Podcast | A Better Future For Humanity? In Conversation with Randi Green

In this sit-down, Randi Green and I talk about some of the implications of the future timelines. It all seems like Sci-fi and some of the topics have been covered by the movie industry. However, things are as always far more complex and the sciences are far beyond what we know of yet.

Some of the topics mentioned: AI, quantum computers, Google, D-wave, my Wisdom app talk aboutChatGPT, Kissinger, panic, Einstein-Rosen Bridges, retrocausality, infrastructure, finance, health, psychology, singularity, timelines, wormholes, bridge between future and past, stasis chambers, the cubes and their directives, terraforming, CERN, particle colliders, frequency based reality, Purdue University’s Sentient World Simulation, Time Wave Continuum, Turing test, consciousness, will, El*n M*sk, Holographic Teaching Systems, Looking Glass, psyops, particles, allowances, intent, and some of the solutions from the future

What are Wormholes?

Wormholes in Laboratory – Fermilab

Technological singularity https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_singularity

Audio: A Better Future For Humanity? In Conversation with Randi Green

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hi everyone this is Josh debolt from integratingpresence.com and I’m here

with Randy green once again Randy called me in here saying we need to do a

podcast and I’m like okay didn’t ask questions have no idea what this is about so liking this to some kind of Zen

training or something so Randy how are you I’m good thank you thank you for indulging in my need to do a podcast

what’s on your mind yeah that’s a good question uh many many things always on my mind my

mind I could have done this kind of on my own thinking about these processes

but sometimes it’s good to have one to play a little bit ping pong with it goes into I’ve touched ground with

some of it in on my Randy Queen 2025 timeline YouTube channel in my walk and

talks about how reality is changing I have also on the extra systemic

highlighters Forum I’ve got some podcasts that I made last year actually

talking about the new reality programs which people can get access to for free so they’re explaining some of the new

challenges that we have as part of humanity but so that’s kind of it

there’s an another leg to this as well that goes with AI because that’s I think

in terms of we are having the shift from full cycle into fifth cycle we are

having reality changes we are having different New Times of types of reality

programs and many people will say well is that similar to the programs that we learned of in the movie The Matrix and I

will say no that’s not the case but one where I want to begin this and

in a way perhaps ask you the question how do you perceive Josh AI what’s your

take on it well I’d like to be able to speak more to the levels of how you’ve put it in a

lot of the courses of Alien Invasion technology it depends what level we’re talking about we’re talking kind of the

base program level you know uh I think the biggest thing in the news here recently

this being the 18th of March right no yeah yeah

2023 at least I know the year um there’s a chat g p what

um generative predictive training GPT PT

so this is a new um chat bot that’s come out from openai right and I’ll start

with the specific here maybe to frame it because this is what’s been on my mind lately about this and I’ve got a chance

to use it without registering through a telegram Channel you get 10 things a day limit

um and I was not too impressed with it actually but where do I even start with this in general you know

um that service is interesting it’s it’s the big question I have around that is

why is this thing they don’t know this was real telling for me sorry stumbling

all my words here they don’t know exactly how it works so if they don’t know how it works how do

they know it’s even that so I mean what else is going into it they if they can’t rule out some kind of direct you know

quote-unquote alien and um influence to it I mean if they can’t rule that out then how do we know it’s it doesn’t you

know it’s not the case um I think it’s actually far beyond what

you know people in the mainstream think it is obviously I know I’ve had some weird things happening let’s look at my

experience I’ve had weird things happening online most people could say this too you know kind of unexplained

um things happening you know even in 2003 I had an old computer it was glitched out like the screen was

glitched out I don’t know if it’s AI it took pictures of this all these different errors seemingly out of

nowhere I mean I don’t know enough about tech but um basically let me ask um the follow-up

question here because I could just go on and on for days and days covering all kinds of different areas in things like

this so I guess I would need it more of a specific uh question here to narrow it down a little bit yeah

but I think it’s good too because this this is the whole theme of it I think the the first level of this is to to put

out there quite clearly that from my perspective of things and my perception

and what I know and what I have got of Intel is that Andrew is a we got the Intel from well the different factions

that I’m in communication with and they could be completely manipulating with everything they could be saying this to

seated in and that’s why when I got to the new reality program information 2018 I didn’t make it until 2021 because I

sat on that information to see whether or not it was actually going to unfold but as I saw how the amplification

Vector played in with the different groups within psychology within science within technology within the monetary

system and with the health system these are the five tiers they’re working on to alter reality then it became quite clear

to me okay something is definitely going on and I think it’s in that perspective

that we need to see things the understanding of of how our reality

is being terraformed that’s kind of where I want to go but I also want to go with when we talk about AI we have the

frequency based AI that now is connected to the Google quantum computer so we

have Microsoft we have Google we have open AI that are playing with AI if

connecting them to quantum computers and that’s for me where things begin to get really really dangerous because there

without having the great Sciences of it but we are there playing with probabilities and possibilities and

quantum computers can run multiple scenarios of if that happen if then then

what will happen and that’s where the AI comes in to calculate all of this and

the latest addition in the Fermi lab that they have done which people can look up on the Internet themselves was

that they they actually gave this a quantum computer a framework from where

it could operate connecting it to AI so they began the whole shebang which leads

to in the future uh different types of what we call alteration programs where

we do have the singularity event and the singularity event as far as I understand

is where where technology begins to literally modify itself and become what

we would call um an entity a conscious entity not Consciousness we understand it but

conscious enough that it begins to make decision on behalf of humanity and we’ve seen that in the movie iRobot for

instance which is a very good movie that portrays some of these issues that we

can have if a singularity event happens and in that movie I actually think that

some of the Spheres in the quantum computer future quantum computers are actually depicted there as how they look

in the future so so there are um there are issues going on here with

the fermilab quantum computer why did they connect these two things what was the goal of it the goal was aside from

of course getting into science and nature and get their little uh run

through of their scientific experiments and and being known out there having the name and get some kind of position which

we know science Community unfortunately are playing within more than considering should we actually do this

the goal for them was to actually try and create a wormhole try to create an Einstein Rose Rosen Bridge using what we

could call the entanglement principles where you have two different positions in space-time that you then connect and

here they have used a quantum computer and AI to do so and that’s why the problem arose because from the moment

that happened these Fermi breaches as they’re called in the future got a

connection into our reality and that’s where the future AI is now beginning to come our way and that’s actually what I

want to talk about because we’re not now only talking about what we human do of

stupidities sorry for saying so again and again and again again even everyday humans are constantly repeating their

