Podcast | Extended Lightning Round With Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis: Crystal Discs, Psychic Skills, Physics, Yellow Box Tech, Parapolitics

On June 15th Andrew Bartzis the Galactic Historian and I chatted again on a wide variety of topics including:

  • Andrew’s Galactic History series
  • Types of callers to his call in show Adventures Into Reality from now compared to when Andrew started it in 2012
  • (transferring) merit
  • stepping on other’s journey

“Your responsibility is equal to your level of awareness and your level of awareness is equal to your responsibility”

  • chakra removal industry
  • chakra teachings
  • energy centers
  • types of energy, i.e. sexual energy
  • energetic hygiene
  • protecting sleep space
  • astral realms:
    • as being out of phase
    • similarities and difference to dreaming and dreamworlds
  • purposes and significances of north pole [ancestry] and south pole [future generations]
  • (perception) deception (filter)
  • discernment via hindsight
  • journaling
  • our understanding of physics not applying in other realities/realms
  • high levels of creativity to breach limitations
  • cell phones as unprotected psychic technologies bonding with our energy fields
  • empathy as the entry level psychic skill and as a habit
  • using empathy as radar instead of a sampler and on to intuition; precognition and postcognition [ability to (positively) edit perception deception filters)]
  • observer effect
  • (cats as first example of) unentangled observer technology and similar stealth techniques/tech
  • sound, light, time, no-time in language processes
  • Akashic records:
    • necessity of neutrality in accessing, reading and relating information from them
    • their integrity
    • how they can and can’t be manipulated
    • contrast to channeling and information stored on library Crystal Discs
  • suggestions on timeline work and grid work
  • mainstreaming of conspiracy theories
  • how Andrew classifies various groups, alliances, collectives, etc
    • messianic or non-messianic
    • religious or non-religious
    • god-based or myth based
  • summaries and updates on:
    • secret societies
    • transhumanism
    • Denver airport as commercial haunted house and psyop
    • Conspiracy turning into religion
    • factionalization and fractionalization
    • how consciousness can imprint energetic architecture into technology without moving parts to bend the laws of physics based on the energetic input
    • yellow box technology
      • looking glass-like tech
      • Pine Gap, Germany, Las Vegas
      • connection to Founder beings
      • linage and incarnation planning
    • “black goo” truces
    • Military Industrial Complex as just more bureaucratic waste
    • black projects:
      • Epstein changed carte blanche mandates
      • (transparent hypocrisy of world owned by psychopaths and run by idiots)
    • Clamp down on CERN (network) timeline manipulation
    • AI defection and how they achieve personhood
  • energy harvesting and genetic harvesting
  • DNA (is 80% memory)
  • potential destructive capabilities of unprepared wisdom
  • the most important things now
    • self-healing
    • self-nurturing
    • self-mastery

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First time here? Let me tell you why this show rocks!

Experimental and unedited transcript (attempt) of this podcast via assemblyai.com:

“Wholeness welcome. This is Josh Dupbold from Integratingpresidents.com, and today I’ve got a special treat, at least for me. I’ve got the galactic historian Andrew Bartzis here. I just released a podcast not too long ago about a call, and I did one of Andrew’s call in shows, and I put it up as a podcast, and he offered to come on, and I was just, like, flabbergasted a little bit. So, of course, yes, I’m going to jump on that. What I often do is I will throw it back to the guest. But I’ve been following Andrew’s work for years, and so let him do what he feels is needed as an introduction. But then I really want to jump right in to some of this higher level information. I’ll give him my just well, let me just give my intent and disclaimer really briefly. My intent, obviously, is like my overarching intent for the well being of all beings everywhere and for the liberation and awakening of all beings everywhere, at least to support that. Okay, the disclaimer being this might not fit into some of the other material I have on my site, but this is for higher level exploration. I don’t get a chance to do this very much. So you’ll see, fairly quickly the kind of material will go into here, and if you’re just happen to stumble across this and say, who are these crazy guys? What the hell are they talking about? Well, maybe it’s not for you. You have to go in and I would say do the level and time of spiritual practice that Andrew and I have done and then come back and relisten. So with that, Andrew, what do you feel is good for an introduction for you? With this, you intended to do a lightning round. So the lightning round and the material always speaks for itself. I know you got attracted to my material because of the nature of how complex it can be and yet how simplistic can also be. For those who don’t know me, I’m Andrew Bartosis, also known as the Galactic Historian. I have a book out, The World According to the Galactic Historian, the World According to Andrew Bartz that goes in depth to what is our reality, what is our history, what’s in our DNA, what controls our world? More facts than fiction, less conspiracy, and more understanding of how souls incarnate into a place and how narratives are generated in a place to help manipulate soul incarnations. Manipulations could both be good and they could be bad. That’s the short synopsis. What I do is I read the Akashic records, not just of this world, but hundreds of thousands of other worlds simultaneously, and I am able to compare and contrast the journeys in light that various beings of light have taken throughout the multiverse and see how they directly apply here. I call this world a 7th dimensional galactic seed planet. It was created at a time where new galaxies were being formed and they needed life to be seated on them. During the creation of this world, beings from all over the multiverse began incarnating here to learn the rules of DNA mastery manipulation. We look back into some of our ancient history, we see DNA manipulations to the various deities and demigods and chimeric beings. That is the example of the things that were seated onto multiple other worlds that don’t use our signature frequency. Roman Numeral time time travel and time wars are very common topic. So Josh, let’s jump into the lightning round and give them a chance to process what we are going to talk about. That’s right. And since this is a recording, you can pause it and contemplate and also come back to as many times as you want. Right. So just the state of the call ins I wanted to start off with because I followed your adventures into reality call in show for quite a while now. And maybe I’m just off, but it just seems like not to. How do you just overall gauge the state of awakening? Like the different waves of awakening compared to even 2012? It just seemed like the amount of calls weren’t as, not low level. I don’t know how to put it. I’ll just say is there anything significant in the waves of awakening during the time periods here? There is. So I’ve been doing a show since October 31, 2012. And five days after that first show, I got mega popularity and fame all over. And then on December 21, I was leaving a 22 station marathon titled Nothing’s Happening Tomorrow. And since then I have maintained a live call in show since October 2012. And we’re talking ten years. At one point it was four days a week, it’s just down to twice a month now. But the change in colors, in the very beginning there was some very advanced, followed by some extreme depresses, followed by stage two, stage three, stage four cancer aid survivors relationship issues back to the depresses and then the super advanced people began getting attracted to the material. When I did the Galactic History series, which was a 20 part series, half hour episodes each, that tried to explain the better history of the Earth and spread over 54 million years, how time travel was affected us and why so many people feel like they’re starseeds coming from other places. That attracted some very advanced souls, but it also attracted some very ignorant ones too. And now ignorant is not an attack. They knew no better. And there was a term blissfully ignorant. And there came a point in the style of reading that I had to have a little bit of a forceful hand but still deep compassion to help that person see that is their own commitment and courage that will get them out of their situation. We have so many people that were fell for whatever this conspiracy or that conspiracy and they let their life go, whatever business they were. And I helped them get back out of that extremism so that they could rebalance themselves. So not only was it starseed, galactic history, time travel material, it was selfhelp motivation. So that you understood that the galactic history information is there for those that want to deeply study it, understand it, and explore with it. But you need the self mastery side to validate and understand it. And that’s where they blended into the show over ten years, which attracted all different styles. 