Wellbeing Is The Shape Of The Heart: Ajahn Sucitto Online Mediation Retreat

Truth is always good news; even if it is the truth about something unpleasant because then you can actually master it

Luang Por Sucitto

After joining the online retreat Love As The Breath Of Life by Ajahn Sucitto I joined and enjoyed the practice and already some of the fruit of this retreat Wellbeing Is The Shape Of The Heart.

1/18/2021 UPDATE: Audio and video from the retreat: https://bubs.my/lps-2022

As is indicated in the tweet below I wondered beforehand about the potential effects on reality of such a hybrid retreat: partially live, partially previously recorded audio played back via zoom for participants, and via participants playing back assembled recordings on their own.

Currently I feel true dhamma obviously ought to be propagated by any means necessary. I do not however give immediate blanket approval for every framework dhamma is propagated with/by/in as a means, method and/or special vehicle to use as precedent and allowance (for parties contrary to Buddhadhamma) to propagate unsavory agendas.

Some retreat notes of interest:

What Weakens Resolve?
From Day 1 Q & A
Guidelines For 32 Parts Of The Body
From Day 3 Q & A

  • for meditation:
    • finding center
    • reflect on ethics, conscience
    • what do you want to step forward with?
    • authority to center of the body allowing energy to flow into this instead of leaking out
    • what’s in the way of happiness?
    • include others (in one’s heart)
    • body knowing breath(ing) (instead of mind)
    • awareness of the energy of breath — brightening inhale, relaxing/release exhale
  • standing meditation:
    • bone, feet and earth holds weight; muscles just position for balance
    • slightly tuck in tailbone and slightly push forward between shoulder blades
    • relaxing face sends signal to relax mind

Luang Por Sucitto on how integrity establishes an “Integrated Presence” to strengthen the heart

A brief retreat description:

The heart takes shape based on certain activations. We can train to avoid certain intentions and actions that make a shaky heart that doesn’t feel secure, one stuck with pain. A wise person concerned for their welfare cultivates a citta that is open, spacious, not hankering, not resisting. We begin to reset how our world feels and how we feel about ourselves. This is our treasure.

Register at https://bubs.my/retreats before 10 Jan 2022

Ajahn Sucitto’s website: https://ajahnsucitto.org

From https://bubs.my/retreats:

Luang Por Sucitto

Born in London in 1949, Luang Por Sucitto entered monastic life in Thailand in 1975. He took bhikkhu ordination there in 1976 and returned to Britain in 1978 to train under Luang Por Sumedho in the lineage of the Thai Forest master, Luang Por Chah.

In 1979, Luang Por Sucitto was part of the group of monks that established Cittaviveka, Chithurst Buddhist Monastery in West Sussex, UK.  Luang Por was abbot of Cittaviveka from 1992 till 2014.  Presently, Luang Por travels on teaching engagements throughout the world.

Online Meditation Retreat

This online meditation retreat is jointly organized by Bandar Utama Buddhist Society, Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha and Buddhadhamma Foundation and supported by Uttama Bodhi Buddhist Society. Open to all practitioners, the retreat will be an opportunity to practise meditation with reflections on the Buddhist path with Dhamma teachings.

The date & time of the retreat is detailed as follows:


United Kingdom (GMT)
Start: 15 Jan 2022 (Sat) 5:30 am
End: 18 Jan 2022 (Tue) 2:30 pm

Malaysia / Singapore (GMT+8)
Start: 15 Jan 2022 (Sat) 1:30 pm
End: 18 Jan 2022 (Tue) 10:30 pm

For further inquiry please email retreat@bubs.my



Register BEFORE: 10 January 2022 (Mon)

You understand that this meditation retreat is suitable for anyone who has some experience in meditation and at least a basic knowledge of the Dhamma and this application is subject to approval.

By submitting this registration, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accept the terms & conditions for this registration as stated on this page: https://bubs.my/retreat-t-n-c

Retreat Handbook

Please click the button below to download the retreat handbook ACCORDING to your timezone to help you familiarise yourself with the technical settings and retreat guidelines. The guidelines in the handbook will help to create a safe, supportive and encouraging space for all attending the retreat.

UK / Portugal (GMT)

Denmark / Italy / Netherlands / Spain (GMT+1)

Johannesburg, ZA (GMT+2)

India / Sri Lanka (GMT+5.30)

Indonesia / Thailand (GMT+7)

Malaysia / Singapore / China / Taiwan (GMT+8)

Adelaide, AU (GMT+10:30)

Armidale / Melbourne / Sydney, AU (GMT+11)

Wellington, New Zealand (GMT+13)

Washington, DC, USA (GMT-5)

Mexico City / Chicago, USA (GMT-6)

Pheonix, USA (GMT-7)

Los Angeles, USA (GMT-8)


I agree to abide by the rules and instructions and will co-operate fully with the organisers. Failing this, I accept that my participation for/ and at the retreat can be prematurely terminated.

I consent that my personal data that is collected will be retained and used by the organisers to offer, and/or correspond with me relating to the programme, course or event, and may be provided to third parties who are conducting facilitating or assisting in the event, and where the online platform, Zoom is not owned by the organisers, persons connected with, from or providing the platform, as well to third parties necessary for the organisers to provide the services and activities that the organisers do, or in compliance with legal requirements; and in connection with the foregoing purposes, my personal data may be provided to persons or organisations outside Singapore.

If I agree to be included in, or do not opt-out of, the organisers’ mailing list, I may be sent emails or through other means of correspondence or contact containing details of future programme, course or event to be offered by organisers, or by other persons, or developments relating to the Buddhist community, that the organisers feel may be of interest to me. I may at any time seek to opt-out, or update my personal data, by contacting organisers and its data protection officer for this event can be contacted at retreat@gmail.com

I hereby agree that I shall not hold the organisers, online platform Zoom, or the teacher liable for any loss or damage sustained to the body, life and/or property or expenses incurred however caused arising from my voluntary participation in the said event.

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