Wisdom Snippets: Core Contemplations

What’s here now when there’s no problem to solve?

Wouldn’t it make sense — and be universally beneficial — to reflect and contemplate (more) on what’s really, truly important in (your) life? If yes, here’s perhaps a few:

  • What is important?
  • What stops me right now from complete happiness?
  • What does this depend on?
  • What expectations, value judgments, longings is it founded upon?
  • Can I change this?
  • Do I want to change this?
  • Can I let go?
  • Do I want to let go?

What are my core values and essential intentions?

  • How shall I live?
  • How don’t I want to live?
  • What, in the face of my understanding and challenges, helps?
  • What inner attitude, what outer mode of living creates self respect and generates in others and myself what I have recognized as wholesome?
  • Whereby do I experience happiness/fullness ?

Published by josh dippold


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