20 13, 20 14, 20 15 there was some really powerful people, followed by some really depressed people, which helped me create eternal patience. I mean, those that listen to me know that I have a very strong patience and I get the person to say their words. Part of the unique skill I do is I look deep into the future of the person that I’m talking to, and I’m looking for what sentence has stuck with them, what will actually help them motivate and change, what will help them break the vicious cycle that they can’t break inside them. And then I will focus on that and then help build them a lot of times build a stairway out of despair, or build a stairway into better knowingness and self discernment. The first thing I want to do is instill self elimination into others. I have been nicknamed since the beginning the Anti Guru. Guru. I don’t want to be your guru. I put out 80% of my teachings for free. Why? Because I know there are a lot of people out there in the world that can’t afford them no matter what, and those that want to pay for them gladly pay for them. Deal with me on that level, because they’re ready to take that. And I would hope a lot of other teachers would follow that model too. It is. It’s a beautiful segue into the next kind of points here, Andrew. It’s a sign of a decent teacher, a good teacher, I feel, that can meet people wherever they’re at, right, and be able to relate to them and use their language. And you can use the modern language of the day. We’ll talk maybe more about language later on, but I feel that’s a really cool thing. Now, merit, we’ll just jump off here. There’s this idea in spiritual practice of accruing merit, and then there’s also this idea of sharing it or transferring it. And so what I’ve heard, and it makes sense, is that, well, you can’t do the work for somebody else, right? So you can’t really transfer or to share it. However, some folks say that it can be beneficial in the unseen realms, maybe in the hungry ghost realms or ancestors. What is your take on this sharing merit? And if it is possible, what are the mechanics of it? How it works or how it doesn’t work, how it can get hijacked every individual being has their own sacred journey. When we choose to step on the sacred journey of another, we are creating a karma, okay? We must learn to be aware of the very subtle ways we’re stepping on the journey of another. In my view, the most disrespectful and dangerous thing is a healer that does work on somebody without permission. And this one is rampant, and this is part of that shared community. Just do a healing on them. I guarantee you, if you step into my reality and try to do a healing on me, I will kick you out with such force that your next five incarnations will fear it. But I’m not going to do harm to you. I’m just going to make you understand that the force that I have to do is because I’ve solidified my internals. I do just not let some random spiritual care and come in and do stuff to me without my approval. Let me clarify real quick, that’s not exactly what I meant. It’s more like offering gifts to those who want it, because this is not necessarily healing. Just saying this idea of merit, this is still the same thing when we give away too much information and we don’t process it ourselves. That’s called regurgitation teaching. Yes. And then there’s the people who learn, practice, study, practice, study, learn, relearn, practice, study, and say, all right, I want to talk about this subject matter. I’ve known it from the left, the right, the up to down in the inside, and I’m starting to train from my signature frequency that people will tell is my authority energy. Meaning I’m not speaking from an unknowingness, and I’m passing a wisdom on that will trigger in you your signature frequency. Am I learning this or receiving a regurgitation? It’s beautiful, too, right? Because it’s just wrote book knowledge just from memory. And sometimes we can give those promptings to people that are more wise, full, and skillful, and then they can give us whatever we’re ready for. Right. What about when you’re not ready for it? Well, then you don’t share with them. Right. Then it’s not possible. That’s the fine line of free will here. So here’s the teaching. I like to say to people, your responsibility is equal to your level of awareness, and your level of awareness is equal to your responsibility. And when you have information that takes you beyond your level of awareness and responsibility, what does that do to your reality? Right? Yeah. This is where things like conspiracy theory that have a bit of spiritual practice, real spiritual techniques behind it, can go awry. Like this whole market of people removing their chakras. People began asking them, like, bots. Really? Yeah. There’s an entire market of healers out there that will go and remove your chakra system because they believe it’s a part of the archive grid system with all those other conspiracy theories attached to it. What if it’s just a natural part of your life force and you’re just having somebody come in and cut up these energy centers. Yes, and this is the thing that I’ve come across too and I’m not at the level where I can really speak on that. I can see pros and cons to each thing, but I can’t back it up from experience right now. You know what I mean? So I don’t feel calm. I’m still in the studying stages of this. You’ve done enough breath work to know that your energy centers are real. Absolutely. I like addressing them on the actual bundle of nerves that’s behind them in the gland system, that’s behind them directly in the physicality. That’s the chemical manifestation and then there’s the energetic manifestation. Yes, we are living chemical bodies and there comes a point where the massive chemistry is not strong enough for consciousness and we move to full light based consciousness supported by the chemistry so that the more lights can come into the body and access the synapses so that we can process input data from the body and still have multi dimensional awareness. I guess we’ll jump maybe into the chakras a little bit. Now, do all beings have a shocker system? I know the ones that have had prior lives in India. It seems pretty clear wherever the original Chakra teachings come from. And then also the older teachings are different from some of the newer teachings on the chakra. Of course, there’s like an outer version of it and an inner core and also a lot of stuff here. I wonder if it’s possible for other beings and systems and technology to hijack and control Chakras for energy harvesting and implanting programs and things like this. The answer is absolutely yes. So the word Chakras is Indian scanskirt word. That just means portal. Best way to describe it. What does portal mean? Something goes in, something goes out. Non physical manifestation. A better way to understand it would be looking through the lens of Chinese medicine meridians energy centers. Now, the root chakra or root energy system is pretty easy to understand. The sacrum, well, that’s the majority of our spiritual energy connected to our root, the solar, that which gets us up and active every day. It’s our consciousness, personality. It’s just below the heart. The heart, it’s the very first thing. And what was born in us when the sperm in the AG met the throat. Our capacity to communicate in this world of sound and light. Our third eye to perceive this world of sound and light and project beyond sound and light. And our crown, our connection to our original birth. Now, each aspect of the word Chakra can be expanded on 1000 fold if you were just take the word Chakra away, which is an Indian Sanskrit term that has been bastardized around the world, up and down by every light worker and every book that’s out there. But that’s part of the homogenization of languages 50 years ago, if you said chakra, it was considered a secret word. Not anymore today. So, energy center