Podcast | Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis Topic Grab Bag: Georgia Guidestones, Stargates, Parasites, Community, Etc

[9/12/2022 UPDATE: After three attempts I’ve received zero response from Andrew’s team for scheduling another chat. If you guys found this valuable, continue to chime in in the comments to say so and say what you’re interested in please. In one of the attempts I proposed walking around and showing downtown St Louis while doing a live read on the energies, histories, etc. I’m open to most anything to aid and assist the highest good of the many]

Another vast mix of topics with the Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis recorded 7/27/22 this time without show notes, at least for now, to release the show quicker and maybe give the prediction algos a run for their money

This grab bag of higher level, non-mundane perceptional phenomena include: central suns, Maldek, Blue flames, temples, subsurface facilities, future earth, atmospheric modifications, star gates, parasites, etc. plus more worldly topics like what science gets right, community evaluation and advice, the Georgia Guidestones, tomatoes, and how to honor indigenous people

Some of the concepts and topics I mention (loosely) come from various sources listed at https://integratingpresence.com/resources/links-for-potential-study-into-higher-level-information-awareness-and-cultivating-discernment


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Audio: Topic Grab Bag With Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis

Experimental and unedited transcript (attempt) of this podcast via assemblyai.com:

“Wholeness welcome. This is Josh Dippold of Integratingpresidents.com and today I got Andrew Bartis, the galactic historian, again with me. Andrew, what’s going on? Not too much. Getting cooked by the solar flares just like everyone else. You know, they essentially they called one of them like a solar Grand Canyon explosion. It was three days ago. It was half the size of the Carrington event from 1855. Wow. If we ever got hit by something as big as the carriage event, it would be like a large scale EMP going off in every major and minor city simultaneously. So where was this on that scale of that half? The Carrington event was the peak and the scale that we experienced, it wasn’t a direct hit. The planet was way off. But the solar winds was so accelerated it cooked us. And now will this be reflected in the Schumann residence? Yes. Okay. Think of it like a guitar. The inside of the guitar creating that echoey voice. And as solar winds go by it rings planets, Earth’s energy and the Earth acts like the hole in the guitar amplifying that energy and it’s just resonating louder and louder. And then there are different aspects of the Earth that are different densities that resonate differently and then they absorb that vibration. There’s actually a layer of diamonds at about 230 miles. There’s a core of diamonds about 6 km thick separating the crust. So there’s an internal diamond shell and then the rest of the hollow Earth. Wow. And then my buddy just reminded me the other day that there’s artificially created diamonds too. And the diamond market is kind of ridiculous, but yeah, what do they love to get their hands on that, right? Well, they already have their hands on it right now you cannot tell the difference between an artificial diamond and a real diamond. And they don’t have to disclose that either, do they? No, they don’t. No they don’t. Which has created very weird effects inside the whole diamond industry, which is all completely predicated on money laundering and they control the supply and amount. So I guess diamonds really aren’t that rare. It’s just that they will withhold a lot to control the availability in the market. Right. Artificially. Are diamonds rare? Yes, they are. Okay. There’s only a handful of situations in which they randomly appear on the surface. And random isn’t the real world. They evolve there from bottom to top. They’re called timber light pipes. Okay. These are specialized pressure vents that create separations between cracks and allows subsurface subterranean ground to slowly go up and up with higher and higher pressure, which creates fields of diamonds that can be found in rivers, lakes, anywhere they’re there. But your chance of finding them are limited until you start doing large scale surface cultivation, which is what the African blood diamonds are about. Late labor, searching the rivers in the forest and tear thinking everything up. Six inches underground there’s a place as far as I know, the only diamond mine in the states is in Arkansas. That the public murfreesboro. Yeah, right. Actually, that’s actually a state park but there are several open facilities just like Murfreesboro. Diamond State Park, I believe, is what it’s called. But there are several of those places around that you can go to and get diamonds from. Very cool. Yes. I’ve been to the Mount IDA area digging for courts and it’s a really cool and then in the Crystal community I usually see people that are into the geology. Then you have the kind of metaphysical people, then you have the jewelry people. But I kind of like them all. They’re all cool people. I tell anybody, if you’ve never know what a rockhound is once you learn it, it’s really fun and great exercise. It really is cool. Now, I was starting this off by saying in this no time we live in what are some of the most important things in recent moments that we’ve been going through? And you mentioned this solar event. Is there anything else worth mentioning recently that’s of importance either recently happening or potentially coming? We have a comet in the sky. Okay, I forgot what the name of it is. It was the Series of facts. Solar flares, new moon, lionsgate coming up. All of that confluence plus accommodate the sky. Wow. Yes. And this is audio only. It’s the 27 July 2022 and I’ll probably do no notes on this just so maybe we can push it a little further and give the algorithms a run for their money. Plus it gives me a chance to get it out quicker and less work. Also, I just love doing this because it gets Andrew to showcase his talents here maybe a little more so with some little added stress testing but only to bring out the best. Right. Your Internet is beginning to drop. Oh, no. Okay, let’s just turn off the video because you’re going yellow again and you’ll drop into red. Okay. There you go. All right. Well, there’s a list of stuff here, too. One thing I wanted to ask you about, since you’re fairly into shamanism especially with the Native American Indians here, is I don’t know if you’ve tuned into some things out of Australia but a lot of times they’ll start with paying tribute to the natives of that land, the particular land that they’re on. And I thought that was really interesting and kind of cool to pay that tribute, if you’re familiar where I’m talking about. Even if not, what would you recommend as kind of like just maybe a shout out practice, I mean, for lack of a better word or how to any kind of suggestions that come to mind with something similar like that they give to them. Well, so what they’ll do is they’ll say I just like to pay respects to the such and such people who are the native caretakers of this land that we are in Australia. