Activation Processes And Inner Work

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Audio: Activation Processes and Inner Work with Randi Green

The raw unedited YouTube transcription of this podcast:

hi there Reggie green here and welcome to another podcast with Josh DePaul from

integrating presence and I’m going to need the assistant of

Josh today because I need him to ask some questions there is an old saying

or for at least for those of us who are in the thick of the work with the

factions and the other dimensional realities that only took rather only to give

what’s asked for you can’t just put it all out there even though that would be nice but there are laws regarding energy and

Consciousness and how what can be given what cannot be given what can be given must be received in the manner that it

is given the level of energy that is put out there must match the receiving energy the receivers at the other end

so it’s it’s not about just spilling over and giving information here and there on all levels of reality because

that would be um that would not be prudent that will not serve the purpose it’s not about holding

information secret it’s about different levels of energy are given with different levels of information

it affects the energy system in different ways it affects the Consciousness potentials of the ones

that are receiving it in different ways and it has implications on if you give

too high a vibrational energy to a person who has not yet cleared out certain Distortion in his or her Energy

System then the two high vibrational type of energy will have two effects one

it will stir up what needs to be activated and it will then begin a clearing out process activation and

clean out and then it should lead to an integration on a higher state of awareness but if the receiver is not

capable of doing that then the detrimental effect will be that the one that’s giving the information will then

have a feedback loop and then we’ll then get the repercautions or the effects of the higher type of energy included all

the Distortion that is that was supposed to clean up and activate and be activated in the receiver will then be

feedback looped to The Giver so by that there are laws to protect the giver and

the receiver and is not out of illness or ill mindedness and deception that

certain levels of information are not given at least that’s how it used to be for

the progressive councils of course we have the factions that are now operating in our system using that to their own

benefit and they’re using that of course in a manner to as they call it protected

children and in that manner playing on the original rules of what energy what

level can be given to the different domains the different levels of reality and the different life forms that are

living in these different realities we have a little bit of a similar it says in Star Trek a movie just where you have

the directive the where you have Captain Picard that is not allowed to enter into

this rural or primitive areas because he will then interfere with with their

um their livelihood and how they they live their lives and non-interference protocol or non-interference the

directive yes so so there was you told me a little story about a Coca-Cola

bottle from yes so the the build up to this is see how briefly I can do this

and uh it’s contemplating um replicator technology actually and I

hear these tails in the Buddhist Canon there’s a central Heavenly realm where beings can do this without the

technology just they can create with their Consciousness and basically the item appears but the in science fiction

there’s a technology called a replicator you tell it what you want and it makes it with a technology right and so I got

all these different layers I’ll keep this brief and we’ll go through all the different things but all of a sudden for

me I wanted to reverse reverse engineer so reverse engineer the reverse engineering of okay let’s say a

replicator was we had access to that okay well that group had to reverse

engineer that more than likely from beings let’s just say hypothetically if not that the beings who could do that

naturally they had to study them and determine how they did it and so there’s

a lot of different intermediary technology I could imagine between the end product of a replicator and how you

know the the natural ability is about so they have to have all these intermediary Technologies to study in order to be

able to gather the data and study and uh you know who knows what else was

involved technologically that was simulating this anyway so then you would

have to so let’s just I’ll just leave it there and I got kicked back like okay

well the prerequisite from even investigating this stuff would be

one of the big ones was what would be the repercussions of you know Josh what would you create with this replicator

technology or even for investigation I was like no I’m just invested I’m just interested in the process but still it

implies that it could be used and you’d have to kind of test it to create something you know hypothetically and I

it’s like well what about a toothbrush right and we’d only create things that are needed kind of disposable items I

mean I wouldn’t hold up a toothbrush and say look I I had my replicator technology I made this toothbrush can

you believe it people will look at you like what or my friend they can manifest things out of thin air they may be a

toothbrush what okay so and then I was like okay well maybe that might work but then I thought of this movie called The

Gods Must Be Crazy it’s a in in the 80s I think the basic premise is a pilot

throws out a Coca-Cola bottle absent finally out of a plane it lands in the maybe it’s actually in the um the

Australian bush or out back where whatever um civilization didn’t really have contact with modern society one of the

Bushmen men or a woman or what I forget exactly picks it up and then all of a sudden they’re entranced and grossed by

a Coca-Cola bottle they’re smoothing snake skin they’re using it to um as a

musical instrument uh you know and then that everybody gets jealous around it because he has this object the tribe

gets jealous and then they’re they’re fighting over it they’re worshiping it so something we normally don’t even

think of as you know a piece of trash or absent-mindedly discard of it has a huge impact on the society so even the you

know the the things that maybe don’t belong here um what would be the repercussions of

that would it create a bunch of karmic thing you know repercussions uh good or ill so there’s so much more to consider

it and just not at the level of Consciousness and wisdom to be able to even investigate something like that

there’s all these layers before that would need to be kind of mastered in order to to look into something like

this I I feel otherwise there might be some violation now speaking of what Randy said I’ve experienced those two

ways is well you know sharing something forcefully with somebody it come back and bit me in the asses put it that easy

easily that way and the other way it really had a therapeutic effect on some people that were willing to work with

and it it helped produce profound Transformations at least in in my perception of it now I have I’ll throw

it back to you but then I already have some questions for you um about online audiences and then this

term children which is more of an opinion than than not but I’ll leave that it’s just a saying it’s just the

same to to play on the idea of the Innocence or the ones that are still in the growth process or the one that have

we can all depending on how we perceive the Parenthood right sure I understand the term but for me I like to throw that

back and uh at them and say well that’s actually a derogatory term they use it

as a derogatory term but and at the same time it says that people aren’t ready they’re they’re viewed as children but I