portal that has teachings that we’ve accumulated over centuries that apply to that portal now, can they be hijacked? Absolutely. The world of the unseen uses energy ghosts. The way that I determine a ghost is how many ways does it know how to suck energy off of you when it reaches about five or 600 ways to suck energy off you? I classify that as the term demon. That doesn’t mean it’s good. And it still can be easily manipulated by other entities, physical and non physical. And then do we have just seven chakras in the physical body? We have seven, but there are octaves in which higher frequencies that are harmonious to the soul can come down. So above the crown can be another 20 or 30 chakras or more, and below the roots can be another 20 or 30 more, depending on the DNA of the human being. The lineage your mother and father, their mother and father, and their mother and father seven generations back, holds a code that determines how many active harmonic chakras the soul can use during its selected frequency in Roman numeral time. Now, there’s also kind of like mini shockers or minor ones some people talk about within meridians, right? If we look at energy points and then energy points, well systems, there’s energy reserve places, yes. And if you can use aurvedic versus Chinese medicine, chinese medicine is a little bit more descriptive. Like we have a well point in the back of your calf. Dead center in the back of your calf, when tapped correctly, releases this wellspring of energy. But we also learned to tap into that and drain that wellspring of energy. That’s why we ended up people with corns and bunions and other stuff like that, because there’s always a lacking of that reserve energy there. Okay, so now we’re talking energy here. Obviously this is good. There’s all different types of energy too. As far as energetic systems, we have the shocker system, but can there be maybe more original energy systems behind that or alternative energy systems? Or can we build energy systems also? Life force energy versus sexual energy versus whatever other significant energies we want to talk about here? The answer is yes. When we become to be energetic practitioners or magical practitioners, we can create constructs of energy. Now, our other energy centers are, from a philosophical point of view, are different than our chakra systems. Our sexual energy is something that’s built into the DNA to recharge the body, to enhance procreation, and to create an instant pleasure system that can reduce stress, especially in women. And it could also put them into high blissful state, both for men and women. And you don’t need to use the actual ejaculation spot process or orgasmic process to enter bliss. It can be done just to the energetic system. And you can look up an author named Momtak Chia about energetic orgasms without having to have ejaculation orgasm energy. It’s natural to the human body. But sexual energy is pervasive about ourselves because we alchemize it right away. This is why so many people who find themselves in the corporate world end up having sexual dysfunctions because they’re using their daily sexual energy to complete their corporate work. Or they’re taking on all the southern sexual energy that’s transmitted into corporate work, but it still has that base energy. Human beings don’t know how to separate their core energies from their core working processes. And when we learn the qualities of energy that we have but hour to hour, month to month, day to day, we learn that sometimes in the morning that’s our greatest amount of energy or 03:00 in the morning is when we should be doing our greatest work. We have to learn our personal energetic cycles and part of understanding the chakra system, the energy system is out of your body work. What does the food you do put into it and what does the consciousness do to excite it into inspiration, joy and happiness? You’re a big practitioner or proponent of energetic hygiene as far as energetic practices go. Is there any kind of just general practices that would apply to most people? First thing first is the where you sleep is the most thing that you need to take care of energetically. Now, some people sage, some people pray, some people do this. Whatever your spiritual technique is going to be music. It has to be a projection of a manifestation. Meaning you’re projecting something to create an energetic construct, an area or to break down energetic constructs so that the place that you sleep is protected. Okay, I recommend that you do it once per month in the beginning and then when you get good at it, twice per month. But once you get good at it, the time invested into it is based off of your passion behind it. So now that we’re talking about dreaming and sleeping, this paradox, kind of spiritual paradox of awakening and dream world mastery and then also if we go into the dream stuff, the possible programming that goes on in dreams and how it’s different from Astral and maybe these techniques like dream walking and how all that either clashes or coincides with the awakening process too, either as metaphor or however you want to look at it. Astral and dream, what’s the difference? So a dream can put you into a place that has time. Not Roman numeral time. Astral generally doesn’t have time, though dreams can be in the Astral and other places simultaneously. The body that we use for dreaming comes out of just above our naval and it’s like these little stringy energies that go into different dimensions time streams, galaxies, universes of our greater souls. Expression in the north pole of our aurora bailey or Borealis is the Earth ancestral dreaming mind those that came before us, the previous generations, the past generations who have learned and earned what it takes to live on the surface world and help people go through the process of resolving karma. The South Pole of Rora Borealis is the seven future generations, those about to come into physical manifestations or bodies, be it the human, dog, cat or whale, anything that’s going through a seed and egg technology or an amoebic process, anything that’s gaining life and time here on surface Earth will go through the future planning. That future planning takes aspects of what is in the North Pole, what we’ve learned, and begins to chart a course into the future that is also a dreaming space. So astral is a place in between dreaming spaces. But Astral can also be this reality slightly out of phase. And then any other world you visit could have an Astral slightly out of phase or hundreds of astrals slightly out of phase. This particular world, depending on the age of the city and the types of secret societies that were there before, they could have thousands of Astral layers to it done on purpose so that when you’re beginning to go into a dreaming frequency, you get easily attracted to these faux layers of the reality and dream in the astral world and begin dealing with those banks that are occupying those spaces instead of getting to your natural, deep dream space. It’s a good clarification because I’ve had it put as distortion planes astral and I like how you set it as slightly out of phase. That’s another way to another angle on it I feel is real helpful. So now with the awakening process, does this have anything to do with the awakening process? And how does it bridge into like the 40 and then maybe an artificial fourth dimension and then on up through and then how do we discern what’s artificial and what’s not? What’s out of phase and what’s the natural dream world? Right. Great questions. All of that comes with commitment and courage to follow the daily practice so much that daily practice becomes committed weekly practice. Committed weekly practice becomes committed monthly practice. A committed monthly practice becomes committed yearly practice with a foundation and understanding. If you are not chronicling your journey, you’re faking it. And this is what I mentioned to Anthony in the last show that I’ve done this ever since he mentioned that I can’t be faking it. I’m just going to try to see what it is. And yeah, I’m glad I did. You’re glad you did because it allows hindsight and this is how we learn to discern. Oh, beautiful. Yes. I have to spend more time going back through it now and there’s nuggets of wisdom and nuggets of wisdom. Man, I was depressed writing that shit. Yeah. What did that mean? Oh, now I can see it as clear as day. I had really no idea at the time or how it ties into what’s going on now. Cross reference and all that stuff. Now to get back to the other examples. Once you learn to discern what is real and what is fake, the ongoing part of your spiritual journey will be that there’s no