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. You got to know the person to give a compliment to them. And a lot of these people, they don’t live around other people. They live around their tribal people. So the greatest gift you can give them is respect. And I want to learn about your culture. What’s the word? Platitudes. They don’t understand that stuff. It does seem like that a little bit because unfortunately, where do statement likes that go on the Internet right, to be marketed. And then it becomes vain. It doesn’t become real to that person. So instead of virtue signaling yes. Do actual virtue, work with them, learn about them. Cool. Help their people, watch their babies, they babysit their kids. But that’s another way. Sure. Everyone can figure out a way that they can help. Absolutely. Okay, well, I’ve got a bunch of, I guess, more metaphysical topics here. Okay? Just jump right into them. I’ve heard this thing coming on, going on now about a potential. It’s called like a blending and then maybe a merging between phantom matrix in our reality. That sounds like light worker conspiracy word salad. Okay. Trying to use myth of all of these words and convolute into nothingness. Yeah, that’s the thing with the terminology, right? Because different systems will have different terminology for kind of the same thing. So if you don’t know what that one key prophecy is from that one enunciation of one word combined with the other enunciation of other words that have their own prophecies, it means nothing to you because everything is about what you believe in. Right. And if you don’t know what this prophecy is, how are you going to believe it? Well, right. The phantom matrix from what I understand and it’s just from information, so it’s not really based on it. I know it is. I’m saying my answer for a reason. Got you. Okay. Because there’s a lot of people who don’t know what the phantom makes it is, and they’re going to go look it up and they’ll go, huh? Yeah. So that’s why I like using terms. Light worker word salad, conspiracy word salad. Throw it all together, it’ll make sense to someone. It’s a salad. Okay. Now, if there were details, a blending of the realities, what does that mean? A brain create something out of fear. Good point. Yeah, the fear thing, it can ramp up pretty high. Not carefully. It’s like those people with awakening sickness. I call them the biggest bullshitters in the world. You’re just not doing anything. You’re getting sick because you’re not awakening. They’re not doing jack and shit. There is no awakening sickness. You’re sick. Oh yeah. You need colonics. You need spiritual practice. You need to go out and have fun. You need to get laid. You need friends and family. You can’t be a hermit anymore. Yeah. And that definitely plays into it. For sure, big time. For a lot of people out there. A lot of people are just stuck in the iron grip of mediocrity and trying to get their shoulders and arm street to run off to the freedom of being the lone wolf ahead of the pack. Yes, the spiritual ego thing does come in for sure. Get kind of a grip on integrating the regular ego and then there’s still the spiritual ego. That’s right. Hey, I guess more some of the old esoteric concepts that are just kind of more, I guess, established like the central sun. So what can be said about the central sun and how do you view it and its purpose in the rays from it and whatnot? Okay, so when the universe is formed or a galaxy has formed, a soul that is very old goes to beyond where galaxies and universes are and goes into the absolute void of nothingness. And as it’s on the journey to void of nothingness, it’s losing whatever cadets it had to the normal vast realities that had been a part of it’s recalled all of its avatars, pieces, parts, everything, and it’s assembling them in the void. Now the spiritual contracts of the people that they have left have a value. So once this being coalesces in the void. The spiritual contracts that are now have been null and void have created a vacuum that can if the contracts that the being has created over trillions of lifetimes potent enough. It will come back to as a galactic central sun or a universal central sun well. Attracting all of those people that had previous contracts with good. Bad and indifferent to come to its theme park. Paramount Studios. Instead of Disneyland of great creation. Wow. So we break them down to galactic central suns. What’s the difference between the galaxy and the universe? Each galaxy is a universe within its own. And there are a bunch of galaxies within one universe which are the prime creators, and there are more than one creator. And so when we get into this kind of galactic level, universal level, how can you describe some of the barriers between the universes? Like, what separates do they overlap? When you get to the edge of one projection of belief, the totality of the consciousness that’s in it and aware of it. Wow. Okay. That’s why raising your frequency is so important, because it expands the galaxy in the universe. And it’s a very common practice among the great star traveling species out there that when the galaxy reaches apex or a critical mass of souls learning new things. They go to the very edge of the galaxy. Right at the very edge. And they wait for an event where the galaxy expands and there could be trillions of being spread all over the different galaxy edges waiting to watch this thing expire because the literally the line of the galaxy will expand. And that’s the dreaming aspect of the universe or the galactic mine that’s creating solar systems, planets and an entire infrastructure for the new founding light beings who are at the edge of the galaxy to go and populate well, I guess to go from here. Have you heard of, like, a pillar project? Like maybe it’s with the crystal pillars? Are you sensing or tuning into this program? No, I’m trying to think. Well, let’s skip that then. And the Maldekian flames like the blue flame. The blue Maldekian flame. This technique. There was a blue flame before Valdeck. So Maldek was just one of the thousands of worlds that worshipped a blue flame energy. Now, it was not a god. It was a universal source. And that source, as a flame was a consciousness that could spread to other consciousness which could touch lower consciousness beings and make them become higher consciousness beings or evolve them very rapidly. And it was ultimately determined that the blue flame is actually a species of entity and it can be symbiotic and it can be parasitic at the same time. So do you know the origins of it? Yeah, it’s part of the founding systems of light expansion. Think of, like, Amoebas founding light. Amoebas, yes. But they have also grown and evolved. But they didn’t grow species like humans. They kept themselves going and going and live longer and longer lives and become more separated with their own cultures. And many got invested and involved in the Pleiadians Lemurians this and that but then ultimately got entangled into their karma and many of them lost their will to be that type of thing and decided it’s time to move on and be something else. But the blue flame remains, then? Oh, sure it does. But it was the evolution, the consciousness that uses blue flame bodies. It’s what it had to go through. There are hundreds, if not thousands of star systems now that have blue flame temples with blue flame entities in them who help people evolve. So I’m going to fork this in two directions to pick up on the parasite thing. That was one of the things. Now, I know the Cleanses you’ve mentioned and you teach heavily about those and they address energetic parasites. But are there any other ways to address energetic parasites? And then you mention temples. And I want to go into some teachings about temples and how they are in the unseen, like different temple smith constructions, the practices that go on there, the purposes, the training, all about that stuff. Okay. Which one do you want to do first? Well, it’s up to you. You pick. All right. So parasites unfortunately, parasites are a part of the everyday world. So planetary systems across the galaxy and universe share the term parasite. So seed and ignite technologies create all sorts of vast consciousness parasitic birth consciousness that use something else to give birth or to latch on and to be able to survive their size of surviving outside their density. So they are technically interdimensional travelers now, that does not mean all parasites are interdimensional travelers. Just parasites that work with super high consciousness. Beings who can siphon tiny sparks of super high consciousness to rapidly advance their own anobic process or spread throughout the body and be a part of a parasitic