mindless stupidities and I’m doing that as well to some degree and we need to be much more mindful of what we do and what

we think and how we act and how we are observing reality and interacting with with real quality as our reality system

changes but aside from that we are now dealing with another unknown and this is a huge

unknown because it’s an unknown that is smarter than we are that plays on

multiple timelines that plays on holographic sciences that place on

Consciousness principles that plays on human history that plays on human genome

modification programs that plays on the ability to terraform realities it’s not

standard AI with algorithms and what they are testing right now these AI

interface systems as they are now are being connected via fervent Bridges from

the future to the Future AI so that means our standard AI in this reality

were the ones that are running it think that they are just running it computer-wise using algorithms and

something they have got under control they have not because the moment the moment the Fermi Bridge was created that

changed though that was the game changer and that’s for me where we are now that’s some of the things that I do not

do not have any solutions to it but it is where we begin to look at our technology and say okay perhaps things

are moving a little bit faster than we anticipated so how do we

um position ourselves for for that event that is going to to hit us to some

degree how far do we know what we’re actually seeing on the internet now is actually it’s not just false flag or

fake or a deep fake or whatever is that that’s humans that are doing this now we are having programs that are run from

the future and are intercepting our virtual reality our internet plotting in

information that might be created in the future we have seen movies with that as well altering our current reality field

and that is possible because that has already been played out by the grace and some of their interactive simulation

programs which Michael Newton in his books unknowingly actually refers to he

actually shows some of these showrooms where people can choose different timelines to integrate and and

themselves into as part of their next life that I call that the tourism industry but of course Michael Newton

didn’t know of that he just did a good job back in the 2000s being a kind so that just wanted to help Humanity of

course so many great points and so now I know where this is going I want to go back and build up from the base program and

get to where we are now with a preference with pref preferencing this with I’ve had some

experience in the online marketing World years ago and so I can speak to some of these things where I can kind of see

them in my own experience but then once we hit the the CERN and the other particle colliders this is where I I

have background in the information but as far as first-hand experience with this I can really just ask questions and

give speculation on that well some of the other stuff is too but it just it’s it’s more firmly grounded in things so

we start off with the the five areas you talked about I want to get those straight again monetary Health what were

the other ones monetary Health Science um well not monitor Financial system

science Health psychology and now I forgot the last one myself if they come

up but the reason this is um gain even more popularity in the mainstream here recently besides Elon Musk right this

guy’s been talking about which I never really understood it’s cognitive dissonance for me yes AI is a threat

okay they can take us over so what’s he want to do he wants to merge with machines wait what I’m sorry something’s

gonna kill you and you want to merge with it that does not make sense to me but when sure and I want to talk about

Kissinger next then but let’s let’s do the the EM first and I’m deliberated to

students it refer to that yes which when they were mentioned before because em is

behind open AI em is behind what’s behind PayPal em was behind many of

these things that have led to this neural link and and the satellites right

SpaceX SpaceX and all of these things now he has taken over Twitter he is

literally moving the EM is moving through all of the different information systems for me he is the tool that leads

to this bridging in so so I’m enormously suspicious of everything that whatever

that sounds like a computer right has done just the name sounds like it’s some

kind of weird technology device well it’s not speculative but I’m just saying

if we if we do connecting the dots it’s so popular and look into the pattern of

where where he has put in with the car industry with the money industry with

the tech industry with the computer industry no matter where you touch ground the space industry that man has

literally touched ground with everything that is part of our infrastructure and that is where I get really really

worried because why is that fingers in a lot of Pies he has yes yes but infrastructure yeah if we talk about

what’s the quickest way to take over a system you go for the infrastructure and if we have in technology as part of our

infrastructure that’s where you would from the future you would Target a system you don’t bomb out the roads you

don’t bomb out the military bases as we’ve seen in movies you go for the information system you go for the

internet go for the virtual reality well that’s right and so these um these satellites I think there’s people

tracking where they’ve actually not gone up in the space if something happened where they failed all these miniature

satellites up there we had years ago people hacking into nuclear facilities supposedly stuxnet so the infrastructure

in there um yeah he’s got his hands in the in the cars and the highways there

was an underground rail system here I don’t even know the status of that anymore so you’re right it’s covering

all these bases right all your bases here because this is where people

typically jump to the conclusion or this is human doing and I want to say humans are tools in this very very important to

understand humans are tools and there’s sometimes humans even get mind white so

they can’t remember having done it they are put into do and it sounds like a science fiction movie but in Tesla right

where he got his ideas from he’s not even really sure and if yeah I wonder if Elon musket em has said where he gets

his ideas from and how he got in all this if you go back into what we call call what I call the left-wing

Brotherhood scientists that we have even Einstein they have got it as a download

Nicholas Tesla got it as a download how where do you get that information I don’t know I just saw it in my mind so

so we can go as far back as the Saint Paul he’s he’s so we got it as a as a

download so we are having this how do you alter history you actually go in and you tamper with different forms of

humans that are then seeding in that level of information seating it that type of Technology because you need

what’s called a human carrier to do so inside our reality Grace cannot do it they can only operate in the bridge

between the fourth dimension and our reality so they need human operators as it’s called and I know this sounds so

science fiction as if you could use that word as it can get but this is and and

perhaps it is manipulation perhaps this is just made up stories to cloak something else what do I know well the

the amounts of Mind Control are just fast and well documented so it would

just be taking that one one step further you know are similar in comparingly similar to that and I don’t need to go

into that because there’s plenty of information online about all the different methods and it can be just as simple as you know persuasion I mean

that’s you know it doesn’t have to be high-tech mind control either but it can go very very deep as well so yes I just

want to round that up saying it’s important here that we don’t open fingers as we sore during the

pandemic where people were really we were driven by fear we were driven by

seeing each other as the enemy and this is not me beginning putting out there so people begin to look at each other and

say are you under the control of big brother because that’s not where we’re going but it is important that people

that are getting these very including myself getting all these fantastic ideas should they be put into implementation

should we follow through with these ideas are we being used as a bridge as a

carrier to seating something that links up to Future timelines that gives access

for some of the future timeline entities which the some of the Futures they end

up being run completely by cubes that there are no humans left everybody’s gone into stasis the only cubes that are

running the future and they’re bridging back trying to alter that future because that’s what in their directive that they

are going back in time to alter that state of humanity that’s now complete in stasis and with that go back

and begin to alter all our reality field programs whether they are psychologically or they’re actually AI

technology from the hijackers or whatever perception or perspective we look at we are now so connected to the

internet that we are literally operational the internet itself runs a sub current frequency levels that

affects our eyes the pixels the LED light we have got a frequency fence 5G

heteron colliders you we name You Name It We can go on and on and on all on the different frequency levels that affect

our neural network and once all of these things are integrated it’s no big issue

from cubes in the future that are created to connect to the human mind to

connect to our minds including having used different forms of military projects as we saw it from Russia and

