Shifu Ji Ru’s Five Breathing Exercises

MABA‘s Shifu Jiru teaches five breathing exercises. The following commentary on them is merely my own thoughts and observations and by no means objective, definitive, representative or authorized. I welcome any and all corrections and responses. Please take what’s here with a grain of salt so as not to color your own experience of doingContinue reading “Shifu Ji Ru’s Five Breathing Exercises”

Advaita is Vedanta – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj by Stephen Wolinsky

My (rough) notes with points and question on the above video Advaita is Vedanta – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj by Stephen Wolinsky: I’m fond of the mention of non-dualism as a state or station to be discarded — and not a completion or attainment. In reference to ‘looking for what you have not discarded and discardingContinue reading “Advaita is Vedanta – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj by Stephen Wolinsky”

Reducing Informational Warfare: Skillful Guidelines For Wholesome Internet Intake

Just like anywhere else, the abominable censoring of Internet speech never helps. Since responsibility of consuming online information clearly rests with the consumer it seems high time for some helpful guidance surrounding conduct, information gathering and exposure when online. While Intel agencies gather copious amounts of raw (mis/dis)information then apply various methods of discernment toContinue reading “Reducing Informational Warfare: Skillful Guidelines For Wholesome Internet Intake”

An Alternative To The Unnecessary Risk And Peril Of A Goal Obsessed Lifestyle

Shortcut to this post: There’s nothing wrong with setting goals. Bruce Lee once said, “A goal is not always meant to be reached. It often serves simply as something to aim for.” It’s important though to be aware of developing any tunnel vision while striving towards goals. Focusing nearly exclusively on our goals canContinue reading “An Alternative To The Unnecessary Risk And Peril Of A Goal Obsessed Lifestyle”

Dharma Questions: Intent

Intent How and why does intent work? Is retro-causal intention setting possible. If so, is doing so wise and skillful? Can intention be amplified and/or intensified‪? Is ignorance the same as unawareness? Do either ignorance or unawareness relate to amount or quality of consciousness? If there is no existence on an ultimate level, what changesContinue reading “Dharma Questions: Intent”

Wisdom Snippets: Hope

Most of us can obviously see the upside in the concept of hope. How about diving in a little deeper? Hope says, “Wow. Things are bad. May as well just smoke some Hopium & in the future maybe, somehow, there could be a chance of things getting better.” But you gotta keep smoking Hopium. HopeContinue reading “Wisdom Snippets: Hope”

Addressing (CV) Fears

Wholeness! I trust anyone who comes across this blog post will find value in the following approaches to dealing with fear. If not, please reach out for assistance and/or keep searching. This post may be updated as new material presents itself. Please only take what is useful and helpful and discard the rest. Tara BrachContinue reading “Addressing (CV) Fears”


Where, or in what do you take refuge now? What provides a sense of comfort, safety and stability? Shopping? Sex? Social media? Food? Gaming? TV? Money? Chasing approval and fame? Drugs and/or alcohol? Or perhaps it’s more positive things like friends, family, nature, heath, spiritual practices, values. Or a mix of positive and negative. WhileContinue reading “Refuge”

What is Integrating Presence?

Integrating Presence today looks like allowing for the process of embodying heart-centered awareness — balancing holistic wisdom with the love flavors of unimpeded friendliness; compassion; vicarious joy; and equanimity — leading naturally to true freedom while unfolding our innate courage as we align into wholeness upon our continuing progressive evolution into completing our full potentialsContinue reading “What is Integrating Presence?”