic entities because energetic

entities you can clear whereas people that are normally angry or have a specific modality they are acting out

can actually instigate that chemical response in my system that the emotional

field um defines as fear so how do I respond to these situations as in in if I am a

situation that actually does give fear and interestingly enough I get very very centered and very very not cold but I

get in what we could call survival mode which I’ve experienced again and and again so in such a situation where I am

in in I can come up with several but I want there’s a little bit too personal I have seen myself respond in a way that

take really good care of myself protecting myself so I have this infield interesting

enough that all of these energies are flowing in and out of me and all of these different things that are going on and at the same time I’m enormously

protective of myself because I know how important it is to nurture myself in the right way so that even though I go

through all of these stages I keep rebuilding myself because not because I’m the most important person in the

world but because I have that same respect for myself and my own Energy System who I am and the self-care that

leads me to as the in the same way I respect other life forms I also respect

myself and this is where we go next self-care and the more I can take care

of myself the more other people benefit because that’s less crap that I’m projecting into the world right the less

burden I have to be on someone else uh and so I can show up for them or myself

even better when we’re doing self-care I know for me is is a big part is is

meditation you know mindfulness checking and seeing what’s going on it’s a great

container because it’s a sitting down and just going within see

what’s falling on my plate in the moment what I’ve been neglecting things that I haven’t been seeing before if I want to

engage in hard practices I can nurturing you know for guys it’s a little bit

different I mean for me it was hard saying these I love yous to my own heart it just didn’t it felt sappy but after

time you know but that honesty is self-care too being honest to myself not lying to myself

um cooking good meals I mean it’s just something as simple as that that’s one of my things I did during the lockdowns is spend extra time you know nurturing

the body with nutriment and nourishment instead of you know uh neglecting that

or going overboard on the other end and um I know a lot of people have emotional eating I’ve seen this too

um all these different things so what really feels nourishing I feel is is a

good thing or replenishing uh what you know what does self-care mean to you

the way I work with it because when I began my Awakening process and when I

was 22 actually I got so down a bit down in a rabbit hole I was so deep down that

actually contemplated taking my own life and to say it as it is I had gotten myself into a situation that was so far

from everything I was I had traveled in Israel I had some trauma coming home from there I got myself involved in a

relationship where I was profoundly unhappy and I got myself distance from my family and I just felt enormously

alone and miserable and what have you but for me and I know I make it sound

like as if oh yes just every day but I worked years to get out of that process it’s not something but now because I

have gone through it I can talk about it more lightly so that’s why I talk about it in this way but what I kind of I had

this profound dream I referred to many times as I was on an ocean all floating

on an ocean with a mattress and my mattress was sinking to the bottom of the ocean and as I sunk and saw myself

in that dream sinking thinking oh I’m thinking this is not good and then at

the same time how can I breathe I’m underwater I’m not supposed to be able to breathe all of these processes I

heard in my in my head and it jolted me out of my dream and wake up see things

as they truly are and we know that’s a very strong Buddhist um saying but I got that when I was 22

and I thought to myself when I woke up I thought to myself if I can get myself

into such a deep depression I can also get myself out of it and that’s that’s

where I know I’m different because how many people think that rational logically if I can get myself so so far

out I can also get myself back so so thereby my advice is always I must always think about my psychotherapeutic

training of how most people deal with things and then how I have dealt with things but one of the things that that I began

was of course looking for answers because I wanted to know why why is the world as it is what is going on here why

am I even in the situation why is this ridiculous life situation as I also had when I was a kid asking these questions

which are then suppressed which led me to my depression so to speak so my way

out of my depression was Awakening and finding answers but not answers as in a

society and government is is treating me badly because I live in Denmark where we actually have a quite

good system taking care of each other so for me it was the existential questions the existential questions of how had I

got myself into this situation why had I made these choices and that aside from

knowing that I actually shouldn’t have done this choice because I was a bright kid I was a smart kid I used to write

some very profound poems I was in good contact with my emotions so why had I

got myself into that situation when I had this skills to actually work with emotions Why did Why was it there but to

go in sorry about that just going into this whole asking me what was the first step when I really began

um that was self-nurturing for me is a kind of self-parenting

because for me what I figured out was that the way not that I had bad parents

per se but I had definitely some emotional Trauma from that unfulfilled connection and one of the ways it played

out was exactly as we see it in many people not eating healthy enough not

taking good care of not off my body not going to the bathroom and poop when I had to poop not going in pee when I had

to pee not getting enough sleep so I trained now I feel I need to go and poop

now I go poop now I need to pee now I Go Peep now I’m thirsty now I drink now I’m

hungry so I eat but I eat good healthy food and I need to exercise

and then I began looking for the existential answers so that was my recipe

so for me it was it was similar once I realized the bad choices first I thought

I was completely Justified making those like again self-righteous I didn’t do anything to harm anybody or myself and

you know without assigning blame though I realized oh I acted very unskillfully in

certain situations you know and I had a lot of stuff thrown on me too and you

know then get into reviewing the childhood right and that’s where the

re-parenting can very be helpful right at first I was blaming my parents you know um and it

