Readiness | (3/29/2022 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” With Lydia Grace And Joanne Muir)

Fellow Insight Timer teacher Lydia Grace once again inspired the title of this “Ask Us Anything” — live, monthly, open-audience, open-discussions about meditation and related topics.

Recently on Lydia’s Insight Timer circle Embodied Living she said of her new three month training Radical Authenticity:

“When the energy of empowerment lies dormant in our psyche, we are giving our power away.”

Fear is a biggie. It keeps our truth dormant

So…you might say

I’m waiting for the right “timing”

I’m waiting to be ready

Ok cool.

Also get honest with yourself

Is that your deepest truth and intuition speaking?

Or is that what’s easy to hide behind

To avoid really truly being honest with yourself

That the timing AND your readiness

At this point is your life

Is when you step up and CHOOSE it

And you can be stuck in waiting essentially indefinitely

Is the waiting something you will regret later?

Then it’s probably a CHOICE you need to step up you

Are you afraid of not knowing how to handle what comes a result of truly embodying your power

In your relationship?

In your body?

In your job?

The knowing HOW is waiting for you to tap INTO it when you


Your radical authentic Self

Is nowhere to find

They are waiting for you to tap in


Lean in

With the fear


courage is what you choose knowing the emotions you face and may face more of

You ready?

Choose YOU

Your life and your future self THANKS you

And ps

I got a 3 month training to show you ALL the how’s (that work)


Some of the topics we chat about, not necessarily in this order:

  • defining readiness
  • asking how
  • visualization
  • enthusiasm
  • readiness in the body
  • choosing readiness
  • preparedness
  • intent
  • importance
  • seriousness
  • what are you not ready for?
    • me: [consenting to the timelines of:] transhumanism and nuclear war
  • overachieving
  • order of operation
  • priority
  • discernment
  • support
  • competition
  • cooperation
  • not knowing (anything)
  • (defining) success and failure
  • perception
  • habits
  • The what’s and why’s of readiness
  • Why society defaults to not being ready
  • And a question from Ana: “Hi I have a question, please. You talked about self confidence. My son is 18 and struggles with this a lot. How can I help him?”
  • fear
  • worry
  • concern
  • care

Audio: Readiness | (3/29/2022 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” With Lydia Grace And Joanne Muir)

Check out Lydia’s 20 minute Readiness Recap of this Ask Us Anything for practical pointers and takeaways from the conversation

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