relationship. Even though they don’t give back more than they take, but they give enough to get the beating through hard times. So follow up on that. Are these the darker beings like this? I don’t know, like the Dark Resource or Dark Avatar Collective. Some of these groups, will they employ parasites for their and then they use magic and cubes and things like that right. To amplify them and put them on steroids. Yeah. And so this is just like kind of a magical creation? Or is there a technology involved? Chimera. Chimera. So you take something that’s a parasitic entity that’s never had a body before and stick it in a body like it’s going to be a Minotaur or it’s going to be this, or it’s going to be half human, half dog, and they’re easier to control. And these are all in the 4D, basically? No, this would be in 3D genetic manipulations and mutations through a wound or a rapid grow clone tank. Okay, in the 3D, how do they affect like, humans then? How does the interface work? What a werewolf do to a human? Oh, jeez. Yeah. Serious damage. Right. What would a vampire do? Serious damage. What would a shark do in 10ft of water with 5000 people in the water? It’ll eat the people. Right, but you’re saying they’re like they’re cloned versions, but then they’re cloned to manipulate DNA? Is that how it is? No, they’ve been weaponized to that level where they can clone them and recreate them and saturate areas with it and things like internet nodes. Wherever there are server farms, there are high levels of psychic parasites inside the servers. One of the worst clearing jobs I ever had to do was clearing a server farm of 600 servers that was doing all porn. Dude, it’s no joke, isn’t it? It took weeks. And I wouldn’t even say that it’s stamped, sealed clear because they’re going to turn that to like a tax office. Can you imagine who has to take over that space? Wow. Okay. And so yes, the use in that just keeps feeding that system. And then have some folks talk about kind of the baphomet sexual energy harvesting. Sexual battery and things like this to just fuel all kinds of things like rituals and conditions that’s trauma farming. Traumatizing the farm. So that they have predictable traumatic experiences that could be manipulated. Duplicated. And get control of people completely in the subconscious level because they don’t know how manipulative are once they’ve experienced a certain set of traumas. Yes. And then it goes deeper into things like MKUltra Project Monarch where all these trigger words and then it can even be propagated on mass media through, like, subliminals, just TV shows about Monarch and all that, and X Files, giving it a far higher level of awareness than it ever did before, which gives it the power of myth. And once something gains the power of myth, our brains react completely differently. It allows our belief engine to give something extra fuel. Yeah. So it just keeps building upon itself, layers upon layers. And I’ve even heard of these retinal induction programs and things like this, too. Well, switching gears here, we’ve forked off with temples too, in some, I guess, magical practices. People talk about these as well, and the unseen. Everybody has a reference point for temples, like with different religions and whatnot, but there’s also unseen temples, so to speak, right? Oh, absolutely. Wherever there is a temple and it’s been torn down, there’s an unseen temple there. Okay, so there are temples here, temples there, temples everywhere, and they still have people going in and out of them. The thing is, temples were built to be monuments to time and faith and belief at its most basic architecture of energy. So it’s got to be able to last and project through time so that the people are there, they’re harvesting their energy at that moment, good, bad, and indifferent in energy. And not all intentional harvesting is bad, okay? Right. Because a lot of people, they get some kind of benefit. They will get some of their energy up in exchange for some kind of benefit for something. Right, right. But a lot of these have to be maintained. I mean, like if they get neglected, right, and there are no magical call centers to fix my broken monument, right. So not as of now. I guess that’s why when the guy blew up whoever it was that blew up the Georgia guidestones, I made this joke that all of the Illuminati pages were going off. Who do we call to fix it? There’s no GuideStone repair company anymore. And we talked about that too, about the sacred geometry, energy harvesting, and how there’s not enough wizards around to maintain that system. So since we’re on that, what’s your take on that? I’m sorry I missed it for recap. Temples are intentional energy harvesting. Not all intentional energy harvesting is bad. It’s all about what is the religion or the philosophy doing with it? Is it bettering the community? Is it a bettering, just individuals? Is it promoting consciousness and all of those things? And the more positive it is to the community, the more potent and power those temples can get. And the more negative the more negative it attracts to it because it’s trying to act as a vault of energy which can be harvested, the vault can be open and energy taken out, and then the vault fills back up. Okay. And it all depends on up the food chain hierarchy of where that energy is going and how it’s used. Just briefly, your take on the Georgia guide stones. Is there anything missing from the narrative, the mainstream narrative on that? They know who did it, they know who did it, they’re just not going to reveal. And yet this they tried to find the original builders and they can’t they’re not consistent. Well, that’s the one thing I had, is like, okay, well, even the caretakers, if there’s any kind of written agreements or verbal agreements, why not come forward? There are, and they have come forward over the years, actually, the company that was actually contracted to build the stones and install them has done multiple documentaries. They never physically met the person. They only talked to him over the phone and through mail. Okay. And everything done was done through a lawyer. But all that legal agreement and even verbal agreements, those are out there now that have been out there for decades. Have they? Okay. So everything is pretty much known about that. Now. Some people have been talking about directed energy weapons or something like that. And the people that ran up to it was no, that was probably a 20 pound box of tannerite. Do you know what tannerite is? Well, I’m sure it’s some kind of explosive. Yeah, it’s an explosive you use for farms. Like when you have giant beaver dams and you can’t get a tractor back there, you dig a hole in the beaver dam and put a ten pound or 20 pound back or tannerite in there. Oh, wow. Okay. Tannerite is also a fertilizer. And then when you shoot it with a 30 OT six from like 1200ft, it explodes very fast. Right on. I used to have a buddy who worked for dynamite, an explosive company, and what he did is he just sucked out the water and the blast holes and then packed explosives and then somebody else blew it up to make gravel. If you’ve ever watched beaver dams being exposed by tannerite on YouTube no, I didn’t. I have. I’m a beaver dam removal video watcher specialist. There are some really incredible videos, like fucking beavers made that. Yeah, there is. I was on the Missouri river, too, and I saw where they actually tore down a lot of trees and it looked like they were actually trying to correct the flow of the river, though, because they were plugging up where the river has eaten away from the side of the bank. So I thought that was pretty wild. Well, beavers are the great architects. And the thing is, even though they are architects, they’re very selfish animals. They will cut water off to other places to preserve it for themselves, and they can get territorial amongst their own beavers. And the thing is, when they take over a land, they never stop tearing down trees. So they become pest on the same level to prairie