Changeability And Newness | March 30, 2023 “Meditation Q & A With Wendy Nash” #07

This is the seventh installment of the ongoing live series with Wendy Nash inquiring into meditation practice on and off the cushion. With the coming of spring in the Northern hemisphere we talked:

  • changeability
  • chances to start anew
  • how meditation helps us see old stuff with new understanding
  • how to meditate more skillfully

We also get various meditation questions and comments from participants

Wendy also mentions Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep by Andrew Holecek

Due to ongoing technical challenges, for now we’ll forego trying to patch into Insight Timer live as it is not designed for multiple remote sources. Join these Q & A’s when they happen live:

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Regular, current and past visitors to Integrating Presence may recall the monthly series “Ask Us Anything” I did with Denny K Miu from August 2020 until January 2022 — partially including and continuing on with Lydia Grace as co-host for awhile until March 2022.

For a few months thereafter I did various Insight Timer live events exploring potential new directions and/or a continuation of the Ask Us Anything format while weaving in other related teachings to these events.

Then, after chats with meditation coach Wendy Nash, it became clear to start a new collaboration similar to “Ask Us Anything” simply and clearly called “Meditation Q & A” especially due to the original intent of the Ask Us Anything’s being “discussions about meditation and related topics.”

Past chats with Wendy:

Audio: Changeability & Newness | March 30, 2023 “Meditation Q & A With Wendy Nash” #07

The raw unedited YouTube transcription of this podcast:

and I’m back once again with Wendy Nash Wendy how’s it going yeah good I’m

calling from guppy Gabby country in Queensland where it is so hot still and it’s almost it’s almost April and every

now and again it gets these really hot days so it’s really nice thing just whoops

I could hear myself in Stereo sorry about that

yeah I can I wonder if it’s my feedback no as we seem to be good now okay no

it’s just that it was coming out through the YouTube so so how am I oh I mean

every place don’t worry about having yourself have several selves everywhere

as far as I can see well well right on

um so this is our seventh installment and today since it’s uh recently turned

spring officially here in the Northern Hemisphere and I guess the southern hemisphere it’s

um now fall right well we’re in Australia actually it

doesn’t happen until the 1st of April I think so we we do it by the calendar month and it doesn’t really mean that

much here because um the Australian Seasons aren’t the same as European or or North American

Seasons I think the Aboriginal people had something like seven or eight seasons so it sort of doesn’t make sense

yeah yeah it is it’s different the different parts of the world but we well what we wanted to touch on here today is

um this kind of uh just this the notion of spring I guess this notion of change

you know just seasonal change to I mean some parts of the world it’s more noticeable than others uh near the

equator right they don’t really have uh that many different noticeable changes it’s just like a rainy season and a uh a

non-rainy season from what I understand with a friend who is yeah I think they call it the wet and the dry

yes that’s what we call it you’ve got the wet and the dry yeah so even that is somewhat changed right you know you hear

the old sutas and Buddhism and they’re doing the during the Reigns The Rains Retreat where it just didn’t make sense

to go out and do much because of that and so they would hole up and do meditation for the the that time and uh

but here in the northern hemisphere you know there’s this notion of things

coming back to life again uh after a long winter um life renews itself uh and

everything’s constantly changing too it just seems like when there’s less seasonal change then we have to look

externally a little bit closer how things change but it’s it’s even more noticeable here when things are coming

back to life after being dead for a while so Sammy hello Sammy lovely to have you

online Sammy says just FYI cannot hear her oh no

um okay Sammy can you can you hear it now um it ought to be a turn my volume up a

little bit um uh Wendy say something here this was

um so I’m in Australia Sammy can you just can you just just say anything can

you anyway so let me so what I’m gonna I wanted to talk about also not only that

so while Josh is sorting this out I’m going to talk about what I want to talk about so I was on a Meditation Retreat

recently for a week at home so if you send me or our other dear listener

another of our dear listeners would like to um ask about meditation Retreats whether

um at home or what’s it like or should I do it or

um yeah some pitfalls of being on Retreat on pitfalls have been what is it like being on retreat at home compared

to what’s it like to be on retreat uh in a center because it’s quite

different so all right so uh can Sammy get that she never I never

got a reply back um the I did notice that people let me

just uh what channel if they want to tune into my YouTube channel they can too so

um if it’s on if it’s on inside timer they should be hearing through my speakers uh in through the microphone so

that’s what they’ll they’ll hear me through the microphone and Wendy through my speakers to the microphone so unless

they implemented some kind of new noise cancellation or something it should be able to hear me uh yeah so I think that

can sometimes do this thing where when you’re in the if it’s a sound from the computer that doesn’t convey or

something so yeah so yes Wendy you were saying about uh insight timer I mean your uh your

Retreats I’m sorry that’s all right that’s all right um so what would I say maybe I’m gonna

try something I’m gonna try silencing you on the restream studio thing okay

and I’m gonna go over to the other let me just see if I unmute here maybe

just you so you say something and then we’ll just test your audio yes oh yeah that’s yeah there’s a little is it is

that is it Echo for you a little bit

I hear you I can’t hear you now all right okay I’ll stop there okay all right so

we’ll we’ll see what it’s really patchy technically I got a bunch of stuff going technical wise here so very busy