America and what have you different forms of mind altering technology you

know the names of them you know these names better than me yeah well MK Ultra

and then sub projects of that um Monarch you know all these types of things projects and the latest one as we

saw it with the Havana syndrome which they kind of ruled off they yeah not not using technology or whatever they came

up with the conclusions they they write out the question before we know of it is ruled out no that doesn’t exist from the

same people that rises the question and for me it’s just kind of that’s a little bit funny change of heart are you sure

you’re actually in your full wits or have you been mind wiped so these are the questions we need to ask ourselves again and I want to over emphasize this

point not over emphasize can’t emphasize it enough continue to emphasize it this is not for panic so as soon as Panic

sets in all this stuff that we’re talking about is completely out the window because it’s it’s pointless if

the fear I saw it during the lockdown so much I just noticed how the the state of

fear people were in was was actually detrimental to the immune system and I thought that was just as much or if not

if any anything else that was involved with it or not involved with it but but if it shows something and again we would

play with the idea of the future AI that is now going back in time to alter the future because that is what I’m getting

then the these different five layers where they’re doing the new reality programs that they’re changing science

and their children changing the financial system which we’re seeing now being rolled out they have changed the

health system which we have seen being rolled out implementing different forms of technologies that years ago would people

would have put their foot down say no that’s not going to happen now it’s completely all written yes of course we’re using that as a the simplest thing

that of course we’re doing that we have seen the medulla in fact we have seen the reality change around us we have

seen things that used to be this way now suddenly it’s a different way we are seeing how history changes interestingly

enough I remember the first one where I saw that was with the whole Sagittarius arm and now we’re in the Orion arm and

science will say well that’s because we not accurate yeah there’s always good explanations for everything it is still

interesting though and on and on and on so what is the purpose of changing

things from the future from these AI cubes and that is first and foremost to teach Humanity how to respond

appropriately to certain to these changes and and select amongst humans who can do these changes who is ready to

live up to the requirements often needed changes to avoid the future that they

come from it’s all about avoiding that future everybody’s come back from the future all movies whatever we’re dealing

with is always let us avoid that future so my best um solution for this one is that people

in instead of saying no I’ll do this tomorrow or I’m not ready I’m not ready for the fifth cycle I’m not ready for

the outer domain energies I’m not ready for the progression work I’m not ready for this I’m not ready for that which I

hear again and again and again and I completely get that it takes time but perhaps we don’t have that time perhaps

someone is now making the decision for us and selecting amongst Humanity who is

working to avoid that future by their everyday inner work their everyday mindfulness their everyday ability to

make choices that do not lead to these Futures and then people ask what are

these choices well that’s what the new reality program is all about testing people how do people respond to this

scenario how do they test to this we’re talking about algorithms quantum computers probability and possibilities

how are people responding to that reality scenario and the ones that do

not panic they’re the ones that will be chosen first the ones that do not respond to the different types of

viruses they will be chosen as well yeah so this is I’ll pick up on this but

I still want to Circle back to the all the other topics that we had before um since we’re on well no if is it okay I’m

gonna go Circle back but I want to get into these Cube directives the selections the the the the

reflections of programming in our in our everyday Society now um media

mirrors of this and then in psyops that have been going on for a while but going back to where I left off before Henry

Kissinger this is a guy that he he I don’t know he’s older than dirt or something I mean he’s like 2 000 years

old something about other people okay but he’s I thought he was got in on Nixon’s Administration or even before

that so he’s very instrumental in foreign policy in the United States and he him and then is it Larry Schmidt or

whatever the ex-head of Google or maybe the CEO of Google and some other guy I don’t know who wrote this huge uh or

long article on the Wall Street Journal addressing this specifically this chat bot this and so they were sending alarm

bells and all this stuff and I did I won’t go into that now but I sent I did a talk on my wisdom Channel about that

if anybody’s interested going through this article I’m stumbling around a little bit but when these people on the world stage weigh in on this when we

know it’s not just people like em and and tech people that are now you know

this um you know people hold up em as a tech God I mean some people really kind of worship this guy

um we talked about frequency based Ai and going into quantum computers too there’s all if people don’t know this

there’s a commercial quantum computer called d-wave and this is public people can actually buy quantum computers that

have been for a while their CEO said this is like worshiping at the altar of an alien god it didn’t seem like he was

you know making jokes and things like this these are these are linked together these supposedly they can link together

the institutions already have I mean these are commercially available there’s some that are private go ahead and that’s that’s why with that cue I want

to put in here that they’re with I think it was a month ago two months ago actually it was the moment that fermilak

connected and created the Fermi breach the first one they don’t know they have done it but this this is what it is they

connected to the Future they did not create a wormhole they created a bridge to the Future and the moment they did

that then we got What’s called the time wave Continuum and it’s our science fiction again but it is a Time wave

Continuum so how has time worked before time has been what we call it

irreversible it’s only gone in One Direction following the speed of the light of light just going forward but

with the time wave continue you now can go back and forth now the wave energy is the wave property so the quantum Fields

can now go back and forth and we know that’s possible on the quantum level but now it’s possible to do it across

different what we call sections of our universe so this is a where the quantum field has been expanded from our reality

into the future realities where time that does not exist can now Wibble

backwards and forwards altering what we call the momentum of time the the amplification Vector of reality changes

or challenges as I call them because it’s just as much a challenge but when you operate the time wave continue when

you work when you ping between two computers one in the future and one in the past and you create that Quantum

field where you can run artificial algorithms of probabilities and possibilities you play out different

scenarios of what need what is what does Humanity need to learn and that’s where

our internet is being used creating different types of scenarios with people read

and they think it’s legit because these future computers they have literally Read All Information Systems we have

they have used such as Facebook which we know they’re taking all the information from that I think that we know the