dogs. And if you’ve ever lived in the plains, you have a natural hatred for prairie dogs. I know the farmers do for sure. And if you don’t know why, is prairie dogs dig holes and your cow steps in a hole and breaks its foot. Your favorite prize horse steps on the floor and breaks his foot. And it happens so often that you have to clear all the prairie dogs out. Yes. Or you fall in. The hole in your foot breaks. Yeah. It’s like Swiss cheese. The ground turns into Swiss cheese. Back to the guide stone. What I thought was kind of fishy was it blew down, but then they destroyed the other ones very quickly. And I don’t understand that they could have put a perimeter around there and done a really full investigation. So is that clear? They were never going to do a full investigation to bend again with. And the reason they doubled down is the videos and pictures that you show didn’t realize how far it was tipping. And all of the base metal poles that they put inside the concrete to hold up, they were all bent and cracked all around to the other devices. So there was only one device that went off, and they thought it was going to be enough to break all of the original metal ties underneath it, but it wasn’t. That’s why one side fell down. And when they got there, they had no choice because it’s actually a public park owned by the county. I see. Okay. Because you don’t really realize that once it was done being built, they donated it to the county for the county operates it, and the only thing that they can do by law is tear it down, because if somebody tries to pull on it, it will fall down. Well, I guess they didn’t need to investigate that thoroughly, though. Then they pretty much came to a conclusion. I think they should have released all the video raw just to be sure. I don’t know if you realize this thing has been vandalized hundreds of times. Yes, I knew that they just wanted it out of there. Maybe they’re the ones who blew it up. Okay, well, the other thing was like well, okay. It was interesting how there was no date on the time capsule thing. Right. And I was just saying, well, why not unless they took the cameras down, why not release the full entire raw footage on the entire dig? We just have to go by what, they don’t want it out. They don’t want it out. Yeah. So we don’t really know for sure what they dug, how much they dug, what they did or didn’t find, because there’s no video footage of that. The other thing, too, was that you know how these people operate on consent and stuff, and these people that were getting, oh, yeah, I’m glad they tore it down. I’m glad they tore it down. And so could they use that as an allowance for, oh, hey, you like to destroy our property. Well, that now gives me the allowance to go to war with you because you think that’s okay to destroy our property. Well, now we have the allowance to do ideological warfare. Whatever. They don’t need permission. They don’t need a permission. Permission to do what they do. If anything, it’s just going to activate the narcissist and the high level negatives because it’s what happens when you challenge a narcissist by blowing up one of their idols. That narcissist has to respond and take power back. Okay, so what is your take though, on the not putting the date on the time capsule when it was installed or when it to dig it up? I think they purposely left it timeless because they are trying to make a marker point in time so that they could start creating a graduated scale of understanding why certain timelines fail on their own and why some timelines can be shut down with technology. So they started seeding that throughout. Many duplicate multiple or timelines throughout the multiverse to start tracking the Georgia guide stones of what they actually said versus one reality to another. And when their appearance in reality happened in public reality. Now how do they test and correlate that data? Is it through like the looking glass stuff? That’s looking glass and putting Eboos on ground through time. Wow. Through time travel? Yeah, through time travel. And then just correlating the data? No. Looking at how it affected the timeline. When did it first appear compared to this other realities? Like did it first appear in the newspaper? Did Ted Turner come out and get, we built this. Ted Turner is right there. That’s the first thing a conspiracy guy is going to think of. So then they correlate all this data and then they can just make more chest moves, right? Correct. More chess moves with it. Or gauge how fast they can use a timeline before it shuts down or begins an awakening process that they don’t want. Basically, once they find a timeline where there’s not an awakening process between before 2050, it gives them more room to do tests and things in that reality and then migrate them back to the stitch timeline that we’re in. So is all this the coordination, is it all like non local or they do this type of work, correlation work and analysis work in these control rooms? Or is there like I’m thinking of the energetic higher level equipment, like Smoky back room? No, there’s a time travel command. Okay, what’s the location on something like that? Well, it doesn’t need a location. It’s completely decentralized because it’s not in time. Okay, but it’s a part of all time. How does it work though? How does the sky turn blue? Why does it turn black before it rains? That’s one of those great nature questions of how to manipulate time. But they have a strategy, they have a plan, and they also know what the negatives are trying to do and the outsiders are trying. To do. And there’s not one player in the time travel game here, there’s thousands. So it’s ultimately about predicting something before somebody does it. That’s why you have so many boots on the ground throughout many timelines. So you can up your bets in Vegas. Right. No early warning. Yes. Earlier warning, which is to defeat somebody else’s time travel move, or make your time travel move work better. Well, it could be as simple as getting for a Senator who ultimately corrupts the Senator, versus one timeline where they got the Harlot in and corrupted the Senator and the other one they didn’t get her in. The senator goes on to be president. It’s so silly because it’s just for more money, control and power. Right. Correct. Manipulating at the time for money, control and power. Right. And for what? They’re going to die and then they’re going to have to start all over again and they don’t know what they’re doing. They’re not a part of this greater manipulation. It’s a program. Yeah, it’s just the Power money program really just for itself, which is kind of like silly. If you’re actually using money and power for something, it’s different. Okay, so let’s shifting gears here. What about the Halls of Amente? Or Sphere of Amente? Just a basic teaching on what that is and why it’s written. What do you know about those trey, Magistis? Hermes. Yes, well, there’s different teachings. Like some of the Guardian teachings says he black Earth production to name drop. Here did the huge presentation on Both and how it was hijacked. These CDT plates. I mean we mentioned those, how they compared to the Acacia records and then stole one of those supposedly and rewrote some of the stuff on there, then rereleased it for manipulation. Here are these games where he was agreed to something, then left one group and another thing, like a political thing like that. And so I haven’t looked very deeply into it, even with study, are also in practice. Long story short, the wizards of Charlemagne broke the Alchemy barrier and were able to connect to an entity known as South Trey magistrates. Do all of that era history Alchemy magicians find the same entity? No. So Both was a trans dimensional entity during the times of the Atlantean Empire here on Earth by one recording of a guy called the Great White Buffalo, who was part of Alistair Crowley’s group, and then left and formed his own group in the middle of the desert, the high desert next to the Mormons. And he was