Who Are The “Aliens”? Why Are They Here & What Do They Want? In Conversation With Randi Green

In part one Randi and I touch ground with the general perception of the extra-terrestrial races and who they are as well as perspectives of reality and the races here.

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In the part two sit-down, Randi Green and I pick up from our part 1 “Who Are The ‘Aliens’?” and talk about some of the implications of accepting that the “Aliens” (Randi calls these different groups the Factions) are here, and what they want.

The goal is not to lay out the solutions, per se, but to instigate the psychological and scientific processes that follow the acceptance of the Alien Interference.

The book “Passport to the Cosmos” by John E. Mack is mentioned as one that stands out amongst the many other important UFO Researchers that have contributed to the understanding, we have of the Alien Agenda today.

Also mentioned are two series from the History Channel, i.e., the Ancient Aliens Series and Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation.

The raw unedited YouTube transcription of part one:

call us and welcome this is Josh depold of integratingpresence.com have Randy

green back again with me Randy how’s it going it’s going fine thank you good to

be here hey we’re going to be talking about this simple question at the first part simple but not easy who are the

aliens and I’m thinking about putting this word aliens in quotes right because

I know Randy’s work she’s gone back and forth but not wanting to call them

aliens calling them aliens um extra systemic races if I’m remembering sometime but just we don’t

want to go into too much background but uh Randy approach on this is probably

really unique compared to what all is out there I mean some people in other Traditions we’ll just call these angels

and demons uh right and we’ve we’ve heard in the uh I guess spirituals our

alternative communities as reptilians and different types of races as well

um oh yeah and then even some cliche things like Little Green Men you know

and then of course every in the Hollywood movies we see these gray beings with the Almond eyes so uh let’s

just jump right into this what uh who are the aliens so I guess the terminology is important here too as

well well let’s uh begin with a little bit of background so people can go out and look

up other types of information regarding this topic and there are many different people that work with this over the

course of time from the beginning of the 80s probably earlier than that but that’s kind of where I got to pick up of

some of the information and we have different prominent people that have been working with this uh for instance

if you go to internet archive.com or dot org I think it’s a DOT org yes you can find a Valerian or

the information that I think it’s and then slower it’s vowel the first name Valerian yeah Valerian and that that’s

the Matrix stuff in its earlier version long before we had the movie The Matrix by the way as far as I think and I I

always kind of I’ve never really noticed if it was a male or female so because Val could be a shortening of something

else but Val Kilmer but also Valerie right exactly so so this this to put

that in and that person did a very good for me that’s foundational for quite a

lot of the later material that arose I’m not saying it is that way but that’s kind of how I perceive it I see what he

or she came with was very close to a lot of the other information that came

whether he or she picked up on the trends that were already back then and put it all together in five books

because five volumes is a lot of information and for those of you who are of the newer generation you will have to

test your patience because it’s it’s almost like photocopies it’s PDF it’s

all typing it’s old way of setting things up and and it’s not the medulla

effect it’s not been put in later on because I was looking into that material long before and we had the changes in

our reality there has been many different authors out there I mean different types of books that are rose

during the 80s and the 90s and the 2000s I can’t mention them all so I won’t

mention any so nobody feels left out by not mentioning anyone we do have when we

talk about the whole cover-up some of the foundational people there are which are Dolan as well as Stephen Greer we

have other people that have been working with this for more or less their entire life we have the old God of Project

Camelot we have Project Avalon so there has been many different people that have

given their account and their their experiences with what we call the Extraterrestrial races or extra systemic

races and all I’ll explain why I want to make that distinction Ultra terrestrial I’ve heard that term as well yes but

that’s not something I work with these are for that’s from the later for instance the colantic material the

voyagers material where you have that understanding of reality so

um so I’m not going in that direction either um if people want to go into this whole

understanding when we talk about the what we call the the genetic composition

or we talk about the different races or we talk about the biology of these different races not just the psychology

but also the biology and we talk about them are the reptilians or the lizards

are there dracos what are they where do they come from what are the systems they come from and for me that’s where things

becomes complicated the older material we’re very focused on oh yeah these are

the breakers these are the reptilians these are the lizards and they come from this and these systems and I could say

well I do know that some of the stars in the Orion system they are definitely

connected to the eighth Dimension that are connected to some of the reptilian lizard races others will perceive them

as coming from the seventh Dimension and for me it has been kind of saying well it’s the same as trying to say well

Europeans to tell me about the Europeans and I would say well they got head and arms

and legs right and they have different type of biology they have different type of cultural settings they have a

different type of psychology but when it all it all comes down to the DNA it all comes down to the biology the

biological DNA and and for me that’s how I work with the different clusters or groups of races within their

understanding of their biology or what I call the genetics because that ties into their Consciousness potentials as well

as whether or not they are on the arch of progression or they are on what we call the regression spiral going out of

existence and by that change their behavior into being service to self instead of being for the unity and the

wholeness of all existences and just to pause right there um we’re only going to

be able to do so much obviously this podcast if you want to know deeper and more comprehensive Souls of humanity is

Randy’s first book modern history comes to mind too but that might be a little

further down the road in our talks uh here and so to go back to and and maybe

to um I guess Pat my own head with knowledge and stuff just a quick overview of the

other stuff you have the blue book that was floating around out there um Project Blue Book I think it was to to catalog

some of these races and stuff I think there’s a Russian book floating around out there that actually has depictions

and visuals you know some I don’t know if they’re all artist rendering or some claim to be photography or things like

this and they classify all these different known races or something like that the UFO Community is huge juices

that’s a whole other thing then we’re talking about contact whether it be with UFOs whether it be on the inner planes

or whether things um material wise there’s also the

channeling people Channel and both Randy and I are not really um proponents of channeling things we’re

more about direct experiences being fully conscious while doing this but uh yeah now the the biology so this is just

where our reference points of a human reference point for this as something that’s more similar to us that does

potentially does have a DNA or did at one time right so but then there’s other there’s other uh I guess life forms or

beings existences that don’t have like a typical DNA right it’s more of a light

body or a plasma body or how you know how can we go um I guess how do we look at this

between like DNA and things that are Beyond DNA or a different type of genetic classification these type of

things I think that might be interesting to mention yeah so for me when we talk

about I have made the distinction in my material when we talk about the human biology we talk about DNA because that

kind of goes with the DNA strands of the frequency fence and the frequency

um molecular structure humans have inside this type of reality which is unique in my perspective and how I

perceive things so this is this is where people when they begin talking about extraterrestrial races that means races

that are terrestrial like our civilization and I’m just going to hear say planetary civilization doesn’t

matter where you live on the planet we are planetary civilization so if we go on the terrestrial angle of perception

and we say we are terrestrial civilization and we have this dna-driven biology that are connected to the atoms

and the atomic fields that goes with electromagnetic features that’s what I mean with frequency not as in vibration

or osciliation because the other races have vibration and oscillation but they

go into what we call density realities where the vibration denotes there

whether their dimensional feature to put that way also the amount of what we call

radiation and we do have radiation we have light and particles with light waves and particles inside our reality

nuclear radiation I guess yes but that’s that’s that’s a heat radiation yes so

also these are all wave patterns more or less kinetic energy emission of kinetic processes that goes with the molecular

state so we can divide it into two waves of particles that’s what we understand is frequency or radiation but when we

talk about the the extra systemic Races they come from what we call the constellations or the Stars so that’s

the this it’s a system it’s a stellar system it’s a star system it’s a solar

system so that’s why we begin talking about many different levels of reality that are put together in a system and in

a way you can look at our body as a system and an organic system where we have the the different layers that goes

from atoms to molecular to our DNA to the cells and whatever’s going on in that expansion offer the physical form

organized in a specific way into different in intestines into the liver into the spleen systems yes and then

going further into the exterior with the muscles and the skin and that’s our Surface touch interface system that’s

our skin with the outer reality which then expands further and further out so that’s a terrestrial system but when I

talk about extra systemic then we’re talking about the entire solar system that we’re then part of that’s the

further expansion of our perception of reality and that’s where for me most of the races I have been in contact with

and communicated with they are from what we call the fourth dimension and that’s part of this systemic level and not the

terrestrial which traditionally is said to be in the third dimension right and then time is the fourth but that’s what

we call Einstein sciences and relativity and that has very little to do with the

way that the extra systemic races perceive reality because they work in density realities that goes with

oscillation of their vibrational state of what we call higher lower molecular

organic vessels which in the high vibrational state for us with Lucas plasma bodies but on their own level are

actually organic bodies like ours but because we are seeing them or perceiving them from a lower vibrational State they

appear to be light features for us and this is the kind of subtle energy subtle matter bodies too that I know from

direct experience the these are more accessible uh these

subtle Realms are more accessible when internally I calm down more

um focus more for longer periods of time on subtle energies and in subtle matter and things like this now I think maybe

it might be um interesting to note kind of the transition periods between the terrestrial systems and the

systemic systemic systems I guess or yeah so I’m thinking maybe well Quantum

this is a huge buzzword right now you know and we talked earlier in earlier podcast about the astral barrier as well

so maybe these things might come into play in some regards here do you feel this is worth mentioning here as well

transition between the two we we hear about higher level beings sometimes presenting themselves in a more

physicalized manner but sometimes not and for shorter periods these type of things I think the most important thing

is to understand we have an artificial false dimension official Fifth Dimension around our planet all around our solar

system actually it’s also around the planet but it’s also around our solar system because once you go into density

energies we don’t have quantum mechanics we have holographic density radiation

vibration Dynamics and that’s a completely different type of science so Quantum Dynamics do not apply to the

original Wells or the density worlds not at all not one single scientific

equation whether it’s a matrix or it’s a from Dirac or it’s from Einstein or

whoever come up with all of these frequency based ideas

and and I can’t remember dirac’s name first name but he actually when he did

The Matrix science behind the quantum Dynamics amongst many others needs poor and also many people working on at the

time he actually tried to implement the Fifth Dimension and that was shut down by the way could you imagine where we

would have been into the artificial Fifth Dimension if that had been out from my perspective of things the

colonizing races that were under the dracos of the d10 collective

that took over our solar system 15 000 years ago they are apart along with the

maintainer grades that are upholding that artificial Construction in the artificial forth that I call them

maintainer Grace they uphold the artificial force and that’s why we have got clone factories we have got the