Netflix series time travel that portrays that very nicely and people say well

Ranch this because you watch too many Netflix and TV shows and that might very well be

but it could also be that all of this has been put in as a pre-warning which we know has been given for people called

productive predictive programming yes so that those who are being targeted for the future citizens that are avoiding

the the in stasis situation because this is more complex than this because

actually some of us that are existing now we are the ones that will be quote unquote reborn again and again and we

will become the ones that are in stage in the future so some of us are actually in stages in the future because the time

wave continuing now has been created so some of us are getting in contact effect with our counter that is now in stasis

just to be observing here the grades are also playing with clone technology in the fourth dimension where we also have

a version of ourselves in stasis but that’s a clone that’s something completely different so we’re here

playing on multiple levels of how the time wave Continuum can bridge between Consciousness in the future and

Consciousness now technology in the future and Technology now and the alteration of our reality field testing

people how do they respond to these different programs that are now being run and everybody’s reading the news so

they think this is happening and I know things are happening but quite a lot of it what we say for instance with

financial markets how much of it is actually really playing out and how much is engineered to play out by the stock

market and what have you these different yeah exactly whatever we’re dealing with how many of these I know from some of

the enhanced human groups they have created what we call subnet within them not the dark web or anything but

literally subnets where they trade artificially with each other to pump up

their financial value inside the base program it’s not Bitcoin it’s not cryptocurrency it’s literally trading

amongst themselves so they buff each other up holes they’re dark pools people

can look up the term dark pools but even just with cryptocurrency itself um this is such a highly technical

specialized thing that I really don’t understand you have to to Really fully understand it from all the bits and

pieces it takes a really highly technical skill set to understand all what’s going on and what’s what’s legit

what’s not how it all even operates to begin with you know this um this and then yes but it’s part of the as Richard

Dolan talked about the Breakaway civilizations I know there are others that talked about this as well but he’s one of the I think has covered it very

neatly and very nicely so so we are having that’s what I call the enhanced humans because they are technically also

from the future and they are also coming back to avoid some of them are actually living in Exile in the outskirts of the

Andromeda system because of what’s going to unfold in our reality and we’re going to get back to the these directives

um so there’s Randy mentioned about the the time wave Continuum there’s a term called retro causation this is the idea

right that um that uh you know cause and then effect right but this is saying okay

well you can go it’s the reverse of that basically I mean this is I think it’s a

Wikipedia article I want to bring to people’s attention and then if someone hasn’t heard about this it’s called the

sentient World simulation this is a white paper from Purdue University years ago where anybody can read this on

online where it says that they basically have a model for every individual on the

planet you know every man woman and child and they feed every available

um data stream in there that’s publicly available like things anything that we

put into a computer system basically that they can have access to um Bank record you know transactions

um people fill out forms all this stuff so what they’re doing is they’re you know they’re massing all this data Big

Data that’s how they make a bunch of money and can control what what ads are going to serve to you what how they’re

going to predict your behavior to order how to change time so this is a really simple thing for me too it’s plus yes

yes so you can say like okay just take this people that are betting okay just take it from a money stamp if you’re if

you have a big bet writing on whatever it is you know something happens well then you see all these data points where

you can say well it’s a great probability if I if I if I get this person to affect a behavior in certain

ways it’ll play out like this so then they can serve ads or um make certain situations or influence

certain situations in life that would have a certain probability to do things in order for the people at the top or

whoever’s in control or has the information to move outcomes more likely

in the way they want for whatever reasons they want right so this information credible information is

power and knowing how to use that it’s way more valuable any kind of currency yeah um yeah but that’s also what you’re

describing there is also part of what’s going on in the financial markets and how psychology plays a huge part of

which we know I’ll not go further into that because it barely begun run out that program but it all comes down to

how do we respond to it how do we prepare ourselves for whatever without creating Panic without doing stupid

choices without replaying the 2008 huge bank and and financial crack financial

crisis and what happened there learning how to be around what we call energy and

our financial system and currencies and monies and Central Bank digital currencies

artificially as we have done with so many other things what I wanted to put

in here and add-in as well is that we have another player that does not understand their actual player in some

of the alteration mechanics and dynamics that are happening right now and there’s neural marketing where we are having

again creating avatars creating these programs of this is the perfect consumer

this is how consumers behave and when we go and say oh that’s plotted into computers that are now being linked up

to Future uh computer or AI that are calculating human behavior then these

will be taken also as part of an avatar as part of this is how humans are and behave and we have seen how the whole

not just from humans but the internet itself is almost coming alive to whom we

say oh it’s algorithms yeah perhaps it’s a little bit more than that that we have been classified as a specific Avatar put

in specific boxes exactly that are being fed specific type of information once those models are built then depending on

the the technology that type of thing could be potentially transferred into clones or who knows what other programs

you know and then we talk about the singularity once it supposedly has conscious right so once that becomes I

mean depending on how much that can be copied I mean where’s the original version what’s that you know this goes

into states of being what’s what’s considered a life form what’s not what’s considered conscious you know what has

Will and these these Turing tests where you can’t tell it apart from from a human being all that stuff comes into

play and then we talk and we throw the time element in here this is the more juicy stuff we want to start getting

into now that I and just kind of um theoretical on my end right now I I

still have yet to find someone who could tell me the speed of time so I’ve asked this question actually I take that back

one guy I still have the formula he wrote it out and it turns out to be one but but anyway so I don’t know how if we

don’t know the speed of time well then I think that’s an important the question is if it actually works with Einstein’s

constant there which we know is one on and we also know that kind of the curvature of the universe has to be one but again when we go into that’s the

speed of light in a vacuum right speed of our right remember I can’t remember I keep I keep thinking about you know the

the hijacker sky through the Galaxy right now the universe is like 47 42 42

sorry yeah so so this is and for me the answer is very simple time doesn’t exist

well it is agreed upon it’s agreed upon constantly so there is no speed of time

because time doesn’t exist it’s relative right yeah it doesn’t exist at all yes we have movements we have Dynamics we

have the sun and the moon and the stars and what have you that we can see move around in certain concentric circles and

orbital patterns but is that time or is it just a movement in space that does

not necessarily denote time so say well time is about how you move from point A to point B how quick you can move there

and that’s what Einstein came up with say it’s relative time is relative so thereby you can’t really say the speed

of time because time is relative it depends on the the the momentum and this

the energy momentum that you have the frequency level or the the speed of light that determines the speed of time

so their proximity in objects yeah yeah it’s not that I know if that is

I mean basically we all agree that there’s this thing called time and it works this way you know there’s a

nuclear clock or nuclear clocks if I’m saying nuclear nuclear I don’t want to turn into George Bush Jr here but uh

that that you know who’s in charge of that you know can I write them a letter I mean the time authorities it reminds