I wouldn’t just Challenge and say well that’s kind of you’re almost children yourself to perceive other people other

folks that you’re withholding things or at least withholding a lot of the the

educational processes in order to get people to the level where they can receive certain things right if you’re

totally giving up or neglecting educational aspects where they could and so I guess that gets to the children but

to me for someone that’s let’s just say maybe an elitist to call someone a child

that’s almost childish in and of itself that’s the only point I’m going to make but yeah I get the idea yeah so it is

all about this that there is a growth process that needs to be made and in the olden days uh under the old world order

that were under the councils the planetary councils would decide how to progress evolve mature educate upbring

the children on this planet which we if we look on a grand scale and I don’t agree with what I’m saying here let me

put that disclaimer in here I do not agree with what I’m saying but this is how they have viewed us so that’s

important to understand we might not like it but this is what has been going on that is what has been going on so let

us sit with that for a second say okay I don’t like it but this is how it is I don’t like things that are going on this

world right now but this is how it is exactly so the question is how do we change that and that goes into the

replication or reversal engineering of technology that then go into what are the effects of it what’s the calm of it

what the energetic output of it what’s the purpose of it what can be given if they can’t receive it as as a mother

myself I can say yeah I can look at when my my kid was young I could always an infant I could look at her and say yeah

I know what she will become but she’s only three months old so I’m not going to teach her Advanced Quantum Sciences

what would be the point she’s not her brain is not developed yet she can’t receive it she can’t process it so it

would be a waste of energy and a waste of I could of course say well perhaps there’s some osmosis effect that if I

teach her when she’s in my womb she might actually get it it will be large into a neural network and that would be

experimental and I’m telling you Josh this is going on they are doing it already how can they progress Humanity

quicker than they did Under The Old World Order Baby Einstein I’ve heard of this thing called Baby Einsteins the

point being if the planetary councils which are mentioned as part of the Great White Brotherhood whether we like it or

not as mentioned in the new spiritual Community Information System that began

with Elizabeth she was was one of the first ones to talk about the planetary councils and they they were combined by

races of what we call lunar solar and Stellar races that were joined together in these councils and that’s how they

decided to do things we um I have worked with the Baylor material not because I’m in agreement

with it but because there was this this is kind of historical evidence of some

kind of planetary Council that actually tried to progress Humanity they did not succeed particularly well we can say

that all depending of course if we say within the technological realm perhaps they succeeded there in the

psychological round not so much because we have seen that that just has been played out again and again for me that

was what began my process and my my questioning as in okay if they have made out these thousands and thousands of

pages of how that could be implemented into reality and the teacher that she has to the

Tibetan tells her that the planetary Council would be changed in 1959 and new teachers will come and we have seen who

were the new teachers well technically that were the parallel system Grace and and uh the conglomerate of the Orion

system and the dark laws of the Rings or whatever we’re calling all of these different uh factions that are coming

that belong to the Dark Island agenda so we or the negative alien Edition we’re kind of saying well were they the new

teachers is this a way to be told into the reality of where things are you’ve been thrown into a dark war is that how

you wake up people or is it just kind of running away with the tail between your legs being cowards as as you often say

George and just run away and say oh well I’m not taking responsibility but we it up now we’re taking it off by

the way we’ll leave you with with the trash and that’s that’s how I often see it as in kind of someone rented my house

while I was in coma somewhere and I wake up up out of my cone come back to my

house clay make but the ones that rented it completed trashed it and demolished it and ruined everything and I have to

build everything up from scratch not to say that I kind of the world has changed while I was in Comer and I suffer from

from from short uh term Amnesia and and I’m trying to

regain who I am and get my back together excuse my language get my stuff

back together get myself back together and figure out okay what’s this about what’s going on here what has happened

to my house when I left it I was in my teens now my skin is wrinkled and all these questions that I think is very

um similar to the process that those of us who are doing the activation process

that we and we’re having this huge gap where we have holes and and black slides

and technology has been used and we’ve been white we can’t remember who we are some of us have been not me but others

have been in Oblivion for eons and with thousands and thousands of years

recycled over and over again their energy system is worn out there’s been traded off I don’t want to go there just

saying these are this is the situation we’re in so with the what I would kind

of ask you Josh would you like to know what the new parallel inner domain races

are concocting in the area what we call Galactic level of the councils and what

they are kind of viewing our system from their inner domain seven eight and Ninth

dimensional perception of this reality and what they would like to do by the way by the use of alien technology both

within their own Council meetings but perhaps also what they are trying to push our way well I hope this is a

rhetorical question no seriously what would if if you’re kind of you would sit in front of me you know I attended one

of these meetings yesterday I can’t remember much of it because the way they’re building that it’s not I go to

that council meeting and then I hear a lot of stuff because these raises are not talking there were multiple Galactic

let me explain well let me before we get into that let me pick up some we can launch in that fully but I wanted to

just do the um few things and it ties in in with this too you mentioned my words of cowards right and briefly what this

is is from what I understand you know this is these alien races afraid of

going out of existence so they’re trying to preserve themselves because we will go there but that’s what I mean by

cowards yeah we’ll not go there but uh stay focused because you mentioned

preferences I began the transmission Josh we need to go we need to go to where I ask you a question no more

clinging of preferences that’s how we do that and then the most important thing is to remember the most important thing

yeah so now yeah let’s launch into this of course the only other thing is let’s preface this to the very beginning

though he said those who are going to receive this have to be able to handle it the one fascinating thing that I as I

have to ask though is how do we know online when we’re releasing these things online does it it just happens to be

those it’s meant to hear for they will what if you okay so we can maybe pick that up at the end if we’re still

interested in this but yes we’re I just want to is what happened was that I made the transfer into the transition and the

transmission so this is important so let’s jump into your experiences well that’s okay yes so so with this the

question is when when I was in that room and I saw the technology they used there is the transmission technology so it’s

in the center of the the it’s built up in rings the planetary councils build up the same way you have that piece of

technology in the middle and it translates and it translates not language because none of these races are

using language they’re telepathic they use information system code systems holographic imprints so they don’t

communicate like we communicate so in that when I attend this meeting with my human consciousness I can’t hear

anything but what I do receive is my energy system on the 7 8 and 9th dimensional layers are getting the

imprints from the technology that is now imprinted into my energy system as information and to unravel that I need

someone to ask me questions I need someone to ask me on the appropriate level because this level of Technology

can downsize the information to match your energy system and what you need to

know from it and that’s why we really talk about very Advanced type of Technology that’s not a gadget but

actually has the purpose of progressing and evolving and expanding the awareness

of the questioner yeah so that’s that’s what we did talk about this technology in a previous talk where you first kind

of discovered it so that was fascinating well one of the things that first comes to mind is how does this differ you know