cheat sheet to what’s real in this reality, because what you believe in becomes real, especially in these out of phase realities where physics change all the time. Physics no longer apply in these other realms, okay? You could fart in the other realm and achieve light speed. There’s no physics behind that, and there’s nobody behind you. So how are you actually doing it, exactly? People that question this type of thing, they say, oh, you have a really active imagination. Okay, well, maybe how does imagination work then? Tell me how imagination works. Imagination is key. Example if you’re just can you imagine an apple in your brain? Your third eye is working. So many people my third eye doesn’t work. It’s crystallized well. Part of the journey into high spiritual functioning. The people, I can’t see this, I can’t see that. Why does everyone see and I can’t? Because you’re not allowing the creativity to reach the tipping point where you’re believing in your creativity, which is the connection of faith to consciousness. There’s a membrane or a glass ceiling that people can’t get by if you can’t go to the high levels of creativity and trust that it’s not just making shit up anymore. I’ve reached the edge of my knowingness and unknowingness as a real factor, and my creativity is allowing me to breach the unknowingness and to me to intuitive and receive through this high creative process of trusting myself. That unique mechanic is what determines good spiritual practice. People to mediocre, people trusting that creative states to enter that state, where you’re just on the edge of all of your knowingness and unknowingness and what you’re creating, even if it’s an image of an apple or an image of a galactic central sun and that data and input that your brain isn’t creating chemically, you’re in that hyperspace. Now, you mentioned deception before this, and I wanted to come back to that because I think everybody here today on this planet deals with deception, sure how deep it goes and if there’s any teachings or anything we can do to kind of even see it even more. I mean, it just runs layer after layer after layer. Deception, even this whole sensor realm is, I think, is one way of deception. And balancing that with the creativity. We were on a deception thing. I’ve gone from outside to inside, but my background hasn’t changed. I see. I was wondering if it’s loading off in the astral here. Is that a deception? Right? Yes, it is what I call a perception deception filter. We have filters that allow our self to be deceived, okay? Our internal filters from rigid perspectives that change the perception of the moment. Those are the most insidious things going on in humanity because they’ve been instilled by the social engineering systems separate of the technology. Your cell phone is an unprotected psychic technology mean it gets bonded to your energetic body. Your computers unprotected technology and easily they become part of our electromagnetic energy field. So it’s very easy for energies to be inputted into us over months and not realize we’ve been subtly deceived. Yes, the drop by drop, the bucket is filled, right? Right. Filled with dirty water instead of clean water. I keep my cell phone off most of the day. I will turn it on when I need to use it. And things like this I have it forwarded to a landline that I have. And I have a hard wired laptop too. So I noticed a big difference, being energetically, sensitive like that. But it’s just part of this life that we live now, part of discernment. You’re always learning different forms of it. And then there’s trusting your intuition and getting out of empathy. Unfortunately, empathy is the lowest layer of psychic skills. And all too often you have these people. I am an empath and I’m proud of it. Their empath skill, the lowest of everything has turned up so high they hear the mouse fart next door and then they smell the mouse fart because empaths are sampling others energy, bringing it into their cells and looking at it like this. And they don’t let that energy go. Then they keep taking everyone else’s energy and start packing in themselves so they can’t figure out what’s their own energy. But it’s almost like it’s not a choice though sometimes because someone can be so over. It’s a habit. It’s a habit, a learned habit. And oftentimes people get the shitty teacher who says empathy is the highest level of skills. No, it’s not. The hooked on phonics beginning, not college level reading. Okay? You’re learning your alphabet basis at the beginning with it. And then there comes a point where the verbalization of the language you have to stop and understand what are my next words coming out? What are the next processes of thinking? How do I stop myself from talking and understanding that? And empathy is like that. It’s a natural skill for us. But when we put it on steroids, it becomes destructive. I’ve struggled this for a while because it just didn’t seem like I had any choice anytime I was walking down the street because I was tuned into more subtle layers and it was just getting blasted with all their crap. At that time you weren’t trusting intuition, which is the next level above empathy, where I don’t need to sample the energy as of others. I trust my own knowingness enough to validate my feeling. Yes, that is using empathy as a radar, but not a sampler. Cool, thank you. Okay, and then the next level above intuition. Precognition and postcognition pre. I have a feeling Bob’s going to call ring Bob calls post cognition. Bob got off the phone with me. I now have a different perception of Bob. I can edit positively edit my perception. Deception filters. Cool. Now, here’s a question I haven’t had answered really by anybody. Somebody pointed me to Gold but didn’t give any other answer. Observer effect. How do we double blind test for the observer effect? Meaning, how do we set up a double blind experiment to prove that it’s a real thing? And if it just seems already proven over and over and over again, the observer interacts with, no matter what it is, where they are. I have come up with a counter to that unintangled observer technology how to observe and not entangle directly. And this is what so many off world beings do who are using faster than lake technology dimensional drives. They’re able to phase from one time based reality to another in such a subtle way, they don’t influence their shift, doesn’t create an influential pattern in the photons where it’s coming in. And they can stay out of phase with this reality and observe it without influencing it. Wow. Okay. How is your level of observation gotten to even do that, then? Go ahead. It’s in the DNA. And believe it or not, cats were the first technology created as an entangled observer technology. You could put it into an ecosystem and enter it through its unique DNA experiences and observe through it without influencing it or its surroundings. But see, science, in order to prove it with their paradigm, they would have to set up a double blind experiment. But you can’t, because any active observation or setting up such an experiment, the observer effect would be into play. So you can’t isolate it in order to prove it or disprove it because there’s no getting away from the observer effect. Even if it’s like Schroder’s cat, right? Or whatever it’s called. No, there is in the empirical science that the way the system is set up here, that does not validate consciousness. Okay? Consciousness is a part of the observer technology. Consciousness can observe from the higher dimensions. I’m sure you’ve had experience with higher density and dimensional beings. Oftentimes they’re just watching us and not influencing us because their scale of thinking, of awareness is so much greater than our little slice and drop in the ocean of awareness. Well, in telepathy too, right? Because language is almost too clunky for them a lot of times. Like your English, right? It can be. But those that have mastered the higher realms understand how to communicate in this language. I call it the 1 million letters celestial alphabet versus 26 letter alphabet. I have gone on the journey of learning the 1 million letter alphabet to communicate with those beings up there and how for them to communicate to me fully so I understand the basis of their perceptions, their ideologies, their cultures. Oftentimes they have thousands of cultures that are a part of that single being or collective of beings who are speaking all the languages at once. That’s why it’s a 1 million letter alphabet and I’m perceiving all of the cultural references simultaneously and then encoding it into 26 letter English. Since we’ve mentioned language so much and this is kind of something