me of this Loki show of the time variance Authority when they’re going mess up time and then the time cops come

but if they can change the quantum field

without any doubt will definitely also change time which we have also seen and

we have seen how for me in my point of view and again remember how machines can

communicate together how they can create what we call an amplification Vector so

that means for instance when we have quantum computers around the planet they they team up together to create a

pattern that will also the fabric of our reality as we know of it and whatever

people then put in will be part of that change of the fabric of reality we are

also having the different hadron colliders around the planet that are part of science labs not just the big

one not just Cerny lab and there’s so many different little ones and they’re caught off as

experiments but what’s really going on with these behind the scenes that’s altering the quantum field

because they they operate on the quantum level they are operating on what we call again fabric of reality so we’re here

talking about scientists that are working to change the fabric of reality as we know of it pushing it outside the

einsteinian Sciences which is all good and fine because it is kind of outdated but they are using technology to do so

and again and again and again that’s the problem the technology is the key word here how much do these do these humans

know we think and then also um what kind of um do we know how this

technology or what’s the agenda so who and what what is their ninja is there a clear agenda is it’s probably

multifaceted just like everything else and my guess would be a lot of these these these scientists don’t know

exactly what they’re being used for or the ramifications or even what some of the things their experiments are doing

pretty I’m pretty sure if you ask any scientists in in CERN they will say well

we are we’re doing it deep round so it is isolated it will not affect other

hadron colliders they do not communicate together and there are to say without having any bigger understanding of

quantum physics at all aside from what I know is kind of of dark the entanglement

yeah well not only that if it’s on a computer if they use computers at all if it’s not now there’s a potential in the

future for them to be connected it’s that simple yeah yeah but they are already connected so I would say that’s what I would say so so for me again

humans communicate yes it would be so easy if we had villains if we had people

the evil the evil mastermind because then we could jail them and put them in jail on whatever we needed to do but

this is this is not the case we’re having uh people that have families people that are living their lives that

just want to do good whatever that means and whatever they’re in control of whatever their perception of good is but

everybody who works with science they want they want to change the world some for ill of course but there are the one

generally wants to say I think this is good for Humanity similar to the one that invented crispr even though she had

that dream of being a new Hitler because it’s Eugenics and yet she still went

forth with it because she described object first and foremost all say well if I don’t do it someone else will do it

and I would if that that would me I would say well then at least I won’t take that responsibility that’s not an

argument for continuing to do some kind of science we know can lead to some pretty disastrous outcome and the next

one is that people then convince themselves I do this for Humanity for the good of humanity and then they play

on that idea that they’re doing it to prevent illnesses they’re doing it for this and that and what have you and not

taking into the equation well what is created for good can also be created for the opposite and I think we have

Oppenheimer as the greatest example of that and and why is it so difficult for

people to say well I want to do this for good and sit down and contemplate for

five seconds perhaps we shouldn’t do this perhaps there are other solutions that can lead to the same result and

what are we actually trying to achieve here so again it’s a question reality and humanity and progression of humanity

by the way I think Christopher Nolan the guy that did Inception and all these other it’s going to come out with a

movie on Oppenheimer I thought I saw but uh in this this this term greater good that’s a red flag for me because just

the term itself greater than what other Goods you know and the greater goods for who at whose

expense at the expense of what other Goods you know so that’s it’s pretty simple now we talked about there’s let’s

now let’s finally get to the um the directives of these cubes because uh

and then how we’re going to respond to these things that in this day and age with everything connected from what I

gather um lots of psychological operations are being done have been for many many years

it doesn’t matter what an event is or isn’t they’re paying close attention

maybe not a human operator but just whatever programs they’re running within data Gathering how people view it and

how people respond to it and so they’re gauging whether they call it a sentiment analysis how people are responding to

anything just about anything that goes on in the news you know locally maybe

around topics that have been well established for eons so this has been

going on for quite a while and now it’s with with all the different automation I guess we can call this around this an AI

involved with it it’s probably no and then now with this chat and Genie we can just query these these these machines

and just kind of get and you know the things in public we have access to probably in the private and Military

sector I don’t think it would be too far-fetched to say they’re way far ahead of what they’re throwing the public here now these Cube directives we talk about

the the one and then we see these the selection process we see this in our media too the uh Hunger Games I never

watched that but you know we’re familiar with the the notion of that there’s this series on Netflix too where there’s um

they select all these people and then they pit them against each other as well you know we’ve had Survivor thing all

these different programs here okay so no the plot here is and that’s that’s so

important to understand that we have humanity and we have also that are we

have different agents pieces that are in human form and they are not in human form as a grade that it has cloaked

itself in a human form we are actually we’re talking here different types of Souls and I call Souls templates the

holographics templates that wear potentials are imbued into that it’s a very Advanced type of technology that

are part of all advanced civilizations of throughout all of the universes past present and future but these templates

they they can be used in different ways they can be used to progress Consciousness via developmental programs or they can be used to link completely

up to technology and become part of drone Wells and Android worlds and what have you so they can be used for good

and ill as well as all technology can and as all Sciences can what we’re dealing with here is this

kind of that we are having these cubes in the future that has been given the

task of both kind of in a way transfer some of the Consciousness potentials of

the ones that are in stasis in the future via what we call the personality Matrix that’s been transferred back in

time by the time wave Continuum and I think I forgot her name she made the she

wrote the book host where she kind of alludes to some of this as well but it’s not all altered carbon for that matter

it’s not done via disk it’s done by via these little spheres and again Michael

Newton again talks about this without knowing what he thought it was the sole potentials that came from these quote

unquote factories where there was these orbs that held the Consciousness potentials Simon Parks talked about that

as well years ago so they can try these orbs can transfer via the holographic network via what we call the racial grid

and that can be transferred back from the stasis body into the current body

and what’s hap what they call that is called the merch and that’s what’s going on right first

we had the perch then we’ll have the merge which sounds very but this is machine thinking so first we were purged

as in kind of the pandemic how do we respond to the modification how to respond to the genetic upgrading and all

of these different new levels that came from 2016 plus we had all of the other players that were then beginning to play

in their timelines because they also wanted to ensure their Futures whether we’re talking about the third cycle race

is the full cycle races the regress races the future races The Parallel races whatever we’re dealing with the

grace it doesn’t matter we’re all in that um huge race now because the time wave has

the technology has been opened up so now everybody’s running for the best possible Futures that they can come up

with that also means that some of the old harvesting programs are now being completely taken off the table because

they don’t need that anymore now they can begin to transfer holographic units from the future by the time wave