on the seventh eighth and 9th how does it differ on the seventh compared to the eighth compared to the ninth you know

where those lines drawn I’m sure they overlap and there’s not like a single line too but then then we can go into

the standard journalistic questions who what when where why how yeah you know the I’m only using these terminology

this terminology so you understand it’s it’s the inner domain it’s a buildup of three reality fields that are in three

different type of energetic bands which we have coined seven eight and Ninth so it doesn’t mean anything it’s not how

it’s built up has nothing to do with their reality it’s just for the helping and assisting of you to understand that

we are in a high dimensional level I could say it’s 10 to T3 sure so yeah

terminology um so we won’t get bogged down in that so I start with the standard ones

um besides the who yeah the who what when where okay now you need to go into the mindset of

here having access to the inner domain of the galactic house you are a citizen

in the outer domain reality where you are stuck in this scenario where everything around you has been

demolished and ruined and you’re now in the process of building up your own existence to return as a progressive

race as a race that wants to join the original Progressive dynamics of civilizations amongst these highly

evolved races there are also races that are not highly evolved which we know but

for those of us who are trying to get back on track getting back on the paths of evolution the path of progression

progressing of Consciousness and energy to transform energy to its highest Purity rates its high standards and

highest progression rate and you’re sitting out there if you have lost the connection to the original councils you

used to have access to where you as a citizen whatever level you were on in the outer domain in the middle domain

would attend these councils so that you would have the great perspective of okay

okay this is what the the inner domains are now putting out of Energy

Information Systems so that the middle domain the outer domain can devolve and

evil that evolve but evolve but also to some degree devil was no longer of need

but if all what is of need to live up to the new standards that has been put in

by the galactic Council well this would there would be in any kind of Oracle or or higher level system I have access to

the standard what’s the most important thing right now on an individual level for me here and now uh long term and

then also for others and then collectively for everybody short and long term let’s start with that because

that’s uh you don’t have much time that’s the what the most important question is the most important question

so that’s the most important and then I would have to ask well that’s relative to Energy System that’s relative so so

this is again asking asking the right questions to get the right answer and this is this is where we come in with

the understanding of the children because I’m giving you access to like in in what you call the crystal skull with

Indiana Jones where she’s the Russian girl she says I want to know it all and they give it all she blows up right so

this is about asking the right questions that’s that’s why I asked this one what is the most important thing collectively

for Humanity at this time yes so where where should people pay their pay attention to okay so so yeah so so this

would be kind of we can’t we can’t answer the question on behalf of others we can only answer the question on

behalf of who and what we are and what we perceive to be the most important thing yeah so what is the most important

thing for yourselves yeah yes so that’s what I would ask what what do they perceive as the most important thing yes

no what would you perceive to be the most important thing for for your own progression journey and for your

expanded awareness because the law of the first of the many kicks in so when we attend these answers and when we

become the transmitters or not that I am the what we call the Ambassador or

anything this is when we went attended

as in kind of we will go there we will get the information and then we would in a little way reverse engineer to our

system saying okay this is the standard for the entire inner domain this is what they are now putting in motion they are

putting in Emotion these technologies that emits specific type of rays which

we know from the condo race they they are kind of core domain technologies that are then being fueled into

administer specific type of vibration that is now being run out to the middle domain in the different layers of

density two and will be Rippling out into our outer domain with what we call

ripple effect technology that with how I would trans translated so we already

have the time wave continuing that blasting back and forth between the inner domain the outer domain to

recalibrate our entire reality field that is that is running up energies and that stirring up energies that are

serving up all timelines since the last couple of days I’ve been going through literally one past life every day so

they are amping it up for those of us can activate as I said the high amount of energy is put there to activate so we

can clean out so we can integrate so what’s the process of integration that

is to integrate what we have lost so we can remember who and what we are so we can get back on the progression path by

not necessarily saying oh I was this or I was that but reconciling and

understanding the movement of death the different challenges we put upon ourselves when we

entered into the system we chose certain tasks certain quote-unquote missions certain things we wanted to progress and

develop inside this Universal structure when we entered into it when we spilled over from the previous one when we came

to be here again once more so we could fulfill our Eternal journey of progression and

evolvement and development and whatever we want to put into this one to the highest level of what we can be become

as being’s unfolding Consciousness and energy so that would be my answer to your question yeah it’s beautiful so

most of my questions would have to deal with whats and Hows You know I immediately thinking well I’m just going

to flip turn the tables here and you know from their standpoint it seems like well we can they want to throw it back

to me right well I would throw it back to them you know what what are you um you know what are you working on do you

do yeah they’re doing what they oh what you used to do they’re just doing what you used to do yeah exactly so it’s like

why to me the the biggest thing for me it seems to be remembering like we’re talking about how can I remember better

what is the most important thing for me to remember and how can I keep continuously remembering yeah and

especially uh remembering things that are important for me to remember because we only have a certain amount of time in this lifetime right so you know how can

we make the most of this lifetime Moment by moment that’s going to be for my long-term benefit and the the reality is

long-term benefits you see this this is that’s a good question because here when you say remembering who I am because I

only got a short-term not necessarily who I am but we’re just remembering in general yes

your body will cease to exist and die and wither away right but this what we

can do here when we talk about the progression journey is conscious death where we actually go into the death

moment when we die when we cross over when we do the transition we do it consciously and that’s one of the

reasons why I’ve gone through the last couple of days the horrendous deaths by the way but it all came down to who who

and what was I in the moment of death how did I perceive my death how did I perceive what was happening while I was

dying what kind of State of Mind did I have when I died was I conscious in my

moment of death and that is what makes the transfer if we are in Oblivion when we die we cannot choose our continued

existence within the next life form which we used to be able to do so in that manner we could say the death came

to our system with the lunar scheme that entered into this reality field that’s some of the information I got yesterday so so that that transformed that

solidified our physical form into being in this state of Oblivion itself so that

ourselves were not capable of recording reality Dynamics our Energy System we’re no longer were capable of recording what

we have been doing here building in the knowledge of how to progress with what

had been recorded it cut us off from a template Consciousness unit so we could not

um what we call draw on previous existence in similar systems where we had already worked with that type of

energy units and energy transformational systems as part of the

effects of the timeline event so so that brought in what we interpret as death that means an unconscious transfer that

