Reasons For Not Disclosing Information

When we look at truth — in most any context, including those of spiritually related natures — being forthcoming with credible information takes key significance.

I’ve written previously about so-called disclosure. Please also see “Why and Why Not to Question/Inquire”

The following are reasons — some perhaps more valid than others — for not disclosing information:

  • don’t know it
  • protection
  • power/control
  • unsure of outcome/consequences
  • deem recipient(s):
    • not ready
    • won’t understand
    • use in undesirable way
  • inconvenient
  • playing games
  • not authorized / belongs to others
  • not verified, could be false, partly true
  • don’t know agendas behind info
  • don’t like recipient(s)
  • withholding as retaliation against recipient(s)
  • waste of time and energy
  • would damage one’s pet agendas
  • would make them look bad
  • too much work
  • not the right time
  • not the right audience
  • unhelpful
  • unkind
  • not necessary

The big question is, for all the reasons above, who all decides (on) these and how?

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