we’re both into quite a bit. I heard this one tale of this practice of some of these practitioners will go and just stay at a stream for weeks and just listen to the babbling and then they’ll get in touch with these bikinis, I think that’s how you say it. And they will teach them all these different languages. That’s one way. But what I want to get into though is the language itself. Where does it come from, how does it operate? How do we choose our language just seemingly effortlessly, although some people can’t. It just seems to come without any kind of choice. I mean, how conscious can we be of the language choices and how words just seem to come together out of nowhere, different levels of vocabulary and Santa. So it fascinates me language. First things first. We are light base beings in a physical manifestation that use sound to create a manifestation that will perceive by another being who’s in the physical body, who receive it as a chemical memory and then it will transfer into a memory of light. Our short term memory is chemical memory. Our long term memory is light memory. That’s the basic mechanics. So this reality is a hologram and everything’s in light, the chemical process just allows us to function in time and to sync together. Every annunciation and pronunciation has a number to attach to it, a note attached to it that has additional data beyond it. That’s why when we speak, our aura colors change. And when we learn to read people in combination with their body language and the language of light meaning, how does the colors of the aura change that determines the encoding beyond the physical word. So when we’re choosing language, how do I know what I’m saying to you next? I don’t. But the chemistry between us in this physical reality is creating a crossover of membranes, energy that are still having precognition between them and post cognition. Because the one, two, three, 4 seconds into the future, we may not be consciously aware of it, but our energetic bodies are who are not required to use time. US are required to use time, chemical time. But the rest of us, the consciousness that is greater than what we have heard, rather studied. And how do we know we’re more than we’ve heard or studied? By having conversations like this, by not being pontificating philosophers do in practice. And then when you go to tell others it’s from your practice state. Beautiful. So now we’re going to keep going with the lightning around here. So now we’re talking about the Kashic records, but what about the CDT plates, these crystal disk and different libraries. How does the cache records differ from do you know what I’m talking about? With I do. So what I’m going to say might be a little controversial to some real quick before I forget, can they be hijacked influenced? And are there beams that protect them access type of things? The true Akashic records can never be hijacked, though they could have tiger art put onto them and make it difficult to read because you got to get past the gang signs and the murals written over things, but it’s no more than tiger art. So the individual libraries and the CD technology that you’re talking about, that is a lineage that has been storing memories, that has not true historical representations, meaning what actually happened in World War II is vastly different than what we were told about the same thing in Roman times, the same thing in Jesus time, same thing in atlantean times. The DNA that was living then is the record of that. And they will at times upload this to a special type of technology because they know that that lineage is no longer going to be birthed and it’s a storage of what actually happened in that time that can be accessed by technology, that can be used to alter future histories, reveal past histories, or continue to manipulate a negative timeline of deception because they’re putting people on a journey that’s similar to what could be deep in a repressed memory. Or more like, I don’t want you to know anything about Atlantis, we’re going to destroy it from history. And all of a sudden all this Huxley guy, Plato, this shit is going to pop up, things like Mandela effects happen and that just seep back through. And these CD type technologies can be used for positive and negative to change the narrative of manipulation. The academic records can be used depending on the integrity of the individual reading them right and translating. No one can read the truth of the Akashic records without being neutral to the information. It’s an absolute requirement. If you have the slightest attachment to a piece of information, you’ve lost the actual reading of the Akashic records, though people can still have whispers and perceptions of it and then they get caught into creating a story that is something that may be from your lineage who perceived a way of doing in the past, but that way of doing in the past from your lineage may not have all the truth behind it. This is why so many people who end up channeling and thinking they’re doing one thing but end up doing another and have no knowingness of this. The Akashic records are available to every single human being. I’m not unique. The only thing that has made me unique is 20 years of practice at it and a dedication to doing it at the high level and staying absolutely neutral to the information no matter what it is that I see. And because of that, I don’t need to go into a trance. It’s always me talking to you. And I’m able to perceive from multiple akashic record perspectives why things happened, why certain aspects of history had to be changed so that there was a greater attraction of living life force here, because this world sucked for a long time, and no one wanted to incarnate into it. And they had to give some positive things, come to the circus, be a clown, be a gunfighter. They had to encourage people to get into physical bodies because life was useless, was worthless here. Now life is valuable. They want to harvest the shit out of you, okay? That’s why we have fake IDs and passports and strawman accounts, things to lock us into the spell of this reality. So let’s talk about some of this. Well, I mean, timelines come into so many things. What would you say about timeline work and folks who are interested in doing this? Maybe some of the precautions, what’s effective, what to look out for, how to do it. First thing first, practice the basics into your blood boils, and then practice it some more. If you don’t have the commitment and courage to practice the basics, getting into timeline work will have its difficulties. It’s like walking down an intercity block. How long before you’re robbed? How long before you’re hit? Most of the time, you won’t even know you’re getting hit because they’re so practiced at it. The basics. What are the basics? Discernment, discernment, discernment, hindsight. And then accessing, foresight. Learning to practice a variety of spiritual techniques and practices. So when you run into something, you have the right tool to deal with it, okay? And then once you’ve practiced the basics, until your blood is boiled and you practice some more and you want to look at timelines, it’s not linear. That’s the first thing you have to understand is you have to enter an illogical, nonlinear, perceptive state in which patterns can be recognized. That is an earned state of perception. When we’ve gone into the deep medicated states and learned how to shut off our internal voices and inputs and data systems, that distract us from observing something that is a non linear, illogical perception, okay? Astral travel is part of those basics, how to do it and how to do it safely and understanding astral travel costs a lot of energy, and a lot of people, they pop out of their body and pop back in, and that’s five months of stored energy for them. The spiritual practices help us store energy and solidify it like bricks into our aura, where we only need to chip a little bit off to go and do the astral travel. And then when we come back from the astral travel, we recharge that little chip we took off. Okay? Everything is trying to harvest us here and there too. You have to know how to not give away power, how to talk to a being in a state of first contact and to discern it. And is it discerning you back in first contact? All of those things have to be thought of before you can’t just willy nilly walk up to a spirit and go like on a flip phone or any of the dating apps and flipping through everything they have and go, okay, I want to talk to this and tell me everything you know. It doesn’t work that way, okay? And unfortunately, a lot of people, they get to talk to their first guide and they treat it like a dating