Dharma Questions: Miscellany — Part 5

This irregular “Dharma Questions” series deals with “dharma” meaning both the truth of the nature of reality and some Buddhist teachings. Amongst other things these questions can be:
• thought experiments
• borderline musings not meant to be answered
• from laziness of not contemplating or researching them yet

There’s 16 questions. Here’s two:

What is the root condition of annica — impermanence, inconstancy?

What are any and all similarities and differences between “Para Brahman” and “Nirvana”?

Transendental Mediation (TM) Mantra Variations?

A few years ago, after reading about Transcendental Meditation (TM), I did a quick search for the mantras. The partial screen shot below is the only site I remember at that time with TM mantras that came up (which at the time of publishing this post is now down with only a page marker toContinue reading “Transendental Mediation (TM) Mantra Variations?”