Harvester we have got the different controllers we have got all of these this is a typical way they denote

themselves they don’t look upon themselves as gray or the dowels or

whatever we’ve heard out there the towers of the seven dimensional Grays that are for me more associated with the

octurians so so we have the artificial fourth where we have maintainers

controllers uh the the they have these these group names where they they note

they their name is their function so that’s what they are they are made for that artificial fault Dimension and

quite a lot of when we talk about the abduction that took part again from my perspective they were actually coming

from what we call similar topic race but from other systems outside our solar

system and they don’t see themselves as controllers or maintainers or Harvesters

or collectors or whatever they would come up with with different categories they they have a different

functionality under for instance the way Simon Parks began talking about these

races and the grace were more what we call the extra systemic that came from parallel realities and entered into ours

and they’re the greats were what we call the the lowest bottom of the hierarchy

of these different groups and they will work her um Androids semi Android semi-organic

all depending on what level they were on smaller Grays medium Grays taller Grays and these okay let’s just talk about

this now that you know some people that like classification and putting things in boxes really nice and neat right there’s a lot of different types of

greens it sounds like now before we talk about those really briefly I wonder what the maintainer Grays that there’s I

guess in kind of Eastern systems there’s Devas right there’s certain classes of Devas that would do certain tasks of

upholding reality creating certain things overlooking things that have been created maintaining things like this and

I wonder if there’s some kind of crossover there or whatever but um

and then we’ll go into the different classification of grapes right because yes because when we talk about the

oldest beautiful teaching systems they were part of the hijackers of the Old World Order and they came in as

different races from different other systems which are typically called insectoid or avian that means that the

bottom of the hierarchy we have the parallel systems that begins with insect right races of which they are top-notch

level is the Mantis then you have the avian races where they have the top

notch in what we call human avians which are engineered for the purpose aliens yes but human aliens mammal aliens human

aliens but this again the classification of the different types of features and overall they’re humanoid not not

necessarily this is where please don’t if you’re going to these specifications because it’s important to understand the

transition of the different genetics when we talk about this reason because why is it important because it aligns

with our own expansion of perception of reality so if we go into boxing them too

much we are not seeing the variations of these groups for instance when we say oh this is a reptilian well is it a fourth

dimensional reptilian or is it part of the Atlantean resilience this is part of the enhanced human’s reptilian projects

are the kind of the hybrid where children’s either part of the illicit lineages or the part of the dark ones or

which one do they belong to so that’s why it’s so important not to go in and say are they this or that but constantly

see them as a spectrum of energy and Consciousness that are in different physical forms organic forms that we

interpret as a race or as a species but they don’t they themselves do not classify themselves as that they

classify themselves as close or collectives or lineages or collaborators or Affiliates that they work together

with and they hybridize for their own Survival and that makes the classification of them even more

difficult because then you have this some of the the the the drakers I’ve been in contact with well you have the

original ones they they are looking down at the later hybrids that were creating the Orion system and the Orion system

why did they even hybridize the draco’s they they became what called the Scavengers and they have pleiadian

genetics in them so so that’s where the the time we get into if they can time

travel in different Cycles right if they can shape-shift and cloak themselves too then it gets even more so yeah and the

Draco comes from the Draco constellation originally right and you know Randy’s made these classifications like uh which

I find are really helpful yeah Draco reptilian uh a Reptoid and then lizards

yeah and then the hybrids amongst those so yeah it’s just not it’s not it’s not not the simple manner of you know this

is a B C or D kind of thing right so so that’s why I went in the beginning of the material people were creating that

it was helpful there because we’re using our human analogies off we are have this

tendency to classify people as being this or that color from this or that country from this uh that branch of

humanity and then we we kind of think that that that classification is is also

well most of the time we oversee these classifications are built upon cultural

psychological Dynamics which of course go into the biology and it goes into the environment that people have grown out

of and learned to survive within for instance the Nordic people here up in the north is called whereas people that

are living in the South they have a different culture and a different way of of being around each other because of

the warm weather that affects their biology of course but they still when we talk psychology to a large degree we

still have the same spectrum of emotion about the interpretation of the spectrum of emotion comes down to culture so

that’s part of where my my psychotherapist comes in and say working with people around the planet just

because we have anger it does not mean we all respond to the same way with anger or just because we have sadness

cultural differences determine our psychological approach to it and the

same with the different species that are living around us and are part of reality that’s why they have this tendency to

focus on different parts of our planet where they want to work there are certain groups of the Orion system that

prefers China they would never work in the States because they prefer the mentality of the Chinese people you know

it reminds me of the the base level parallel is supposedly my ancestors six

Generations ago or something like that give or take three or four came from

Germany for the most part and they when they were coming up the Mississippi River from the you know from the ocean

from Germany in the boat they solve the southeast Missouri as looking very similar to where they they lived and I

hear the same thing with some of there’s a there’s a larger Nordic population up further north in Wisconsin I guess in

Minnesota so anyway okay so now no I want to return to the Davis yes because yeah

because then when we talk about the the insects right in the avian races of the

old below the high chair because they came here in their original vessels and they put many of these in stasis then

they recreated when they came 15 000 years ago we still have what we what we

call slight remains of the original fourth dimension that belongs to our solar system and then they created the

artificial fourth dimension and then they created new vessels that were able to be in between the original fourth

dimension and the artificial fourth dimension but eventually these vessels broke down and then many of them just

resumed what we could call a type of vessel inside the artificial Force but

they were operational inside this reality but as the original fourth dimension broke down it became part of

what we call the Distortion field which is the basic information of the astral

plane and that’s why many of these quote-unquote Divas they can appear as light beings on the astral plane because

they have the configuration of the original Force but are now artificial beings per se the holographically range

you need to be existing in the artificial Force often in actual insectoid body but they can use the old

holographic overlay or the astral projection mechanism to appear for

humans as in their original other wealthy form these are the Davis wow

fascinating yeah and see I haven’t heard that take on this anywhere else that’s what makes this real unique and I would

invite people with some of these abilities to go check this out for themselves you know Envision and experience and let’s talk about a little

bit of experience so this all comes a lot of this doesn’t I mean I know you have a background with a Bailey materials a mailing material but you’ve

done a long series too on that on how you know what part of its credible and

you know at the times they were only allowed to say certain things and then what part of it completely doesn’t jive

with your experience about what you know on the inner Realms and and your encounters is because I began with the

Baylor material and then as I grew into a larger sensitivity and my clavoyant abilities I’m I’ve always been a child

of Nature and and I’ve past lives working with different nature beings so

so it was quick to get that back in play as a Native American Medicine Woman I

was already working with herbs and nature spirits and that came quickly back into play again inside this

physical form as part of this physical form so once I began activating my original Energy System that that came

that capacity came back in I began talking to um the nature Spirits when I was walking

from the perspective of the beta material and there I quickly came into all sorts of Astral thought forms and

ideas that others had created and it didn’t match what I was perceiving and these entities even though that they are

out of courtesy presented themselves as trolls or fairies or elves and I still

use that classification just because it’s so much simpler similar to when we talk about the the practice of the the

ideas of the Buddha people say this is Buddhism but anyone that are doing this kind of thing yeah it’s a little bit

more complicated about that but we can go with that classification because for for the sake of easiness so but what

these different beings began to show me was that what they originally were when

they came here a long time ago and how they actually used to be racist from other systems that due to as I talked

about the dynamic between the original fourth that then cease to exist that it cease to exist from 12 000 years ago and

completely were taken away from our reality which also explains when we talk some of these old monolithics structures

that they used to be what we call in a flexible type of crystalline state of organic matter that

then crystallized because of the removal of the original fourth dimension became Stones as we know of them these huge

Granite stones and blocks they were flexible and changeable using alien technology and not mind over matter or

not levitation not the big sound waves not all of these ideas people have come

up with it was as simple as it was part of the original fourth dimension where everything is holographic you create a

cube you create a specific type of Technology you arrange the holographic feature you impose it onto the energy

you’re working with and it takes form after it it’s easy PC but once the artificial fourth dimension came in

running all sorts of control mechanisms and deliberately downsizing our reality

to not have that feature as a mean of control and it doesn’t mean to downsize our organic vessels into this solidified

state many of the beings that actually came here as part of the original projects or

decided to come here because the Drake was promised them manners and and the

land of honey and milk right so not conflating it but just using that for fun a little bit but they were promised

a lot of stuff and as they came here and and gave away their original bodies put them in stasis they were actually

captured and taken and then they fled from that holographic foam they were

given and then they became became these nature Spirits hiding in nature using

the original pleiadian construction of transformative processes which nature will engineered to be and began being

there as part of that to continue their existence hiding from the suppressors hiding from the ones that got them here

and by that became what we perceive as nature Spirits through them known as the hidden people too right and it’s wild to

think that that some of these experiences were having if there’s a there’s a more original body back in

stasis somewhere that’s been forgotten about well okay so we’re talking about experiencing here now these are things

that happen with your eyes open right yeah yes no walking out in nature I’m having a very broad conversation

yes so so that’s and the reason why they come to me aside from from already

having the ability to communicate is my work as I call a releaser because they

they are world is changing what we call density two of the original uh

vibrational holographic radiation state of our realities changing business sun is changing we’re turning into what’s

called a density one and these these different races that used to be part of what called the

original middle domain that went with density two or Dimension four five and

six of the original solar system density densertification we call that

um they want to return through the gate systems because once the system changed to the degree it does now there are

specific Gates that opens that allows for what we call evacuation and that’s part of what I’m doing with these that

have been hidden for so long they come to me and present themselves am I a

troll or am I an elf or whatever and I work with them and often some of the elves are actually all played in races

but of an insectoid variety that were originally human mammal level but has

due to regression become insectroid in their genetics so they might have wings they might have appear as a little bit

of fairy beans but when we talk about the extra systemic type of classification then they have become

insector and that’s the level I can then work with them get rid of that one and release the original Consciousness

potentials from where they let go of the energetic counter that is part of their genetics of the density variation of

viability rate as it’s called and then release them through the gate systems as pure Consciousness units brought to mind