[Music] okay okay

all right so this is hello hello are you there you know in some kind of uh Ground

Control can you hear me kind of way no everything’s I hear you just loud and

clear Wendy everything’s okay let me just see if I can

fight Justin I’ve just try and turn up the volume the volume okay

um I’ve got I’ve got my settings and I’ve definitely got the the best that I

can do um for that so I oh yeah anyway

all right so I was on a Meditation Retreat at home it was a prerequisite

for my course and it was at home and it was very strange because I was stuck at home and

they they were really trying to recreate a retreat that one a person might have

at a meditation center but at home so what that did though is it just

reminded me of when I used to be locked in my room as a kid so that it was kind of it was an

interesting way of looking at that so meditation Retreats you know

I think we can get quite hardcore and they can set up they can put

they can have things that arise for us because this is about meditation so in

terms of the topic which is um looking at things are fresh for the

season then I think what I did do is I was able to

understand some of the deep loneliness that I experienced as a child

and but with the new lens of being an adult and to really look at that as a large

as I guess it’s a deep wound but it’s a long time ago now you know so it’s 40

years or whatever so over 45 years ago now so but it still sits there

you know came up this was really unpleasant why am I having such a miserable time oh yeah that’s right it

reminds me when I was knocking my you know as a kid my bedroom is a kid but it

also gave me an opportunity to look fresh at some of the

um I would say almost cruel ways that in fact my parents could be quite cruel but

um how did they get to be like that and it I really

you know there were a couple of very very good teachers there and I had it you know we had group interviews

and it was very good because I got to see something about my parents

the way that we internalize care as children then that when we had grown up and we

have babies you grow up into people that the way that we have internalized care

that’s what we do then to our children unless we look at it so if we inquire and we make a

really so this is what we’re doing here what this is what meditation for me as a western a Westerner this is a very

Western approach it’s to go what do I want to take with me from the past

what what is good what needs to be worked for what do I how can I do this

so that I don’t do the same things to others that have been done to me

this there’s so many great Dynamics with this um this was a new form of retreat

during the lockdowns I I did this more during the lockdowns than here recently although I am signed up to audit a

course um remotely um you know what you’re talking about too with Joseph Goldstein IMS and may I

think it’s the the beginning of middle of May so possibly do this again but

during the lockdown I did these two um and in general for the whole world it

was like the retreat that they didn’t want to sign up for right everybody was

forced to do this to some degree during the lockdowns um now what Wendy speaks

about um during our childhood like this it’s it’s really profound these realizations

of yeah I see it’s so clearly so so clearly where

um you know my folks a lot of times they were just passing down

um things that have how they learned you know and and tell they they turn inward and actually see it and realize oh this

is the thing that I learned from so and so this is not mine it will keep repeating and repeating until it’s seen

and known and then there’s a choice whether we’re going to continue that type of rearing and behavior or

something else can come in its way and it is made yeah

and I think that actually we keep making the same people say it’s a mistake but I

want to say we do the same behavior more and more and it’s like each time

it we’re kind of we’re repeating it because there’s a part of the mind and

the body that that one there’s a part of the mind that is telling us we have something that we

need to shift here and so I’m just going to put you back in the same situation again and again and

again until you realize you need to shift here and if you don’t pay attention to that then you keep

recreating the same problems and this is like anything in life it seems to things

seem to repeat over and over again until we kind of learn the lesson we need to learn from it the good news is that I

like this spiral scare staircase method instead of a hamster wheel every time we repeat it we get a higher and higher

broader perspective uh of what’s going on uh so it’s just not like this cycle

that’s just so overwhelming and daunting and these are habit patterns right I think it’s also important too to know uh

to not beat ourselves up over this you know it’s just cause and effect in a way you know we’re doing the best we can you

know our parents actually did the best they could if they could have done better they would have now it doesn’t

say what they did was right it doesn’t excuse any wrongs you know um you know unwholesome I mean harmful

acts as harmful acts we never want to back them up and say that was okay because a lot of times it’s not okay you

know harm is not okay abuse is not okay at the same time you know they’re doing the best they

could to their ability but I think that what they’re doing is

they’re recreating so I had this really big insight and I thought this was really useful to

understand what are we doing what is it that gets us upset

and I guess it’s quite psychological but um because but it but let’s see so my

sense my my thing that I did and you can let me know whether you you feel this is

true too that what we’re always scanning for in our interactions is

does this person care about our needs and feelings

and if it’s yes we feel sound gone so Sergio has just gone sound

gone I don’t know what sound gong means I

think it’s Sergio so I think what he’s saying is did the sound go how did the

sound go uh you know what oh this is my bad everyone oh my goodness I’ve been

muting myself but I don’t think that should affect it actually uh unless things are tight so I’ll just not mute

myself and we’ll see if that fixes it my bad ah sound good so Sergio says sound

good now um

hear a woman I just want to find out whether he can

because he’s actually online which is really good so I’m using Chrome browser too which I

think I usually use Firefox but I mean only a man so they can only hear you only hear a man interesting I don’t know

what’s going on then um it shouldn’t be that way I mean I don’t

I don’t I don’t know what’s going on in my end where that would be the case because

um I have the live stream can you hear a woman okay well

I don’t know what else to do here I guess we’re just gonna have to you have to catch the repeat on the the YouTube

you know um I why don’t I’ll just hop off okay and then

let’s try that okay Sergio says it’s the Twilight Zone why you do that Wendy I I I’ll get the

