What Is Meditation? | 11/2/2022 “Meditation Q & A With Wendy Nash” #02

Two zoom videos spliced together, largely unedited. The hemming and hawing about unfavorable conditions in the podcast audio version is edited out to save listeners time

Listen to the unedited recording: https://join.wisdom.audio/i9PN

We primarily address what meditation actually is while spiraling up, around and back on this topic to also include:

  • Examples of what is and isn’t meditation
  • Mind training
  • Intention
  • Stop being aware exercise
  • Consciousness
  • Awareness
  • Focus
  • Familiarity with the mind
  • Heart qualities
  • Wisdom
  • Aspiration
  • Development
  • Self-help
  • Addressing ego’s yearning for control
  • Vipassana
    • Investigation and inquiry
  • Samatha
    • Con-CENTration
    • Stillness in the eye of the storm vs excluding
    • Western notion of concentration being tight with a lot of effort
    • Jhana
    • Mind spaciousness
    • Pros and Cons of goals and attainments
  • Wendy’s practicing with viewing and responding to retreat organizers canceling and not returning all the deposit
  • Ego:
    • Positive ego
    • Negative ego
    • Superior ego
    • Inferier ego
    • Spiritual ego
  • Responses to the statement “Emotions are thoughts” in Wendy’s discussions with a meditator:
    • Dogs crying tears of joys for their owners after long separation
    • The human animal
    • Labeling emotions vs the actual emotion
    • Overly identifying with thoughts
    • Is hurt and pain a thought?
    • Yogācāra or Chittamatra school of Buddhism
    • Blindspots
    • Theory vs lived experience
    • Involvement of perception
    • Heart quality balancing
  • Wisdom:
    • as capacity to see interrelatedness of everything
    • Everything empty of any inherent quality in and of itself
    • Qualities arise interdependently
  • The ultimate unhappiness of materialism
  • Chögyam Trungpa
    • Spiritual materialism
  • Scoundrels and charlatans in spirituality
  • Conceit
  • Foolishness
  • Social connection and belonging
  • Emotional mirroring

To calendar add and directly join the next live “Meditation Q & A” on November 30, 2022 at 7:30pm Central: https://insig.ht/VmKTuPXyGub or join via downloading the free Wisdom app in your app store or via: https://wisdom.audio where I’m @integratingpresence

*There’s naturally an ongoing open call for meditation (related) questions for the (roughly) monthly “Meditation Q & A” either by the various social media means listed on the site; integratingpresence[at]protonmail.com or just showing up on Insight Timer live or Wisdom App to type/ask live. It’s cliché but there really are no dumb questions.*

Meditation Q & A Series Background

Regular, current and past visitors to Integrating Presence may recall the monthly series “Ask Us Anything” I did with Denny K Miu from August 2020 until January 2022 — partially including and continuing on with Lydia Grace as co-host for awhile until March 2022.

For a few months thereafter I did various Insight Timer live events exploring potential new directions and/or a continuation of the Ask Us Anything format while weaving in other related teachings to these events.

Then, after chats with meditation coach Wendy Nash, it became clear to start a new collaboration similar to “Ask Us Anything” simply and clearly called “Meditation Q & A” especially due to the original intent of the Ask Us Anything’s being “discussions about meditation and related topics.”

Past chats with Wendy:

Audio: What Is Meditation? | 11/2/2022 “Meditation Q & A With Wendy Nash” #02

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