‘The HAL (Higher Awareness Lifestyle) Philosophy’ Questions

[4/6/2022 UPDATE: Randi has since (publicly) addressed some of these questions across various videos and talks, however, I’m unlikely to update this blog post any further to reflect this in more detail]

I’ve finished reading and taking notes for The HAL Philosophy (much of it currently free to preview on Google Books) by Randi Green. I’ve typed up the questions I wrote down by hand during reading along with some questions from Randi’s various YouTube channels.

While I’ve already published a post on why and why not to question/inquire as guidelines, safeguard and intent that also apply to this post, I know I should likely sit with these for answers instead of just spewing them out. But here they are.

This material is obviously not for everybody. And due to the author previously mentioning being adversely affected from questions I offer the following safeguard:

Disclaimer: In accordance with the rules, laws and principals, and even without the current capacity to do so, I accept full, complete and total energetic responsibility, for any and all consequences — seen and unseen, known and unknown, throughout all timelines/timestreams, densities, dimensions, galaxies, universes, and spaces — for stating the following questions:

  1. How and what do the councils do to enact extinction protocol for those exploiting among the innocent and/or progressive?
  2. Do the progressive worlds fit (into) the (Theravada) Buddhist Cosmology? If so how?
  3. Why and how does internal guidance work?
  4. Which (of the nine or so) consciousness bodies [see 9 bodies of consciousness website] does the Level One Energy System [LOES] and/or Level Two Operating System [LTOS] correspond to; or which consciousness bodies are comparable; or are any similar comparisons helpful?
  5. What is the Quantum root?
  6. How were third cycle genetic filament impurities not detected? If I remember right one video mentions this was allowed by councils? Why wasn’t there a purification immediately once detected?
  7. Can more be said about “higher-dimensional humanoid gene spiral” on page 67?
  8. How will the Solar System Nations [SSN] DNA modification programs from next-door realities of the intra-systemic lineages appear here?
  9. While “being light, compassionate, or all good does not transform distortion and regressed genetics; it pushes both into the hidden layers of our energy system (how and why, btw?) . . .” can this be a lifting block until there’s awareness of these hidden layers? And/or how about bringing a kind/compassionate awareness to the hidden (layers)?
  10. Will warriors even engage with a pacifist? Non-harming loving-kindness towards all beings signals non-threat, thus this is protection usually right? Even if defensive force is allowed and justified under the second law even in/for a holographic/virtual reality — or illusory setting — wouldn’t using harm set into motion potential retaliatory consequences reinforcing victim/victimizer/violence cycles? What about beings totally confident and courageous in one’s consciousness and energetic stance of benevolent non-harming for the highest good of the many in the long run that fear and concern are impossible leaving only total and complete care?
  11. Why don’t those responsible for vampirism, parasites and regression seek solutions other than prolonging their existence until evaporation?
  12. When “going up in energy” where does this energy come from?
  13. How does one discern if interference is because of something one does that goes/went against the rules, laws and principles; or because certain forces are against a certain action (potential); or something else?
  14. Are the progressive worlds eternal(istic)? If not, how are they (to be) made known in our (external) reality?
  15. Is “higher earth” the same as what Energetic Synthesis calls “Ascension Earth” (in Andromeda)?
  16. Once activated, how would our second sun “not be as we understand it”?
  17. In reference to a YouTube video: how were the Fae transferred here from another planetary system and by whom? How were some Fae created out of astral energy and remaining collective genetics, and by who, and why? What exactly was lost thus leaving remaining collective genetics, and by whom, how, and why?
  18. Isn’t going back to original settings (of the template) kind of a relooping? Could this desire either give the regressed the validation to do their reloopings and/or does polarity apply in the original settings and relooping? If so, how?
  19. What are the technical details on how the iCubes operate? Are there memory cubes, or iCubes for memory?
  20. In reference to another YouTube video, what was the big smack to Japan in 1945 that taught the brotherhoods a lesson, and how and why?
  21. Who all has claims over the inserted racial grids of the regressed races, the intra-systemics, and the lunar human races? (p.133-4)
  22. What/who is the 12 sisters network?
  23. Why not create opportunities at every turn to make it more likely for the regressed to choose progression? Don’t the regressed provide incentives to choose progression amongst themselves and others? If not, why not?
  24. How many 6-12 pillar humans alive today are preventing the fail-safe mechanism?
  25. Who/What turned the pillar humans allowing regressed access to the admin facilities?
  26. Why can’t higher order councils intervene into deals made by old lineages?
  27. Spurred from a video: Why couldn’t/didn’t councils in 5/6D overseeing humanity — but couldn’t see them due to electromagnetism — also have operators in our reality like the elders who lied/sold out humanity? And how did the councils handle and respond to what happened to the missionaries they sent out? What then did they tell the elders if not allowed to intervene?
  28. Who are (the descendants of) the Elders? How can/could the (descendants of the) Elders holographically call in the councils and arrange for an assembly to annul and nullify the original arrangements?
  29. How are the bugs, the bees, the birds, and the beasts keeping the humanoid jurisdiction in nature?
  30. Yes we need to update the antiquated interpretation paradigms of science. Although isn’t removing ALL ideas from “dead white men” a sweeping blanket statement that throughs the baby out with the bath water? Yes, most of it needs removal from mainstream science, but surely something of it is salvageable? How is demonizing one demographic helpful? Doesn’t this just allow for the condition to perpetuate the same victim/victimizer atrocities white men perpetrated on much of the world?
  31. Does anything over 50% constitute the “highest good of the many”? If not, what does?