YouTube address for people that want to tune in on YouTube all right can yeah can you uh let me just I’ll come I’ll go

and I’ll come back okay

okay while Wendy’s rejoining us um Sergio you can you can listen to both of

us on the YouTube channel more than likely so you go to YouTube um slash at integratingpresence

uh that’s uh YouTube and then ads I’m typing it in


so I don’t know what’s going on today we’ve had this before um we’ve had it working before but for

those still here what we’re doing um Wendy and I is we are talking about

Retreats and things uh Retreats and Trauma

and okay Wendy’s back again now we’re gonna test the sound uh all right gergio

do you hear windy now Wendy say something so I

can you hear all this is I always think this is really funny because here we are two Buddhist

practitioners how many Buddhist practices does it take to get the tech right you know exactly

so I have the the microphone quality and I have my Blue Snowball Mike it’s

showing up as that and uh yeah now it says 12 meditators uh Sergio isn’t uh

say something Wendy well I don’t know so so can everybody

hear Wendy when she’s talking um and then I guess people are hesitant in

the chat it says 12 meditators are here I guess people are shy they don’t want to say yes they’re asleep

yeah they’re falling asleep they’re falling asleep [Laughter]

that’s off but uh well anyway the YouTube will be there and um sorry for for the technical

difficulties or the confusion here folks I guess we’ll just we’ll just go on because yeah we spend all our time in

Tech it’s uh it turns into a tech show you know let’s let’s

jump on next time a little bit earlier sure yeah see if we can iron those out

okay so well I think you should maybe do I am

on your channel on YouTube now what should be done so that’s what Sergio says okay yeah look you Sergio look for

the live this should be a live stream going on the YouTube my YouTube channel and just tune in live to the uh

meditation um meditation q a with Wendy Nash yep should be there right Wendy do you see

it too why don’t I just put the link in there in the chat yeah

the thing is though that they block links in the chat because they don’t want people going elsewhere but what I

did is that you just go to at integratingpresence and

um you can see if it works there but okay all right well you know there we go

you guys are getting your training and patience today right everywhere yeah it was just and it’s like hello hello

No One’s Gonna watch it no one’s gonna watch this afterwards don’t worry about it

I think you should talk I think so let me let me ask you a question let me ask you a question all right so what what

what has changed for you so what’s something that you had that

changed from meditation like the same thing but A New Perspective yeah and this is something that Wendy um

when we were talking about before the the show here and one of the things she um offered is you know we can also see

how meditation can help us see things uh old things in a new way right and

there’s so much with this and just by the way I’m just at the it’s it’s there’s two people watching on YouTube

uh I’m going there so as soon as you go to my YouTube channel you can see uh where we’re live streaming so you just

click on Sergio says he’s in his hands so he’s he’s uh he’s juggling inside

timer wow what a trooper like we are huh okay so far okay so now

um here’s here’s the thing with meditation just how can meditation help us see things

um old things in a new way and you know I’ve mentioned this several times before when I first started I started off kind

of at rock bottom right in in my practice where it was kind of a last result and

as soon as I did the first session like for over an hour I mean I got little

pith instructions before right and so I sat down and it’s like well I’m just

going to try this for longer periods and all these memories came back to me the very first time and it was like this

huge relief just to re replay those memories now I wasn’t doing traditional

meditation right at all I was just it’s basically closing my eyes in Stillness and just letting the Mind Vomit up what

it wanted to vomit up and that was one of the things I was like wow that came up and it just felt so good to clear

that out then it kind of turned into I had a few mystical experiences right on but after

that very first time I committed I was like well this is such a relief the first time I don’t have anything to lose