really big into Hollywood productions and abuse of young children. Murderers. Because everyone related to the Crowley group was murderers in one way, shape or form at that high level of money that they were operating with. Yes. Okay, so the entire modern folk history and era comes from the writings of crazy ass secret society cult groups, their leaders who believed they were Both or Trey Majestus and channeled documents to declare that that was the truth. But the greater entity of those wanted that to all happen, knowing full well that would happen because it would guarantee the teachings would survive and find those who are true. Signature frequency match to it. So how does that relate to the halls and sphere of Amente? I guess so the halls of Memente is where the soul goes. This is according to the guys from the Great White Brotherhood. Now you got to know your history. I forgot what the guy’s name was. Clement or something like that. And so he created the Emerald Tablets, what was actually set on because you can search through every alchemical text that’s been translated through history. You’ll never find an actual translation of the Emerald Tablets. There is none. It’s all modern cultist creations or alchemical creations from the 14 hundreds and all. It was Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard. They were Crowleyites too, right? Sure they were. They were all part of the mass manipulation system that was going on there to create reality based experiments that they wanted to let run realities and to see how their broken reality little groups could break bigger reality rules. Like things like the Moon Child working, right? And the thing at Los Alamos, all those silly rituals and you get things like the Oto and the AA or whatever that is. And then some of the Hollywood people like worship them or did I don’t know what’s going on, all that stuff. And these talks about him trying to create his own dark universe and things like this. Great science fiction fantasy. Well, yeah, that whole crowd, which is what he wrote, the battlefield, Earth, right. There is a type of magic and just that language and story creation, right? It becomes real. It becomes myth. Once again, it becomes myth. Yeah. All right. Now I’ve heard of these like 4D workstations in the Pacific and we hear about underwater bases too. Usually hear about underground bases, but what about the ones that are under the ocean floor? Anything on these of notes? They’re everywhere but the negatives. Military bases underground and underwater have been greatly compromised in which it was uncompromisable before. It is very compromisable now. It would be equivalent to a 40% loss of their infrastructure. And how did this happen? Was just this different light working teams, grid working teams or no. So what they do is they target the base for a timeline attack and where it’s attacked simultaneously on 20, 30, 40, or 50 different areas of history. And then what they do is install a device there that neutralizes time travel to that base. So as long as one of the neutralizing devices and getting good, that base is eliminated from the time and nothing can time travel in and out of it. And then it’s a matter of capturing the people on the inside and time traveling them out, shutting down the base and locking down the timeline of that base, which is like putting a cipher lock on it where they can never get back into it unless they find that technology and take that technology out. Right. Okay. Now, speaking of underground stuff, there’s reports and some teachings of this huge diode crystal below Stonehenge. In that stonehenge was actually a light worker salad. Yeah. Another one to disrupt this crystal that was siphoning stuff just in general. Then what’s your take on Stonehenge in particular? It is an astrological device that was meant for those that are working around it on a regular basis to have regular spiritual evolutions by becoming master stargazers so that they could psychically travel from point A to point B as long as they were somewhere near the actual stonehenge to use the spiritual calculation process to buy locate to the new place. Wow. Right on. As well as teaching them other things, the stones are record keepers. Also, what’s happened there before and as you have the ability to observe potential futures because it is a calendar system that counts the future too. Yes. And many of the collective rituals and ceremonies were there was to have collective vision sharing collective vision. Go ahead. Or many people having visions and I’m all writing them down and it become a collective vision book. I remember you one time talking about when we start sharing the same dreams and I thought that was really profound. I think that’s happened a couple of times to me. But obviously it’s not a common occurrence right now. That would be a very common occurrence in people that are doing the greater journey. In any type of Stonehenge esque process, I’ll be doing something very similar. Dual worlds. Have you heard of this terminology? A dual world? No. Sounds like word salad. Yeah. Boy, I’ve got a bunch of those. I don’t think I’ve had too many of those. The next ones will be so dual worlds, they probably mean when one reality bleeds into another and you’re both experiencing a duality and your duality. I could only assume that inferences, but more than likely it’s not. That because that’s too high level of a consciousness with double dualities. A quadality. No. Yeah. No. You are a duality in two separate realities. We’re a singularity pretending to be a duality. Wow. In fact, you’re a duality in the other places. That would take a second to wrap my head around. Maybe that’ll sync in by the time if we do this again when we do this again. The control rooms I talked about earlier, and you’ve mentioned these before, has there been any updates? And then for people that don’t know about these may be a brief description of these. These are objects that are relatively subterranean and they tap into the overall energetic grid of the planet. And they are prediction based rooms. They measure the prediction and predict how life force flows through time. Earth is meant to have individual time zones. Like where I live is a time where you live as a time where somebody else lives to be broken down to about 8400 different individual subtime lines on the planet. And these under control rooms help flow the form of energy of time in those individual bubbles. But since a number of them there are 40 and there are still 21 that had been taken over, and the remaining 19 are in neutral control or unknown where they are. And if they’re able to gather all access to all of the different control rooms, that would be of a complete DNA set of the human species spread throughout the galaxy. Which is why they’re doing a bigger DNA experiment here. Because they need all the DNA on the surface of the planet to unlock the control rooms simultaneously. In which then they would gain control over what’s called a unity consciousness drive. Or an engine that can move the planet without harming the planet into a brand new place with new sun. New everything and be perfectly adjusted to it. And so there’s probably wars and tons of shenanigans all the time of these things. The ones that are lost have never been found. And as long as they’ve been lost, they’re never going to be found until they can find the rest of the species of DNA that spread throughout the galaxy. And a number of those that are needed are no longer in existence. Thus they resulted in time travel to find those original lineages before they were raised. And so this is why the genetic thing is so important. We hear about we have a money system here, but some races that still trade and barter and stuff, they use genetics, right? Yes, they use genetics. That’s their form of currency. And so these things are tied into these control rooms. And I want to maybe talk here in a little bit about kind of stargate and how all that works and then how the genetics key code are