Randy’s course about the Stargates there’s also Gates and bridges and and

goes into more detail not necessarily specifically about this but in general overall these type of I guess Ways and

Means and and portals for you know transport and and uh I guess

transitioning and transport also this whole understanding of this classification it brings new light

um adds an extra way to to see all the diversity of life forms on this planet so many different insectoid species all

the bird life two in mammals and and reptiles as well there’s a lot yeah know

if anybody that’s turned on the National Geographic Channel or some kind of nature show can see or just walk outside

their door and pay attention to animals so but these beings are actually not

part of the what we call the original benevolent races so this is they are part of the colonizing races and most of

these beings not that I’m saying that all animals and all insects and all the birds are are evil beings

they are what we call an anchor for some of the artificial fourth dimensional races and this goes in line with some of

the the older things like in Buddhism and I guess maybe Hinduism where it is a lower birth as to animals and this these

are the these are the two Realms that are only able to most people can only see the animal realm right and the human

realm but there’s all these other Realms that only certain people with certain abilities have you know easier access to

seeing and knowing right so yeah so so what we’re talking about here is the normal perception of reality of what you

can see the tangible one what we are being indoctrinated to this is what we are able to perceive as well as limited

by The Sciences the prohibiting Sciences behind the the very limited spectrum of

frequency effective not fence but it is controlled by Future offense what we can see with our eyesight or the the cells

in our eyes can only perceive within a specific range of light and process light features within that specific

limited band of and energy and there’s an enormous amount of frequencies we’re not seeing with our physical eyes

and the limitations we impose on ourselves too I think that’s a huge one the self-imposed limitations we give

ourselves to whether we want to fit in in Life or we you know or so many different reasons um but that goes into

again this is important when we talk about who are the aliens yes because when we talk about the perception of the

different realities if we perceive it within our limitations we will only see so little so we need to expand our

awareness to go into our mind’s eye or have the extraordinary sensing capacities awakened that goes with

density energies and this is something we need to build into our physical form using the emotional feel to go into the

subconscious to go into past lives to go into the astral plane and by that bring it into the artificial fourth which we

unfortunately have to clear our way through and when we talk about the mind then we have to go into the artificial

Fifth and work our way beyond that to get to the real fourth dimension and the real fifth dimension of the middle

domains of our solar system and that’s why we will find more what we call the more the benevolent races so we can see

the prohibiting Technologies the colonizers were all about prohibiting and preventing us from accessing the

original density energies of our system and by that have the control of us and by that be able to control what we

perceive what we engage in the teaching system the spirituality systems or whatever type of system we’re talking

about all about controlling our biofield our emotional field our mental field domination control yes to stick within

the artificial realities under the colonizers of the artificial fourth and

the artificial fifth so that’s the freedom Journey that we are on yes and at the same time not to fall into

victimhood over this either right because if we really want want to work towards these things we can I know

Randy’s courses in the progression work she goes into her own unique way of doing energy work too so people can

check that out as well in the past lives right so a lot of these experiences came from past lives recalling past lives

remembering who we are who and what we are or even if we don’t have that ability yet we can be inspired by other

peoples um as well right but the one of the things that comes in we’ll talk about where do I have this information from

well as a because a work is a releaser then it’s like being an expanded version

of a psychotherapist and a Healer which I used to work with as well I began as a Healer psychotherapist working as a

clairvoyant with people and what they had and as I worked my way deeper into the Energy System that’s where I began

seeing these different layers and unraveling them and then suddenly the artificial fourth insectoid avian races

came in or the falling angelics or what have you and then in countering all of these different levels via the client’s

Energy System yep and this is this is another important thing because people are how do I get there how do I get there well we talked about you know the

energy work what Randy working with clients I mean people doing I call it service work but I mean it’s any kind of

work in the field like this healing work and Randy came up with a unique thing called the template reading and you were

doing those for a while until they got a little bit off the rails as well but it’s a really unique thing I hadn’t heard of before but and you can find out

how to do a template reading on yourself too and this is where you got all this different type of information that

really people haven’t got into so much really detailed kind of more scientific classification of this right and that’s

where I came across the understanding of instead of trying to classify people as are you pleiadian or you’re Syrian or

real this when we’re talking about the wholesale activation cycle everybody was a Syrian or everybody was a pleiadian

right or I’m a Ryan or I am this or I am that again this whole I am this I am

that which again is when we talk about the past lives we talk about the multiple timelines we have had an

organic vessel are connected to or a functional on or depending on which

level of our Energy System we have been working on that different timelines we don’t always have to have an organic

form we can just do we can just connect via our Minefield to a code stream and then experience that reality

holographically which is suffices to alter our what we call neural network in

our organic vessels of the higher density variation and we can buy our what you call Variety what do you call

that variety yes thank you that word just kept slipping my mind but that’s the one I was looking for so we don’t

necessarily have to have organic vessels that’s typically a thing we do in the outer domain and that’s the original

classification of a terrestrial system it’s the outer domain where we take on

very dense type of organic vessels so we can clear timelines vibrationally and

radiationally Via holographic graphic means so that means the inner work that means the clearing work which we can do

as well today and that’s one of the probabilities and possibilities that

comes back with going into the density one feature because that’s the original identity one feature of our systemic

terrestrial system or outer domain system that Bridges between the outer domain and the middle domain and the

middle domain density two is the systemic level that goes with Dimension four five and six the outer domain is

not Dimension one two or three but it has become that so this is where we work now but it will change we have a unique

opportunity yeah yeah during this time take advantage of it as well did the right uh so the the other thing was you

mentioned um well well as far as experiencing and things you do get pulled into Council meetings too maybe

talk a little bit about that as well um and of course there’s the classic people

try or people are different beings or entities trying to like let’s just say

field violation trying to get force them with itself into us against our consent

and Will some people might call it a possession things like this where you know that’s not a common everyday

occurrence but it’s a real visceral experience of things like that happening

right um but uh so these two things like the council meetings the holographic Council meetings I think yeah

yes most of most most of that is is part of some kind of artificial drama from

some of the artificial fourth and fifth dimensional races that are using that as a kind of derailing mechanism so I I

would prefer not to go into that because many people say oh I’ve been to the councils and I’m pleasing these to this

and that and I’m always because first of all was when I went to Australia I think that’s where I really

got the severe kick in the butt when we were talking about the extra systemic and the Extraterrestrial races that are present here and some of the

experimentations that’s going on because when I went to Australia because I came I come from an older Country and that’s

the old what we call the old civilizations Europe has and you or

Eurasian template we’re here talking planetary templates has some of the older civilizations on it so when we

travel to the new worlds as Australia or America those of us who come from these countries and are activated and have

affiliation with the old civilizations will be perceived as someone that that

discern that deserves a kind of respect and an involvement in what is going on either to accredit it to say thumbs up

oh this is so good or thumbs down this is not so good and for me it was this kind of thing oh she’s this this old

being is here and they wanted to show off the Lesser ones and as they showed me more and more the higher levels of

the hierarchy would say hey something’s going on here that’s out of control and then they came in because we have all

the lower levels in the artificial force of the different groups that are here and they are running their everyday life

as we are running our everyday life the higher levels and the higher Dimensions they only come in from time to time

that’s typically where we have for instance here in Denmark two days ago we had a huge chemtrailing that created

literally crosses in the sky creating different nodal points and for me that’s where they were creating a it the Mantic

showed me how they can triangulate between three spots in in the sky and create a bridge from that one which they

can enter into and no it’s not an Einstein rosenbridge it’s not a tunnel it’s not a wormhole these flying saucers

yes no they’re using the artificial fourth dimension to to bleed into our reality from where they can access the

levels that are so close but on the other side of the frequency fan so people cannot perceive it it via the

normal physical means unless they are targeted to be able to see it then they

create a temporary clearance in the neural network and in the eyesight that allows people to see crafts and allow

people to perceive and understand what’s going on unless they’re there we are having groups from outside of our power

system that comes in as orbs or as plasma ships these are typically seventh

dimensional and they come in in their seventh dimensional feature because that can override some of the artificial

fourth dimensional security mechanisms there are so so all of this is some of the things they told me when I was in

Australia and that’s a completely different perceptional reality and you think about the kind of base level or base program analog maybe would be spy

operations you know there are so many different uh classifying things going on

well maybe maybe not right if they’re classified we can’t know about them because they’re classified but if if we

were led to believe of all the past things that have been Declassified there’s all kinds of operations going on

right under our noses all the time not to get freaked out about it but these are the professionals doing their

professional work or whatever maybe I don’t know because it’s classified right but yeah that’s what came to mind there

now I guess if you want to hear more about um the Randy’s experiences or information from Council meetings

there’s a there’s an update you can do on the 2023 uh updates as well as some

of the other course materials I know you you deal with that as far as these other types of experiences the Clone worlds I

don’t know if we can call them that the storyboards and I’ll just leave that as a terminology you guys can you can learn

more about that the artificial Force where I would like to go here because

let me give just a rough overview of my course material there is the the psychological change that needs to be

done when you begin working with these different levels of reality whatever type of system that people prefer to

work within and because of my background as both as a psychotherapist therapies

but also healer Clairvoyant as well as also being I had my my feet rooted

deeply into the business world as well as a bachelor degree in in theology not because I’m religious but literally

learning how to do uh read the old Bible in its original languages and these kind

of things so just as a curious curiosity as in how does how does science actually

work with these ancient texts I could have chosen to study Egypt Egyptian or

what you call it sorry egyptology thank you my mind doesn’t want to go there so that’s why it’s cramming right now where

I want to go is this just to put it in here the clear and work of the

artificial forces in the advanced clearing workhorses I have made so it’s built up in a stepladder manner where I

take people by the hand in the free material get out of the old thought systems and then in the progression

