Podcast | The Centering Prayer With Rich Lewis

On July 8th Rich Lewis and I talked mostly about the Centering Prayer.

While appearing a tad over-smiley it was a great reminder of actually what a joy it is to have plenty of differences yet the mutual interest and time spent on the commonality of inner practice allows honor and respect to flow so effortlessly.

Rich and I (also) talk:

  • What centering prayer is
  • its origins
  • https://www.contemplativeoutreach.org
  • Cloud of Unknowingness
  • Thomas Keating
  • Eastern Orthodox and Western Churches
  • how to do the centering prayer:
    • choosing an anchor: word, image or the body/breath
    • finding an anchor you can stay with then staying with it
  • how centering prayer has helped Rich and those who work with him
    • enjoying richness of life
    • self-confidence
    • calm
    • listening and responsiveness
    • being OK with being out of comfort zone
  • how Rich teaches centering prayer in real life and online
  • gathering and belonging
  • Five minutes for 30 days challenge of doing centering prayer via Rich’s free ebook

Rich’s website https://silenceteaches.com and social media:

Audio: The Centering Prayer With Rich Lewis

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