I’m just going to do this every day now and just commit to it and I did and then I had a few mystical experiences maybe

for another time we can mention those but probably not because they’re not really relevant unless to certain people on certain paths but then then it

started to turn into like my own um therapy session for a while and this is before I really even got proper

meditation instructions but uh what it did is uh it provided a space for memories to

arise and see again I had forgotten all these things in my life significant moments in my life started to reappear

you know relive and it was I saw how I was treating myself and I saw how I was

really putting myself down you know um all these it was basically like airing

my dirty laundry to myself I saw all these things that I wasn’t aware of before and then also how I was treating

other people and I didn’t realize how horrible I was treating them you know it was really like this I a sobering moment

and so there was this deep kind of sadness and regret for this and just

also at the same time a relief that now that I could see this and know this now

I had a chance to act on it because if I didn’t know it was there to begin with I don’t really have a chance and heck to

to do anything about it right so then I you know maybe not the the wisest thing

but I found myself really reaching out to people I hadn’t talked to for years and years and and forgive it you know

asking for their forgiveness and they’re like I don’t even remember that what are you talking about or oh that’s okay everybody does that you know but for me

it was this really deep moving thing that I felt really important to do and

that was part of the journey there too now um so this is another thing about just

viewing ourselves our past selves with kindness you know um and it just goes with the future

exercise just to jump ahead a little bit I think Tara Brock uses this technique of you know what wisdom would our future

self have for us now you know if we could tap into our wise self just like if I could have tapped in back then to

now uh you know what would the would that future self what words of wisdom you know what care and kindness or at

least compassion in saying you know yeah this is freaking tough right now you know so um I think just just seeing

things that way and applying wisdom to to sex what about you Wendy how have

you seen um things in your past um differently now through meditation

I don’t know how much to say because um people who are on inside timer can’t hear me but I I think it’s really given

me so so there’s something about well if I

can give space to my thoughts and see it’s it’s like

you know when you’re in the heat of something and it drives you a bit nuts and you’re kind of like yeah it’s like

that and then the next day you go oh my goodness what did I do I’m completely

misunderstood and um and

it’s like I do that so no one can hear me on inside timer

oh no uh guys go to my YouTube Channel please

I’m sorry um I I don’t understand why they’re not this is it hasn’t happened before

everybody’s always been able to hear you on insight timer um you know what I’m gonna do when they keep talking and I’m going to start up

the insight timer stream on a different browser so I’ll be right back on inside time and

we can we can still you can still talk if you want okay well no one can hear me except I

suppose Sergio you can hear me I think yes if they’re watching okay oh no and I

don’t know if they can um I I don’t know if I can restart the stream since I ended it on YouTube on

inside timer we’ll we’ll see here though I’m I’m starting it up and see if I can still do that the event might have ended

once I hit end um so it might just have to finish it out on YouTube

oh it is what it is well just okay so so Sergio Sergio can hear me so I’ll just

keep going because you’re off and offline okay great so thank you Sergio for keeping me abreast of where you’re

up to this is really helpful so for me just to answer your question

Josh how has meditation made me really think about it so

it’s more that when I used to have a really volatile

character very angry and once I realized that

I didn’t have I didn’t if I didn’t react I got a new perspective

so it’s like when I didn’t react when I just sat with it and didn’t react

then then everything was really um

everything old is New Again and that was what was really good so

well um yeah it’s it just so you know there’s

four people let me have a look in that and see if there’s anybody on Instagram no it’s what it’s doing now it it gives

me mixed messages it says live now but then it says watch replay so it’s not uh

it looks like the event has ended and it’s not allowing me to pick it up yet okay all right let’s let’s leave the

tech because I think we’ve had like 20 seconds of conversation because you’re really caught in that and all the rest

so that’s a lesson for us that when it doesn’t work it doesn’t work and then we just have to drop it and then just rely

on the YouTube it’s tough for me to integrate presence like this right yeah integrate presence you know like how

hard is that it’s so hard because because it’s it’s all the little bits

you know and so what are we doing we’re talking about meditation and we’re talking about

doing getting something new and it’s not

it’s just getting the old stuff and thinking well what what what am I miss I

mean this is my this is a big part of my practice I’m an ins I’m so engaged with the Insight stuff and I heard something

the other day on a treat which was so Sergio just so you know I was on

Meditation Retreat you couldn’t hear me um that um

it that the Buddha said if there is one one thing you need in terms of

your meditation practice your whole Dharma practice it is actually just

curiosity so that is though if you have nothing else

curiosity is the most important thing in curiosity about I guess

where are our blind spots what are we not seeing what are we missing because

clearly we do things and the problem isn’t that we need to do something new

it’s that we need to get a broader we’re missing information

so we need to remove a cloud to allow the sun to shine so it’s more

there I think that’s what I think for sure it really is you know the the

historical Buddha he was a Seeker after truth when he left and went into the holy life that’s what his title was and

I forget the poly word for it but it was a Seeker after truth you know this curiosity and this was what drove me so

profoundly in the very beginning I was having Insight after Insight discovering new things and it was really exciting

and kept going deeper and asking questions and investigation you know this this notion of Investigation uh is

the one of the Awakening factors you know it has to be there you know we have to see and know this for ourselves we

can’t have someone else tell it tell us about it I mean we can but to really see

a note for ourselves is a requirement and it’s encouraged too and this is

where curiosity comes in because if we don’t have that Curiosity to even you want to look into things or can see the

potential importance of it then a lot of times we’re not going to do that you know um so yeah this is a really huge uh

part of the path for sure um and it’s more of an active part of it too we we talk about being passive in

meditation and allowing that’s part of it there’s also this kind of active uh curiosity too and curiosity in the body