Sciences lead them into a more advanced way of working with this if it’s for people if it resonates with people but

we when we talk about the Extraterrestrial race because that’s what’s at stake here what we have touched ground with in here is already

kind of there are extraterrestrial races that have become part of our planet but technically still are extraterrestrials

that’s what we find in nature and and on the Distortion fields in this part of the astral plane and they are just as

enslaved as we are and I want to put that word in here enslaved because I’ve already said 15 000 years ago our solar

system were colonized and humanity is enslaved and there is absolutely no doubt about that so our path of

Liberation to use the Buddhist teaching words there and Hinduism too they talk

about liberalism when we talk Hinduism that’s why we come into the whole Diva kind of thing and that classification

they become the gods then then rules us and controls us but that’s just an ancient way of seeing enslavement you

have to appease the gods to be able to exist I like the word too because the past weekend we can we can see that it

happened there are not two distant past in everyday life but also gives an immediacy to this not just oh this is

another you know Netflix show or whatever right this is uh you know yeah the one thing I wanted to um touch on

back into briefly before we wrap this up is this notion of kind of Technology

especially in today’s society we talked about you talked about the prohibiting Technologies and here we get we get we

get cell phones right smartphones that’s what they that’s what we get right but uh the distinction Randy makes uh is is

this Technology based on natural quote-unquote natural human

consciousness and energy that there’s a complete control over that it’s it’s it’s made as a supplement and that’s

made to dissolve after it’s being used or the the opposite where some of these

Races they rely solely on technology and it’s not necessarily does anything to

progress their own Consciousness or even came out of their own Consciousness maybe they came across it somehow and

now that’s kind of their new their gods that they run everything on this technology right so um I guess how does

is that classification fair to say with some of these races and not and how should we go about approaching this

because I know we’re in the it’s it’s in March uh 2023 here for the the time

stamp and early March and a new thing came out with these these chat Bots and thing that’s uh that’s it’s kind of

popular now but that’s a really low level parallel to what what I mentioned here yeah yeah what what I could say is

that in this podcast we have made me talk about the fourth dimensionals when we talk about AI we talk about that then

we’re talking about the groups of the third cycle that bridge us into the artificial Fifth and that’s a whole other classification so what I want to

take away from this podcast is that when we talk about again when we talk about the extra systemic or the

Extraterrestrial races we need to know what level they operate on and the only way we can really do that is if we know

ourselves completely and expand our own awareness to be able to communicate and

deal with all of these other levels of reality and not get too hyped up of

focusing on the tangible thing as an AI and button what have you which is of

course important but that’s the fifth dimensional level so the only people that are beginning to activate their

biofuel in their mental field will be able to perceive these realities whereas the majority of humans are able to go

through their emotional field in their heart field into the astral plane and go into the release work of these different

extra systemic races that are stuck here as part of nature or part of their own body and that’s also where the Baylor

material comes in and talk about in the teachers of white magic that that we are

to do as humans as part of this system as this outer domain is not only

working in our own expansion to upgrade she works with the chakras the chakra

system but also to release the prisoners of this planet and and we are just as

much as these prisoners of this planet and for me the whole focusing on or just

that level of that level or that group or whatever that’s why the human mind comes in and narrows things down put it

into many boxes where it doesn’t belong and it is instead begin to work with things as a spectrum

on which level of the spectrum am I working now know that understanding am I

working on the emotional field the biofield the mental field which system of thought am I working within that

gives me the answers of the questions I ask if I am working within and I hear

saying as a if I not me but anyone who is working within the belief system Christianity will then come up with the

diesel demons or Angels if you work within the concept of being a UFO

researcher you will come up with a classification that that goes along with crafts or goes alongs with some of the

classifications that were done in the 80s and the 90s the question are these classifications incorrect are they

suitable are there any of these groups left so when we come to the higher level

understanding and not that I want to toot my own horn here saying oh I’m so Advanced but when we that’s just

the way I have perceived things that instead of going to the Box making classification and putting labels which

humans are so good at and we are being told in our human society right now to

deconstruct the labels on all levels males and females everything is in the deconstruction right now so we’re in

that deconstruction phase of of our size psychological and societal constructions

and that goes when we talk about the the encounter and the experience with other

terrestrial races or extra systemic races or extraterrestrial races from

other systems and parallel realities that we look upon them as in an

experience every time what what are we dealing with here not just letting us get

um what you call it stoked by or completely blinded by oh this is a reptilian but actually go deeper as

we’re doing in our own inner work go layer by layer by layer until you’re going through the overlay because many

of these races are using holographic overlays and what you will end up with will be an insect Droid or an an old

crumbling CNA of the uh the avian kind of the old brotherhoods

that’s completely decomposing a smell ugly by the way or you will come up with a little critter or it’s just an

energetic parasite or it might actually be something completely different or you might connect to the cubes right yeah we

have so much deception or everyday lives so it really doesn’t surprise me now everything we’ve been talking about now

is still within kind of these uh after timeline event thing so you you once

called it the holographic metaverse after going beyond all this right so is there anything to say about who are the

quote-unquote aliens there once we once we get out of all this back into the true human worlds and these type of

things right um any way to describe them all one other loose end too and probably won’t

go too much into it now but these beings that have come back from from the future right they could have been us or someone

very much like us you know who knows how far advancing come back so that’s another that some people are maybe

mislabeling or saying quote-unquote aliens right I would say here in this

podcast because I’m very even though I say I’m not doing classification then when we talk about explaining things it

needs to be within groups here we have touch ground with the artificial Falls with the Davis we have classified that

group so when you ask of the original Progressive races you’re then pushing my mind somewhere else which in itself is a

full podcast so I hear I will say that if people are curious about the original Progressive races that I originally from

then the whole philosophy book is a good take where I talk about how we used to do things as part of the pillar project

the new Grand cycle transition course one and two is the basic level of that

understanding and I work further into it in the seven Court material of the transition Sciences where I talk about

what we will originally engineered here and why we did what we did here what the original restoration program is in

transformative Energy System and then learn the practicality of it instead of a classification of who are the

benevolence because what is a benevolent race the dark eyes or the the insect toys or the regress Races they see the

progressive humans as the bad guys and we do the other way around and these are part of the segregation Dynamics so

again when we talk about classification is useful for a period of time so we understand what we’re dealing with but

investigation and complete going layer by layer by layer is just as much part

of the understanding of who we are who they are and what’s going on here because we’re working with energy and

Consciousness and we will perceive everything we’re dealing with on the different levels of our Consciousness

potentials so unless we expand our perception of reality we will only see

figments and a little pieces of the full patients that we’re dealing with it’s like a kaleidoscope it

changes according to what tool we’re using to look through the the Looking

Glass so to speak if we are using that system of thought we will only see pieces of it if we’re using our eyes of

physical senses we are only seeing that piece of it if we go into our inner senses we’re only using the emotional

field we’d only see that level of it if we go into the astral plane we will see that level of it go into this visual

Force I think people are getting the graphic yes yes so so it’s all about that’s the expansion that’s the path of

Liberation is to understand all these levels without again as we talk about within the path of Liberation its

original form of the theravada ideas is not to cling on to things not to cling

on to Concepts or constructs or ideas or a perception of reality perception of

self-perception of others but always working with it as a spectrum as something that is changeable and it

should change because as we change then we change our perception of reality and we change our Energy System and by

changing that we will see new things and if we cling on to what was before we are taking away the opportunity of learning

and experiencing new levels of who and what we actually are in our own of remembering who we actually are so if

people ask Randy what would you say is the key point of knowing the Extraterrestrial races or

knowing who else is out there that’s the same as if when we are inside this reality learning what are other people

how do other people operate so we can meet up either in inclusivity where we

are accepting and and what from a level of compassion understanding and loving kindness or the opposite if need be

because a predator is a predator and we need to approach a predator on the level of the Predator which the Predator

deserves in that principle too are not a balance or not approach them well it depends on what we are because there are

some there are diplomats there are some there are teachers there are some there are scientists and then there are others

like me that that took the task to be what we would call a warrior and that

were part of some of these systems that after the timeline event and where things begin to fall apart to defend the

systems not to instigate Wars but to defend and to guard it yep the second

amendment in the United States right so that’s that’s that’s part of the original intent of that uh not the

non-aggression principle I still have not met anyone that’s um that’s against that basically meaning no one has the

right to to aggress on another but once one is aggressed upon of course they have the the right to defend themselves

and their loved ones so this is gonna do it for now for the next one perhaps why

are the aliens here and what do they want right yeah okay yeah this will do

it for the end of this podcast thank you all for listening yeah thank you

The raw unedited YouTube transcription of the second podcast:

easiest way

homeless and welcome this is Josh to hold of integratingpresence.com today I’m back with Randy green for a part two

in this little maybe two-part series we’ll see um the first part was who are

the quote-unquote aliens and we kind of alluded at the end of the last one of

these next follow-up questions are why are they here and what do they want

before we get into that if anybody has any requests for topics

of what you would like Randy and I to mention or talk about you can put them in the comments or write in and we may

consider them it would be interesting to get um maybe feedback to see what people are

interested in as far as topics go so right into it now maybe a little recap of the first one or

maybe not but just go right into the big questions of who um why are they here what do they want yeah that’s a good

question isn’t it and in a way I could allude to my older material my first

book the source of humanity there I touch ground with what we could call the Old World Order

racist that will have the colonization why they were here what their programs were what they were doing here

and in my six serious perception logs to talk about how I recall the timeline

event and how this reality was created into restoration program and how it will

kind of let’s also talked about the quarantine due to the breakdown of genetics but

these are all when we look at in the big scheme of things they end the

programs under modern history the book modern history of Europe too yeah yeah so they’re also the military project

program so there’s there’s so many things going on here so the quest the big question the umbrella question is

what are they doing here that it’s like asking what is humanity doing on this planet so so there are many different

there are many different programs many different options to look into many different answers and that’s not what

people want to hear they want to hear oh they’re here because of this or that or which I find more interesting to to to

work with as well not excluding everything else but the I think the

first important notion to work with here is that people have or not or some have

we can’t say everybody has again let’s try to put it into little tears or little streaks of information and say

well in in the time I’ve been working with this and and years ago in the 80s and 90s and 2000s and especially in the