means we our body deteriorates and does not give off its continued information

system it does not record the information it does act for cellular memory but we don’t use it correctly

it’s stored in what we call the biofuel the emotional field that will then deteriorate and cease to exist or be

drawn in as part of the Distortion fields of the astral plane and only our mental field will then continue but

since our mental fielders are under the control of the frequency fence then not even that is transferred to the next

life so that’s the blank slate technology that we kind of we just are transferred between lives which then

appear to us to be a death because we we don’t remember who we were we are not just seeing it as in I’m going out of

this organic suit and into another organic suit where I continue my mission where I continue what I actually came

here to do so that’s the first step of remembering that is the conscious death process where we in our everyday life

from here on live every day as if we are in when we go to sleep as that’s

actually kind of death because many of us have experienced when we wake up we feel cleared we feel not in a positive

way we feel wiped we feel as me or have been in in other realities or have been

pulled in I wake up with horrendous sceneries in my mind that takes half of the day for me to clear out which then

distorts my cellular memory because I’m being imbued with artificial fourth

dimensional cellular memory that prevents me from actually doing what I’m supposed to do in the outer domain it

sets me back constantly have to clear that out before I can actually begin with the day and most of the time then

we have hit the two o’clock the medication line where the energies begin to subside and then I don’t have the

amount of energy I need to actually do the daily recollection remembering observance and the work on

the path that I’m supposed to do as part of the outer domain turnaround path which the colonics call the the

turnaround path which is accurate because in the outer domain you’re there shed of everything that’s no longer a

fuse rebuild your energy system and begin working back into the middle domains

and you kind of read my mind there anyway because I was gonna ask you know if it’s not recorded the

way it was well does that imply that it is recorded somewhere else and then you mentioned a little bit of this and then

how do we access that and then this just goes to you know these old teachings and

the Buddhist stuff is how we are during the death moment conditions and plays a

huge impact probably the most biggest impact to the next birth right uh until full Awakening um and then of course

what you just laid out there and it’s it sucks it’s just the easiest way to say it these are hindrances right these are

roadblocks these are um prohibiting you call them prohibiting Technologies um I think or I feel too and it seems to

make sense that addressing those you know what is the most efficient use of

our time and energy to addressing these hindrances that these roadblocks are in the way once they’re cleared then this

process can go on as it’s um maybe an accelerated rate or more naturally and

uh won’t take as much time and energy to do I guess and then also I think in

general you know this kind of it’s more of a new agey question but it’s it’s not either it’s how do we raise our level of

Consciousness it seems like higher and more expanded uh deeper and more profound release reaching levels and

states of Consciousness might also assist in um

dismantling what’s hindering or doing away with these hindering these

hindrances well to put it on that level I kind of already answered all of these questions in the progression Sciences in

my course material so here I wanted that’s that’s the kind of how do we clear out the Distortion how do we get

rid of the prohibiting the prohibiting Technologies and all the in the Aiden inserted technology and I explained it

to the best of my abilities to what is possible to explain in words in the advanced cleaning work courses so I

already done that that’s for people to listen through these 60 podcasts and then in practice and everyday clearing

work I would say what I see amongst most of my students to keep it on this level right now is that the discipline around

the clearing work and the understanding of how much it takes is not ready it’s not there yet it’s like you have a kid

that say oh I want to be a marathon runner okay and then I tell the kid well you have to do to actually run up to

around 10 kilometers per day if you want to run that full length of 42 kilometers and or in even greater or across the

country or what have you then you have to train that amount a day to get to that that stamina and that ability to

run so far in one day so so that’s practice and most people don’t understand the enormous amount of

practice it takes there is this on Earth idea okay I only

need to do it a morning evening or midday and and just one hour or three

hours a day and I would say that’s the minimum requirement and then people come in and say oh I can’t do this because my work and this and that whatever and

that’s that’s the first hindrance the hindrance is the aspiration is not

strong enough and we’ve heard that in all of the all of the whatever whoever

whatever that’s also one of the the points in the councils the aspiration for the humans inside this enclosure

even though it is a quarantine and they are fully aware of the of the obstacles and the struggles and the solutions

education and there’s been given so many teachings regarding that including all

teachings the Buddhist teachings the chakra system teachings the the white

Brotherhood whoever faction they were from there’s been given so much the colonics we can go on and on and on and

on but the point is that most people get constantly drawn into everyday life into

the base program they prioritize their current assistance

and if they constantly do that then you can you can you can stand and literally be as benevolent as you want to you can

try and do as much as you want to but the enclosure itself is tied to our

three lower fields and unless we clear out the three lower Fields their

enclosure will remain the astral barrier technology is gone it’s broken down the

plasma crystals are gone fourth dimensional plasma crystals the frequency fence has been altered yes we

have definitely negative alien agenda going on there as well but since most are not in control of their Minefield

yet then that’s the last thing to go if people would focus on their biofield

their emotional fields to begin with the Distortion level that prevents the heart

feel from activating would then activate and that would be the largest step Humanity has to do which is why all old

beautiful seating systems all clearing activation system says the heart

compassion the loving kindness the ability to to see what is there as it

truly is not what we want it to be because we’re in denial we are in delusion we are in fear mode we are

running all sorts of scenarios and scenarios and shenanigans of what we

want to be and what we’re afraid of laws we’re afraid of Letting Go we’re afraid of so many things and that’s the biggest

hindrance not the technologies that is upholding that that that comes in later once we have

learned to clear these lower fields and actually begin the progression path of the path of Liberation then the

technology kicks in until then no need because the collectiveness in itself the

human needs the human desires the human whatever is in the way they don’t need

that technology this is this is this is fascinating because I have this opportunity now and I don’t want to go back and rehash so many things but I

also don’t want to dive into nitty-gritty specific details that don’t ever because I can go into those all day

long and they fascinate me to no ends but as far as a public Arena so have to kind of consolidate will you be the

first of many okay and represent the collective with who and what you are and

do it to your best abilities not thinking about what others would

like because you don’t know right okay good point so you talk about creating crisises or get crisises and that’s the

way you put it and you know I I I won’t go into that so much the way I look at it is urgency and I’ve noticed that when

