Wisdom Snippets: The Four Brahmaviharas For Each Of The Four Noble Truths

I’ve seen and heard various other Buddhist teachings matching up with the Four Noble Truths [and if I remember any to significant degree and/or come across them again perhaps I’ll add them here] but it occurred to me the Four Sublime Abidings might also pair up with the Four Noble Truths:

  • Truth of Dukkha/Suffering/Stress/Unsatisfactoriness = Compassion
    • The wise response to suffering is compassion
  • Truth of the Cause of Dukkha (“thirst”, craving, and clinging) = Equanimity
    • Equanimity, the crème de la crème of the Brahmaviharas, and one of the highest, most complete, whole and total of the conditioned states of development is what’s called for overall when seeing, going into, knowing and eradicating craving, clinging and even the unwholesome roots of greed, ill-will and delusion/ignorance
  • Truth of Cessation of Dukkha = Vicarious/Empathic Joy, Rejoicing
    • Suffering’s final end, and even that this possibility is very real — with study, training and practice — evokes joy and rejoicing in oneself and to and from others
  • Truth of the Eightfold Nobel Path Leading to the Cessation of Dukkha = Metta (Loving-kindness)
    • Lots of loving-kindness — towards self, those we encounter and all beings — helps us better gain the capacity to abide well on a conditioned path progressing towards the unconditioned

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