Show Up. Listen Up. Speak Up. | (2/22/2022 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” With Lydia Grace)

Fellow Insight Timer teacher Lydia Grace inspired the title of this month’s regular open-audience, open-discussion “Ask Us Anything” — continuing discussions about meditation and related topics.

Recently on Lydia’s Insight Timer circle Embodied Living she said of one of her solo live events, “…you didn’t actually miss the live because I got on briefly to say I couldn’t do it today due to a migraine and needing to rest.” This is how to Show Up even when one can’t. Lydia’s nuanced and expansive healing BodyTalk technique helps us Listen Up beyond our day-to-day attentiveness. And both Lydia and I are now no strangers on how to Speak Up even if we would rather not interrupt each other but continue doing so. We aim to inspire those with interest in more publicly — or even just more boldly — sharing what one feels called to share with kindness, integrity, authenticity and alignment.

Doing full show notes seems to take (me) a lot of time and energy so I may or may not include full notes later. I welcome any inspired listener(s) to take and send show notes for inclusion here by emailing them to

Audio: Show Up. Listen Up. Speak Up. | (2/22/2022 — “Ask Us Anything – LIVE” With Lydia Grace)

Find and connect with Lydia:

Join “Ask Us Anything LIVE” next month, Tuesday March 29, 2022 at 3:00pm Central via:

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