2000s where I began picking up on researchers UFO researchers looking into their material and going back to the 80s

and and the way that they addressed this and most of them not all of them but

most of them were talking about um there were the prominent was the

reptiles the grays and then we have Galactic Federation and we had all these

all the different groups that were part of the Great White Brotherhood so we have many different angles to go down

and say well who are the aliens which we talked about in the last podcast and not giving any decisive answer there but it

kind of goes with these different groups are here for different purposes and we have when we talk about sea skin that’s

how we pronounce it right now zechariah’s sitchin I think yes thank you

um and we have Eric Von daniken and we have the old writers that wrote about the the gods being here already that the

aliens were the gods back in the ancient days and that’s my stand as well I’m the

grace and some of the newer groups that when we talk about in America the alien abduction groups that came in the 50s

flew over Washington in 1952 for me that’s a whole new group that’s come in and there again is completely different

and they don’t belong here and they’re actually operating here on what I call illegal contracts made with enhanced

humans so for me they’re not allowed to be here at all and then you can ask well are the Draco so the rap toys were they

allowed to be here and in my understanding things they came here as part of the colonization so they took it

by force so so when we talk about what do they want here it’s it’s instead

of seeing them as something new we should see it in a historical context that’s kind of where I want to put it

and that once we begin to see them as being present not as our guardians or

custodians which we also hurt I think Tim Sparks talk about the groups that he

he was dragged into or by his uh not his Free Will

um and and that they presented themselves to be we have always been here we’re here to take care of the planet and we have got some of the

hybrid projects where the Grays are literally bombarding the hybrid kids with the understanding they are part of

a mission to preserve the planet and that they have been there all day long and they are in the new groups the

ishashani or whatever the new groups that will lead into the future of hybrid Humanities which in my opinion is also

completely legal but they’re creating a story around it to make it legal to make

it acceptable like we’re seeing with a lot of other stuff that’s going on our planet I guess some of the other

possibilities would be yeah uh tourism like what it’s like to be here or

explorers finding the place I guess imagine that yeah the I’m your space

brother kind of thing I’m here to help you out you know Kumbaya and we’ll all join hands and we’ll we’ll work this out

together which and the other ones of these races that trade genetics and

information the the warring people that are in war so there’s kind of like parallels to our of a society political

reasons right bargaining chips people stabbing each other in the back people making are these different groups making

alliances these type of things um uh there could also be experimentation lots of experimentation

there can be nihilist maybe they just want to come in and blow everything up and there can be people that just want

to preserve it so it’ll last forever and ever so just about any kind of uh well it seems like just about any kind of

things that humans are on into here it could also be uh like a different level or different you know there’s

similarities or what I would imagine I know we talked about this show that was on the History

Channel in the states a while back called Ancient Aliens and not why I haven’t watched it I think they covered some of these things but overall I think

amongst all these different uh possibilities and agendas it’s important to know that it’s just not one

overarching thing or one overarching reason that there’s a lot of different boxes and groups and and things involved

and things to consider yeah I think when we’re going through this because what would be the point of talking about this

because there have been so many good voices out there already so what would be the if we look at when we work with

information information should lead to some kind of progression of knowledge some kind of expansion of knowledge so

we we get a more broad view of why we hear the existential level of what it

means to be human or just go into the idea as a planet as a school again it

doesn’t matter really which type of spirituality or ideology or whatever we

look into when we work with information it’s should lead to some kind of progression it should lead to some kind

of not a rigid conceptualization of saying oh this is this is what I know

and then I cling on to it and this is my comfort zone this is my ideology this is my political stand on this and I fight

to to to my last breath to preserve what I have made of ideas but should opening

up so we play with more different angles on

the topics we want to investigate and that goes with when we talk about the groups that are here looking at it from

many different angles and for me as a psychotherapist the the most important thing always comes down to okay what is

what is the psychological expansion possibility of working with the notion

of aliens actually being here instead of denying it and going in and pushing away so it’s not there or saying it just

belongs to the past or that you see a temporarily they will leave again and then or they’re not here at all or

whatever people are coming up or the the the the denial that considering that there’s maybe also the possibility that

they’re not here that there’s you know that that this might be a mental construction or a thing that we had to

invent like some people say they invented God because there’s a necessity to do so but even that so yeah all these

things uh I don’t subscribe to any of them like you say the taking that all as a whole yes what what is the importance

of considering all that something else entirely yeah so with the idea of that is something that we have invented I

Know Carl cost of young in 1950 said it was a kind of synchronicity of the the

side guys the people envisioning this part of the collective Consciousness and by that we always manifested the craft

in the sky and and I have seen a craft in the sky in Australia and and I’ve oh

dang it I wish I had that manifestation power that would be so cool so for me it’s not a question if it’s a mental

construction or not yes they are absolutely here without it unequivocally

clear yes they are here yes we are not alone and yes we are definitely not a

little weird pocket in a huge Universal structure where we’re the only planet with life forms on it Da goes without

saying that yeah like I say I’ve um I haven’t shared this publicly we’ll just

say I’ve seen something in the sky um as twice that I couldn’t explain and I’ve talked to other people about it and

yeah so yeah and at the same time for me personally I’m still open to the fact

that that’s the case but it doesn’t seem very likely right the possibilities of it of this this even if we just consider

the old um spiritual teaching things that you know there’s there’s something else Beyond

this life it’s just not it’s probably one of my least favorite theories at the moment is um atheistic materialism or

just being you know that that’s it that’s all this you know dumb matter that happened by a completely random chance that’s the least one that I

subscribe to now I haven’t completely wrote it off because I can’t prove it inside and out without a doubt but yeah

so yeah so again for those who are unfamiliar with uh some of my other material the the Crafters on Australia

was not just a little dot in the sky I’ve seen plenty of these little moving dots in the sky and we can always use a

satellite or it’s it’s it’s space debris or what’s going on up there we don’t

know these little dots I don’t really accredit them to be what we could call

proves of space or Aid in Life or what have you because it could be many things so that’s the uncertainty I had a

personal experience where I was looking at I can’t remember the constellation but one of the Stars and similarly as in

in the there was a movie oh dang it I can’t remember what it’s called with oh

I shouldn’t alluded because I completely forgot it anyways that one of the Stars just just grew bigger and bigger and bigger and then it just grew smaller and

smaller so that was a very clear either I had temporarily lost my mind and or I

was seeing something that wasn’t there but again that was where I could have a questioning but the questions the

experience itself but in Australia I was sitting in meditation and I got there’s for those who see cross we have this

there’s a weird air around us the the fabric of reality changes

my voice changed there it changes you it’s kind of the the the the the molecules begin to vibrate in a

different way and if you just know something is you just know to the Bone something out of the ordinary is now

going to happen not something just to look up and oh they say oh and these are the phenomenon that can be artificially

induced via holographic overlay programs there can be many different things we

know we have already got want to talk about military projects they have got a lot of Technology we don’t know a lot of

things can be manifested without actually anything else than a holographic overlay but when we talk

about the real crafts because they enter into our reality they change the entire fabric of our reality when they do so

and they do it specifically for few people they are targeting people for these visuals

and one of the good UFO movies I actually saw was Australian skies I

watched it on Netflix years ago it’s been taking off but there there was the the interviewer were talking to people

who had this experience and they all talk about how they almost wake up knowing where to go and then they get

this molecular vibrational change in in the air themselves everything is

alluding to that moment kind of now something is happening that’s out of the ordinary and in that you’re already

attentive you get this whole kind of observe it’s like the whole fabric

around this now you focus and I was looking out and I saw through the clouds

huge what do you call Columbus cloud is cumulus thank you yes and the reason why

I’m struggling for these words is I know them in Danish but I call them thunderheads yes but they were

completely white huge mountains of clouds and out of that came around white

sphere and since the heart was so big this sphere would it’s like a Mothership

it was not just a little sphere it was a humongously big sphere and it came out

slowly horizontally in a piece that was not the size it had would not have been

possible and it came out slowly out of the clouds and the clouds departed very

slowly around it and it came so much out that I could see with this round sphere completely unified round round white

sphere and it I was just looking at it and the moment it took for me to really my mind going into this this is actually

a craft to where I could speak to the other one that was in the apartment with me the the person was in another room

and said hey come and look at this the moment I began thinking about that then

it retracted and for me it’s always been this regret why didn’t I just shut up and just observed and it was just in

that experience and and had had the patience to see what they actually wanted instead of trying to share it

because it was clear for me and since I wanted to share it then they retracted just as slowly and that moment was kind

of lost for me so in that one I could say this this is not something my mind can make up

even these things on the inner realm you know if detractors would say and I think we mentioned this in the last one too uh

this is all the imagination well how do you know it’s the imagination how does that work anyway how how do these

experiences where do they come from you know nothing is just created out of thin air for reasons and some people might

say well it’s from other movies or this and that sources again have to look at these sources that that they would

particularly come from where did those come from so it’s basically like tracing back to the first origin right and so

these things have to be based on something somewhere so and tell those questions are explained and known

without a doubt all these different processes it it just seems irrational

for me not to consider that this is a possibility right and tell all those other questions can can be known and

they can artificially uh produce these things then then um you know in the

minds and improve without a doubt that’s what they did and even then you know just because we’ll look at Crystal tools

right they can make artificial quartz crystals in the lab but that doesn’t mean that there there are no real quartz

crystals out there right just because they can artificially create them so it is a a interesting huge thing all around

um but I think what Randy’s Point earlier was that’s important is like how do we take this information and these

experiences and things and apply them to our our lives and and use it to make

choices and you know what what do we want to do with it what what’s the what’s what’s the what’s the point of

this and yeah as as a psychotherapist as well when we go into this when we walk

work with current life issues as in of course if it’s not prevailingly out there of

making our life complicated in in a way all depending on which type of

psychology you’re working with but for me at least after having worked with clients for many many years is unless

it’s making a lot of noise there’s no really need to to to poke your hand into the wound unless it makes noises so

people some people are just there’s a reason why I’m talking about this for some people they are coping very well or

even though that they have gone through some pretty severe childhood trauma they created a construction around themselves

which called defense mechanisms but they are they have created this Persona that

makes them functional in the world and if we crack that Persona down then their

entire personality Matrix will fall apart and they will be dysfunctional they will not be operating all inside

this world so there’s no point in going and cracking that one down but if if it

does if the tracks are already there if the whole personality Matrix is already beginning to dissolve yes absolutely

then as a therapist we go in then we work with it we reconstruct the personality structure we go in and then

we take the whole thing because it’s there it is presenting itself it has become a problem it gets in the way of

what we call a decent type of life and the reason why I’m talking about this is that when we talk about the alien agenda

if we if it has presented itself as it does with psychological issues and it

begins to poke holes in our world perception and begins to become a problem for us then we can’t deny it

anymore we can’t say it’s not there I don’t want to see do the three monkeys we have to address it we have to look at

it and with all and I want to talk about human history whether it’s true or not

that’s not my point here which is doing normal generic understanding of this is human history over the course of human

history whatever it is because there’s always people’s accounts of something that has to happen in their interpretation of it but if we go with

that some of it might be true might not be but over the course of history we have seen that changes within different

groups different populations always begins with Pioneers it always begins with few that go in and say okay

my life has now my perception of reality and life has now so different from what

others have that I need to investigate this I need to figure out what this is and those of us who are going into the

alien agenda we are the ones that are now pioneering on this and this is to those I’m talking I’m not talking about

