Letting Our Body Talk | (12/28/2021 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” With Denny K Miu And Lydia Grace)

For this month’s regular open-audience, open-discussion “Ask Us Anything” — continuing discussions about meditation and related topics — fellow Insight Timer teacher Lydia Grace, Denny and I listen and speak on (about, to, from) the body as well as:

The ins and outs, ups and downs, history, practice, practicality, methodology, experience, reference points for, accessibility, trialing, feedback, resistance to, novelty, adaptation, education, inclusion, intentions, and the cooperative/collaborative and/or facilitator led nature of Lydia’s intuitive body healing technique BodyTalk and its aspects of:

  • wisdom
  • allowance
  • permission
  • holding space
  • consent
  • information
  • witnessing
  • safety
  • dialog
  • identification
  • mediation
  • presence
  • engagement
  • opening to experience
  • identifying and meeting needs
  • feeling, describing, and voicing experience in the body and asking how old do these experiences feel using the age first coming to mind without going into memory
  • similarities to Internal Family Systems
  • (interpersonal) relationships
  • change
  • interplay with the subtle bodies
  • energy transfer

We also get into:

  • respect
  • realization
  • defensiveness
  • Whole body listening: an invitation to listen to us with the entire body, initially without instruction in order to tune into what this may initially and intuitively mean to those listening so as to not color the experience. Suggestions later given on how to listen with the whole body. Listeners are also invited to reflect on similarities and differences between their uninstructed experience and experience after suggestions
  • Lydia’s experiences with reading Clarity & Connection by Yung Pueblo for the practice of listening from
  • Possibilities for listening to and speaking to the body on a cellular level via extrapolation of the examples of seeing, feeling and healing grosser vibrations and the environment of an Anechoic chamber
  • References to past AUA Materiality and Mentality
  • No mind
  • Brain and mind
  • Observing effects of gravity and mind
  • The effects of stability and deconstruction on perceptions and limitations
  • particle wave duality
  • Qigong
  • seeing energy flow
  • electromagnetism
  • memory (storage)
  • (big) discussion on “wholesomeness”, right and wrong, semantics, and that which leads to and away from our — and others’ — long term happiness and wellbeing
  • encouragement of investigation, inquiry and knowing for oneself
  • Denny’s insights on identification, memory, and mirror-like experiences with dementia caretaking
  • “It’s not just about intention it’s about impact”
  • choosing what to pay attention to
  • delineating direct experience from our interpretation of it
  • cultivating grace and compassion
  • *Lydia leads a guided practice*
  • masculine harm, feminine fear, victim/victimizer
  • infinite love, finite fear
  • being seen and understood as our biggest need
  • addressing existential crises with potential
  • asking questions with courage and bravery

Some original notes not mentioned:

My request to Ajahn Sucitto for teaching on the 32 parts of the body [which some approach a condensed version to 1) skin level, 2) joint fluid/bone level and 3) everything else in between] and a given description for an upcoming Ajahn Sucitto retreat (https://bubs.my/retreats):

‘Wellbeing Is the Shape of the Heart’

15-18 January 2022

The heart takes shape based on certain activations. We can train to avoid certain intentions and actions that make a shaky heart that doesn’t feel secure, one stuck with pain. A wise person concerned for their welfare cultivates a citta that is open, spacious, not hankering, not resisting. We begin to reset how our world feels and how we feel about ourselves. This is our treasure.

  • (Noticing the mind lying contrasted with mistaking a translation of intuition for the mind lying then ignoring it; recent examples:
    • Laptop — it occurred to me about five minutes into traveling home from family, ‘did I forget something’? I ignored this, got home and had to travel back about 20 minutes to get my laptop that was left charging in a “new”, out of the way location.
    • Gifts — it occurred to me about ten minutes into traveling to an even further family location, ‘did I forget something?’ This time I spent sometime going through a mental check list but it wasn’t until arriving over an hour later I remembered the select gifts I did not bring
    • Sweater — while in a hurry it occurred to me, something like ‘does anything need to be dried differently?’ I ignored this to have a sweater become engulfed in tiny white “pills”
    • [I’m not at the point of trusting to the degree where I’ll stop everything for these heads up questions and act on them without knowing]
    • Respect, valuing, honoring, validating intuition and discernment as possible skillful and wise responses for this
  • How do we listen and allow the body to talk when sexual energy is involved?
  • Chanting (with and without mantras)
  • Using technology to transcend technology:
    • referencing some tech examples as taste of natural abilities once barriers removed
    • Sample Practice: (mobile) device weaning and natural world immersion for reference points (for how natural and manmade external objects aid and/or detract from affectation of body awareness)
    • 2012 Tupac hologram https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGbrFmPBV0Y compared to Facebook’s “Metaverse” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAL2JZxpoGY; the possibilities of inner holographic realities; and how this (would) relate(s) to the concept of a body, — physical and/or otherwise
  • Sample Practice: Spine and/or central channel/(energetic) column –
    • Masculine (– and for lack of a decent reference, maybe a better version of the cliche doctor –) approach: assessing via observation; drawing on years of study and experience but knowing every time is not the same as the last; visualizing an ideal optimization; probing briefly for feedback; dropping expectation and dropping energy from attending to the unbalanced, non-harmonious, chaotic and pouring energy into a wholesome, wise and skillful visualized betterment of order, balance, and harmony.
    • Feminine (– and for lack of a decent reference, maybe a better version of the cliche nurse –) approach: invite a warm caring attention – as if one was attending to one’s only child who’s sick and in pain – to the spine, nervous system and entire body, with worthiness of renewal; knowing this is valid and valuable internally without the need for external references.
    • merging these Masculine and Feminine
Audio: Letting Our Body Talk | (12/28/2021 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” With Denny K Miu And Lydia Grace)

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