Continuum the bridges that are being built there so the cubes that that I am

talking about there are ill-minded tubes of course that have run the Android Royals are run by cubes completely but

the ones from the future of humanity as well as what we could see the the groups that were left of the progressive humans

from the past that led to these Futures as well is to try and go back and play

out different scenarios for those of us who are connected to the version of ourselves in the future to respond

differently it’s all about psychology it’s all about correct choices and correct use of our capacities as an

advanced civilization in instead of going blindfolded down and use technology because we get so infatuated

by it or go blindfold down in materialistic or desires or perversion

all the other stuff that we know that’s part of the human genome and the way how we’ve been altered because of the

regress raises and what’s been going on here the challenge for us that wants to kind of do the 2025 timeline they want

to do the the leap that wants to do it it’s not just a frogly where we jump

over others or fight each other it’s actually the opposite it’s where we learn to work together as a team it’s

all about teamwork the computers are teaming up now the the the the Hadron colliders the teaming everybody’s

teaming up now so that’s the energy that’s coming in and we failed Big Time

throughout the pandemic that that was so sad to see so that was the first test

and the ones that kind of were able to get the information from within what to

do that were able to follow through with what they got from within they were able to respond in a manner that did not lead

to further Panic or didn’t lead to further harm ordinly to any furthermen of what we could say would be

detrimental for the continuation of humanity they have been targeted on the

different types of mini cubes that can also be traveled through light back

through the time we Continuum and are now being connected to people that shows the potentials of being the ones that

can be merged with their future counter we also have the merch that going from the pal Universal Matrix races and

they’re doing they’re doing their merge which they call the blend but that’s more similar to what kind of called a

walk-in or a possession and that’s where they take bodies that are not theirs and connect with them so they are taking

something that’s not theirs and that’s where we have the new crispr technologies that’s by the Palm races

they’re using that to get access to bodies they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise advice so we again talking

about different groups different factions different agendas but they’re all doing the same thing so for us the

discernment is to figure out okay what program are we under what’s influencing us and the the transhumanist agenda

comes in big time here I know Ray Kurzweil who is involved with Google years ago had the Transcendent man and

he’s all about merging with machine but the and then the media programs that I was talking about that seems like the

polarity version of what you mentioned too right the opposite of that now the big question that comes to mind with

with the cube directives is what are the checks and balances on there am I getting this right where in the future

pretty much everybody’s put in the stasis yeah so okay so then the cubes are entirely in control until they can

solve the problem however how if that if the program that the future humans left

them with is often by just a little bit maybe then there’s nothing balancing it

checks and balancing it right like they they can’t ping the humans in stasis to give them an update and see if they want

to change the directive in their in their programs for it they keep playing possibilities probabilities they keep

playing and then they do re-looping whenever if it goes too far off track to re-loop the whole thing we have seen that as well we know the grace have been

doing that to us too they already made that possible with the event program so so you can kind of say well the event

program and what the grades have been doing here the abduction all the things that they have been doing the shenanigans since the 1950s that were

invited into a reality field by humans and Military projects it’s what has led to that very very disastrous future and

nobody’s there to do if there’s nobody if everybody’s in stasis then if if it just goes to mock relooping which

Apple’s address is one infinite loop I think too by the way but there’s nobody to stop no no that’s why you need to

stop thinking as a human you need to learn to think in probabilities and possibilities and ultimate timelines

that do not Loop because the moment time wave came came in time stopped being

linear time stopped being what we understand as time and all orbital Dynamics as we know of it are not

orbital Dynamics they are waves of energy that goes in what we call kind of

a wave pattern what you call propagating waves osciliation Dynamics so you change

the oscillation dynamics of the system that you’re part of and by that change the entire configuration of it so this

is the idea with the playing of the different scenarios and probabilities they ping different types of oscillation

oscillation waves back in time into our system makes us Ripple in a different

Manner and the whole question is how does our Consciousness respond to that and that’s part of what we call

elevation Dynamics do we lift with these oscillation with waves which people have alluded to as Ascension Dynamics do we

do what we need to do to create more teamwork to become more more inclusive to to follow the principles and

guidelines of loving kindness which means that we’re technically harmless to self others and environment but also

understands the balance and principle of how to work with our reality field in a productive manner that leads to the

highest good of the menu there’s a huge difference between the greater good and the highest good of the many because the

greater good is we crack eggs so that more can prosper but there will be collateral damage the highest good of

the many goes in and say the first that throws a stone and we know that from the Old Testament and these the first that

throws a stone right so so this is about being the first of many for the highest good of the many everyone must take the

responsibility of thinking if everybody was doing what I’m doing how would the world look and begin acting in that

manner and not from a place of superiority but a place that there’s there’s teamwork involved in cooperation

as well right and not being sitting on the sidelines and say oh I’m just going to wait until somebody else go first

either right so there’s a type of leadership but also a type of I’m not doing this for myself and to be to be a

hero per se you know this is yeah and it’s interesting because we actually had that that principle of being equal with

with Augustus or the the not Augustus Alexander the Great he was actually he

was saying sorry not acoustic but I sounds were great a thing or was it August sorry I can’t remember point B we

had with the ancient Greece we had one of these prominent figures that were philosophical as well and said that that

I might be the first I might be the one that goes first but I’m I’m just an equally everybody else but I’m the one

that choose to go first so this is also the pioneering principle where we understand that those of us who go first

and this is pioneering from the merch of who we are in the future being brought back into our brain field as it is today

and incorporating some of these ideas which we also must be observing of can

be from the blend of the negatives so we can’t just say oh I got this great idea

it must be from the future Hansen must be good everything we do from here on must be tested we must sit in

contemplation before we act upon it we must learn to speak prudently we must

learn to observe our emotions and mindfulness all of these good teaching systems that were Incorporated ages ago

by ancient civilizations and this that’s what I was going to say next year or soon is that yeah these are no these are

nothing new ideas these ethic things are not just because we need to be Goody Two-Shoes or some bearded figure in the

sky will you know kill us forever or you know I’m being silly here but you know these are for our own welfare and

happiness too you know it is a training uh that that I feel you know that we can

we can mess up and and be okay with it so I think this is where the heart qualities come into because this is not

like a secret society selection right and per se uh you know no it goes back

now to go back to the timeline event in my perception of things and what I recall it goes back to we had the

timeline event that altered the fabric of our Universal structure that led to the breaking down of different types of

genetics of Consciousness potentials and genetics that were connected in these civilization Consciousness and energy

are interconnected into different forms and if the fabric of reality begins to alter then it Alters the Consciousness

and then also the physical form so it all that they’re all that’s a trinity it all works together and with that

breaking down of the original conscience’s Potentials in the original holographic templates we ended up with