Mr and Mrs Hansen down the street that are comfortably within the base program

and they’re happy there let them be happy there I would like to be happy there but but I have had different

experiences and I need to investigate what they are similar with the UFO researchers we need to investigate what

this is and with everything that we’re doing here we need to take it to the next level the that those of us who are

doing this instead of trying to write it off as a mental projection or write it

off as some kind of deception or delusional or some weird thing that the

mind is doing going in and say okay they are here take that one as a first step

we got a problem people and not try to write it off as a pentagon report and all these kind of things right can I uh

I would actually encourage those people who are convinced that this is a mental construction to go into the neuroscience

and prove it without the shadow of a doubt that it is and you know how can we prove I just I I to me it’s it’s it’s

flabbergasting to think that somebody who’s studying brain chemicals and putting dye in the brain and making

images of it and putting different pictures together could actually say with that’s proof that this stuff isn’t

happening to me it’s just not as simple as that or maybe I’m missing something here but I would yeah I don’t know how

it would be proved or disproved one way or the other so yeah so this we could with that kind of science you can say

well it’s just a part of the brain that lights up and yeah and shows this as a mental process of the experience so

again we need to be scientific around this and say well this table I we know when we do the contain the the cat who

was talking about the rose in the other room when I turn my back to so then she’s assist and for me that’s just stop

being so mental get your food and the food on the ground the table is in front of you even if you leave the room is

still there unless we’re going to the complete Matrix program whatever but what’s the point of that for me

that’s just mental is escapism you’re just trying to escape what is there by

making mental construction as if it’s it’s a type of advanced denial so for me

it’s just no less butt heads with the tables there it hurts when I hit it and

I can put a camera on it will still say well the camera will then catch it and they will be there and I’m just kind of

okay could we get the feet on the ground again let’s just if we are to deal with this problem if we go out in these

Spacey ideas of what is and what isn’t well if people want to go down that path go down that path but most who have gone

down that path that end up being crazy well it’s this is the common um question I have about these non-dual teachings

you know when these people say that oh it’s just an illusion everything’s an illusion well again I said this time and

time again go run to that tree at full speed and tell me it’s an illusion right I I kind of like the analogy of it’s a

dream like nature right and so I’m not talking about kind of ultimate materiality ultimate mentality here it’s

just like in just this everyday occurrence that everybody’s experience everybody’s woken up from a dream and

realized oh I was just dreaming okay that’s not how it is but it seems so real at the time just like there’s

parallels in our Waking Life where once we realize something it’s actually not the way we we had perceived it to be

before right so yeah but that’s that’s why I like to go into a different type of science because for me the physical

reality physical because we operated on the same frequency level and people say well that’s that’s vibrational level and

again you know me I’ve kind of yes similar words but they work in different ways so as long as we’re on that

frequency level whatever we’re encountering will be physical if we go up to a high oscillation I like find

that more accurate they will discover that what we perceive to be metaforms I actually just empty space which we know

so yes nothing doesn’t really exist but as long as we’re on that vibrational level or that oscillation then it is

damn real and we need to address it yeah if we’re riding the bus riding the train you start going and shouting people this

is all an illusion this train doesn’t exist and you people people are so asleep what are you doing or you know it

just doesn’t I don’t think it’s gonna be right it’s not gonna be very good we might be totally wrong

with the delusional but okay so that’s working each in our own bubble of delusional States so it it all comes

down to and it is a weird discussion then it comes down to okay find your peers of delusions right if I unless you

want to experience reality with which is also part of it so for me again it comes down to after having all these

discussions over the course of time uh with myself what to do and what not to do for instance when I was younger I was

part of a peace movement and vegetarianism and all these things and back then that was kind of completely

outlandish and today we have plant-based food as a completely normal thing so let

us I go with the because sometimes that’s a psychological comfort zone as

well if we are to investigate reality if we are to deal with what’s there we need to accept that for us in this moment

this time in this situation this is real so how do I deal with it what are what

am I that’s the food in the ground as any yes others might say not real others might say this is different others might

say that’s what it is that’s relative reality perception and that’s the fact as well we can put into the equation and

say yes everybody has their own experience everybody has their own perception of what they’re experiencing

and everybody has their own concepts of Truth and what it is and what it is and

they will explain the table is this from different levels of perception but the point of this is that we cannot

get entrapped in all of these mental construction because that’s for me that’s a path of it’s an endless path of

rabbit holes it is and this is to me investigating the nature of reality and thought is only just one little aspect

of it so I guess um we already talked about well how does this apply you know

or how can we use this to to further our our own lives here and now but I guess if people are interested in going about

this maybe more systematically or investigating these things for themselves it’s what kind of advice

would we give people like especially the priority of kind of where to start and

then once there’s some kind of foundation level like what’s important right now to get into to investigate and

then overall you know what I mean so sometimes there’s these time Windows where it makes sense to focus on certain

things during this time period but then there’s other things I mean I’m oversimplifying it here but there’s

things that are just in the overall alien agenda quote kind of thing to

investigate and look into what’s kind of the priorities here for folks who would say yeah so they’re they’re for me there

if we kind of go with people want to go into the alien agenda there are two different levels on this one they’re

ones that have to had the experience the ones that haven’t had the experience and and that has to be addressed as well those who haven’t had the experience but

just do it out of curiosity go on the internet look it up there are so much information out there has been so many

good people having done so much uh information on so many levels and I

would recommend go back in the 80s and 90s and 2000 because quite a lot of the stuff that’s up now it’s just a repeat

of that it’s just a rebranding it’s just taking the same good old story and putting a little bit of different words

into it but the the essence of it it ends up being the same as it has been as

it was addressed 30 years ago so for me the the what is the interesting thing is

those of us who have had experiences how do we go around this psychologically how do we go around this as a narrative that

is part of our self-conceptization as a part of I know this is a lot of fancy words but it is going in and say okay

this I’ve had this experience that’s out of the ordinary this is an extraordinary experience do I deny it or do I go into

do I go run around in my living room with my arms above my head going into Panic how do I dress it how does it

affect me psychologically and go there first as in do the self-investigation

say how do I respond to the fact that there are aliens there that have been here all along they are not my space

Brothers they are not here to to to progress Humanity into a higher state of

hybridization that people can get my subtle notion of

that one absolutely that’s so illegal as it can be because there’s no point in hybrids there’s no point in being half

gray half human that would make no sense whatsoever but when we look at the human civilization as a planetary civilization

what do we need to require or or create or generate or progress into to

understand that we are as much as any other species in this huge realm of

universal structures that have many different vibrational States how do we get ourselves into that level of

perception that lets us work with that level of reality as well what does what

does it take to get us there what are the what are the the sciences that we must develop what are the psychological

structures we most work into what are the the deeper implications of not just

people are saying oh it’s religious or it will scatter people’s religious belief systems that then there is no God

or we make God into a huge agent or whatever but these they’re for me as as well as being part of Danish culture and

a psychotherapist as well then we must deconstruct these religious belief systems not doing as the Vatican that

have come up with oh there then we incorporated in the existing religion for me it’s just more like kind of

taking the religion of the table and say yeah that was made three thousand years ago perhaps it’s about time we as a

Humanity begin to look into different ways of perceiving ourselves and perhaps the notion of if we could say what are

they doing here aside from all of the other projects we could say one of the things that that’s definitely on the

table is that those of us who have perception of these things our world view is being scattered and we need to

address that psychologically emotionally and and mentally but also scientifically

as well as conceptual of in the whole concepts of things of what is reality

what are we in this reality and what do we need to develop to get to the point

where we understand these Dynamics not just the nuts and bolts of the crafts and how they are operational and what

they can do with these new technologies but just as much as like our psychological process I want to hold in

here what you just said it really really recently is it scatters our world view

could you go into more of what you mean by that what’s going on with that because that seems like a a very Hefty

issue especially in this mode of media that we’re in here you know just the very nature that we’re recording this

and I would I’m thinking media would play into this too because the media is significantly influential into shaping

people’s World Views as well as institutions to learning so this is an informational thing the internet as a

whole goes into our world view the medium of our our place too but yeah

okay so it’s good to bring it up because as is an existential psychotherapist for

me it’s completely oh yeah yeah the police get scattered you you put it back together you create you you progress by

a crisis that’s that’s my basic understanding of life and and what life is that you you have different

opportunities in life and the way you view these opportunities will either lead to progression or it will lead to

depression you choose yourself what you’re dealing with not that it’s easy peasy some of these processes are are

pretty scattering in the manner that all depending on the experience we have had

or the the amount of experiences if people just have one little thing out seeing a little dot in the sky and there

for a moment in time get these little claims that it might be something different they quickly close it down and

do not go in further investigating just close it down and forget it and then they move on business as usual so that’s

not particularly scattering but I would say not that it was scattering for me to see that craft in Australia for me it

was actually kind of finally what took you so long because I’ve been working with different telepathically with

different groups since 2007 right so that was kind of why is it not more visual for me the question is actually