I’m basically forced to do this I don’t have any other option that’s when it

really comes alive and it almost seems like a life or death thing right or there’s some kind of huge importance and

it’s it’s not necessarily even valued so much it doesn’t even seem like I don’t value this or not value this it’s like

it there’s no other choice but to do it when I was in a position in life when it was like that the amount of progress

exponential right but then I started getting these added benefits and things

just started to to heal naturally and then I got back into a kind of a comfortable space as well which is okay

too I mean it’s it’s to me it’s about knowing when to push and when to draw back and heal and just kind of get in

these types of Rhythm but not get too you know erratic of a rhythm or too comfortable in a rhythm either so it’s

this kind of balancing act and playing but no no let me answer that one first and then you will ask the next question

so as we said in Danish despair teaches a woman to to weave right so so if you

put in this situation where you have got your painted up in the corner which you would say in English so there you have

to figure out okay how do I get myself out of this Gem and then you become not as much relying on your comfort zone

your previous ways of doing stuff you are then forced into a situation where everything is an unknown and you’re

forced to go across your comfort zone so you’re forced to go across what you normally would choose as a habitual

pattern of this is what makes me feel comfortable so a crisis is to push a person into a situation where he or she

feels uncomfortable and not trying on habits and what they normally do to resolve the situation we could call this

psychologically defense mechanisms we could call it a comfort zone patterns emotional patterns what we have learned

so far works for us so we need to be pushed out of what normally works into what does not work then the new level of

fear comes of the unknown I’m here now not in control of this not that we are ever in control of everything but that’s

how the human mind works and then we step back we’d rather be painted in a corner than actually throw ourselves out

and say okay I might get dirty I’m this might make me messy I might have to all do it all over again but clearly I chose

a path here that led me to this corner from where I now am a situation where I

either break the whole thing down mess everything up that I already created or sit still and wait until the paint has

dried and then I can paint the rest but this is this is some paint that will

take forever to try also now and I have to pee and after this so

anyways it’s a good analogy so we can use we can play with that one so so the question is do we need crisis

no you see in the normal progression Dynamics we wouldn’t need these ups and

downs and the highs and the lows there would be what we call intensification of

the vibrational pattern is wave pattern so there would be uphill and downhill and the peak where we would harness in

our positive way where we would harvest the fruits of our labor so to speak where we would get that’s typically on

the 20th every month where we would get the feedback of our complete uphill work

where we had work with different forms of energies what’s the uphill work that’s transformation so whatever comes

into our life while we’re in the uphill of the first 20 days of the month would be that we are a little transforming

everything that comes our way using loving kindness using the heart energy using the deep understanding of what is

actually in front of us not what we want it to be but what is in front of us that we need to work with how do I transform

this into to the highest beneficial rate for what’s in front of me and what is in

me as well because clearly I due to the law of course and in fact this has been

pushed into my system of acknowledgment of perception so I can transform not

what has been pushed into my field but what it represents to me what it is a

symbolic representation of I cannot change the other but I can change myself

and those actions matter now how we see it matters now what we think about and say about it and act on it see things as

they truly are so that what when we in our in transformational process that

will build in more complexity and code systems into our own Energy System no matter what comes our way we then have

the choice in that moment in that encounter how do I choose to deal with this and that’s why the principle come

in as I’ve talked about in Progressive systems because it’s not just about compassion if if you’re in front of a

predator you have to address that that’s a predator and love does not change everything it does not change the

predator of the third system that has a completely different code system that is not

receptable of Love That is not receptable of progression dynamics that

do not want to receive any of this sure but you can learn in that process how do

I respond to this what what is my proper way and sometimes as of the last two

days of my death moment I was up against severe level of evil it’s kind of called

the Realms of ignorance where you’re dealing with beings that has no capacity or progression Dynamics they don’t

understand it at all whatsoever they’re just doing their old ways literally solidified in their old hostile negative

evil ways of the wars of the third the third cycle and previous Universal structure and they’re the only thing I

could do I knew I’m dying now that’s how it’s going to be and without fear and this is just how it’s going to be that’s

a conscious death I know now my body will not survive this so what can I then

do to ensure that I get to the gate where I can do the conscious transfer into a level of reality that actually is

suitable for my journey that I’m doing in this system so it’s not about transforming others

it’s always about transforming who and what we are to be able to navigate in the reality field we’re part of with

that proper amount of energy that is needed and suitable for the situation we’re in to transform what is needed

according to our own original mission statement as I call it our original

purpose of why we are in the system and that differs so that means the moment of

death will be different for each person but we can say that those of us who went into this Universal structure with the

idea of the progression Dynamics to get them back and play Contra to the wars of the third

Universal cycle where everything went South is that whatever we do whatever we are

in front of we need to remember what we took on as a vowel as it’s called as I

call it uh that that gives us the code the main Code system of our

Consciousness unit and our template structure and always recall that that’s the highest level remembering that you

actually remember what did I want to achieve here not who created me or what created me or what’s going on but why do

I what do I want to achieve here and how do I live that to the highest pure rate the highest standards and the highest

progression rate so I as the first of many sets standard that others can follow as well and that’s part of when

we talk about the path of Liberation that’s why we’re we’re co-traveling but there’s always the ones that go first

there are always the ones that’s that sets the new standard and they deliberately choose crisis as a means of

transformation not a crisis as this has been done to me as a victimization but

as a chosen challenge that pushes the path the transformational path that is like a

light-cooled highway into a higher Purity rate where others then can be

able to progress even further beautiful another good reason for remembering right the The Vow if folks

have made those vows and then have forgotten um the going back to

um creating crisis there’s no cultural support for any of

this either um and I guess in Progressive societies there would be people all around whereas

part of the culture to do that here we have celebrities and politics and shopping and you know what

so there’s value your spiritual friends very highly

if I don’t like the word spiritual but progression friends folks that are in this because you’re not going to get

support from the base program for this right you have to make a concerted effort to do this

um or take responsibility for ourselves and

give you our own selfish support that goes without saying all along so also about

um hitting barriers that that came up too um sometimes yeah paint herself into a

corner or trying to break through barrier after barrier just seems surrounded or imprisoned by walls that I

don’t know how to get through this you know I’ve our ceilings I think a ceiling is a good metaphor here too I keep going