you know how does this feel in the body you know where where do these thoughts

and emotions I guess physicalize or what is the physical correspondence in the body of

these these things you know yeah

and I guess I was thinking what that says it’s a kind of prison we live in

the prison and what meditation does is it shows us that we are in prison now that I have

actually a present on the mind because I got a letter from my friend who is in prison so I have never known anybody personally

who has been in jail and um she just I was like where is she gone

and the next thing I hear a mutual friend is gone she’s in jail

so luckily she’s it’s a woman not a man because if she went to a man’s prison

you know that that uh its own special form of hell

um but yeah she she’s in this prison and now she’s really she’s stuck in this

place realizing that she’s in a prison and it is her own imprisoning mind that

has lot left her into this physical prison so she’s it’s like she had to get

herself into a corner such a corner

um yeah to go actually I realized I’m like this mess and I’m I mean I know I’m a

mess but I how do I reach out how do I do I mean I I just for people in in

Australia there are prison chaplains so there are Buddhist prison chaplains and I think in the US that’s quite common

too um and they do fantastic work because

it’s such an important service so thank you to all the prison chaplains who and

school chaplains and people who uh Hospital chaplains who who really

intervene in people’s lives in in really difficult in difficult difficult

circumstances when they’re at their rock bottom yeah there’s just there’s so much to

this um San Francisco’s in Center has a famous um outreach program to uh San Quentin I

think it is and if uh buddy Denny knew who used to do a monthly thing with he

was part of that and would go into prisons and there’s just so much really wisdom and relief people get from this

um we talk about uh where practice really can make a difference for sure there’s been I think there was a movie

years ago called uh dhamma Brothers about how they did a vipassana treat in a prison you seen that one

I saw I didn’t know if it was a passenger train I saw one where they were um

uh when it was a therapy weekend in the ordinary lay population could go in and

work with these prison guys it was very it’s amazing work and you just see these

things anyway Sergio has said yes it seems to me like a patience of will a

patient’s will of wisdom guiding our best intentions to know more useful needed wisdom

so uh so um I I think what he’s saying there is

that patience is what you really need then that wisdom guides us in our best

intentions so we know what is going to give us more wisdom

yes and the other thing about um you know I was really like this movie called Shawshank Redemption you know you

could go it’s just uh this whole notion because the the metaphor of a prison uh

with stress and suffering and unsatisfactions we’re all in a in a metaphorical prison until we’re fully

awakened because it really resounds with me and you know it’s interesting too that Australia was originally known some

people say a prison Colony right I mean I don’t know if it’s derogatory or not but I I don’t know the truthfulness of

it but for me what I the what this all boils down to is we do not have a chance

to free ourselves until we realize we’re in a prison and this is metaphorically

right until we realize the bonds in the how we’re Bound by uh the the stress

that sometimes we don’t even know is there there’s no chance whatsoever of getting Beyond it right first we have to

realize that there’s this metaphorical prison that we’re in of stress and

unsatisfaction yeah so I’ll just I’ll just give you a heads up so New South Wales is a p what

they call a penal colony so the English you know they do like to incarcerate

um and if you just they needed to populate Australia because they were stealing all the land so as an

Aboriginal a fantastic Aboriginal illnesses you know the English they just want more land they just obsessed by

land ownership which is such a strange Concept in and of itself how can you own land it’s what does that even mean the

land you know the land owns us not we own the other hand this is a very strange idea

um so just on that one um but

um and and it actually has completely permeated the culture because when you start off with a very male dominated

culture that actually makes it a very Macho Society so I don’t know if in the

south of the US in Texas those places they were very male dominated in the

early days and that’s why it has a much more masculine culture I don’t know but that’s that’s a it is and ironically too

though they have these the the land rules are different there it’s basically if anybody wants a lot of open land and

they can just go live there you know there you don’t have to go through a bunch of government stuff or whatever you know they kind of leave people on

their own to to work it out amongst themselves but I think it’s changing and I don’t know 100 for sure about that but

yeah you know I can see it both ways I I get when you know people are greedy and they want things and they’re just gonna

have to have it their way well then if everybody’s living amongst themselves like that mindset then it makes sense to

put up fences this saying that you know good fences make good neighbors right people take care of a certain spot and

if they’re if they’re not you know they need someone else or a wall to maintain a certain amount of ground otherwise

they would just be shooting everybody that’s on one hand on the other hand yeah exactly how can I say okay well I’m

going to pick up this dirt and this is my dirt right you know wait a second no this spec over

here that’s your that’s your dirt but no this one is my it’s just so absurd yeah so let’s get back to meditation

but but I think that that is perhaps exactly the same in meditation because

because um we say something is ours or something

is true or this is how it is as if that is true

because we feel it to be true but when you and this is why I love

interdependence and looking at how things come together in meditation while

everything is always so Dynamic and moving and that’s what is so clear in

meditation that every moment is a new moment I had this

um did I did I ever tell you my cleaning the toilet story

well if you did tell it again it’s appropriate enough so it was a Sunday morning and I was

cleaning the toilet I didn’t have anywhere to go or anything to do that Sunday so and I was just getting more

and more agitated and I was going ah I should have finished this by now and I

just thought everything is only in this place with for the first time so

this body is this age this toilet brushes this particular toilet brush this

toilet this apartment the water I guess all the bodily bits that are in

the toilet everything is only in that way for the first time in that

particular moment so then everything is in this constant state of flux and

dynamic now Sergio has just said blow your mind with the active side of infinite from Castaneda if you saw