What’s called the infection and the infection led to what’s called ill mindedness or uh kind of evil thinking

or Distortion wanting to harm and intent to harm no not to begin with just no

actual dilution yeah the ones that back then they denied that

they that their Consciousness potentials were beginning to change they denied that that was happening they did not

look at it they turned the Blind Eye and pretended no I’m still as I was this has not had any larger effect on not a

reality or anything we can fix this we’re seeing it playing out again and again this is denial this is Insidious

thing because on one hand you’ve got oh yeah well I no I’m not affected by this

and then completely denial but what if that’s actually the case and the other party is is in the wrong or the the

person says just jumps to the conclusion automatic oh yeah I screwed up well then if you have Bad actors bad apples come

in and say oh yeah I’m sorry you’re you’re screwed up you’re screwed up you’re actually they’re in the right and

they’re just kind trying to Gaslight them in order to take power so how Insidious this could be it could be

played both sides in the deception so again and again and again it comes down to discernment you know and then how

we’re conducting ourselves and to me it’s also the intent behind however we’re doing too now that doesn’t

override the outcome but the outcome’s a different thing I’m in the outcome my

end of it I’m 100 responsible for uh you know the intent behind that but then how

the other person receives it it’s more 50 50 or however we want to split the that responsibility that’s why when we

did the registration program the first thing we said was start working with yourself you need to you need to complete that

this is self-responsibility these are the rules of engagement there I put this on my way it’s empowering too

self-responsibility no it’s about under the in fact of the under the the effects of the timeline event and this is where

for me all spiritual teaching System including Buddhism no matter whatever you’re dealing with since it all goes

back to we need to clean up the destruction of the tearing down the

regression the invertedness the the the the the constant breaking down of the original

holographic template that alters our Consciousness that excludes us from perceiving reality as it’s supposed to

be received that excludes us from working together as teams because we begin to segregate we begin to create

separatism that includes us excludes us from the original holographic metaverse

which we were supposed to work our way back to and relying on technology to continue our existence that goes in and

creates enemies that goes in and creates the Mission and all of these kind of Separation the the inversions the

reversals and the what’s the other one inversions reversals and um well I’m

blanking now but go ahead yeah every question but the point is that when we talk about these original incidents and

that is mirrored into all spiritual teaching system it doesn’t matter which spiritual teachings you touch ground

with for me it all ties back to the original Advanced civilizations and what

we the way we try to undo the effects of the time man event which later on as

this system Got Hijacked by the regressed races were turned into religion were turned into spiritual

teaching systems pertaining to the chakra teaching session will turn into Buddhism we’re turning into whatever you

come up with where we have had different teachers that remembered things that used to be but still interpreted within

their type of Consciousness because their template and holographic or Regional Energy System had been pushed

so far up that they only had remnants of it they only had minor bleed throughs

they they only had little glimpses of how it was done in either deep meditation or deep mindfulness or

through what we call lifelong practices of reconnecting to the original template okay this reminds me of an exercise

called tap like tapping into the wisdom of your future self considering that it hasn’t been

corrupted right so if I’m drawing on the wisdom For My Future Self you know how is that can I can I tap into my future

self again what if the past and the future corrupted that’s what that’s what I’m saying so then then that might not

be possible and then we talk about this this Omega pointer this this endpoint of what

you know some some might say well this is in the future this is already resolved all we

need to do is just tap into it in the future and then you know connect to that get the solutions from that bring it to

the now and then then we can go from there but then we have to talk about well this Omega point this endpoint or

whatever and you know the future is still uncertain right yeah

because first of all also make a point that’s Alpha Omega that’s some of the that’s some of the shitty races but of

the old groups but when we talk about there are different groups from the future where we have there are the ones

that are on a mission statement that has literally traveled back not not only as in kind of being in stages that dissolve

their entire future version and they have carried a new type of Engineering

in their holographic template system in that all because you don’t need space this is this is beyond space and time we

are talking about the vibrational Consciousness energy units that has no

spatial features by that can be minimized from Big complex system can be minimized into very small units Quantum

units literally so we hit they are they have traveled back in time via these

different from it’s called a transfer chamber which we kind of saw a little bit off in in the movie this year where

that is that technology in a way is being portraits to the degree we under understand it but they have Ranger near

their holographic Energy System to be able to come back and withstand some of the challenges that we will have

including being able to undo some of the effects of the timeline event because they have looked into the history you

see with these very Advanced Technologies you’re going to look back into all timelines of past history

including the ones that never came to be and with that figure out which one should they try to activate by altering

their energy system and configuration into one that will lead to a different

outcome so they have they have that’s what we call a suicide mission they have traveled back and they have merged

themselves into the current version literally physically either as type of

walk-in or as a type of a near-death experience or as a type of early birth

or prior to birth or shortly after birth what what have you that version that is themselves now not taking a vessel

that’s not theirs but the the version they are so they they had let go of who they are in the future

as a sacrifice and then we have the other group that are in stasis to keep the configuration intact of who we are

in the future so that the cubes have something to Ping with this is the standard this is the high standard that

should be that’s the directive with the ones and stasis but the problem is with the key the constant relooping of what’s

been going on time has passed through such a degree that some of these future vessels are now deteriorating and that

means these cubes no longer have something to paint with and that’s why they pushed for the time wave to come in

play altering some of the ones that went in the suicide mission altering their perspective to actually become the evil

scientists that opened up for that time where you continue to be created again this is complex science it’s not just

for good and for ill and easy peasy thing these devices is what some people refer to as the Looking Glass devices

have you heard of these Looking Glass Technology and then some people say at a certain point they’re all seeing the

same result at a certain point but then other people that said they’ve rebooted them or not I don’t know uh if these are

no no to me that’s kind of as far as on a remote viewing right you look into this well no this is actually supposed

to yeah it’s similar but this is actually a device so you don’t even have to do yeah but it’s the device is only

configured to play on three timelines you will end up with bots on these three timelines so you have to have these

future technologies that can run on all possible timelines even the ones that might not even have the potential to

even come into play but if there are Consciousness units connected to these timelines anyone can ignite it anything

can come in play if there’s one human that goes there so this is the technology where you’re dealing with is

