Why and Why Not to Question/Inquire

“…what is the benefit that Master Gotama lives for? … the Tathagata lives for the benefit and fruit of true knowledge and liberation.”

SN 46.6: Kuṇḍaliya —Translation by Bhikkhu Bodhi

A few reasons — some simple, some setting a very high bar — I’ve noticed in myself and others on perhaps why to inquire, and mostly why not to inquire and ask questions:

  • First and foremost obviously, zero harming
  • Not for denigration; to invalidate and/or say something is being done wrong
  • Not to challenge anyone’s knowledge
  • Not to discredit anyone or anything
  • Not to challenge authority
  • Not to promote one viewpoint over another
  • Not to upset the (surrounding) status quo and certainly not to divide
  • Not to test
  • Not for domination
  • Not for control
  • Not for distraction
  • Not for delay
  • Not to mislead or misguide
  • Not to disrupt
  • Not for uneasiness
  • Not to enact any agendas, known, unknown, or otherwise (other than valid reasons to inquire/question)
  • Not for grandstanding, gaining favor, merit, credit, or brownie points
  • Not to impress
  • Not to destroy
  • Not to uphold
  • Not to rebuild or reconstruct (from a place of loss or defeat)
  • Not for any specific changes
  • Not to prove who’s right and who’s wrong from a place of righteousness
  • Not in order to prove one’s doubt
  • Not for the requirement to receive an answer
  • Not for any unskillful, unwise, unwholesome reasons associated with modern day schooling systems aka educational institutions
  • Not to nitpick and get lost in the weeds
  • Not to leave others behind
  • Not to patronize and/or speak down to anybody
  • Not to dumb down oneself for a better chance to be under/overstood
  • Not to ask one thing but mean another
  • Not to personally prove oneself
  • Not to suggest preferences or desired outcomes without clearly stating them
  • Not to ask because one can
  • Not to be seen and/or heard (in order to be heard and/or seen)
  • Not for mere curiosity

Perhaps inquire, assess and question with intent to lead toward true knowledge, liberation and the (long-term) well-being of all

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