with the work I’ve been doing why is there not more crafts in the sky why is it not more visible why is it not more

out there in our faces that’s that’s actually the process for

me is to ask that foundational question as in kind of not longing and yearning I’m not as an Independence Day when they

run up on the roof with the signs welcoming that’s that’s not the case it’s a really good question and I’m

wondering now about just uh we talked a little bit about the visible light spectrum and stuff like that well yeah I

don’t know how all this stuff works plays out but I would imagine that but uh remember I I mentioned there’s a

place called East City Ranch where they have viewings and from what I understand

from what that’s been told in the videos on their YouTube channel with the right equipment right that they can see these

but it’s through night vision goggles and of course they do the um the things

online to say oh no no that’s the space station or that’s the satellite but this doesn’t show up on any of our systems or

whatever and so that to consider that but now that’s one aspect of it you know so I I I just don’t know enough about

how it works with the visible light spectrum and the the Mind State or the the State of Consciousness that needs to

to match up with that nor the incoming phenomena either what has to happen on

their end for these things to meet and whether or not there’s um who what what are the circumstances

and surrounding environment that would be conducive or not conducive the conditions for these things to happen so

all that stuff would have to come in for me to actually be able to talk more about that basically to summarize I

don’t know so that might or might not be but for me here it would kind of say if we got two boxes here we got the

psychologic one we got the scientific one and again this is where we need to

to expand our awareness and to understand which box are we working within so we have this what does it do

to me psychologically and then we have the knots and bolts of the sciences and that’s where when when we talk about the

aliens and the aliens that are here and the different experiences I’ve had and all the things I have gone through understanding code systems and and the

original DNA and the original genetics and Consciousness potentials and the mechanics of our universe that one of

the things that I can see that’s a trap for most humans that look into that is that they are trying to use frequency

technology frequency Sciences normal General Sciences to understand alien

technology that runs on holographic code systems with intensity vibrational fields of radiation that works in a

completely different way so that’s the first answer to my own question why is there not more

predominantly visible here because it takes as I said the molecular State the entire state fabric of reality must be

changed for that occurrence to happen especially our the external Vision too no just the fabric of realities to

manifest inside this reality whether you see it or not that’s depending on your genetics so that’s for me not the it for

me it’s not the purpose is not for everybody to see that because I know not everybody can see that because it’s a

completely different energetic visualization or a different perception

of reality a neural network has to be adapted that’s why we talk about the Australian skies and those of us who

have this we are being modified already via our dream state before we wake up so

we can perceive when they do make the encounter and Dolores Cannon talks about this as well with uh I can’t remember

which talk I’m sorry about that Dolores but if she had put out so much information she did put out so much

information but she talks about how this person was in his or her car

and they had this huge beam of light almost like the The Encounter of Third Degree right and it was just literally

beaming the entire crafter from the highway and the person then asked the grace well well why didn’t anybody else

see it because and they said because it was tailored for you not I’m paraphrasing here but it was engineered

tailored manifest that created that way especially for you nobody else saw it so that’s one of the key keywords here is

that we are dealing with species that have a technology that is reality

altering so so if we’re trying to to conceptualize it within our stupid

little base program technology we will fall short every single time so the

first step as we also know throughout the course of history from shamans medicine women and and and men and what

have you and uh when we talk about this passport to Cosmos of Michael help me

there History Michael Newton no that’s another one oh yeah the psychologist that made this sorry I’m so sorry for

the support of the cosmosis yes that’s for the title that’s the book we’ll put the right name below it sorry about that

just because there’s a different part of my brain so I forgot it right now I will come up later

um where where we’re talking about this understanding of that the aliens have been here there are

traces of it we know that with the ancient history ancient alien history they were in paintings they are in in

cave paintings they they have been here all along all depending on which group we are talking about and there have been

different accounts of it there have been different ways of of conceptualizing it different ways of explaining this so it

has always there always been groups within humanity and that’s been talked about when talk about the lineages and

some of the the the ones that were traded off with for the newcomers within the military projects they were traded

off to be part of the hybrid projects because they already had the genetic composition that allowed for the visual

contact that allowed for the occurrences or the ability to be pulled in the

ability to be abducted to be altered genetically to come on board these

crafts so that’s another thing we need to put in as well when we talk about why is not everybody working on this because

it’s not for all not that it’s a to sing but it is a genetic thing and so people

might be saying um you know well I want my genetics altered how do I do that without having

someone else do it is there something I can do to get my genetics altar so I can be in a state like so where I can make

contact but but I also want to throw something out here too is that you we’ve

kind of talked about the scientific box now the psychological box if I were to maybe approach my answer my question on

one angle the psychological part of this is very important because if someone’s not prepared to deal with this

psychology of course it’s probably not going to happen anyway right and then we have the the other psychological

response of oh yeah I see this stuff I’ve seen this stuff before but then you

know because of other circumstances in their lives uh they’re into other things that are interesting too they’re not

putting as much time on this too so they’re not prioritizing looking and investigating it is as deeply as some

are too so you know should we encourage those those folks to spend some extra time looking into this the ones that

have had experiences and and say oh yeah that’s that’s a that’s it’s no big deal that happens you know that happens and

this and that but they’re they’re not going with it they’re not looking deeper into it that they could if they wanted to because of whatever reasons so again

I’ll end up in having gone through all of these what can I do what should I do what is mine to do uh for me as again as

a psychotherapist I’m very grateful I actually have that angle on it because then I’ve been working with so many

different people for instance as in kind of not everybody has been uh unfortunate in their lives and had succumbed to

sexual abuse so working with these people you have to work with this in a specific way because

there’s a trauma that’s involved in it and that’s for that’s that’s very very similar to some of the abductions we’re talking the same degree of trauma

whether it’s remembered or not it’s the same Dynamic and I would say in in my

perception of things that’s exactly what some of these newer groups that play not that they have taken people who already

had sexual abuse but they have played on the same denial mechanism by taking

these humans into an altered state and then when they’re on board crafted are in an altered state of of mind and

perception and then then put them back into the physical reality and then they have not wiped them but because it’s in

a different level of the neural network people don’t recall it they have to regress or go under hypnosis to recall

it but they have molecular memory of it and it’s just a matter of time before that begins to surface and that’s some

of the things I’m working with not that I’m taking that that angle right now but again the questions in the process is

the psychological process is that we need to look at things and then make a reminder whether or not it’s something

we want to work with and for me this whole Aid and abduction and all the things

that are involved similarly as with sexual abuse that’s even though I am skilled for it I’m trained for it I have

a huge part of my education is part of it and I know exactly how all of these things are this is just a matter where I

can feel that that would burn me out too quickly it affects me emotionally too much these these hardcore level similar

with people that have been brought in for the breeder programs it affects me too much so that’s a choice I’ve made

saying well even though I know I might be skilled at working with it I’ve chosen not to because I can just feel

the sadness in me that you can almost hear it in my voice that that I can’t

deal with that angle so for me this is also going and say well then there are other angles I can work with which I

find more conducive for my personal story what I remember my capacities what

I can work with just because it’s there doesn’t mean that we have to choose to work with it so it again comes into what

are you ready for that’s a psychological process you can’t just chew on everything you want to chew on sometimes

you’ll have to work with what you’re capable of working with and what is prudent for you to work with and what

level of trauma stress and crisis you can deal with and even though I can deal with a lot of trauma and stress because

of all the things I have gone through I still choose what I want to look into what I don’t want to look into and I

think that’s important for people to respect their limitations and if they do

have that then slowly broaden them don’t plunge yourself into the deep end sometimes we are pushed there if we deny

our original capacities we are thrown into the deep deep end of the pool or The Dark Knight of the Soul because then

we get a kick in the butt now you really need to wake up so so when once you’re

asking me just this kind of can we give some kind of recipe no there is no recipe it depends on where we are on the

scale of these experiences where we are on the scale of our own psychological development Elemental processes it

depends on how ready we are for the deeper levels of reality it depends on

if we can cope with these different different levels of reality if we are strong enough psychologically there are

some of us that that have this enormously strong psychological capacities to deal with a lot of stuff

and there are others that are more vulnerable and then once that foundation’s laid it’s how interested in

this are are you and then what or is one and what angle

ought to be explored with my own unique talents and abilities I’d imagine too so so for me being part of that group that

has that strong psychological structure then I feel it’s part of my life

statement or Mission or not that I want to put myself up or elevator whatever I

feel it’s a kind of responsibility for the the broader context of humanity that

because I am in that end and and are capable then then I am forced to ask all of these very difficult questions and

look into all these difficult questions to not just to expand my awareness but also to try and say okay how many

solutions can I then come up with but at the same time once that is done for the pioneers and we go into that mindset

well I’ve looked at it I’ve dealt with it in my own relative reality then it must be implemented into the joint field

of reality and that’s where the others come in that’s where we can say okay how do we then convey that to others so for

for me when you ask how would I see a strategy for people working with this well first first step first would be

that those who actually have the hardcore experiences instead of working with an individually which we have we

have to be Consolidated in our experiences be cool with it be balanced that’s a psychological process we have

to have dealt with the trauma of it we have to had cried and moaned and done

almost and all the things and moaning and moaning and and bitching about it and and all of this the psychological as

if we have gone through a huge trauma whether it’s trauma of war or strong from a childhood or whatever is we need

to have dealt with it psychologically first then we can meet up and then we will begin really to begin to discuss

okay we have had this compare experiences not just on YouTube or on the internet but as real people meeting

up not from the angle of Espanola Luis Alessandro and his group as in kind of

is this a national threat that’s part of it but it’s also a human existential

question that needs to be addressed it is what are they actually working with what are the Technologies here what have

we experienced how can we go into these Technologies how can we understand this

Technologies what we have experienced what is this action not just from the craft in the sky or the secret military

projects but from the ones that’s been pulled in because they’re actually the ones that have the deepest knowledge of

what they have experienced they’ve been on board crafts and how like or unlike are they from me you know um what do

they understand what don’t they understand where the communications similarities and differences too you

know what can they teach me what can I teach them yeah well that’s where I’m just kind of completely for me that