and then I come to realize they were doing the best they could if they could have done better they would now it doesn’t excuse the emotion you know the

emotional challenges let’s just put it that way that came about that doesn’t make them right at all and if we go into

saying oh you know they they didn’t do anything wrong you know that’s a really slippery slope because there was harm

done acknowledging the harm that was done and balancing away at the same time they didn’t have a clue you know it

doesn’t make what they did right or anything you know because they are doing the best they can and I know when I change my own relationship with myself

my relationship with my family got way better you know it was amazing how

reality shifted and changed like that when I could start taking responsibility and I could see that they were kind of

still like children on some levels and then I was taking extra responsibility where they couldn’t see or address or

had the tools to even know how to address a lot of things giving myself befriending myself you know would I say

what I’m saying to to myself would I say that to a friend no why would I say it to myself then how much can I turn

myself into a friend you know uh that was a really big hump to get over

bad States and negative self-states in the re-parenting but for me then once

instead of getting so much in the existential questions for me it was like wait a second it seems like the Wall’s

been pulling over my eyes here a little bit the things that I’ve been told about reality there’s more to it than what

I’ve been told if it’s not a complete and blatant lie to begin with you know that all these different things waking

up that the world is far much more different than we were have led have been led to believe it is so that

looking deeply into the nature of reality even in just in the everyday thing that you know they’re not telling

us a lot of things about uh you know how am I with that you know who can I talk to this about and for a long time there

I couldn’t talk to anybody about it I lost friends and then I made new friends too and this goes to another huge thing

about self-care that came up as belonging so this notion that no one is going

through the same thing I’m going through for a short time that was the case but

that is not the case no matter what we’ve gone through at least somebody at some point in time has had somewhat

similar experiences because we’re all interconnected right we can’t we don’t exist in a vacuum it doesn’t take away

from our unique experiences at all you know it’s not going to be the exactly the same thing but this notion of where

do I belong in all this you know do I need to contact my space Brothers more or do I need to you know dial it down

and go into a community and this again is balanced with

distancing myself from the things that aren’t helpful too so just because I

only have one or two friends doesn’t make it any less important or less valuable or less helpful than if I had

thousands of friends as we say it in Danish rather one bed in your hand than 10 on the roof so that’s actually saying

treasure what you have have good relationships more than just have a lot of acquaintances because what’s for me

at least what’s the point of that but that’s what we call networking um I want to put in here a little bit

when you mentioned about parents and the um one of the things as a psychotherapist when I’ve been working

with Children of sexual abuse or or of other forms of abuse then it’s in normal

enormously important to learn to let go but at the same time also

acknowledge the blame not blame as a negative but actually seeing is that that parent did a severely shitty job

there was harm done yes so that needs to be acknowledged that can never be absolutely and well well that’s that’s

beside the point right now that has to be it can’t be forgotten either because it doesn’t want it it won’t the reason

to remember that acknowledge it so it doesn’t happen again yeah yeah but also to get to the point where not that we’re

going to because that’s a whole other Dynamic that is very very important I’m

just putting it in there so we understand again when because one of the things that that that’s why I say I

don’t believe in forgiveness many spiritual thought forms and ideas that

go with forgive no matter what they’ve done to you forgive them because then you will be released and for me the

psychodynamics in that one is that no because if someone has on something to

you that is so harmful that is that tremendously has changed your personality structure into a traumatic

pattern then forgiveness is not the solution the understanding of the

pattern the clearing of the pattern the clearing of the Dynamics and learn to activate the frontal lobe so that we can

act against that enormously traumatized pattern and choose paths for ourselves

that are more fruitful for our own self nurturing and re-parenting is the

solution but still acknowledge that the ones that caused that severe trauma yes

we can let go but we are allowed to be angry with them we are allowed to look

at them say what the yeah what you did was not right I’m sorry my friendship do you share expression

it’s a good point the the Christians say forgive and forget I would say forgive maybe but forgetting is not

going to be helpful if it leads to it happening again and again then that’s more and more harm

caused now I totally agree that this is steeped in religious terminology so I

want to know what is the um the substitute for this word forgiveness and I want to read a just a three paragraph

phrase really briefly that I found really helpful practice for me but when when I say forgiveness I want to

substitute it for the meaning that Randy and I are agreeing on here the whole dynamic that goes into that

unfortunately I don’t see a better word that would go into it yeah letting go yes so here’s here’s the phrase I’ll

just it’s a three-way forgiveness phrase to those I may have caused harm

knowingly or unknowingly through my thoughts words or actions I ask you to consider forgiving me

to those who may have caused me harm knowingly or unknowingly through their thoughts words or actions I freely offer

my forgiveness as best as I am able at this time and for any harm I may have

caused myself knowingly or unknowingly through my thoughts my words my actions I offer my forgiveness I forgive myself

as best as I can at this time so this goes into yes balancing this between you

know how much of this process when it works or when it’s authentic are when we

nail it with the right language and energy results in releasing a burden letting go