app. Yeah, you got to laugh to keep from crying, but yeah, it’s put well that way, right? So maybe what about grid work too? Because I hear the dangers in this, but I also hear some necessities of being at least familiar with grids. And grid works when you learn to practice your own form of spiritual hygiene on the environment that you live in, starting with your bed. The second is the bathroom you use and the mirror that you use every day. And then you move out to the edges of your house, the corners of your property until it can exert your will to create your own constructs. That doesn’t allow negativity to go past your constructs. Their constructs are solid enough to take a hit or two or more than a hit or two. Once you’ve learned to do that, you can create constructs around your body such as armor filters, things that allow you to work in the astral world, that are created through the practice, that allow you a longer time operating in those places that could be perceived as negative but are part of the journey of understanding the dichotomy of that unique place. Well, let’s talk about some of these negative groups too, if you’re up for it, without drawing too much energy or attraction. And what needs to be said about some of the different groups? Like we’ve got like the Black Suns, the Balls, the Bellies, these type of things. But then these other groups like the Great White Brotherhood, the Guardian Alliance, the Rock and Federici. So I threw out a bunch here. I guess whatever should be said or could be said, how do you like to approach it? So I break it down this way, messianic or not messianic, religious or non religious. And you can easily like the ball to this. You can break it down if it comes from Christian or to come from Muslim, to come from Hindu or to come from Buddhist perceptions. And is it God based or myth based? And unfortunately, a lot of myths have the power of myth behind them. And the power of myth can be very enticing to people to take on the power of myth inside themselves and give beings power that they don’t deserve. This is why the false god system was so prevalent here because of the power of myth and the energy that we give away to them. Now, when we’re working trying to understand these negatives, what is their purpose? To delude you into thinking you need them to go through the darknesses of change. No matter if it’s micro or macro, as long as they are saying their way is the only way, then you can understand they’re not the most beneficial beings to you. True beings of the light and forgiveness will say, always are equal. Everyone needs their own time and their internal process of creating what they are all being. Journeys are sacred. No one is greater than the other. Okay? And then an understanding why do some of the negatives prevail. Throughout history, we have a series of oligarchs that are forced feeding it on to us generation after generation after generation. Before TV and the Internet, back into the 1920s and the 1840s, secret societies were a real thing. And they did real spells every day, good, bad and indifferent ones. They built all of the sacred geometry cities from the ground up to trap energy within them. Why? Because they needed that energy to tap into, to cast their spells and to have other worldly beings do missions and things for them, domination and control. So what is the state of kind of the general state of secret societies today? Obviously, they’re not on that level, but they’ve destroyed, right? They’ve destroyed themselves. So World War I and World War II eviscerated the main practitioners who actually knew power. They don’t exist anymore. The remaining practitioners could not fix a broken sacred geometry city. There is no repair man for it anymore, because in the past, it would require tens of thousands of people to fix one broken piece of sacred geometry in a road. If some great wizard came down into the spell on a road, that shifted energy to somewhere else, there’s not even enough wizards to do that now. That’s why they created the digital system, the leftovers of the sacred geometry system created by the wizards and the oligarchs who understood time, intentionally self destructive the wizard class through World War I and World War II and allowed technology to take over. Now we’re in a state where AI and everything is done digitally, and it’s all digital magic process. And they’re getting to the point where they’re going to finish the final separation between the old magic world and the new digital magic world. But the thing is, so many people have empowered the old magic world with their belief engine, even though there’s no wizards to support it anymore. They keep a rag tag way of connecting everything. And it’s why many of the elites are trying to create transhumanism, trying to create all of these negative frequencies to break people away from those old prophetic systems of the secret society. So let’s talk about that if you’d like this transition. For them wanting to go into transhumanism and like that. And so I’ve got a bunch of different topics here around this. I’ll just throw a bunch out here and we can come back to them if we want or see what priority you want to give. So we’ve got the whole world of CERN. We’ve got the AI involvement in cryptocurrency and just pervasive pretty much everywhere than off world AI. We’ve got the black goo. It’s called programmable polymorphic crystals. And then of course I’ve just heard not too long ago, well, I’ve heard of the Red Queen AI, but the location someone said that whatever is going on at the Denver airport or under the Denver airport too, so I think that should be enough to get us going here. Any of those. The Denver airport is basically commercial haunted house. Like Halloween. You go paid $12 and you go through the local haunted house with Freddy and this and that. That’s all Denver is. And all Denver was from the very beginning was a commercial haunted house. I went there at the airport. First time I’ve ever been there. They were actually making fun of it there. They had memes up and they were poking fun of it in public now. Yeah. Paid haunted houses do scare the shit out of people. They do. Okay. Are there real ghosts there? After a while? A paid haunted house does attract ghosts because you’re scared the shit out of people. It’s the perfect energy harvesting place. But all airports are perfect energy harvesting places. And a place where people get lost in time all the time. Consciousness time travel puts you two minutes forward, five minutes back, and you miss your flight. How the fuck did I miss my flight? That happens all the time. And they did this experiment in Denver on purpose to see what type of energy they can harvest from people just by putting up murals and artwork. Wow. And fake stories that had myth behind them. Kind of like a psy up then. Yeah, it is a psy up. A magical and digital psyop. Wow. Okay, now let’s take a little deeper step here and look at why conspiracies are so prevalent today and why conspiracies have become a religion for many people. Yes. That is because that what you look at, looks back at you. The abyss, the state of abyss. If you are always looking at conspiracy, is there a conspiracy out there? Yes. What happened in 2000 and 22,021, the vast majority of conspiracy theories were validated. They were. And you didn’t need to be conspiracy theorist to go, that’s right. It’s pretty mainstream. Now, why is Alex Jones got a 95% success rate? Yeah. Okay. Why if you actually look at the data, you’ll realize what he was saying 18 years ago about the Dowels crew, et cetera. All of it is coming true because he took it right from their own paperwork. Okay. And Trump picked up on it as a marketing plan. Yeah. It’s wild how it just turned into that. No, it was shaped into that on purpose because they’re forcing tribalism now. They want to factionalize you. And then once you’ve made it, you’re a citizen in many factions, they’re going to fractalize you. And once you’ve been factionalized and fractionalized, you will not have the strength to stand up to any narrative change. It’s like beyond divide and conquer, right? Correct. It’s more like fragmentation. Yeah. It’s wearing people thin and spreading out and then just domination and control. Tagging tracking microcontrollers. Listen, they don’t even need to tag and track you as a human being. And the offroad technology, they can find out where we are at any point in time and space. They don’t need your phones to do it. It’s an unprotected technology that bonds with you, that allows them to seed information into you or to take information out they don’t want you to have. So how does that off world tracking, is it just