Matrix and found it interesting as concept that book will give a clue thank you Sergio yes I’m familiar with the

Carlos Castaneda books and by the way that was one of the books early on my path to Awakening uh it really uh

profoundly uh mind opening I would just advise people reading those be very careful if you’re going to do anything

in those books do it under the guidance of a skilled Master practitioner because

there’s some very um I would say potentially dangerous practices in that book so yeah

yeah I mean on meditation Retreats when they’re very very that also can be a problem and I’ve

known people to with with a disposition to psychosis

to go full on psychotic and I’ve known known about people who had no disposition when they were on very

pushing pushing pushing themselves that that cause problems so there is starting

to be some really good research about uh the importance of taking care of your

mind so always it’s like you you you you it’s good to apply yourself but don’t

whip yourself don’t push and make it a hard experience it’s about love it’s

about how much care and kindness are you having yeah so um so Sergio says ekitol also gave light

on handle an Unstoppable chattering drama mind hmm I I wonder if if Sergio’s English it

needs to be a little better or he’s just an Enlightenment bot no I don’t know well but either way yeah okay okay so

but this this is a good point anyway because we were talking about land right and the the uh intensities that intense

meditation can happen so when those kind of really um new experiences that become diffuse

and we lose this ground this sense of reference point that can be destabilizing and very um overly

spacious and unsettling for us people and this is when these boundaries can be

very helpful right coming back into the body feeling the body knowing there’s a

physical boundary around the body right feeling the groundedness on on the um

you know on the cushion he’s clear um very um uh physical boundaries that

can help ground us and Center us when these expansive States come and that can be on stabilizing and desettling for

some people on the other hand there are some people that are just become so entrenched in the comfort of that that

they don’t want to push the boundaries they don’t want to go beyond this and so they’re always kind of complaining about

nothing’s happening in my meditation you know it’s the same thing over and over again when am I going to have these

profound experiences so yeah that’s all about these you know are not profound experiences it’s like what you know I

just it’s stuck basically you know so so I think just to answer your question

Sergio is a human being and um

you have to you’ll have to forgive me for my lack of knowing any other language so so I speak a couple of languages so

I’m used to I’m used to it and I spent time in international communities so and English is the lingua Franca for across

the world so um many people have a good grasp and um you know the grammars sometimes a little

bit tricky so English grammar can be a little bit you know at three o’clock in

the morning or wherever Sergio is um so and he says yeah there is needed

caution and responsibility with it all and that’s what we’re describing here

yeah empowering at the same time self-responsible yeah so all right we’re

coming up to Quarter Two so what what uh we were going to talk about old and new

and starting fresh yes and in relation to meditation so

what um what would you and Sergio if you would like to find out then if you have

a question Sergio about meditation and starting fresh or anything like that you

just post up there and I will we hear teachers talk about again and

again right um because uh you know when we’re doing more like a summative practice we’re

just having one object in the mind keeps wandering off keeps wandering off well

every moment we wake up to that it’s a chance to start anew bring the attention

back to the meditation object and start all over again you know uh and for some

people this can be like this is where a lot of people give up you know they say well my mind is just too unruly I can’t

do this it’s all over the place I’d say well hello wake up that’s everybody until they they go within and see that

that’s just how you know out of control the mind is you know that it has no shame but at the same time you know this

is just the nature of the mind until it’s trained you know an untrained mind is can be the the you know the most uh

horrible enemy but a trained mind can be the most powerful Ally and so this is a

training just like we would go to the gym or you know um figure out how to clean our house quicker and more

efficiently or anything like this or learn a new subject it’s a it’s a training and it requires it’s unlike a

lot of other trainings where a lot of times it’s it’s starting from zero over and over and over and over again

so I met somebody the other day I I go to Toastmasters so I I really like it I

moved up here to a new area so I would recommend it if you want to meet people who aren’t at work or whatever just

um to to to do Toastmasters I I found a very personally very beneficial and good for my self-confidence and and things

make me feel connected to the community and um and there’s somebody new and he has a

brand new job as the national sales manager and he says Ah meditation because I said I teach people to

meditate oh meditation I can’t meditate uh you know I sit down and my mind goes crazy and I said yeah okay that’s that’s

just normal we won’t worry about talking about that now but here’s a practice for you so what I said to him is so you meet