higher but I can only get this way and I just people can get disheartened or discouraged and while this is all this

is it so having that drive that aspiration that’s part of one of the powers too the investigatory process

like when we started off um relentlessly investigating and

questioning things you know to penetrate that’s what they call ask like an ax to

break through things right and then exploring um yeah the Consciousness level of this

too the the Mind development and the only way that’s going to get Amplified and opened up and be able to progress

through wisdom and know how to get through these things is to open the heart field because that’s what allows

higher and higher levels of the the mind and Consciousness too and fuels it as well and vice versa now the

going back even further here this stuff is laid out in the course material yes and I was going to ask

again another mind reading of what’s changed since then and I think you you did provide a little detail of it is

give us an update here right has anything changed with the preventing Technologies other than what you say in your courses and you just said prior to

that and then the the last thing here that really struck up and that comes back again and again to prohibiting his

fear right fear on different levels fear of the unknown fear of um losing friends yeah fear of loss of

money a loss you know I might be defamed

um you know all these different ways that we fear of the unknown all these different flavors of fear

um there’s a deeper level of fear that humans have forgotten they have and that is when when this system Got Hijacked

and what happened here some of the atrocities that happened here and I think one of the reasons the the past

lives have been going through actually been under some of the teachers of the lunar councils but we’ll just leave it

that but this this is tied to their what we call their effect on our system why

death came to our system so they are there of course administering their transgression rate in that manner just

to put it short and simple it’s much more complicated not just about them clearly on Karma but it’s kind of if you

mess up a system you also repair it goes without saying the ones that create is the only one that can uncreate it so

that’s the more positive side of it that goes with technology and advanced technology as well so so when we have

that if if we have an effect on something is our damn job to clean it up so I think that’s important for first

and foremost get into the point in our meditation contemplation practices in our path of observational practice of

observation and remembering who what we are is to understand that

we’re not victims step one get get that get that power back people and go in and

feel the strength in your heart and say okay at some point in this journey something was messed up let’s begin with

that one and without shame and blame just go and say something was messed up and begin to have a little bit of

solution oriented look at it and see it as it truly is one of the reasons I think and I’ve seen

in many of the ones I’ve healed over time and the ones I’ve been working with as a progression mentor and Coach is the

initial fear that brought them into Oblivion and some of the things that that I see

and when I do the again I’ve picked up doing the the higher order Energy System assessment which is not a template

reading but it’s it’s different it works on the entity system instead of the template level which is more accurate

where we are now so people can kind of get a feeling of okay this is this is what this is the last high level I have

in my energy system this is why I need to begin to do the work so the first step of observance and remembering is to

get to the point where we were thrown off and for many it’s the going into Oblivion and I’ve seen many did that

deliberately they did it because first some first chose to work with the

hijackers and then they saw what was done to their fellow beings and they felt so ashamed that they chose to go

into Oblivion as a self-punishment so if people have that self-punishment on them then that that is something they need to

work through they need to work through that they made a choice of first collaborating causing harm to their own

race and then at the end of whatever ever went in choose to say no I’m just I’m just going to take myself completely

out because I’ve done so much atrocity and this is the only way I can repair what I have created by making myself

demolish and cease to exist entirely so that needs to be addressed and go back in and say that was going through the

shame and the the feelings of that situation and that’s that’s not nice work I’ve gone through some of the same

levels on my timeline work and that’s that’s the difficult work that it’s enormously painful and it’s enormously

saddening and we need to have these emotions not going to victimization not going to self-blame and and this is why

I would say this is Advanced Psychotherapy which I am getting into doing course material on and working

with people in the higher order identity one work Institute that is Randy Green

Dot one so I’m working on that coming up with new ideas how can we do Advanced Psychotherapy because I know I can do

that it used to do that with my clients back in 2014 15 and 16 and including

healing before everything was thrown off when we connected to the dark Galactic core in 2017. so we’re picking that one

back up as well so there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be addressed there but there are also people that were put

under what we call imprisonment templates because they they’ve they they pissed off the hijackers so that was a

different type of of so we have all these different why are people now in Oblivion and that’s the first step that

must be investigated as in why have I put myself in literally just saying I here and taking responsibility for our

own Journey pushing ourselves out of the victimized State and go not going into the oppressor or being angry and this is

unfair and go into all war mode because a progressive Warrior works completely

different with what we what we understand as as a strong empowered

person is the correct use of power and the correct use of energy that actually goes with the inner domain

levels so you and you not really learn how to do that until you reach that level until we truly know how to work

with correct power and energy then we must take the path of compassion that’s the most safe path to take that we work

with our own issues that we find compassion to ourselves first that we do self nurturing that we do re-parenting

that we work with the the layers of our emotional field and in that work have that deeper understanding of how to be

compassionate towards ourselves and our own body find that relaxation find that

high level oxytocin serotonin dopamine that gives the correct aspiration

incentive to do the work so that when we begin to focus on others whoever they

may be however predatorious and perverted and whatever’s out there because that does not take it away but

we will address it differently we will address it with an a Equanimity with

what you call a balance point or where we have that not necessarily kindness I love my

Predators Stockholm syndrome but that we are addressing what’s actually in front of us and know what we can do what we

cannot do that’s the original understand being humble in our energy work and that the focus is not to change others but to

change our own Energy System the path out of this system and the enclosure and the Distortion Fields is to transform

our own Energy System not to resolve or dissolve or transfer or do anything with

others because they have chosen where they are they have chosen not to

remember or they simply can’t remember and if it is the case that they can’t remember either way whether they’re

chosen it or they can’t there are only so much we can do as in kind of you can

drive the horse to the water Pond but you can’t force it to drink so of people

are crippled by their own shame and their own fear or their own choices and

they are not addressing them and just go in and not just but go in and work with it and cry the tears and go through the

past life process where that was chosen and then energetically get at peace with

it put it into that point where we’re in balance with I chose that okay I chose

that how is that detrimental to my original vow what do I then need to do

now to compensate and rebuild and restructure what I did back then so I

can repair my energy system because it’s not about Redemption and redeeming and

and feeling all sorts of do so whatever we can come up with yes there will be

pain yes it will break down the solidification throughout the heart feeling that’s the crying and the pain

and the suffering we go through so we can literally remove the the heartfelt

barriers so it becomes vibration additional again but once we get there and we have the true understanding and

knowledge of what how we progress as human beings than it is to understand the the The Compassion Dynamics in its

full lengths their full length into what it means to repair our Energy System

once we have done that then we’ll begin to emit a light we will as the first of

many show The Way by being it completely and that will then Ripple into that’s

where the vibrational field comes in that will then Ripple in and activate others where they are ready to activate

it because not only have we gone through all the stages or what it means to activate but we also have all of these