of that burden that I’m carrying around right and how much of it does it now I

also want to say that when Randy frames us in in regards to severe trauma that’s

different what I’m talking about really it’s a whole different Dynamic that I’m really not trained in yet and I’m still

very fascinated by going through these processes of learning and addressing trauma especially severe trauma because

all my spiritual karate moves They Don’t Really apply to trauma so that’s why I find it so baffling that it’s a whole

other ball game basically so again you know how much of this can can lead to a

letting putting down this burden and not picking this up and how much of it doesn’t help so yeah so I want to put in

there just just to to make sure that those who are listening to this podcast the some of the ideas here they are just

the surface of some very long processes they are not achieved lightly they they

come through deep inner work and contemplation and I would say what you

have read out there is actually more an exercise in loving kindness it is then

it actually is an exercise in learning to let go because these are two different Dynamics the letting go is a

psychodynamic that goes with actual life where that one I see more is an energetic contemplation exercises for

loving kindness to to work with the heart field and understand okay where what do I cling on to because I have

some self uh sense of self-righteousness that that I’m not willing to let go what

I have of ideas and beliefs of others because that gives me a standpoint of

either harm or indignation or some kind of power or some kind of feeling of

something where for me the loving kindness in that context with these three sayings are about learning to let

go but also learning to let go of perception of others perception of self

and perception of the situation in itself and investigated openly and with

kindness yes IT addresses ill will too it it’s a direct counter to ill will

yeah and these type of processes they yeah

they are very surface but sometimes that’s all it takes sometimes it’s on the surface to be dealt with and that’s

all it takes other times it’s not going to work and again it has to be the right time we can’t really Force this as far

as letting go sometimes I let go let go let go but it keeps coming back it keeps

coming back so part of it is an active process sometimes though it just kind of

releases when the time is right when a realization happens when it can be seen

and known and then realized for oneself a lot of times that’s when that release kind of just goes on its own

but it’s again many different layers of the emotional pads and so again as always I’m saying oh I want to do a talk

about this so we kind of get some ideas out there and then as all processes do it is open up for another process and

another understanding of who we are as people who we are as humans who we are as uh lodged into our cycle social uh

sexual orientations and and means of being multi-dimensional humans actually

kind of were thinking about today was all of these new classifications that comes up why not just say we’re

multi-dimensional as not only as in being able to to connect to multi-dimensions but we are also on many

dimensions we’re also multi-dimensional sbas and all of our different psychological aspects of different types

of skin tones or gender or orientation or what we find important and belief

systems and onwards I like this term Full Spectrum Human but the multi-dimensional human is even goes

beyond that because the Spectrum isn’t it’s more the Spectrum yes Full Spectrum Human

so so point being in this one just to sum a little bit up here that

for me both as a psychotherapist but also as an energy practitioner for the

path of Liberation for the the the work of remembering who I am reconnecting to

my past lives to bring in what can be brought into this life so I can finish unfinished business so I can clear the

patterns of the past so I can be present in the now from which I actually have an

amount of energy from which I can choose my future actions in observance and

remembering of who and what I am that’s for me the path of Liberation and that’s for me the the the work of rebirth to

not avoid rebirth but to understand there are dynamics that leads to a

repetition of patterns and if I can get these patterns cleared and all of their

levels be it multi-dimensionally on timelines and code streams and going far beyond what most people work with then I

have that centerness that I see as being truly authentic and truly Sovereign has

nothing to do with power but it has to do with the ability to transform energy and for me in that context then Letting

Go means to transform what has been created energetically it means to transform the crystallization so we

don’t get in unfinished business patterns that lead us to be brought together again and again so we can get a

second chance to do and undo the harm that we have caused upon each other for

me the understanding of being harmless means to not create crystallization negative energy Distortion energies but

to be in that process of reaching what I see as the highest period to read on the physical level the high standards on the

vibrational emotional level and the highest progression rate on the mental level and from that understanding

everything I do will be seen in in this interaction and what’s going on here between you and me what then leads to

The Highest Potential outcome for our both for both of us for the joint

progression for both of us that would lead the other to uh not necessarily

being a better human quote-unquote because what is a better human and sometimes we we get together in

situations that are enormously unpleasant but if both are willing to learn from it with both are ready to

clear themselves of what was being shown there then instead of having it as an unpleasant situation that needs

forgiveness then it becomes an opportunity for change for transformation for growth and that

sounds so simple and easy and not to be thrown at us when we’re lying there on the carpet crying or whatever then

that’s not the time to say it but once we’re ready simulation we kind of know we can laugh about a situation

eventually then we we go in and we do that process so we look at it so we

develop from it and we progress from it and that’s for me 10 times more important than the concept of

forgiveness forgiveness and that is also self-naturing in my perspective totally

agree and forgiveness is just one tiny tool amongst all these things you know

um yes way I can simplify it in a way is what’s being bound what’s what’s bound

together in a enslavement and imprisonment Manner and then what’s

being clung to and then seeing that knowing that realizing that and then

what is the best way to address that yes and then we can say I want to talk about

that debt going back to that one because who is indebting US ourselves or others

or both that’s a good question to contemplate upon thank you

thank you

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