people and and you have a secretary and he does and his secretary

um helps him prepare all the paper sets up the meeting and the secretary’s a man

and um is an ally really guiding him in his

new role about attention this person here and be careful with that there and

there’s a lot of informal information that gets shared there

and so I said every time your secretary does something

to make your life a little bit easier you simply notice it

and then at the end and and then maybe somebody holds a door open for you or someone writes thank you in an email or

somebody prepares good documents that or they they go into the meeting and they’ve thought about how come how can

we do this well together and then every time someone does something like that you just notice and

then at the end of the day when you get into bed you just go through that whole list of all the time since the beginning

of the day that somebody did something kind for you and what happens eventually is you get

the duchenne smile which is there uh authentic smile it’s the one where

you see you see people who are just genuinely happy that’s the duchenne

smile so the eyes I crease up at the side and you could you and your body

resonates you know when someone has a sham smile and so we talked about how he

he comes from a very very humble background he’s clearly very good at his job he’s Rising rising Rising super

quick and it’s slightly above his comfort zone and

so I talked about how doing this practice get will build the duchenne

smile and noticing all those small little gestures will help him build and

fortify his relationships so that people who may be a little bit wary of him or

something you know the new kids come in that little meditation practice is

changing him to respond always in a more favorable way and uh and since he’s just starting the

job you know it’s a perfect time because people haven’t yet formed in much of an opinion of him

and he um and he thought it was a very handy so New Beginnings so I don’t think you need

to be sitting down for 20 minutes not everybody is ready for that and I don’t think it’s good to start that way

um because it’s a big gig you know it’s a lot I mean I I just when I met my

partner I said okay we’ll just sit together for five minutes and then 10 well I think we did 10

minutes and then 15 and then 20 and then 30 and now you know if I can I’ll I’ll

do two hours he’s like no he can do it but it’s it’s too much time but yeah

it’s this is such a beautiful practice you mentioned because well first off it’s gratitude right we can’t be in

conflict with something we’re grateful for and this is a systematic thing that appeals to people that are more

right-brained right it’s a clear practice okay I’m going to be looking for these things to appreciate and

recognize you know uh and be grateful for it’s it’s and then all it really

takes at that point is a commitment to remember to do this to um incline the

mind for what to look at just like we are kind of normal default of negativity

bias oh we’re looking at the threats where they come from right because in the past that served us well you know a

tiger jumps out okay we wouldn’t be on the lookout for Tigers because we could save our lives so just how we can kind

of have that as the default we can switch to the default to okay what is

you know where’s the benefit of this how is this person’s actually helping you

know this uh look looking for these things to balance out right and to to make things

um gratitude I do the the kind of the opposite I mean for a while there for years I was just reviewing my day and I

still do I keep a journal so I will go list through what happened during the day just to kind of recall it because I

don’t really have a you know a memory for just mundane things that happen day to day but I like to just list them out

at the end of the day but then if I want to go back you know years later and look at a particular day I could say well

yeah I remember that day or oh I have no idea what the hell that day will happen there but so but now waking up in the

morning and just my gratitude practices what is spontaneously coming into mind

and can I be grateful for that or just this prompting you know what can I be

grateful for um you know and usually it’s well I have a nice soft bedroom it’s just on and on

and on yeah so yes yeah so I I’ve heard that but I it’s two

things that in there I the journal journaling thing that seems to have come

into the meditation realm in the last I don’t know what five six seven years I

don’t remember it being part of that I don’t use it I don’t use it for meditation I just it’s a long for me

it’s it’s uh what did I what I did during the day so I’m using it differently than people do it for you

know oh I gotta Journal this out no I just keep track of my day that way so it has nothing to say meditation practice

the way I do it so um Sergio says once I had an experience

in a group meditation workshop for some moment I felt uh like I was had been

floating in a totally Timeless space no sensation of time or body so weird but

Unforgettable is it common Josh you answer that I would say yes I hear these

things from meditation practitioners all the time the danger is on both sides for

this is getting um getting attached to these uh Peak experiences or the other end where I

never have these peaky experience I want these Peak experiences or the the other leg is these aren’t important at all it

should completely blow them off and play no importance to them so I think the balance is in the middle of all three of

those perspectives right some of the peak experiences can be very helpful and

giving aspiration towards the profound nature of the mind and phenomena but

when we’re chasing peaky experiences all the time then we can get disappointed and upset we can miss the fundamental

levels if we don’t see any significance at all in these type of experiences well

then we just kind of get mired in our crap more and more every day and don’t

see kind of any aspiration you know um or are you just is slogging along this

is just oh it’s just matter and whatever you know just um physical things and

whatnot and uh yeah but and so it’s it’s finding a balance between all this as

far as commonality you know that’s the beautiful diversity of life too that we

do have unique experiences and sometimes we have very common experiences too

so yeah can I add something yes and then pick up pick up with the

journal thing where you’re left off too as well okay so I would say

hi you know I had it meditating I remember kind of getting on the train was at the bus and