Dimensions built into a vibrational Fields so our vibrational field will naturally

adjust to do the laws of course and effect will then naturally adjust to what’s in front of us and then give the

correct vibrational emission the true compassion to what

that other being needs so that he or she or it or whatever it is can continue its

own evolutionary path or if need be literally say I see who and what I am I

know what I have become and I choose to release myself I choose to just discard this body and move on and let go because

clearly I am so far from what I originally were that I now choose on my own merits to do the return path in

another manner that means beginning all over again but it’s a conscious choice because that being has seen who won what

he or she or it originally were and then chooses that to start all over which would be met with great grace and

compassion from the original dynamics of this Universal structure because the foundation of it is loving kindness and

compassion so that everybody who up in the previous Universal cycle sorry for that language again you’ll probably

have to go in and erase that who messed up in the previous Universal cycle will

have the second chance here so we can all get back on track and continue as

we’re supposed to from the very beginning beautiful and can’t emphasize this enough how

important this is and what really resonated for me was just kind of knowing after a certain point

how to intuitively address whatever’s in front of me you know having the at some

point it’s just inbuilt second nature and don’t even have to have the courage the No Doubt really is involved

um a lot of times it’s just coming from the heart how we how we respond to

whatever’s in front of us okay so now that we’re on a public forum kind of here and I can’t stress enough

what Randy just talked about that’s applies day in day out for the vast majority of people interested in this

type of thing at the same time flip the other end where uh what about folks that

have kind of woken up that can still wake up from a victimizer role not the

one that have been on the receiving end but the one they’ve been dulling it out right let’s just take for example some

of the uh the elites or the controllers or people call them cabals whatever name we want to put that people on in High

Society are you know in states of worldly power especially where they

present themselves to be something they’re actually not and they do have access to a lot of control and power and

they hide their misdeeds and things like this okay so we talked about this a little uh before not publicly but you

know how do we address those people what kind of advice would we give um them and the general population for

saying they want to get out of this but maybe the general populace that isn’t ready to learn about such dark things

they’ve done it might not be in their best interest to come forth and kind of spill the beans and ask for a reprieve

or immunity I think they would want right um or there’s a specific word uh amnesty

I think they were looking for amnesty in order to come clean release things that

they have special access to that would benefit Humanity maybe some say that

they would release some of this if they got amnesty from being publicly lynched or something like this you know this is

one of the things some people say that they won’t come forward and do these type of things they’re withholding because the populace is would be like

the wild west yeah but that’s the Trap of the mind you think knowledge will

free you it doesn’t practice for you energy what frees you compassion frees

you not knowledge so what I can say and the work I’ve been working as a releaser

the ones that want to turn around the ones that want to get back on track as I just said before it doesn’t matter where

you are what you have done whatever it is in the light of a releaser in the

light of the ones that carry the codes for this work there will be more on our planet that will carry that code there

will also be ones that simulate having that code which doesn’t have that’s part of us on the future agenda as well from

the future AI entities and and Bots and what have you that goes back to the electric Wars that are part of the past

of what we call the one seven pillar I call it one seven pillar other calls it the Gaia system some of the things that

happened here that led to all of the the shenanigans anyways point being is we have got AI in the past we’ve got AI in

the future and they’re breaching up they are also using the time wave Continuum and they know this is a strategy from

the benevolence that they are now seeding in humans that carry the gene code that will allow for releasing of

others that will allow for others to see who what they truly are that will allow for that I should just explained that

energetic transmission where the human get this moment of aha this is what I

used to be or the beings on the other levels of reality you don’t need to to to come come in your physical form most

of the releasing is done by the soul itself let’s put it that way that is drawn to the release and through that

energy field that is capable of showing who and what they truly are so this is what is put out there is immunity not

amnesty because everybody is responsible for what they have done so you can’t get amnesty but you can get immunity and you

can get reprieve and you can get the second chance where you go and you look

yourself in the mirror of the one that shows you who and what you truly are you see yourself and you acknowledge

yourself you remember you don’t shy away you don’t deny you don’t pretend that has not happened you take responsibility

for what you have done and then you choose to turn around and do the the

progression work with whatever you have got left what is viable will be

transferred and there you begin all over again and that in itself is the quote-unquote punishment

that whatever’s left of benevolent original Progressive Dynamics on original Progressive Consciousness units

will be transferred out in an orb put into a new vessel and you will begin all over there remembering what you have

done and in that new that’s part of the restoration program also part of that new setup you will learn what you need

to learn so that you will remember these mistakes because that’s what we did from the previous Universal cycle into this

one so we already done it already they have also already begun that Journey a long time ago but decided to give up

because it was too much work so the first step for all whether you are on the the high level of of the the

evil scale if there is nothing to repair there’s only justification this this is

not there’s nothing to do for these they know that so it’s not a problem most of the ones that have chosen the dark path

they know exactly what they are and what they used to be and why they chose to do what they what they chose to do their

enormously Advanced consciously but in the complete reversed manner so that’s that’s just how it is that’s the choice

the goal for us to accept that that’s the polarity of us that are climbing up the other Hill and we will deal with

that polarity much much later that to be dealt with in the core domains not the

outer domain so technically that’s not our business but we need to know that it’s there so we don’t get sucked in and

get tempted by all of their little minions these guys have that constantly throws us off our own progression path

that’s part of the game and I don’t like it but this is how it is and we need to acknowledge these Dynamics the same with

the quote-unquote bad guys the ones that chosen to semi-collaborate with the dark Forces they need to make a deliberate