  32. Does “the highest good of the many” exclude (some) valid, legitimate minority rights?
  33. If we don’t know who and what we are, could we be more susceptible to mind control, order following, and peer pressure? [Perhaps the best definition for this life I’ve heard so far: who we are are our choices. What we are is spirit in form.]
  34. What was “The Event” in January 2018?
  35. How exactly did regressed races trick the visiting human group?
  36. How and why will future humans have a different organic form?
  37. How does the frequency fence control atomic and molecular level? Who created it, controls it, and why and how?
  38. What is the “solar system map of our bio-regenesis”? (p. 137)
  39. How did/do regressed use progressive laws and dynamics to avoid higher order council intervention?
  40. How do ancestors factor in in relation to foregone cycles?
  41. What are the scanning drones and their background/history? Are they 4D?
  42. How do reality rings look and work?
  43. What is the origin of the Jhanas and can they be used for the clearing and freeing work?
  44. How do (these UFO looking type) crafts use the code streams to quantum bridge into this reality (as stated in a YouTube video)?
  45. How do parasites interface, link and work from and with attached prohibiting technology?
  46. Are the progressive worlds similar to the God Worlds mentioned in the Energetic Synthesis and Keylonic Science related material?
  47. Why did no one deserve to be apart of what Atlantis had become?
  48. How do the code sequences relate to experiencing energy patterns as resembling manifolds?
  49. How and why did humanoids arise in opposition to progressive worlds?
  50. Why does humanoid consciousness rest upon dynamics of diversity and advantage?
  51. Since the Holographic Teaching Systems are currently unavailable, is it, or would it be permissible (and effective) to establish the most ideal/optimal version of each and every intension (perhaps allowing, adhering, and aligning with the rules, laws and principles to carry out the most ideal/optimal version)?
  52. As mentioned in a YouTube video, how did the Syrian Bs divide the trajectories of evolution and progression of the humanoids and original human lineages?
  53. What distinguishes Human from Humanoid?
  54. Are there textual or teaching parallels to the Laws, Rules and Principals? If so what are they? If not, why not?
  55. In the 12 Choices of Living, for 11, the non-interference with/in the reality of others in order to do our progression, what about helping others? At what point is helping interference; non-interference; primarily for our progressive benefit; or for their benefit? Seems like maybe plenty of interactions and actions could both be interpreted as subtle interference — either helping, or harming, or imposing neutrality.
  56. Are the 12 Choices of Living the same as the Principals?
  57. Is there a point where our very existence (or non-existence) — pretty much wherever we are (or are absent from) — is considered interference somehow to some other(s)?
  58. What (all) will determine “if the returning holographic grids, racial grids and pillar project templates (the 6-12 pillar project templates) will remain as part of of a rebooted and reset system, based upon its original code systems and replaced into the Sagittarius arm, or if it all will be pulled out and recreated in the progressive worlds as part of the Perseus arm in the 6th cycle”?
  59. Does Density 1 and 3 intersect with Density 2 as shown in the graphic on page 255? If so, how?
  60. Why won’t general science detect stronger solar radiation as coming from the sun? Don’t they have (ai) alerts and personnel specializing in monitoring this?
  61. What’s the process like for the energies and life sustaining codes of the sun moving into DE2?
  62. How are earth’s magnetic field and sun interconnected?
  63. Are Mercury, Venus and the moon the lower grids seen as inner planets in our solar system from the other pillars and their gone realities (regressed crystalline 3-9; fallen 4-10; 5-11 regressed pillars)?
  64. How do the holographic grids controlling our environment work?
  65. How does a lot surfacing on the inner planes of perception affect the racial grids and what the human genome can hold of energy?
  66. In general, (since it’s been mentioned before) what happened to Lemuria? If there was a cataclysm what were the causes and conditions?
  67. What is the (potential) relationship with other beings for humans experiencing and/or expressing samadhi? How does this work?
  68. What is an example of what the template itself actually looks like?
  69. What are the universal planes of existence in comparison to other planes of existence?
  70. What are the resonance fields?
  71. Where and what are the storage units in the 6-12 pillars?
  72. [5/9/21 UPDATE (mostly from https://youtu.be/M9bsPYJpTQ4 and/or other HAL Academy YouTube videos from around the same time)]: What would happen if both sides, or all sides, refrained from engaging in a future energetic/consciousness war (hypothetically)?
  73. Could it be possible to do both (upcoming) 4D Mars and (waring) Earth by teleporting/transporting between the two and hiding out (solo) on Earth (when on Earth) to avoid war? Who all is responsible for the (potentially deceptive) ideas of the Mars recruitment programs? How will what’s claimed to be going on on Mars now (in the Secret Space Programs) transition and unfold towards more “love and light” progression?
  74. If any kind of speech was even more severely cracked down on wouldn’t that give allowance(s) for whomever did so to receive the same sort of means/methods of restriction, and/or what would the polarity be for such furthering of limiting speech actions/programs? How can we help those engaging in destructive and harmful behaviors and speech without further hindering behaviors and speech?
  75. If I’m remembering correctly there were plans mentioned to do a book on timelines, but in the/a recent video it was mentioned no books are planned. What am I missing, or what happened?
  76. This has maybe already been answered, but why do we now not see our sun moving into density 2 as explained in the HAL Philosophy book but is now a density 1 sun?
  77. If I remember right it was once mentioned that the movie 2012 actually helped prevent those type of disasters happening in that year (maybe due to a collective imagination will-purge in an alternate version of reality instead of it playing out here, again if I’m remembering that right.) So how does this differ from the new perspective taken on this movie as mentioned in “the new reality updates February 2022” video?

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