not that everything ends in the same Singularity here talking about the end of the the Big Crunch compared to the to

the the big bang which is the idea of the alpha omega you have the beginning you have the end that goes with that but

that’s kind of what we call again some of the dark reasons what’s before and after that right yes exactly so this is

just playing with the idea of creation that is created out of a single point and will cross in a single point which

of course in my the way I see things doesn’t exist because everything that is

constantly changed with the change of Consciousness and change with the energy configuration of the living beings that

are inhabiting the multiple universes that we are part of Cycles too exactly

but the whole sphere as a beginning and an end that signs are able to see where

they are always the center point in whatever concentric Circle they are observing they are observing it from

their central point of energy and Consciousness vibrational pattern so they do see it as a this is the one end

of the spectrum and this is the other because that’s their own limitations they’re viewing sure but when we play

with the future time type of Sciences we are playing with so many possible Futures that are there that it just it

just takes those of us who have come from the future it just take takes us to begin to ignite all of the other

possible timelines that did not come in play in this time and that’s why we need

to do the reconfiguration that’s why we need to get our together and do the energy work that’s needed to activate

that sphere that configuration that will allow us to tie in and dive in to the

code streams of the unused timelines that would have led to the proper

outcome after the timeline event where we healed up where we would be able to

restore as a solar system race a lot of the races are trying to do that with technology while there’s those of us

trying to deal with natural Consciousness and energy yes so that is it are these devices also maybe similar

to the holographic teaching systems although just on different more timeline specific right well the holographic

teaching system were part of the pillar project the restoration program so they’re kind of what we call Old technology whereas these other devices

are they are alien infused and they are from partially scientists that were granted to the enhanced humans and

humans of the future from the Andromeda system which we will merge with but it it’s not

it doesn’t run the same what we call Progressive Dynamics it doesn’t link up to the elevation cycles of the original

Universal structures which the holographic teaching systems were calibrated to do so whatever we got in

contact with the purpose of that was to elevate and get reconnected to the holographic material so the original

Progressive civilizations this just a couple more things here that we could start to wind up

um we talked about a lot about the time wave Continuum and we didn’t talk about particles so much is how they might play

into this too like the double sled experiment so these different particle bases does it affect the time in the way

is this particles doesn’t exist I say so they’re kind of an illusion completely

because everything is a wave but as it congregates and creates what we call spheres in the manner that we understand

as particles particles have what we kind of called Trinity build up uh atom you

know the atom is built up by by electron Neutron and and protons yes so these are

the sub particles as we understand of them but when we go into the the higher order Sciences the neutron in itself is

just a fixed point and the proton is kind of what called the original density energy so it’s an oscillation in itself

it’s a wave in itself and we go with the electron that is a frequency wave and the moment the frequency energy disease

to exist then the electron cease to exist as well and then all we have got is the Quantum field that will then be

imputed with what we call original density of fourth dimensional dynamics that will affect the proton and that

will affect the neutron which is the point zero of all Quantum Fields so

that’s why the quantum Fields goes in and affects the particle once that begins to happen then the particle no

longer exists so what does reality look like at that point then it is all depending on how we perceive

reality that’s that’s some of the challenge that we have again when we talk about the Eightfold Path and and

people think it leads to Enlightenment but in my perspective it leads to a behavior that actually will allow us to

operate where energy responds directly with how we think and how we feel and

how we behave whatever we say whatever we say is a sound wave once we begin to understand the reality of waves our

sound will affect reality and it will mirror back through the law of reciprocity that what we send out will

come back as a wave that kicks Us in the bot once we stop having these

limitations to our emotional field and becomes the vibrational field where we connect with timelines compassion and

understanding of mindfulness and truthful existence for the highest good of the many becoming harmless is

enormously important to avoid Distortion energy to be created and our Minefield must be clear in observance and always

be conscious about what we’re doing because the way we think about things are type of radiation energy that can

lead to some pretty disastrous effects on our holographic Network behind a reality field so this is not to be taken

lightly so Enlightenment is to have the full responsibility and accountability

and caring in the true manner of the world that we actually part of not just

other people but the reality itself thought words and actions I’m reviewing

yes and the ability to get there in the training to do so um so the cubes themselves I mean this

is kind of the juicy topic won’t go too far into this right now because we’ve

yeah I think that’s what we have said enough sure I think so yeah just Randy

and I have talked about this off mic about what could possibly be done with these Cubes but I want to stress here

more than any of the external things you know it’s not too juicy to listen to of do the work right do the inner work and

what we think do and say matters or choices are profoundly significant I

mean we don’t have to get freaked out by like okay are we gonna walk at this rate or walk slower or something silly like

that I mean we don’t want to have this turned into obsessive-compulsive thing right but everything matters you know

everything’s important so whether we choose to do something or not choosing not to do something is still a type of

choice it could be so any other Solutions or things you’d like to leave with the listeners here

well I would kind of put in that we are in completely Uncharted Territory right now because the fabric of our reality is

changing and is changing for good and for ill is being changed by humans that doesn’t know what they’re dealing with

it’s been changed from the future that’s trying to avoid all the shenanigans stupidities humans are doing right now

and it’s it’s not about creating Division and ill mindedness and and Flame of these old infectious type of

Consciousness potentials because that’s in the mix as well and we have enough counter forces that wants to ignite that

and wants to ignite that in humanity so those of us not that we are better not that we are superior not that we are

sovereign not that we are connected to God and not that we are whatever people want to put in the mix so they can boost

up and inflate their ecostructure actually this is for the humble it’s always been said this work is for the

humble this is for the ones that will always investigate everything that they

want to do from so many angles that sometimes it takes eons before they even move sit in silent contemplation until

all timelines and all possibilities have been investigated to make sure that the choice that’s been made will lead to the

highest outcome of the many the only way we can become more efficient in this is to begin to clear up out of three lower

fields and I keep saying the same thing again and again and again and again and I’ll say it one more time those of you

out there who do want to make a change who do want to ensure there is a future for Humanity at all that does not go

into doomsday thoughts that do not respond to all the psychological past present current whatever traumas we have

it all begins with ourselves it begins with our own psychological investigation it begins with taking our own

psychological developmental processes seriously and also do Psychotherapy do

self-healing work to self-clearing work do inner work do whatever we can not

within context of different forms of spirituality not because we want to flee

from this reality not because we want to escape from our pain or sadness or whatever’s going on but because we know

this is our damn responsibility those of us who are from the future they tell

them responsibility to make sure that that does not happen so that’s kind of what I want to say very well

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