tied into that. But these control rooms, so it has to actually be like a living being. It can’t just be like a recording of it, like they’ve kept it in some kind of book, like not physical book, but like some kind of recording system where they can just access it and try to recreate it through genetic modification, genetic rebuilding, something like that. And it won’t stick like that to find this. And then I guess, once you do have the DNA, how do they actually take that DNA and then actually find one of these rooms with that, then? No, the surface of the world has to be populated with all of the forms of the DNA, and then you find the rooms because the DNA will guide you to them. Okay, but until all lineages are present here, it’s not going to start the guiding process. And you can’t genetically modify this stuff. Like this one guy that did the whole Earth catalog. He’s trying to do Jurassic Park. I listened to this one podcast, and he’s like he’s trying to bring back extinct species through the preserved DNA. And I was like, what? So that’s not possible. Then they can’t have, like, a record preserved somewhere and tried to clone it back or something like that to find these things. That’s why it’s illegal to do that stuff, because it’s so easy to bring back species that have been extinct for millions of years, for hundreds of years. So we can repopulate this planet with everything. Okay. Yes. So now who controls the ones that are known about then? It’s kind of split. Okay. No one has any more control than the other because there’s very few people that have the cumulated DNA to get into an activated control room. This is why so many people end up in Hollow Earth. They have to raise their frequency high enough and be in there long enough, allow them to go to the surface and just below the surface and find these control rooms and enter them. Okay. I don’t know if it’s picking up on my mind, but the neighbor below, we just started to play music. Cloud. I don’t think it’s picking up, though. No, I can barely use it’s. Nothing in the background. Okay, good. Now, future Earth, there’s some teachings about this, but again, that’s another kind of word salad. Again, too. I want to talk about futurism for a second. Sure. So I want you to go back to being a young Josh in the late 1980s. And when somebody said, let’s say Nostradamus, his accuracy rate was what, 95%, 97%. Right. Back in the 80s. Well, his accuracy rate in the low 20s. Now, if you add 2020 time and do it now, he has hardly any predictions left or what’s going on with them. No. The ones that didn’t come true or were so encoded in a language, no one in a modern time could understand it unless you were from that culture of that time with that specific reference. And this makes a big difference. We just think about in the normal, everyday life, how much our lives have changed during our lifetime. My grandmother, when she’s still alive, she can barely recognize what’s going on here now. Sometimes just a couple of hundred, and then just go back, keep going back and back. And how much different it could be. The same thing can be said for Edgar Casey. He put on plenty of places where everything is at and nothing’s there. And then couple this with things like the Mandela Effect. Right? Correct. Meaning at the time that he made that prediction, it might have been there. Yes. Okay. Now, that the great focus that was started in the mid 80s about making 2012 a significant thing. That’s when so many of the Psyops began to bring it up and bring it up and bring up the television shows and talk about the Esoteric and reveal all of that stuff. So there will be a culmination of people thinking something was going to happen in which they could engage high level energy harvesting systems. And so it really didn’t matter whether or not it happened or not. It was just to create a certain type of energy. But the Mayan calendar did represent something. The thing is, it was just hijacked and marketed so that they could harvest the energy before whatever it was going to signify happening. They knew that it’s called an enlightening set of events, okay? And that means the people in power would lose their power because the people back in power then lost their power the same way, okay? They lost the belief system of belief. What happens when you stop believing in the government or stop believing in Christianity and people leave it on mass. Yes. And then they can harvest that energy and then use it for their means there you go. To preserve whatever they want or whatever they want to do with it and the power they want to do with it. Yeah. Now you’re catching on with bigger picture here. Okay, so now the Stargate and stuff, I wanted to turn my camera back on briefly. Here the halls of Amente. Planetary interface gate map and tandem sextant grid keys. But what is your just take on the Stargates, how they work? Is it anything like the movie? Who made that map? This is from the Colossic Science teachings, I think the Freedom Teachings, they call it here, and I think it’s called now Arheus Productions, but it was called Something. I think it’s from the folks who did Voyager Two. That kind of galactic history and teachings of that. I don’t prescribe to those maps. So many of those map makers based their information off of Alchemical text and didn’t know that the map was actually a cipher. You had to know the map in a certain way in which you would get a second map, a third map, and a fourth map. So it’s very easy to hide data inside data, especially in a map. Sure. It’s very encode something. And we’re not talking little micro writing. The style of draw tells you to perceive it a different way because everything is a form of perception. Yes. And again, a lot of those maps are based off of Alchemical text, that they have no idea what the ciphers are, and they’re just recreating those maps. Okay. Now, does this mean shitting on it? And it’s no, it’s me revealing a truth. But a lot of these map makers get independently charged up to create a true map, and many of them do. Okay? But unfortunately, a lot of the big regurgitated maps that are the fundamentals of the basis are just completely misinterpreted. Like the Perry Reese map. Everybody knows that map. When I look at that map, I see a code of history, a code of time, and what was being manipulated in the planet because they were physically changing the size of the continents every decade. They could grow land in an hour and grow hundreds of miles of land in weeks. How do they do that? They have the technology. Matter creation. Wow. It’s energy manifested to dirt, suborganisms roots, trees, everything. And this is all some kind of quantum supercomputer that controls this. Then or programmable DNA and programmable reality parameters to allow programmable DNA to grow in it. And I’m sure it’s some kind of alien technology that does that, right? Whatever kind of well, yes, but this technology commonly exists if you reach a certain level of high consciousness that’s available to every species. So is it consciousness based or is it consciousness based? There are technologies that make it much easier for the consciousness to do it. Sure. Okay. Okay. So now, the stargates. What is the stargate? How do they work? They naturally exist on the planet in the different places where high life is about to be born. Example wherever there are giant salmon spawning grounds, you can sure that there’s a portal there or there’s a stargate there. The same thing in the big ocean, like in the Gulf of Aden is where all the big fish come together and spawn right there. Same thing in the Atlantic Ocean, so on and so forth. Now, there’s a difference between a stargate and a portal. A stargate is a piece of physical technology that’s been put on an energy area that regularly creates portals of energy. Now, that portal does not mean traveling planet to planet. It just means it has the ability to travel you through time within the same planet itself. And then when you put stargate technology on a portal, you