Choice I’m done working with these guys and then take their own Liberation path that’s going to be pretty steep and

pretty difficult unless they choose to just let go of the organic vessel and get the immunity transfer that is

possible and that is one of the main things that’s being offered from the councils right now for all of these

groups this is now if you want to do this now this is what the the 21st

century is about this is why we have reached that point or where everything is breaking down this is where the outer

domain resets and because it’s what’s called an End Cycle there are the laws of immunity there are the laws of

transfer what is left but you have to choose it yourself no one else can do it

for you it applies there as well wherever we are we have to choose how we

want to go how we’re going to do the transfer of the End Cycle going back to the middle domains as a knowledgeable

conscious being going into the abyss as dust going through the recalibration

Dynamics of the restoration programs to go over again and do it one more time

learning what we didn’t learn at the beginning of this universe but we will learn it at the end of this universe so

this this is the cycles that will then tie it back up in and not trying to keep ourselves alive in a distortion in an

enclosure under quarantine rules under the rulership of the dark Forces or the

negative in an agenda whatever we have that choice now but we have to choose it

and we have to choose it consciously and we have to work for it and it’s not about getting the right level of

information it’s about doing the right level of work and this is where the coward thing came

in from earlier because they’re afraid of non-existing right and at the end of the

day it comes down to and this is where people empowered they want to know what people want so it can throw back what do

they really want you know and time and time again it comes it comes down if I’m

trying to understand that and it doesn’t apply to our situation other than the

money and power but you know once they have enough money all they want is power and to not and to keep existing right

and I would say I will say here all of that is projection Josh you don’t know what’s going on no I will totally admit

that so the question Still Remains what do they want that is where I can say as I said in the

beginning of this one you do not focus on what others want what others have children what others are doing you focus

on how does that affect you that’s right what’s the energy Dynamics in you what does it stir up in you which past life

did you seek that since you’re now projecting that to the the powers that

be it’s the sink sink it’s a it’s um seeking to understand so that’s right so

you go in you go into yourself and you take all of this what you project onto them you draw back the projection you

look at what you have projected and say have I thought that oh in any lifetime

then how do I clean that off my field so that as you clean your field as if

everybody on this planet cleaned that in their field then these Dynamics would no longer be allowed energetically due to

the low participation due to the law of existence in itself if everybody’s working a specific way then and what we

decide is allowed because we emit that into our reality field and it reflects back to us through the correct law of

verse reciprocity yes then there will be no allowance for any of this so if you

claim it instead of projecting it out to the powers that be and get pissed with them go back in clear out your own field

and then you will not see it anymore so then this comes on both sides the

incentive what’s the incentive not to be like a you know an animal that oh you get a good little treat if you’ve been

good not systems are reward and Punishment it’s just like looking at the incentives for doing this

work wherever we’re at right why are we doing this what’s the purpose you know

what’s the point yes and for that you need to activate your heart feel because once you understand that you understand

it’s not a goal is a process then you understand as some of the ones are released they said what’s in it for me

yes and I just said what about returning to who you originally were and for many

of these yeah that doesn’t count I want power and then it says can I say well then you you go around play with your

power issue and power game until and then come back when you’re ready but you will discover that the wrongful use of

power will be a wrongful use of energy and that it will eventually push these beings into the abyss yes and this is a

whole service to self-service to others distinction and to me it’s just like it’s kind of like this in belt just

knowing what to do yeah exactly so so as I always say to all my students and my

students and listening to this will know that because this whole focusing on others

pull it back yeah focus on who and what you are and what you’re projecting out there take control of this first clear

that out because once you have cleared that out then you will you will not project it anymore they will not be drawn into your field and then you will

not see it anymore because it technically do no longer exist in your field thereby you have learned that

energetic lesson of how to transform that power that greed whatever that is

so what we see outside what we get focused on what we get annoyed by what

we what we are in any way so forms are giving energy that gives unpleasantness or pleasantness for that matter we go in

and transform that so we come into the balance point where we’re just seeing things as they truly are because it is

what it is it’s a cop we don’t need to give it ideas of what it is or understanding what it would just stop

serving what it is that’s the practice of observance things as they truly are and let them be what they are the only

thing we can control quote unquote the only thing we do Master that’s our own

Energy System that’s the only thing we are quote unquote allowed to master not

others technically not reality it’s a good reminder that sometimes these

philosophical exercises aren’t helpful what they can be helpful is like you’re

saying they’re they come from within and only really not really only but they

involve us first and foremost because otherwise it’s just a philosophical experiment that can be we can be wasting

time on yeah so to tie it into the whole point of the galactic councils or the

inner domain councils and people are saying why the benevolence not doing anything for us and the benevolence just

mirror back to said to us and say what are you doing what are you doing for yourself how are you addressing this yourself

what responsibility do you take for your recalibration once we have shown you

that the way you change these realities is that you as a joint team begin to transform who and what you are by taking

responsibility for yourself that’s the law of the one you take responsibility for your own Energy System who and what

you are you do what is needed what’s required to clear out your Distortion field so you as the first of many begin

to clean up to take care of your own body your own house your own Energy System and from that you will

automatically connect to the higher levels of of reality from where you will

then automatically join the races that have gone before us and the races that will come after from that will continue

your progression journey in the manner of expansion within realities and teams

and Progressive races where you truly belong so if you want to go home begin building the bridge that will take you

home and this is a good place to wrap it up self-responsibility the payoff for that

like you’re saying is more empowerment and and then it just gives way to more responsibility too which it’s it’s then

it the stakes get higher and higher and again and again more self-responsibility gives way to more power with more power

you have to be more responsible and up and up it goes so and here I would say it’s the final remark here that true

power is not to conquer the world true power is not to change others true power

is not to go out there and and change the world or get the truth out there or

whatever true power is to master your energy system so you live up to the value you made when you enter into this

reality field true power is to take the responsibility that’s needed to do the transformational processes and do them

in accordance with the system that you’re part of true power is to understand your role in the reality

field you’re part of and do your damn best to fulfill feel that role and live up to the purpose of function of what

you set out to be to begin with as a true power and expression of who empowerment of who you are as an

unconscious being but also the true power of responsibility and caretaking of the reality field you’re part of so

that everybody can prosper and progress into the highest version of what they

can be that’s true power to service and give service to self others and reality

for the name of the highest period reads the high standards and the highest progression rate so all evolve equally

to their highest potentials that’s true power beautiful thanks Randy thank you

Published by josh dippold

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