Myanmar Burma Shwedagon Pagoda: Comments And Questions On Presentation

I was invited to read and share comments on paper / presentation Myanmar people’s belief system of the Shwedagon Pagoda by panhtwa myosein My comment: Learned a lot from this work, thanks. In the introduction I’m unclear on the meaning of “as well as the living in the view of reality.” Other questions: HowContinue reading “Myanmar Burma Shwedagon Pagoda: Comments And Questions On Presentation”

Podcast | Cultivate, Develop, Train And Progress Discernment

The description for this June 4th Insight Timer live event: We all need discernment, but how? Let’s look at some ways to cultivate, develop, train and progress discernment. While there’s much to discernment, one key: “. . . one listening well gains discernment” ~from Āṭavaka’s Questions What is your intent and motivation to address discernmentContinue reading “Podcast | Cultivate, Develop, Train And Progress Discernment”