can transfer physical mass and volume from planet A and end up on planet B. And planet B will send back whatever it wants. So when planet A group, people disappear and teleport to B simultaneously teleports back. But it’s not limited to two plants. There could be 50 or 60 planets all tied into the same teleportation stargate network. Some of them are organic. Some of them are technology, we think. How do they operate? So, of course, someone has to have access consciousness and the buildings that enhance consciousness and keep a resonating energetic frequency within the building structures very land itself. Okay. Now, I’m sure there’s also lots of control and maybe fighting and backsliding and things like this over that right. Trying to hide them and keep them secret, allowing certain absolutely. And a lot of times, when a war pops up, one of the reasons there was a war in Syria for the last Palestine is portals and stargate will open there because there are pieces of technology that are deep underground that were never turned off or would randomly have sparks of energy from the planet that might activate the technology. A giant graveyard of technology all throughout the middle east. Yeah. It never been properly cleaned up. Yes. I’ve heard some of these stories, like buried crafts, too, and how they could be powering certain grids in technology, too. Thus why they put a war in the territory, because they’ve got to depress the energy to make sure the portals don’t open. For folks who are interested in doing some of this through their energy work and stuff, do you have any tips on this? Like, you just get inner guidance on what to go. I got a good one. Learn to fish. When I say fish, you cast out a line and then you allow your consciousness to go through your fingertips into the string, down the line and into the lure. And then you are controlling the lure throughout space and time. And you might get a time fish that says, look at 1864. And this allows you to grow discernment of what’s biting your other line of your consciousness. Or is it me creating it? Or is this something real? Yes. Okay. And it’s a matter of you being creative. I actually created a fishing rob for just this. Cool. Okay. I go out and cast it into water. Sometimes I cast it into nothingness. Sometimes I take it to the little park walks that I do. It’s a little mini fisherman, so it’s only like 2ft long, but it’s perfect for what I want. Then I have bigger ones where I actually go fishing with, and I give myself the actual visual process of sending my consciousness down the string. Cool. So when I’m trying to look through a portal, I have a way to do it. That’s my lure on the other side. And I could turn the lure invisible so nothing can see it. Cool. I remember you mentioned this technique before. It’s really cool. Now, since we’re talking about stargates and things like this, what about location? I’m sure that the huge monuments and big power places on Earth are kind of the more well known ones, but is there kind of a decent consensus of wherever there’s a spawning ground for high volumes of animals? Okay. And also volcanoes, too. This is one thing fascinating to me since I’ve kind of been just opening my eyes and looking at the sky is what some people call geoengineering kim trailing, stratospheric, aerosol, these type of things. These are multipurpose programs, right. On energetic levels, there’s a physical level, and then the reasons they do it is multi layered, too. What’s kind of the most important things to say about this? The majority of the negative Chem trailing was stopped in 2017. Yes. All of those facilities were shut down. Now what? These were remote controlled 737 and 777 that had big gas tanks invested into it. Way up there. Way up there. And they were creating grids everywhere, all over the world. And there were about 10,000 planes in the fleet. That fleet has been transferred to a bunch of smaller organizations that are now doing an energy scrubbing. So the planes are loaded with these electromagnets that are kind of like a Cat scan, a post electromagnetic system. So it’s like PMS therapy for the sky. So they’re flying these giant PMS devices in the grid spaces to clean up the damage that they’ve done. Well, I still see every once in a while this white haze, because chemtrails are natural. There are pictures from the skies with chemtrails in them because they do naturally form. It’s not totally unusual for grids to appear in the sky. Especially if something’s been moving in an invisible state at a very high rate of speed. Creating a pressure wave. But eliminating the sound as the sound barrier part. Because there’s technology that stops the sound wave from creating a ruptured barrier that everyone can hear. But it still will create a wake. Which will look up here as a come true. Anyways, what you’re seeing now, if they’re spraying physically, it’s to repair something in the sky. What are they spraying then? Now, if they do so many different these are alchemical compounds. Okay. It’s like when you first learn about monotonic gold, monatomic silver, and what it can do for the human body. There are certain things that can be sprayed in the atmosphere that can heal the local environment truly, really fast. It’s just wild that they wouldn’t make this public then why would they ever make it public that we just poisoned our sky for the last 30 years? And the people that are still in charge of your planet are the ones that approved it and paid for it, and they want to see you as a farm and not individual sovereign human. Good point. Yeah. And of course, there’s the weathermodification.com, where people with enough money can just go and buy services and then at least that’s how it used to work. And then, of course, on the Chicago Board of Trade, you can bet on weather derivatives, right, the heating and cooling days. So it makes sense if you’re going to place a huge derivative bets that you just spend a little bit less money to try to control the weather, to get a little bit of flooding in St. Louis. There’s a lot of flooding in Missouri. We were just talking about that before the show. We got flash floods here a couple of days ago, which I wanted to share this really briefly. There was an exhibit a few years ago, and this was the first time this exhibit has gone west of the Mississippi. It was in the St. Louis Art Museum and it was an Egypt underwater exhibit. And so they dredged all these artifacts up out of the that had been flooded in Egypt, and then it’s been around wherever in the world. But it finally got here and it struck me as I don’t know for sure that it was some kind of magical act and it wasn’t too much longer maybe months later. And then the Mississippi River was the longest it had ever been in recorded history above flood stage, like the longest time period. And I was just curious about it. Did the bringing of those artifacts make that happen? Right? No, they didn’t, but they were a factor in it actually happening. That’s what I meant. Yeah, just not them by themselves. Of course not. By it being there, it was attracting Karmic resolution energy to the people to go and see those artifacts who could be triggered by them, both a really magically and non perceptively. And then all of those individual people create a resonating energy that attracts a weather pattern. And what is a weather pattern? The UNCOLLECTIVE consciousness trying to come together as a collective. And whether manipulation is individuals and corporations manipulating uncleectivity. So it never comes together as a collective. Or you give not to dog sports and stuff so much. But the bread and circus is if you want to get people together. Then you have to go on something more frivolous like that. When they can just imagine all that power and people coming together and kind of emotionally focused on one intent. If that was all done for something that could help the greater whole of humanity. Wow. Okay. So now I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about communities and things