I saw these people and I had instant oh this is my friend and I were complete strangers and I wanted to go up and see

them and then I had these I was like wow what was that and then I had other experiences and I you know I’ve had one

where I was the same as the tree at sort of I was just as important as the tree

and and then I’ve had other ones where whatever experience and my my thought

about them is they are really useful because as you as you say Sergio weird

but Unforgettable and it’s it’s sort of I think in the beginning it’s that first

breakthrough and that’s it’s very intense because it’s like a a cloud has

been lifted and suddenly it’s seen But then the cloud parts

and then it’s just an ordinary sunny day and it just becomes part of who we are

and we’re not more special for it it’s just like well we’ve got a one time we

had a really lovely shirt on and we felt really smart or we were wearing a nice

suit or something and we felt so special in that moment because we were all dressed all fancy and nice and then it

was lovely to know that experience to be dressed so nicely and smart and and

looking good and then we take off the coat and we remember what it’s like to have that

lovely experience and so that when we see somebody walking in the street who

looks really smart we can go oh I remember what it was like or we might

have a a nephew or a son who’s wearing a suit like that and they’re like oh like

look at me I’m so like they look so good and then you go I remember that that was

such a it was so important it was such a beautiful moment so I think like that that that that that is the way that I

see it is something that it changes me and it helped means then when I read the texts so sometimes when I read you know

books or or I hear somebody describing a teacher describing an experience I go I

know exactly what they’re saying whereas before I was trying to understand what they were saying but in this one I feel

like yes I know what they’re saying in that that it it has a you know until

you’ve eaten a strawberry you can look at as many pictures of strawberries as you like but until you’ve eaten a strawberry you then know what a

strawberry tastes like so more like that and then you go ah next time you look at a strawberry you go I know what that

tastes like so something down there that’s what I would say it is and I just want to amplify a little more that they

become more commonplace right and so we can start to see the profundity in our everyday mundane lives too if we just

spend a few extra seconds inquiring deeper into the nature of just something

as mundane as like a coffee cup you know like how who are all the people involved

in this you know what was the temperature like to heat this cup where did the materials come from who came up

with the design of this who shipped it everywhere you know with this tea set look you know great in my kitchen or

would it be an aberration to have it there and all my friends would make fun of me you know I I

I’m really interesting because we’ll wind up in a minute but I had a really interesting one so I was on a retreat a

home retreat uh last year I think it was and somebody did a talk about ancestors

so she was she had been in Australia and and uh it was a it was a Buddhist

retreat but it crossed the Northern Territory so a lot of the old the old

people so the Aboriginal Elders no longer there but very clearly you know still there in the in the spiritual

memory I would say and so she did this talk about the ancestors and she talked about and this desire to find out well where are our ancestors you know

and and I I came off Retreat or maybe it was that day and I went into the bathroom

and I looked at the bathroom tiles and

um and I thought bathroom tiles actually

where what’s the ancestry and so I looked it up on Wikipedia and for 3 000

years people have been making tiles and there’s people just crafting little

little little so that eventually I end up with a bathroom tile now Sergio asked

another question and so it’s going to be the last one Sergio because we’re just about out of time he says would love to

reach ask for projection effortless or at least lucid dream now if you’re interested in dream yoga there was a

fantastic book by Andrew halachek is very thick and it’s very it’s in English

so that might be a little bit difficult but if you can get that book and maybe

see if you can go through it very slowly he talks how to go through that so

Sergio it’s been lovely having you online thank you so much for interacting with us oh my gosh this makes it

worthwhile because this is oh it’s made for yeah these questions and feedback like this so maybe something technically

yeah and thank you for going from insight timer into into YouTube it’s

really been lovely to have you here so you have a lovely time just Sergio whereabouts are you in the world

and these two in the meantime the answer is these tiles this is just like every aspect of the light that ties into the

Gratitude too think of the people who’ve spent their entire lifetime maybe Generations studying the art and

practice of making this so we can something we take for granted every day but it really imagine our lives without

it and it’s almost unimaginable you know we we have to have all these different things everything has to come together

is interconnected has anyone experienced to separate

Spirit from body in a conscious state I haven’t had that one so these are

these are kind of more mystical practices that I don’t know if this would be the right Forum especially

coming to the end that’s a huge question um that uh maybe you can contact me

offline Sergio and we can uh maybe look more into this because it it’s it’s a

really um it’s an iffy subject it needs to be approached carefully with these type of things so

I’m just going to okay so I’ve just given Sergio I’m gonna hop off the call

because we’re at the end of time but I’ve spent the it’s called it’s called Green Yoga and it’s by Andrew holacheck

so I’ve now spelled the name correctly Sergio have you got that name so

I think he’s happy so I think he can read the chat on that one but

um Guatemala he’s in Guatemala okay fantastic lovely so

um I don’t speak any Spanish so do you speak any Spanish Josh other than when I used to drink cerveza and uh I needed

so they could tell me where to go to the bathroom at that’s about it okay

no okay all right so

um that’s it yes that’s it for joining and bearing with the technical difficulties may you all be well and

have all the auspices auspicious changes that are required bye now yeah and just

chill yes this is required in this moment

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