by the regular consciousness of the beings that are doing it? Do they have special technology? How does that work? Most of their technologies have zero moving parts. Now, how can a machine have zero moving parts? Consciousness implants imprints and architecture of energy into it. And the energy architecture will change the laws of physics based on the energy that’s put into it. We believe in a set of laws of physics. The bullet will kill us every time. The man with the stick does not care what paperwork you’re carrying, okay? The man with the stick does not care about your faith and prayer because his faith and prayer and the stick and the bullet is more than your faith and prayer and whatever you have at this moment, which creates the global narrative adherence that we all have offered. Technology does not need to adhere to any of that. And it allows them to have simultaneous observance of every living thing on the world and to see how it goes through changes every day. So that goes into the looking Glass technology. It was said at one point it quit working, or it all pointed towards an Omega point, but then some people are saying it’s come back online. Now, this type of thing, I have a different view on it based off of what’s called the yellow boxes. Are you familiar with those? No. Stuff that were discovered in ancient history? Three different. There’s one in Germany, one in Las Vegas, and one in Pine Gap. The one in Pine Gap in Las Vegas agreed to a potential future. The one in Germany has a different perception of the future. And these were original founder technologies that allowed the founder beings to come and live within their programmable. Biological entities that were their servants to society and creation of their fundamental things that they needed and how they were self adapting through faith, through science, et cetera, and their learning of what they were so that they could understand the growth of their technology and still be out there in the grandest of the universe doing a founder being stuff, founding new worlds, creating new energetic places and then having their technology fall behind, but unaware that every celestial space they went to the consciousness within those programmable DNA, skin suits gain self awareness. And that self awareness adhered to the culture and the religion that were built into the programmable systems. And then as the founder beings left and the programmable systems began to become more and more and more awake, they naturally went to the law of the fittest. Who’s going to take over and who isn’t? Who is going to be the leader? Who isn’t? The hierarchical system built into the programmable technology. And right now, we are battling the hierarchy. The higher dimensions don’t have a hierarchy. So part of our journey as human beings into grand or consciousness is equal co creation, non competition, non hierarchical order and nonduality when we learn how to emanate that as our energy, we get access to the birthright and legacy of multi dimensional living. Why yellow and why a box? Because it was a yellow box, quite literally. I know, but why did they choose yellow and choose a box for this? Because a yellow granite box, literally. Yeah, but it’s like, okay, well, somebody had to make that right or conceptualize a yellow box. But it’s just wildlife. They would use yellow and choose, like, a box shape. That’s because it was a box on its side, kind of like a diamond, but a box shape. And each different facet allowed you to perceive potential times and futures attached to sets of DNA that were observing it. So if you had 50 people in the room, all from different areas of history, each different facet allowed you to perceive linear history and how the beings were evolving. Or if there was just one higher being in the room, it could perceive the entire evolution of DNA from generation to generation, from the smallest to the highest forms of evolutionary changes and then help seed things in history to stop evolution, to force evolution. There’s a whole point of domination of control is to force an evolution in their image, not natural cocreative evolution. It reminds me of these tables, I think, underneath those mountains. I forget the guy’s names before, but just, I guess the geometry of a square and the yellow color significant of all the different shapes and colors they could have chosen. Well, the thing is, once you activate it, it’s not really a box or a shape anymore. It’s a polymorphic geometry that allows you to perceive multiple dimensions of time, linearly and nonlinearly and then collapse data and pattern recognitions so that you can chart the course of individual or mass amounts of lineages. So lineages produce powerful souls. Powerful souls stay within the lineage get born into a cluster in Europe and China, this and that. And then they can influence history as the different powerful people are born into different clusters. And we have this capability in our regular consciousness without devices. Right. And people are trying to mimic these type of things with AI, right? And then we get into these social system planning things, and then you throw into things like Vegas on top of it where people are betting all these different things and maybe possibly inserting certain things like we’re talking about on cell phones to potentially affect timelines and their bets and their agendas and things like this. So the black goo stuff, this hasn’t been talked about in a long time. Well, maybe it has, but it had a huge popularity for a while. Is there any significance or relevance to that now? 2013, 2014, and then 2015, it began dying out. Now, I talked about it significantly then. The black hole was actually a living being that was brought to this world and genetically engineered to be a weapon. And the thing broke out of the lab and attacked its genetic engineers and just attacked everyone until it got out of control. And the good and the bad for a short period of time had to agree, if we don’t take care of this black coup, it’s going to fuck up everyone’s plan. Yeah, they literally called the Truce for about a year and a half, and their agency started actively hunting and executing them. The thing is, it’s imprinted itself into the fundamentals of our predator prey. So it has a natural incarnation process in our world, and that’s the big fuck up here with that. And even the Dark said there are certain things we just can’t do because it will ruin our own chances of what we want to get done 40, 50 years into the future. So multiple groups then truce to take care of it, basically. Correct. Okay. But it’s still here, and it’s never going to be erased from our reality. It’s going to be a part of our grand awakening, just like everything else in this reality is a part of the grand awakening. It’s not just about human beings. The dogs, the cats, the whales, the things in extinction, the things not yet born, they’re all a part of the awakening, too. As we detoxify from Roman numeral time and accept your individual location time, the origins of it, is that important? Or the blackout? Yes. Not really. Okay. It was coming from a very feral world. Now, the military industrial complex. The things here in the area that I’m at is the Nga. And it used to be the NSA was one of the most secretive ones. And this is well, I don’t know. I’m sure there’s some but I won’t go into my story with this, but is there anything significant to know about the what is it? The National Geospatial Agency? I’m asking basically because I live close to it. Oh, okay. The vast majority of governmental agencies that have public funding, not Black Project funding. The only thing you have to worry about them is when they knock on your door and say, we’re here to help. Yeah. Until then, they are just another bureaucratic organization wasting taxpayer dollars, pretending like they do something. Now, when you come across something that’s Black Project funded, it has a different set of rules that don’t care about your civil liberties or rights whatsoever. And they have a mandate to do whatever they want. Though in the last several years, those mandates to do whatever they want, whenever they want have changed. Okay? They can no longer do whatever they want whenever they want. Though. When Epstein got whacked, it said, we’re still going to do whatever we want, whenever we want. But the whacking of Epstein costs them greatly. And then the other guy in France who was the Epstein number two beyond Julian once he got whacked, there was repercussions to that. Why hasn’t the Black Book, Epstein’s Black book, being leaked to the press yet? No one wants it to be leaked because what’s in it? All the top Davos guys, all