too. What do you think about making communities these days? Or what would make them succeed? What makes them fail? This type of thing. The real world question. I get asked this question so often, I’m jaded to it. Oh, let’s skip it then, because it hasn’t been overdone here. I want to answer it. Sure. Because my jadedness in its own way is validated because so many people want to be a part of the community but have no true interpersonal human skills to maintain it. Well, that’s right. And you couple that with people who just really aren’t ready on an individual level to just do work together. And at the same time though, we’re in some kind of community all the time, you know what I mean? Correct. Just intentional communities unfortunately attract a lot of people who have mental instabilities to begin with. And how are the normal people who already considered outcast from their group because they want to start these intentional communities? And then you bring on people who clearly have challenging on growing up, haven’t dealt with their traumas, don’t have a personal daily practice. Yeah, and it’s why these communities fail over and over and over again, no matter how hard they try. There’s no conflict resolution. And as long as there’s no common conflict resolution that uses business level rules, policies and procedures so the future generations fully understand the intention. And it’s hard enough just with couples, partners and stuff until we can master ourselves and just on the couple level, then what really chance do we have long term at really conscious communities doing higher. Level work, you have a tremendous chance. Okay. The thing is, you have to allow people to be people and make mistakes. Yeah. So an intentional community from its very ground perception is misunderstood. There’s still a bunch of individuals in the community who have to support themselves. Unfortunately, the people think, we’re going to share a solar grid. We’re going to go off grid and share. If only one guy knows about solar grid and the rest of them are bumped up, no ones who don’t know their ass from a hole in ground, there’s going to be a hierarchical issue because one person knows something the others don’t. Okay, so yeah. How do we convey just because someone has knowledge, you start a community that has water, that has power, that has buildings. You don’t go off grid as your first community. Yes, good point. You eventually buy an off grid property and slowly migrate people weekly there, and they come back until they learn the workload. That has to be when you’re offgrid. And the education load. Very cool. So there could be a transitional period, like a test period, too, right, where you get to build up your skills and know what a full day of work actually is. Like, there’s a lot of millennial kids, and this is not just rocking on them, but don’t understand a work discipline like you and I growing up. That’s right. I was drilled into you, and it wasn’t drilled into the millennial groups. Okay, am I jealous of the millennials for not having work ethic? Fuck yes. Generation X’s are around that time period, we got to be jaded about things. But we still had to work. We still had to work. We didn’t have a choice. We could hate it all we want, but that didn’t really stop it. Exactly. Intentional communities, start them. Just don’t go off grid. Why don’t you all try to get into the same apartment building? That is a good test. Right? You’re all the same apartment building. Then you know who takes their trash out and who doesn’t. Yes. Start there. Well, cool. All right, just a couple of things here. Here’s kind of a basic sociological question. Science, obviously, we know, like, a lot of stuff they’re getting wrong. What could we complement regular scientists about? We can also rip into them, too. Okay, no, let’s give them a compliment. Sure, they observe, but that’s their job. What else do they do? They create iPhones, they create television, computers, bick lighters. They create cannabis. They create gravel driveways. Very good points. Yes. They create flush toilets. Yes. They create shotguns and sniper weapons, too. Stuff we take for granted and stuff that we’re just, like, we don’t water out. Right. So they observe. And when they find something that’s rare in one environment, like having a repeating shotgun versus fire one in five minutes to reload. Okay, I’ve shot a muzzle loader before. I know. Yes, they take a little bit of time, and if you don’t load it right, it might blow up on you. Yeah, that’s another thing. So they evolved a little bit. Not quite as much as our electronic technology, but yeah, it surprises everything. They give us that shiny toy. They’ve given us Roma tomatoes that are sweet and sensuous. Oh, yeah. Those are genetically engineered, those tomatoes. And they’re damn good genetically engineered tomatoes. Oh, well, I’m just going to have to disagree now. They’re okay, but like all the heirloom tomatoes, if they’re grown, they’re harder to grow, but oh, my goodness. I agree. I recently got a batch of heirloom tomatoes, and I made a traditional Greek salad, which is just tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil and lemon juice and a little bit of vinegar and some garlic, and it’s like, dip your bread and it’s to die for. But I also found the off season house rope that grown indoors, and by God, it was on par with an air of them. Oh, my goodness. And you’re getting these out of Ohio or where? Yeah, they’re like the random little mom and pop veggie stores. There’s an old song that says there’s two things money can’t buy. It’s true love and homegrown tomatoes. Well, I live near Amish country, so if I drive west 4 miles, I can get Amish homegrown tomatoes. Well, that’s so cool. Like four dollars to five dollars a bushel, which is like 35 tomatoes a bushel. Right on. Well, this reminds me, I might go help a friend who’s an organic farmer take down her stand at the farmers market today. We’ll see. But I did go to an Amish place in Curriesville, Missouri, just this little small town in the middle of nowhere. And they didn’t have any organic stuff there. Oh, no, we ordered this from southeast Missouri. It’s not organic. Oh, well, obviously, that’s kind of a rarity, I would think, in Amish communities. All right, well, I think we ought to wrap it up here. This has been cool. We covered so much ground and yeah, it’s a joy and a pleasure and very beneficial as well. Yeah, it was a lot of fun talk to you. We covered a lot of subjects, a lot of people. So everyone go down to the comment section and write down all the different little subject matters you guys like us to talk about and the other stuff you want to talk about, and I don’t know, what do you think? Do you think we should do one of these live? Do my YouTube live or I don’t know if my Internet connects. When’s your live show? Oh, no, just whenever we schedule the one next time that we could just do it on YouTube live. You want to? Yeah, we can do it on YouTube live, yeah. Okay. You just have to figure out how to link us to link it to okay. Well, yeah, if it’s too complicated, I guess we won’t. But it’s not. You just YouTube it and they’ll tell you how to do it. It’s like cool, made for boomers to figure it out. Right on. That’s how easy it is to live stream everybody out there. Yes, it is. And then we can maybe do multiplatforms, too. Like, I’m a teacher, on site timer, live and stuff like that. It’s not that hard. It’s just a matter of putting the right code into place. It’s an RTMP connection. So even from YouTube, you can broadcast to multiple sources. Yes, that’s right. I was using something like Restream. iOS restreamer. That’s what I use. And I can broadcast Direct to Facebook. YouTube. YouTube. Twitter Twitch. That’s right. All at once. All at once. I think the free version is like, two, but anyway all right, you all out there. Have a good one. Thanks for joining and listening in. All right, take it easy, everyone. Bye.”

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