Bodhinaut: (Traditional) Zen For The Meme Generation

Recently got this ping from Dharma friend Kyle Shive whom I’ve enjoyed very much studying, practicing and talking deep dhamma with in real life and online: I started my Zen channel today! Like and subscribe. I’m gonna start doing a video once a day. Taking old Zen stories and giving them a little modern twist:Continue reading “Bodhinaut: (Traditional) Zen For The Meme Generation”

Wisdom Snippets: The Four Brahmaviharas For Each Of The Four Noble Truths

I’ve seen and heard various other Buddhist teachings matching up with the Four Noble Truths [and if I remember any to significant degree and/or come across them again perhaps I’ll add them here] but it occurred to me the Four Sublime Abidings might also pair up with the Four Noble Truths:

Wisdom Snippets: (Do It Yourself Buddhadharma) Encouragements And Empowerments

For a moment put aside the notion party poopers Buddhists focus way too much on suffering, perhaps even more noticeably affectatious as soon as they get up from sitting around on meditation cushions. For now even shelf the more recent “socially engaged Buddhism” and turn toward some notions the historical Buddha put forth as empowermentContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: (Do It Yourself Buddhadharma) Encouragements And Empowerments”

Wisdom Snippets: Some Of What The Four Protective Meditations Deter

This is a slightly edited extract from the notes for the now published post Studying And Practicing With “The Iddhipāda-Vibhaṅga Sutta — An Analysis Of The Bases Of Power”: Summary, Findings, Observations And Comparisons (7 of 7): Perhaps the four protective meditations on foulness, death, loving-kindness and the Buddha are helpful to address non-benevolent powerful forcesContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: Some Of What The Four Protective Meditations Deter”

Wisdom Snippets: The Murkiness, Blocks And Obstructions Of Past Life Discernment

During the resolve to not get up from under a Bodhi tree until realizing full awakening, the Buddha recalled previous lives. How did he, and how can we tell what is really and truly an authentic past life? What’s mentioned in this blog post are a few things that could be mistaken for past lives, and some of them are pretty far out.

Wisdom Snippets: Co-opting Co-V For Concord

Currently the wisest perceptions surrounding the CV thing encountered thus far:
• Honoring and respecting each and every free health care choice
• What is your intent for vaccination or non-vaccination?
• We do not know the long terms effects of getting vaccinated and not getting vaccinated
• Should guidelines, vaccines and pharmaceutical products be the only options? How can we make it all work together without tyranny or carelessness?

Dharmic Strategies For Empaths

This niche topic for empaths, or energetically sensitive beings, encapsulates years of note taking from experience, study and practice, provides nine categories of approach:

1) Gratitude for opportunities
2) Mindfulness (– especially of contact and vēdanā)
3) Hedonic Tone and the Three Characteristics of Existence
4) Self and identification
5) Equanimity and compassion
6) The Four Right Efforts and Five Hinderances
7) Energy
8) Non-attachment
9) Miscellaneous strategies

Wisdom Snippets: 33 synonyms for Nibbana

Thirty-three synonyms for Nibbana from Unfabricated-ConnectedAsaṅkhata Saṁyutta  (SN 43): 1. The Unconditioned2. The destruction of lust, hate, delusion3. The Uninclined4. The taintless5. The truth6. The other shore7. The subtle8. The very difficult to see9. The unaging10. The stable11. The undisintegrating12. The unmanifest13. The unproliferated14. The peaceful15. The deathless16. The sublime17. The auspicious18. The secure19. The destructionContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: 33 synonyms for Nibbana”

Wisdom Snippets: Core Contemplations

What’s here now when there’s no problem to solve? Wouldn’t it make sense — and be universally beneficial — to reflect and contemplate (more) on what’s really, truly important in (your) life? If yes, here’s perhaps a few: What is important? What stops me right now from complete happiness? What does this depend on? WhatContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: Core Contemplations”

Wisdom Snippets: Truth

Definition of veracity noun — ve·​rac·​i·​ty | \ və-ˈra-sə-tē 1 : conformity with truth or fact : accuracy 2 : devotion to the truth : truthfulness 3 : power of conveying or perceiving truth 4 : something true makes lies sound like veracities Truth. Solipsism? 2 + 2 = 4. Relative and ultimate truths. Here’sContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: Truth”

Wisdom Snippets: Belief (Downsides And Solutions)

From “The Unfoldment: The Organic Path to Clarity, Power, and Transformation” (p. 41-48). Career Press. Kindle Edition. By Neil Kramer. ‘Belief is often about comfort. It is reassuring to know that a thing will be the same today as it was yesterday. We set up all kinds of routines and habitual practices in our dailyContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: Belief (Downsides And Solutions)”