those groups who’ve done that the whole ammo of what they’ve been doing here is completely legal so I’m not I’m not

interested in it how do I handle that how do I respond to that what can I do what what’s what’s good for me to do

what’s probably against my better best interest for me not for you to do or not to do and also you know people I guess

maybe that are just starting this out some people might think well you know what what does it matter what my voice

says or what I think about this or whatever it’s just one little speck in the universe or you know putting on a

video what what good is that gonna do or speaking my mind or talking to someone or just asking a question so you know

that could be right it could have absolutely no impact whatsoever but if you don’t do it then it might not you

won’t know either way so and for better or worse this Anonymous nature of the

internet you know that’s why I stress ethics and and Good Conduct or not

necessarily good but skillful conduct because it is so easy for people just to go and say anything they want anywhere

anonymously so I think that can be a very valuable tool for people who are too shy to actually get involved or say

anything to be to say things anonymously at the same time it has to be done skillfully and ethically you know not

only for one’s own welfare and happiness but others too so yeah it used discernment and caution uh so so and to

to make that very clear Josh and I are talking about the two ends of the scale here yes as in kind of the what we could

say the The Beginner’s level and then the the full leave and and I want to go for the fully sure you should but the

point is that that I’ve also experienced that once when I try to do that it gets

stopped every time and I think that’s important to be put in as well that whoever’s here they don’t they really

they a whatever group they are they really don’t want us to team up and join

these experiences and create that Collective field where this becomes part of our reality for me that everything

they’re doing here all the groups whether it’s the ancient ones or the new ones or whoever is here they they are

okay with having quote-unquote ambassadors they’re okay with having little voices here and there but the

moment we begin to team up and go into the power of the many that’s where we get our Bots kicked and it seems like it

comes to this time and time again we see the importance of this the power of a kind of a group

um container you know a group field and so yes it alerts it alerts attention

to say the least and once it even gets possible you know how do we deal with

that but before it even gets possible usually it gets sabotaged from within or certain things are set up or influenced

or it just takes itself apart and then there just like well see you guys can’t even get along amongst each other so

that’s why we have the authority to do what we’re doing to you because it’s just like little like little kids can’t can’t get along fighting over the same

toy kind of thing right but let’s say we do get to the point where they are responsible then can imagine well then

they have to really be on the game of diplomatically and if that doesn’t work other ways and you know so it’s it’s

things to consider but from what I gather it’s it’s not possible right now but how do we go from completely writing

the whole thing off because it’s so challenging to what are the baby steps towards this

yes so so that begins with the individual work right we have to the first of many for the high school of the

many someone has to begin someone has to get the ball rolling and yes there are also what we call the white hats amongst

the groups but they are also very because I’ve been in so much so many different types of levels of contact some of them are in in this whole kind

of yeah we want to reveal something but not all of it because we want to keep this a secret for whatever reason that

is we also have the issues with the different factions that are here that are fighting amongst each other so

that’s why they have to keep this a secret because once you work with what kind of called holographic knowledge and

holographic uh templates that are behind all manifestation it’s like revealing

the archetype of or the the architecture of it and and you don’t do that you don’t you don’t do that to one who

doesn’t know how to administer that level of information because you have other interception technologies that go

in and scan you and completely offload everything you have in your mind and then load it them to their system then

they will have access to the other groups and their Technologies so so that’s why overwhelming them when we

address these things we need to first and foremost change our way we perceive things and go out of a little bubble

here and say not know the universe is not just uniformly based upon frequency energies there are other layers to it

not just dimensions of it but actual different types of energy settings that

that creates and demands a different scientific approach then we have the

whole psychological Readiness to do so we have in a scale where people are not ready to people that have had so many

experiences they need to deal with it then we have the trauma of it that needs to be dealt with so we kind of go in and

work with that as well so people get healed by their experiences then we have the existential as and this is poking

hole to my belief system which isn’t easy and for me but for some that’s challenging because they’re not used to

work with psychological challenges so so they go into the now because they don’t and for me that Circle will just say

well let’s protect them and these are the ones we invite to the party at the

last ones because they’re not ready yet at all so it’s all about getting into that Readiness I know others have been

talking about that as well but the last five years everything’s kind of been shut down

so we’re starting over again saying okay we got completely thrown off because of the last five years so how do we get

back on track with what we actually begun with and for me that’s all of you out there has been doing this for years

and years and years I know you as well as I have felt this kind of disheartening uh what’s the whole point

or because the last five years and our whole world was shut down as in going and say okay what did we do before 2018

and what are we doing now because in 1817 we had the connection to the dark Galactic core and that’s not off the

table we’ve got new incoming groups that are working differently so we need to

upgrade as well so for me when when you ask me Josh what should people do I’m eluding or I’m trying to get to the

people already done this already that are schooling this that have done this as part of their life they have already

but failed a little bit at least to nothing it is not yes I get this huge

expansion on my own awareness but how do I actually put it out there how do not just as information anymore this is

plenty of information what’s the next step people what’s the next step of implementation of this not to invite in

the groups by our implementation processes not to invite in the factions or the grades or whoever because we

don’t want them here so all depending on again the standpoint what is what is people’s standpoint do they want them

here do they not want them here and that goes with for me the reason why I don’t want them here although I could say

that’s very very exciting but all the experiences I have had and you say well Brent is because you’re Warriors because

you have had that all streak battling with them in other systems and then you’re battling with them now you’re

battling with the memories of them and that’s your perception we have to change that and then we have the other ones that go into completely loving kindness

oh yeah we need to disamper what you call the champion

exactly and each and one is equally unbalanced so point being a lot of this

is there are no answers there are processes and each and one have to be ready to do

these processes but it’s the next step of Step of human psychology people that’s why I want to push this it’s the

next step of human psychology we’re not alone in this universe we have a joint history with these races it’s not out of

the blue you are so much more than you think you are you used to be part of solar system civilizations we have been

downsized due to the timeline event we are in what we call a restoration Zone

we are in what’s called a quarantine how do we get out of that and all these groups that are coming in because we are

not living up to our Potentials in this process of getting this Universal

structure back into its original Dynamics and that’s what we are

it makes me wonder about you know the whole process more so important than the

end goal because we’ve seen in turn time and time again certain very powerful secretive groups they don’t reveal their

agenda so when they do uh to the wrong people then people will know what they want and then can come in and counteract

their agendas if it’s interfering with theirs so I know I’m not advocating secrecy it’s in in nor am I advocating

not setting goals it’s like where is where is the um The Sweet Spot

amongst that but whatever it is or isn’t to me the whole process of just engaging

all this is one of the most important things to begin with anyway so but again

processes don’t work if that’s all it is it’s just some kind of random chaotic

process that just kind of doesn’t have any kind of Direction either so to me it seems like a balance between all that

yeah so for me at the end of the day it all comes into the original progression

dynamics of all the civilizations say no whatever Universal structure you’re in you we live to progress we do not live

to to have status quo we do not the existence in itself life in itself is pointless unless there is a progression

that’s that’s just complete basic for me it’s not basic for others but it’s basic

for me and that’s why I approach these things as looking into things whatever comes my way what’s in what’s in the way

why am I not engaging in this why what’s the what’s the progression what’s the depression or the regression of it what

the Dynamics of transforming energy transforming Consciousness whatever that means and these are some pretty

difficult processes we’ll have to go into when we do that and unless that Readiness is there then for me it will

quickly end into an end goal as a strategy or an end goal this is just I want that answer nothing else because

then I might add it to my comfort zone but I’m not in this continued process of

progression I’m not in this continued process of expansion so whatever topic

we’re working with or whether it’s aliens or factions or humans or animals or plants or Planet itself or whatever

it is all of these are just different levels of expansion potentials but it’s

not about getting the expanded enlightened power psychic power or whatever so we can communicate with

aliens or whatever it is just as much as self-reflection of we go to the soul

level and this go into our true nature or whatever that is so so there’s so

much more to it it’s not just spirituality it’s the foundation of existence we’re actually talking about

and then we haven’t even got into Consciousness development expansion Sciences either or life force and so

maybe that would be for another time or maybe not but uh yeah so is there anything else you want to leave folks

with around this topic other than why wouldn’t it say again a reminder if anybody wants to write in is curious

about what topics or have specific questions they’ll be the comments will be open at least for a time period on my

on my Channel with this so Randy what would you like to people that are out there saying how do I begin this and I

would say for those who have not begun their own psychological Journey understanding whom what they are begin

there because whatever when we go into Awakening processes or when going to deep spirituality processes there will

be these very very difficult crisis that will come our way

and if we’re not psychologically ready to deal with it we haven’t got the toolkit to do that then it will it will

be a bit of a bumpy road let’s put it that way and we have had this road of

Enlightenment or remembering who we are or dealing with the expanded Universal structure as the Consciousness and

energy has had over the course of time it’s their path is littered with people

that have not had the psychological foundation in order and and I I don’t want that for anyone so that’s why I

always recommend begin with psychological Foundation the next step is mindfulness practice of

mindfulness and practice of meditation and then practice of how to learn to do

energy work as in self-nurturing self-caring learning the understanding

how to constantly balance ourselves back into our heart field and get that true

compassion towards ourselves first patience compassion self-acceptance seeing things as they are with all of

our Dirty Laundry whatever that is not to be in denial of who and what we are because once we can see who what we are

and I have learned to be in balance with that whatever that is good of ill because we all have different traits of

trauma and traits of things that are difficult to handle but being balanced with that then it will be we will be

more mature and ready to deal with the difficulties of an expanded universe so

so my is even though many people looking into the expanded universe first and

they have a lot of very interesting experiences but if they want the really deep journey of complete expansion

between who they are and the world they’re part of it begins with ourselves and the Greeks told us that already know

thyself clean up your own mess first clean up your own house be rooted in

Your Own Foundation don’t begin to build a roof unless you have the foundation in order the foundation must always be in

order for all this work whatever it is whatever level it is on and keep coming back and testing your foundation from

time to time too because it has a tendency to rot away and don’t build on Sand please build on some really good

found Foundation that so your house will remain and from that you can continue to

build the different layers and tears of the house yes okay well thank you all for listening in and that’ll do it for

this video

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