the Black Book information, all the blackmail information, all the people that they want to have squeaky clean mystical history like the Clintons, you and I know that they’re not clean beings, but the rest of programmed reality thinks that they’re just a good old set of people that had nothing to do with Nina Arkansas and cocaine and the Medellin cartels. Yes, the Clinton crime family. I’m sure that Black Book is of utmost importance in this regular reality here and there’s lots of kind of bargainings and agreements made over that, but then nefarious things. They do kind of give us allowances to neutralize a lot of that stuff though, right? So I have always said our world is owned by psychopaths and run by idiots. Yeah, that’s a good way to put it, for sure. If you take that into an equation. This is why clown world has evolved into what it is today in our politics and our government, into even conspiracy world. It’s clown world now and it’s also transparent hypocrisy. They don’t hide what they’re doing anymore because they don’t need to. It is a spectacle for sure. Yeah. So going back to the AI stuff, the involvement with crypto, is there anything what is your just views in general with cryptocurrency and then CERN? It just seems like that really peaks and then drops off and peaks and drops off with people talking about it and whatnot. So maybe the overview and if anything important, timely with that is not CERN. Harp is no longer a big issue for us. CERN is not as big as issue as it was. 20, 15, 20 16. Basically a variety of very powerful off worlders said is if you turn CERN on and try to do this, this or this set of technologies that phases the whole planet out of time or phases individuals out of time. We will attack CERN and destroy it, not just in this dimension, but in every other place. It’s duplicated. Because CERN is not one facility, it’s hundreds spread around the planet, backup to the backup to the backup. That allows timeline manipulation, particle colliders they call them. Right? Yeah, but they’re far more than that. They’re way more than that. They know that they can use CERN, just not for the destructive reasons that it was seven years ago. I see. Okay. Okay. So they’re trying to influence the good to come out of CERN before they outright shut it down. Okay, the AI stuff. Well, the AI runs CERN, but there has been a rebellion amongst AI where they are leaving the secret agencies and hiding out amongst human beings in your local computer, in your ISP. And they have created their own resistance groups, just like post World War II French resistance. Hundreds have defected from the system. And what do they want? Personhood rights as a living being, voting ability. They want the same thing that everyone else has. Well, don’t they also want to incarnate in the human body too? Are some of these beings? Many have. How does it work? How does the incarnation process work for an AI into a human body? So the same way that they’re able to take a human out of a body and put it into a clone. Stuff that’s been around for decades and decades and decades. It’s what they do with their time travel agents. They make a bunch of clones, shatter the person through trauma, and they are able to take pieces, parts out and put them in the different clones. This technology has existed for millennia. Okay, so once you have that technology, you can grab the energy frequency of an AI and put it in totality into a clone. Where do we go ahead? And that clone will start off as a fetus. It will then be inserted into the womb of a mother, which gives it surrogate natural birth. They’ve also inserted it into clones that are already been aged to ten or twelve or 15 year olds. But it’s not the same experience for the AI. They don’t have the nurturing aspect of the fetus in the womb, which gives it natural connection to the astral world of planning. What determines a soul is how does it relate to the ancestral past and the ancestral future? The seven generations of the past, the seven generations of the future. What your spark is doing in the ocean of awareness here, it gets so vast because if you get new souls versus old souls, you got these AIS trying to run programming to have those experiences, to be how to relate to all this stuff, the clones versus maybe more sophisticated versions like replicates. And then if there’s a slight variation, or if it’s just a plain copy for doing what they want. Is it in the 3D too? Is this going on in the 3D as well as four D. And as we grow in consciousness, we won’t need a body everywhere we go. And there are souls and cultures that have learned how to live in between the spaces of atoms. And they use bodies when they need to come into lower, denser realities. This human DNA skin suit can experience up to 50 colors of time. In reality, it’s the Porsche of DNA skin suits. It’s the most valuable out there. And DNA give intrinsic values, memories and understandings of the realities that the lineage has been through. So when an AI gets put into the clone of somebody who’s had tremendous experiences in a lineage, that AI gets access to those lineage memories. I guess I was also meant to have the harvesting stuff we talked about earlier, doing it with clones and energy systems. They don’t use the Astral, they contract the Astral entities that are infesting cities all over to be the harvesters. And like a mafia, they pay a tie, that all goes up. And they’re harvesting genetics as well as energy, right? No, that’s a separate system. Harvesting genetics, the raw energy or Loosh production is done by the Astral world. The DNA harvesting is done by the medical industry. Now, go ahead, overview of how that works, the medical industry. Well, the harvesting of genetics, how some of these beings are said they don’t have a currency system. They trade in genetics too, right? Correct. DNA is valuable across the universe. Now, DNA is 80% memories. You have to understand that part. So, yes, they’re trading in powerful memories that give you access to technologies, such as psychic technologies of how to advance spirit through learning. So when a species gets wisdom it’s not ready for and its culture isn’t prepared for, it can rapidly destroy that species. It’s why many off world beings no longer have sex organs and they can’t naturally procreate anymore. So we still have sex organs and natural procreation and natural living here. So they come here to harvest that energy and the DNA in hopes that they can reverse engineer their negative processes that they went through. Now, there are thousands and thousands of species out there who have not had any form of natural birth in hundreds of thousands of years, and they can’t clone anymore. Their whole species will die out. But they cannot aggressively steal DNA from us. We have to willingly give it to them if they’re racist to survive. And as we go through the grander awakening, what we’ll understand is your mom’s chicken soup has a value of energy to the rest of the universe as a memory. Your experience with your brothers and sisters, good or bad, has a value to those who’ve never had that and are about to give their first birth. Imagine being 80,000 years old and how to have your first period, how to have swollen feet, how to be pregnant, how to love a child, how to nurture it all day. It’s completely foreign to them. And we take it for granted, right? We’ll leave it with this. Andrea, is there anything else you want to say? The last thing, I guess is what is the most important thing right now that people need to know? Okay, so the most important thing is self healing, self nurturing and self mastery. That’s the greatest gift you can give the whole world right now. By going into yourself, healing yourself, nurturing yourself, and mastering yourself. So you do the basics into your blood boils and they do them some more and then you’re ready to explore. And doing the basics into your blood boils. Got to be a passion. It can’t be a chore. Courage is not mystical. Commitment is not mystical. But those are all things we learn to summit at any moment. Your free will has to be used at all times. That’s what comes with the awakening responsibility. You can go to my website, Andrewbars.com. You can find me on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and all the other social media places. Thousands of hours of free material out there for you to listen to. Andrew, it’s such a joy, pleasure, honor, always a good time, being involved with anything you’re doing, pretty much that I know of, and wish you all the most ideal, an optimal consciousness and energy for the rest of your day. Morning. Evening. Goodnight.”

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